Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 305: I Am Your Father – 6

[Father, is that being…… an enemy?]

Feeling extremely nervous after looking at Helièna stuck next to Yu IlHan, Ruby asked Yu IlHan. Ruby was muttering about how he may have received a mental attack, but since both Yu IlHan and Helièna heard her, it was quite meaningless.

“She’s an ally, so there’s no need for you to worry. Rather than that, why are you back already?”
[As many dragons have been born, there were just as many dragon-slaying monsters that were born. I thought Father should know about this soon…….]

This was perhaps natural. Well, right now, Yu IlHan was strongly attributed towards dragons, but before, he had gathered numerous records as a dragon killer. He could still vividly remember killing the one thousand dragons when he first came to Dareu.
Dareu had evolved using all of his records as the basis, so of course, there would naturally be dragon-slaying monsters born here. If it was to the point that even the dragons felt a sense of crisis, this meant that there were high levelled ones as well.

“Then you should be able to grow even more if you overcome them.”
[Father, what do we do?]
“You are afraid of them? …… Well, I guess I can’t help it since you were just born.”

Yu IlHan requested Yumir who was waiting obediently.

“Mir, look after your weaker siblings. You just need to let them survive.”
“Got it, dad. I’ll make everyone stronger!”

Said Mir with a smile as he flew into the air. Amidst the gaze of Ruby and the other dragons he exposed his 6th class body filled with grandeur!


With scales that shone like a golden flame, Yumir roared and all the dragons present froze in place. Ruby’s eyes especially, burned with desire.

[Amazing, brother!]
“Brother……?” 1

Ilhan finally realized that Ruby’s voice was closer to a female’s than a male’s. So she was a girl! It was good that he gave her a girly name!

[Everyone follow me! There will be many occasions in life where you’d meet beings that slays dragon like it’s nothing so you can’t be freaking out so early on!]
[So heartening!]
[Always something new!]
“Mir is sure different since he’s raised some children already.”

Although this was nothing new to talk about, Yumir was an amazing child. Taking the loner characteristic away from Yu IlHan and inserting the traits of a leader would obviously make him flawless! He was the type that would never ever become the protagonist if this were a novel.
While Yu IlHan was inwardly relieved, Yumir lead everyone and flew directly towards where the enemies were. After the dragons left following Yumir’s lead, Helièna’s gaze towards Yu IlHan became slightly profound. It was a gaze that contained a slight trace of anger.

[Darling…… who is it again?]
“Leaving aside whether you have the qualifications to ask that question or not, it’s not what you’re thinking. It is only that the large number of dragons that were born while Dareu underwent the 6th Great Cataclysm are treating me like their parent because of my power that rules all dragons.”
[Phew, it’s good that there are no more competitors.]

Of course, there would be no way Yumir would lose against any normal beings, but the weaker 4th class dragons may get injured, so Yu IlHan applied slight restrictions to all monsters with dragon-slaying powers. Call this a cheat, but he just wanted to preserve his forces.

“Good, I did this much, so even if they die, they won’t be able to complain…… then.”

Construction was almost done as well; as well as the valleys, nests, and caves that the millions of dragons will reside on; the cities, forests, farms and riverlands that the elves and wolfkin would live on; and finally the grand castle where Yu IlHan and his friends would reside. Of course, he didn’t forget to prepare them adequately so that they could be used in battle.

“Interlocking the cores of the Flying fortress and the Guardian fortress and the ancient elven magic formation to make the entire world into one giant fortress…… hm, the bases are laid out, so I only have to wait for the formation formula to be completed.”
[Yup, I like darling because of your love to make large scale things…. so you’re making the entire world into something like the Flying fortress?]

In fact, this was a little too grand for her to understand fully! At this point, Yu IlHan’s enemies were pitiful, but Helièna didn’t bother saying that. Instead she asked.

[When are you going to start, darling? If it’s alright…… Can I be the first?]
“No, I’m sorry, but the first will be LIera.”
[Tch, considerate of your first wife as ever. Do you like that woman so much? No, it’s nothing. I’ll be hurt so don’t answer it.]

Yu IlHan stroked Helièna’s hair while she felt slightly disappointed. She seemed surprised at first, but started blushing soon after.

[You really did change. Although darling was kind even before…… You’re being considerate of me now. Aren’t you?]
“That’s true. I am aware that I am me, but oddly, I’m slightly changing even as I’m conscious about it.”

Yu IlHan, during his lower existence days, existed as an independent identity, but right now, he was the leader of Dargon’s Nest, a group he had to house in his bosom.
His sights widened, and his standards became higher as well. His feelings towards other individuals decreased slightly, but he could now think more about those that came into his sight. Perhaps this was influenced from the subclass leader he had acquired prior to becoming a higher existence.

“But this is slightly disturbing. This is a change that I can’t block even with Unshakable Heart. Is this really a natural occurrence? Is this truly what I’m thinking?”
[But didn’t darling change like that until now? Piling up records after records, and building yourself anew amidst the influx of records. It’s just a repetition of that process. If you want to deny that, wouldn’t you have to deny yourself the moment after you were born?]

Yu IlHan closed his mouth. Although he did forget this from time to time, Helièna was a being who had lived for tens of thousands of years. Like now, she sometimes surprised Yu IlHan with her words. He obediently nodded his head in admittance.

“Yes, you are right. If I don’t accept my current self, then I would not have the qualifications to go forward either.”
[And I like the darling that is kind to me more.]

His feelings towards her ended up increasing due to the sudden attack. Was the Succubus Queen’s assaults still active after all? He couldn’t let his guard down. Yu IlHan smacked Helièna on the forehead and turned around.

“Gather everyone after they’ve had plenty of rest. I will have a look around the world.”
[Fufu, I got it , darling.]

Yu IlHan flew into the air. As he was deeply connected with the Flamesoul Dragon Body, flames, and dragons, it was a natural thing for him to fly without the implementation of mana. Though, it was possible to accelerate further by calling out Ruin Calling contained inside the Body of the Human Dragon.
He extended his mana into his surroundings to record everything at the same time as calling out Ruin Calling.


As the Flamesoul Dragon body had gone beyond just being an artifact and had unified with his physical body, the weapons inside also naturally transformed. Ruin Calling, which was formed with countless type of metal and the very essence of magic, had become a pair of flaming red bat-like wings. Anyone would see this and call them dragon wings.
Of course, it wasn’t like its hardness and ability had disappeared somewhere. In fact, it had increased in performance by at least twice as if it was an artifact that was strengthened inside the domain of Falling Down.

“That’s good. Higher existences are sure interesting.”
[I express my exclamation towards the Lord’s thought process that treats the realm of higher existences as mere research field.]
“You’re becoming like Orochi huh.”

Shushing Echjar, Yu IlHan increased his flight speed for real this time and took a look around his surroundings. The mana he wielded was resonating with the world and the ancient elven magic formation, so taking in all the details even while travelling around at that speed wasn’t anything hard.

Really, after the 6th Great Cataclysm, it felt as if Dareu had materialized Yu IlHan himself into a world. Yu IlHan felt both shock and exclamation at this fact.
This was perhaps why the other factions couldn’t treat Heaven’s Army lightly even though they didn’t look like much! Perhaps this was why everyone was so hesitant to invade the main worlds of other factions!

[The aura of fire fills the world. But it’s forming a balance with water. This world is beautiful!]
“Thanks for thinking like that, Eternal Flame.”

Eternal Flame absorbed or supplemented the flames existing in this world by sending copies of herself into her surroundings, as well as absorbing and emitting mana to play around. In the process of Yu IlHan being reborn into the leader of the Dragon’s Nest, she had also broke through, so her power was now incomparably become higher than before. Even without Yu IlHan lifting a finger, Eternal Flame could block any higher existence alone.

“Dragon-slaying, dragon-slaying……. Ah, found it.”

He could feel traces of a harsh battle between dragons and other monsters from far away. Of course, as Yumir was the one leading them, there weren’t a lot of deaths, but as Yumir was not battling directly and was focusing on supplementing the battle of other dragons, the battle didn’t end so quickly.

[Everyone get yourself together! You can’t even cook rice with that kind of fire! Do not forget the pride of dragons!]
[Understood, brother(hyung-nim)!]
[Bring out the boiling mana under your throat! Feel your heartbeat and emit the whispers of mana you feel right as it is!]

This was an education method only possible because Yumir was a dragon. Even though he hadn’t learnt anything from a parent dragon, he was teaching so well!
Yu IlHan left that location with a smile. He was worried that he may had to support them, but looking at the figure of Yumir was leisurely leading tens of thousands of dragons, it seems he was worried for nothing.

“Then I…….”

Yu IlHan turned around. Since he hadn’t hidden his presence, all living and breathing beings in this world were wary against him. One emotion stood out from the others. It was that of fear and admiration, and of submission and slight resistance.

There were also traces of hesitation and at the same time those of bewilderedness. They were being shaken amidst the emotions that even they didn’t know about. The ones that may feel such feelings in this world should be…….

“Dragonkin, right?”
[So you felt them. You’re correct. Right now, this world had given birth to a lot of dragonkin and not just dragons.]
“Orochi was also a dragonkin right…….”

Orochi technically wasn’t a dragon. His identity was a gigantic snake recorded in Japanese myths. However, he was a dragonkin, and had an overwhelming advantage in fundamental specs than the other species. You may call it OP, but dragons were just such unfair beings.

Echjar asked him.

[My lord and my ruler. Are you going to take in all of them as well? The past me only focused on raising the name of dragons, but I do not believe that the name of the Lord’s faction, ‘Dragon’s Nest’ to be so simple in meaning.]
“Yes, I also think like that too. Moreover, it also tugs my mind that the first world I came to after I became a leader of a faction was Dareu…… I don’t think this is a complete coincidence.”

Dareu was not a world specifically for dragons. It was innately a world where dragonkin were easily born. Wasn’t the reason Yu IlHan first came to Dareu to wipe out dragonkin and not just dragons?

However, Yu IlHan’s current power was that to rule dragons and dragons were just a portion of dragonkin.
If Yu IlHan was a man who was quick to give up, he would have just wiped them out with the excuse that dragons and dragonkin were separate, but if he was such a petty person, he would have retired already from the time he was left on Earth alone for a millennium.

“I’m not four-feeted after all.”
[You mean forf…… hm…….]

Echjar instinctively tried to retort but stopped. His pride hurt after he was told that he was becoming like Orochi. In fact, it was just that Echjar was becoming similar to Yu IlHan like how Orochi once went through, he didn’t know that himself.

Yu IlHan clapped his hand. The beings that were sneaking glances at him from underground, and from forests were all startled and twisted their bodies, while he uttered his grand ambitions again with a smile.

“Good, I should expand the realm of my powers at this opportunity. Just the dragons aren’t enough. Let’s put all dragonkin under my rule.”
[I thought you might say that.]

There were unidentified enemies on his way as well. More allies were good! Though, it should be better if he could make them all into higher existences too! – Deluding himself, Yu IlHan expanded his mana into his surroundings.

“Hey, those that think you’re dragons!”

The voice of the ruler resounded across the world.

“I’ll give you ten seconds. Gather up!”

Author’s notes

  1. At Yu IlHan’s level, he won’t let go of any dragonkin either!

Translator’s notes
one from Sunday double


Translator: Chamber
Proofreader: Koukouseidesu

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  1. Ruby is using a ‘female’ form of ‘brother’ (i.e. Oppa) but in archaic language (orabuni for more info)

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    Wow… So he did got dragon eyes! So cool… And now ruin calling lost it blade feathered form and turned into dragon wings form. Double cool.

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