Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 311: You Are The Same As Me – 3

The moment Kang MiRae opened her eyes, Yu IlHan realized that Kang MiRae had broken through whatever was keeping her captive by herself. Without the help of any skills, whether it was the Record skill, the Rule skill or the likes of that, she was enlightened on the way of mana and was now able to rule over it.
Even though it was an absurd talent that possessed limitless potential, what was even more amazing was that Kang MiRae had tossed aside a big opportunity by herself. Even though she should have been able to proceed on her own depending on her effort, she did not do so. Yu IlHan found that curious.

“Won’t you regret it?”
“Not at all.”

Kang MiRae’s answer was very firm though, as she replied with a voice that didn’t contain even the slightest bit of hesitation.

“I like this the best.”
“Then…… I won’t be able to say anything.”

Yu IlHan laughed and extended his hand out to her.

“You’re the last, Miss MiRae. You will enter the Dragon’s Nest, right?”
“Mr. IlHan…….”

Kang MiRae grabbed his hand. A red line of text appeared on her retina.

[You have more than enough potential to leap into the realm of higher existences on your own. Yu IlHan, the leader of Dragon’s Nest, is offering you to become a member of Dragon’s Nest. Will you accept the offer?]

“Of course.”

The majority of Yu IlHan’s company (excluding Kang HaJin and some others that weren’t at a sufficient level yet) were turned into dragons by the Cradle of Miracles, and now the Cradle enveloped Kang MiRae. An enormous sea of mana, which almost seemed to contain an entire world’s mana, way beyond what Kang MiRae could control, had enveloped her.

Kang MiRae only shivered in excitement as she felt the energy of dragons thriving inside. Precisely because she was enlightened in mana, she could feel the power more clearly.

“This…… really is.”
“Miss MiRae. It will hurt a little but bear with it.”

Yu IlHan’s voice could be heard from the outside. The moment Yu IlHan’s blood seeped into Kang MIRae’s skin, she heard her heart thumping loudly once.

“Aah, aaaaaaah.”

Her records were flipping over. Turning from a human’s into a dragon’s. She was evolving, acquiring a body and soul that had more affinity towards mana. Since she was enlightened on the way of mana, the growth through the transformation was larger as well.

“That’s amazing…… so it can go like this as well.”
“That’s true, I didn’t know that lady could transform so much.”

Only Yu IlHan and Helièna could correctly see through Kang MiRae’s current state from the outside. Kang MiRae wasn’t supposed to reach 6th class with her records, but it was happening thanks to the achievements she had prior to waking up. Right now, Kang MiRae was becoming a 6th class!

“Tch, I thought I overtook her.”

Na YuNa, the one with the most contribution to the party thanks to her abilities and was able to become 6th class as well, lightly clicked her tongue after seeing that. Of course, her face was filled with joy. She was happy that Kang MiRae had safely woken up and rejoined them.

“Put a little more effort in. Mr. Kang HaJin.”
“I’m level 270 now. 270, dammit! I’m not slow at all, and in fact, am insanely fast by normal standards. How come I’m in last place?”
“HaJin-oppa. The group no longer exists~. If you want to enter Dragon’s Nest, you need to become level 300. HaJin-oppa is alone! A loner!”
“I know! I get it already!”

The transformation soon ended. The red egg cracked and the Cradle of Miracles melted into thin air once again, and Kang MiRae, who finally appeared, had two pairs of wings on her back. It was quite interesting that everyone else other than Yu IlHan and Yumir had multiple pairs of wings according to their class.

“MiRae, how do you feel?”
“It feels very good. …… But I keep getting the urge. I once thought that becoming a higher existence meant becoming more rational and acquiring higher intellect, this… feels like I instead became younger.”

Even while replying to Na YuNa’s words, Kang MiRae’s eyes were fixed on Yu IlHan. She was like a lioness looking for an opportunity to pounce on her prey. In fact, Yu IlHan had experienced such a phenomena nearly every time someone became a dragon, so he could only make an awkward expression.

“It seems like personality differs according to faction…… Dragon’s Nest, is well, as you see.”
“Well, the leader is IlHan, so.”
“You come to the rooftop later.”

If everyone became like Yu IlHan, they should have inherited his unshakable heart and had to have peaceful minds! Oh, Yu IlHan didn’t hide his emotions even when he had an unshakable heart, so perhaps everyone was indeed like him? It wasn’t like it didn’t poke where it hurt him so he decided not to talk about that anymore.

“Someone explain the situation to Miss MiRae.”
“No, it’s fine. I could understand everything from a little bit of your records that I saw when I was becoming a higher existence. This place is Dareu, which had undergone transformation, and now the dragonkin are battling other monsters under the lead of dragons…… we also need to help them in killing those monsters, right?”
“……It’s good that you were able to grasp it perfectly.”

Perhaps there might be a change in the group’s order of power…… Yu IlHan shrugged his shoulders. In any case, if Kang MiRae had become stronger, it would help tremendously in the future so it wasn’t a bad thing at all.

“Then, everyone is ready right? There’s only one thing to remember. You need to give the experience points to the young dragons and other dragonkin. Oh, Mr. Kang HaJin too.”
“I’m grateful that you are considerate of me but it’s insulting so I’d rather have you not!”

Yu IlHan checked that all of the group were in flight with their own power and completely dispelled the barrier. Despite the fact that the battle had continued for quite a long time, the battlefield was widening thanks to new monsters and new dragonkin being born and in various places of Dareu and joining the battle here.

[The barrier was dispelled!]
[The Brood Father, we need to kill that person!]
[Dammit, how come there are more dragons…….]
[Shut up! Die!]

The monsters that waited for the moment for the group to be revealed desperately attacked them, but were immediately repelled thanks to Mystic controlling the two fortresses and beating them inches from death. Hundreds of thousands of monsters instantly falling onto the ground was quite an impressive scene.
Of course, this would have been impossible if it was the past her. Obviously, Mystic was also a member of Dragon’s Nest and her league had increased immensely along with the two fortresses.

[A higher existence organization is amazing! I feel like I have another brain now master!]
“That’s good. I’ll call you DoubleBrain from now.”
[Orochi, youuuuuu!]

Orochi, who now had a figure of a human youth with black hair and looked not that much different to the others, teased Mystic without end. As his records until now were acknowledged by the Akashic Record, Orochi, inside Echjar’s body, could also be reborn into 6th class.

Thanks to both his soul and body being reborn into a perfect dragon, his abilities were rising by the minute. If there weren’t any mishaps, he would probably reach 7th class the same time as Liera or slightly after her.
Considering how there were only around ten 7th class beings in each other faction, even after countless years, the ones gathered here were all monstrous beings. This proved Yu IlHan’s path. Everyone that was with him until his records had piled up had gathered here.

[Eeeek, fuu. It will only be for a while that you can tease me.]
“No way. I never teased you. I only told you facts as they are. I don’t know what you’re thinking but I’ll cheer you on so do your best.”
[Th, that thing only got better in acting shamelessly!]

Orochi ignored Mystic’s words and flew up with his two pairs of wings. From his hand, a purple flame containing a fatal curse was released. He had sublimed his purple flames that he used when he was alive into a higher realm by perfectly synchronizing with Echjar’s body, and was now able to cast his own unique advanced magic.

“Kids, this is what it means to wield flames!”

Purple colored flames covered the lands and spread to the surroundings. Thanks to Orochi’s shocking amount of control, the flames precisely evaded the allies and attacked only the enemies and inflicted tens of fatal debuffs as well as burns. His ability was overwhelming.

[A mere snake that got my body is rampaging around.]

Echjar, inside the Body of the Human Dragon, muttered in complain, but in fact, he was satisfied as well. Before, he only thought that a puny being was being greedy over his body, but now thought that Orochi had become quite useful. Yu IlHan laughed as if in accordance and looked around to his companions.

“Everyone can just do as much as Orochi is. There is a lot to do, but cleaning up this world comes first. I’m planning to fuse Earth with Dareu later so let’s do it with the mind that we’re cleaning our own house!”
“Even though he became a higher existence, he sounds like some volunteer club leader…… hiik.”

Kang HaJin uttered in astonishment when he received the glares of all the women and shrunk back. He wondered how he entered such a situation, but then thought about the other humanity and thought that he may be better off than them after all. No, both sides were equally shameful!

[Answer me, Lord of all dragons! Why were we born! Isn’t it also you, the master of the world, that created us with the fate to kill dragons!]
[We’re only trying to live on because we were born! What right do you have to stop us!]
“Then let’s get to cleaning, I mean, hunting.”
“He looks so evil when he says that at such a time! He’s just the devil himself!”

However, they didn’t have the right to blame him when they attacked the dragonkin even while throwing philosophical questions! Would the other factions know that the fifth faction, Dragon’s Nest, were a den of frightening beings? No, would they ever get to know?

[How long are you going to show your pathetic sides to father? How long are you going to shame yourselves in front of brother and sister! Put your lives on the line!]
[Kuoooooooooh! Prove your qualifications as a dragon! Gain victory over dragonslayers and be reborn into true dragons!]

Thanks to the participation of the others, an even more intense battle played out. The ones that became higher existences prevented the deaths and injuries of allied dragonkin as much as possible, and the dragonkin, who worship power, had to feel embarrassed and did their best to become stronger as soon as possible. Yu IlHan finally came to the judgement that the situation had stabilized.

“Good, if it’s this much, I don’t even need to look after them.”

Although he was about to get busy, he became more comfortable thanks to the group that came to him at a right time. Of course, the others also brought him future matters and made him sigh.

Higher existences that wielded an unknown energy and had resistance to mana! He had a headache just thinking about having to analyze them and come up with countermeasures. But what could he do? It was his work. Yu IlHan stretched himself once and turned around.
However, Kang MiRae was still waiting for him.

“Miss MiRae?”
“Mr. IlHan. Let us talk for a little.”

Thinking back to the eyes she had when she first broke out of the egg, Yu IlHan was nervous thinking that she may actually confess to him, when Kang MiRae ‘confessed’ something entirely different from what he was expecting in a completely different voice.

“I, seem to have met God.”

Author’s notes

  1. Would Yu IlHan be able to analyze the strange angels and come up with countermeasures? What is this ‘God’ thinking? IlHan’s final enemy will show his true form! (said in an advertising voice)

Translator’s notes


Translator: Chamber
Proofreader: Koukouseidesu

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