Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 316: You Are The Same As Me – 8

Since majority of the worlds Yu IlHan that had been to were combined and fused with Dareu, the first thing Yu IlHan did was to install a few Traps of Restoration in Dareu.
Since the 6th Great Cataclysm was very intense, the majority of the Traps of Destruction had lost their functionality and became silent, and in one region, a series of Traps of Destructions that were coincidentally near each other activated at once and went berserk, causing an overflow of tremendous proportions.

“Oh, there were a few Overflows. Tell the others to give me the fragments of higher metals if they get any.”
“Got it, master.”

In the past, when an Overflow occurred on Earth and Yamata no Orochi struck the Kantou region of Japan, it was one of the most dangerous things he had to be on the lookout for, but right now that Yu IlHan and the majority of his companions had become higher existences, Overflows were nothing much to deal with.
It was just that collecting the harkanium that was absorbed and mutated inside the Overflow monsters were a little bothersome! Of course, the Dareu monster-extermination quest was still underway so they should return quite soon.

“Dareu really has become big. Ugh, I wish I could just look around everywhere in detail and clean them all up…….”
“No matter how fast you are, that’s impossible.”
“I know. Then, scatter.”

Yu IlHan launched five Traps of Restoration into the air with his reply. With the Declaration skill, those five were scattered to various places throughout Dareu. After that, he activated the ‘carpet’ to check on the condition of the Traps of Destructions already scattered throughout Dareu and changed the locations of a few.

That was it.

“Good, it’s starting now.”

The Traps of Restoration scattered throughout Dareu all resonated at once to suppress the power of the Traps of Destruction. Even the already created dungeons were broken and returned to the original state. The monsters freed from the dungeons (they were mostly weak and dumb to be caught in them) were confused for a moment but all ran after feeling the aura of war in the center of Dareu. Like that, all Traps of Destruction in the continent paused and awaited reactivation.

“Fuu…… good, let’s do this thing.”

Mystic realized that it was her turn and focused after pushing the straw hat on her head, when the flow of mana released from the Traps of Restoration spread around to the far corners of the world and started transforming the Traps of Destruction.
Absorbing the surrounding mana and matter, the Traps of Destruction were engulfed by the mana from the Traps of Restoration and changed on a fundamental level. Orochi honestly exclaimed at Mystic’s absurd mana control.

“Hoo…… splendid mana control.”
“It’s an item boost.”
“I knew it.”
“I can’t focus so be quiet!

Unlike her words, the engulfing process was very smooth. All the Traps of Destruction scattered around Dareu were evolving! From Traps of Destruction to Traps of Restoration – a new order was being created after denying the records of until now and one that developed according to Yu IlHan’s intentions!
Of course, that process sucked and consumed an enormous amount of mana in Dareu, but that would just slow down the birth of monsters so it wasn’t completely a bad thing.

[The skill, Declaration, has become level 56.]
[The skill, Dimensional Ruler, has become level 85.]
[The skill, Dimensional Adaptation, has become level 83.]
[The skill, Fleet Command, has become level 89.]

“Well done, Mystic! Let’s be done and over with this before heading to the next world!”
“Oooh, the mana wave is truly a spectacle.”
“Shut up both of you!”

Thanks to Mystic’s grand actions, even Yu IlHan’s skill grew all by themselves. A thought flashed by Yu IlHan’s mind at that moment.

‘Then if the members of Dragon’s Nest kill enemies…….’

Closing his eyes and analyzing his own records, he found the answer quite quickly. Not only the records of enemies, he found out that a little bit of experience was given to him as well. Since the dragons belonging to Dragon’s Nest were fighting with countless monsters right now, his records were piling up even though he wasn’t doing much.

‘So there’s a reason why the leaders of each faction are in a completely different league to the members;

He groaned subconsciously. Although he felt this after looking at Greed, the leaders of each faction were all frightening beings! Growing endlessly even while doing nothing thanks to the actions of its members… that would mean that the newest of the 5, Yu IlHan, was the most disadvantaged!

Then how was it possible that Michael was equal in power to Satan, the leader of the Army of Brilliant Light?

‘Or was that BS?’

No, but from looking at how aggressive Michael acted normally, he didn’t seem like someone who would lie about that. Didn’t Yu IlHan let Michael go precisely to hold Satan back?

‘It’s possible if God left all of his records and authorities in his charge.’

But he was too weak for that to be true. No matter how disadvantageous Michael was against Yu IlHan in terms of attributes, he wouldn’t be so easily defeated by Yu IlHan. Then there’s one answer left.


‘If I think about it, although he was killed by me, Raphael was absurdly OP as well. He had a healing ability that surpassed the other 7th class beings by hundreds of miles. If the situation wasn’t leaning heavily in my favor, I would have missed the chance to kill him.’

In that case the possibility that God’s power and records were divided among the four Great Archangels of Heaven – Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel. Among them, Raphael died and Michael could be overcome anytime, so the remaining ones who potentially posed a threat were Gabriel and Uriel.

‘Leaving aside Uriel because I don’t have any records about that one, it nags at me that Gabriel has the power of foreknowledge. Foreknowledge, clairvoyance eh…… that shouldn’t be the case, it definitely shouldn’t be possible, but it bothers me.’

From one moment a doubt that was near assurance twitched inside Yu IlHan’s heart. It was too absurd to be true, but his instincts warned him so much when he tried to reject it completely. So the solution would be to stop thinking about it until he actually confirmed it…… but if it was that easy, he wouldn’t be thinking about such things.

“Master, why do you wear such a frown? Look at that woman groaning. Humans call this a spectacle, no?”
“Of course, it’s a scene that I can’t miss, but she’ll have to groan like that even more in the future so I’ll have many opportunities to watch. Orochi you just prepare some popcorn.”
“I swear I’ll deal with you two later!”

Thanks to the abundant mana in Dareu, the evolution of the Traps of Destruction proceeded unexpectedly quickly. New Traps of Restoration were being generated, and in the process of being linked in consciousness with them, Mystic had finally met a hurdle. Groaning and grunting while continuing to control all of them did look quite funny and cute.

‘I want to dismantle Raphael’s body as soon as possible…… but I have something more urgent I guess.’

Yu IlHan had a look at Orochi who teased Mystic and Mystic who bit her lips but still continued to control the evolution process of the Traps of Destruction and stopped his thoughts there with a shrug.

This wasn’t the right time. If only he could activate the Hourglass of Eternity on Earth, he would be able to cleanly take care of everything that was needed…. The problem was that if he went to Earth right now, Earth would become a higher world.
Ironically, Yu IlHan could only go back to Earth after he was fully prepared for war.

“It’s done!”

At that moment, Mystic cheered. She succeeded in transforming all the Traps of Destruction scattered in the vast lands of Dareu into Traps of Restorations! Yu IlHan nodded in satisfaction and ordered her.

“Good, then let’s see if the Traps work effectively.”
“Hmph, are you looking down on my abilities?”

Mystic clicked her fingers while curving the tips of her mouth into a smile. At that moment, the Traps of Restoration scattered around Dareu vitalized their domain and released a strong wave of mana.

[Kugh! Kergh, that’s a trap…….]
[I can’t resist……!]
[Even though I want to resist……!]
[Such tragedy!]

The monsters that were fighting the dragons and dragonkin immediately reacted to it. Even though they had both high levels and high intelligence, they couldn’t resist the aura that the Traps of Restoration emitted and helplessly rushed in! Yu IlHan laughed heartily after looking at that.

“Hide and seek is over! Hahahahahahaha!”
“Master is the worst.”
“Whoa, I did know of their power but this is really…… they’re all being sucked in no matter if they are level 250 or level 270.”
“I can even imprison higher existences, not to mention 4th classes.”
“Higher existences?”

Yu IlHan had just trampled on the technology of Heaven’s Army like nothing and checked the Traps of Restoration that were being filled and laughed heartily.
Since his companions had taken care of a lot of monsters, the Traps of Restoration didn’t quite get filled, but there was no worry of any Overflows occurring. Under Mystic’s control, the Traps of Restoration had worked splendidly to prevent any kind of mana reaction if there were no monsters nearby!

[Dad, how did it come to this?]

Yumir, who was having fun leading all the dragons found where Yu IlHan was and flew straight towards him before asking. Yu IlHan stroked his head and explained to him the outline of the situation.

“The monsters born in Dareu will all be sucked into the Traps of Restoration automatically. So you just need to make suitable teams of dragons and dragonkin and send them to dungeons.”
[Dad is amazing!]

The common knowledge of Heaven’s Army was that 4th class monsters couldn’t be imprisoned with the Traps of Destruction. However, Yu IlHan made the Traps of Restoration that  ignored such a common knowledge with little to no effort.
This new type of prison system that only Yu IlHan and Mystic could control soon imprisoned all monsters born in Dareu, except the dragons and the dragonkin.

“IlHan, I did hear that you will make something called the Traps of Restoration, but this is frightening……”
“What do you mean frightening? This is just the beginning. I’ll scatter them to other worlds too so just clean the dungeons while we’re waiting. Oh, before that.”

He needed to fulfill his promise. Yu IlHan looked at the dragonkin that had lost their enemies thanks to the Traps of Restoration and looked back at his companions.

“Everyone pick one dragonkin that you think fought well. Starting from Mir.”
[Oh supreme being, you will really give us the opportunity!]

Even though they watched the process of First becoming a dragon, the dragonkin still couldn’t believe in him fully, but now they became emotional after they heard Yu IlHan.
Yu IlHan hadn’t lied! They could really become dragons! They could confirm the strengths of all higher existences belonging to Dragon’s Nest while they fought together, so the dragonkin’s passion to become ‘dragons’ had become amplified. So, it was no wonder that they had become emotional after hearing his words. Yu IlHan made a bright smile after looking at them being honestly happy.

‘Fu, I love dragonkin. They’re so simple.’
“Master, your face. Your face looks like a complete villain right now.”

The higher existences belonging to Dragon’s Nest were: Yu IlHan, Helièna, Yumir, Liera, Erta, Kang MiRae, Na YuNa, Kim YeSeul, Paté, Jirl, Mirey, Ericia, Flemir, Mirfa, Orochi and Mystic – a total of 16. Yu IlHan gave each of them the right to pick one dragonkin so the number of new dragons would be just 16.
However, that was enough.

[I thank you, my lord!]
[Kuooooooh! Dragon, the mana of dragon and the blood of dragon! Flows in my veins!]
[Me too! I will definitely become a dragon next time!]
[Dungeon! Let’s go wipe out dungeons!]

All dragonkin that saw their kin being reborn into dragons had their eyes flipped. They armed themselves with the resolve that they will definitely become dragons next time! Yu IlHan spoke to them with a merciful smile.

“As long as you bring about suitable results, I shall make you all into dragons. Any dragonkin is set to be able to freely enter dungeons so rampage to your heart’s content.”
[You idiots! Pay your respects to the ruler!]

The dragonkin instantly split up into groups and charged into dungeons. Yu IlHan’s companions only watched with dumbfounded eyes. Yu IlHan turned around with a laugh.

“Then I’ll be going. It won’t take too long. Oh, can you take the Guardian fortress and a few of our members to Earth and go over to Earth for me, Miss MiRae? I think it will be better to move the people there to Dareu.”
“Of course.”
“Excluding those of you that are going to Earth with Miss MiRae everyone be on your guard. It’s very likely that Legnae will invade Dareu. I’ve prepared everything so you shouldn’t have any problems fighting them.”

Giving out orders was done as well. Now, Yu IlHan took Mystic and Orochi into the Flying fortress and set out. The number of Traps of Restoration in his inventory was 6,938. Once all of these were successfully scattered across the worlds…… it would be his victory.

‘Well, I’d still win even if I fail.’
“Master, you have an evil face that doesn’t look like the main character at all!”

Yu IlHan and the other two set off for other worlds.
This was later known as the sowing seeds legend of the leader of Dragon’s Nest.

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