Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 329: Harmageddon – 5

While the Army of Brilliant Light and the Garden of Sunset were waging a war of an unprecedented scale, the Heaven’s Army and the Destruction Demon Army were also partaking in an intense battle. Surprisingly, the situation was overwhelmingly leaning towards Heaven’s favor, and it was naturally due to the newly transcended Michael.

[I always felt uncomfortable when looking at you.]

Every time Michael’s spear of light flashed, hundreds and thousands of predators lost their power. Going beyond just defending Heaven, the angels had already invaded beyond the Wall of Chaos, into Elo Katra.

[Disappear, maggots, you insects that nibble on the fabric of Heaven, dissolve into light and turn into nothing!]
[Lord Michael, you need to calm down a l…….]
[No, his actions are correct against the predators. We were too defensive until now! Right now, Lord Michael is doing the correct thing!]

The ones that appeared next to him were those that acknowledged him as the new God and followed him. Meanwhile, the ones that did not acknowledge him but still did not follow Yu IlHan resided in Heaven, protecting it. They were no different from dogs guarding their owner’s graves.
However, Michael thought that was well too. As long as they remained in Heaven, and as long as he became the ruler of Heaven, they would eventually have no choice but to acknowledge him!

Michael acquired Heaven. He shall make everyone else kneel and stand above all to become the perfect God, the Creator. And the start shall be the complete extermination of the Destruction Demon Army.

[Disgusting predators, you are never productive and only continue to destroy and devour. You maggots.]
[The ugly hypocrite has finally thrown his masquerade away…… kyahak!]

Light scattered every time Michael uttered words, and every time that happened, predators screamed.
However, to Michael, their voices were merely the screams of ants. There was no one who walked while trying their best to avoid stepping on ants? How many people even tried to listen to their pleading and try to protect them? To Michael, they were merely obstacles that annoyed him and he had to put some minor effort in to push them away.

[Get lost, out of my way. If you have eyes then poke them out, and if you have a heart then burst it to commit suicide. If you can reason, then stop all cerebral activity. If you feel me, or if you can see me, then do not dare leave your disgusting traces in front of me.]

There’s the words “Go home and kick the dog”. The current Michael was exactly like that. Even though he retreated with humiliation against Yu IlHan, he was taking out his anger on the relatively weaker Destruction Demon Army! Well, in the Destruction Demon Army’s shoes, it was quite frustrating!

[He possesses dominant power. Our choice was not wrong. Lord Michael has truly become the new God.]
[However, that’s merely his physical might. Will that really lead to true creation? In the future, we need to create and protect countless worlds. Will Lord Michael be able to lead us properly?]
[However…… it is indeed thanks to Lord Michael that we can maintain our power even after we entered the Destruction Demon Army’s main headquarters.]

The angels who were still skeptical while following Michael had no choice but to acknowledge his power. As he was at such a disadvantage against Yu IlHan, they thought they were doomed, but he was bringing out such power as a Supreme being in Elo Katra!

[Bring me your leader Greed. Drag that insolent beast who dared to try to bite Heaven, and dared to attempt to erase everything, here!]
[How dare you mention the Lord’s name! Does he look so easy now that you acquired a little power after hiding behind the clouds all this time!]

The Destruction Demon Army also couldn’t stay quiet at Michael’s provocation. The first one to face him was the 10th Battalion Commander Melohinne! Anyone below the Battalion Commander level couldn’t stop Michael for so much as one second. Michael did not retreat and mocked her instead.

[The ‘Lord’? Referring to such a beast as ‘the lord’, you are such a lowly being. Yes, is the only one that can satisfy your giant body that man, Greed?]
[You speak ill words even though you refer to yourself as an angel……!]
[I am no longer an angel. I am God and the absolute, there is no wrong in my steps, no hesitation in my words, and no mercy in my actions!]

The light Michael threw out expanded and completely enveloped Melohinne. She tried to release all her cold energy in attempt to block it, but she lasted less than the time a droplet of water evaporated would take to evaporate in front of the sun.

[Kugh, you…… ergh……!]
[Hmph, your mass is a waste of matter!]
[You…… oh……!]

In the end, she could not even leave behind any proper final words and was destroyed, turning into a strand of vapor that disappeared as fog. It was the price for fearlessly going against him despite being completely disadvantageous in affinity. Michael had confirmed his overwhelming dominance against the others and became more arrogant.

[Who is next? Who will be the next one to bark at me? Or will it be Greed? You are listening to my words after all, are you not?]

However, what kind of boss appeared when there were still mobs around? It wasn’t like there aren’t any unpredictable bosses that appear randomly and deal a blow to the main character, but the Destruction Demon Army kept true to their ways. The enemies attacks continued from within the fog of vapor that Melohinne created as she died.

[You are being overly arrogant, angel!]

With a creepy voice, the corpses of dead Destruction Demon soldiers exploded and attacked the angels.
Michael blocked the attacks without much difficulty, but the angels accompanying him didn’t have such an easy time. Their attacks were very delicately timed, and there were casualties before Michael could extend his barrier to all the angels. To be exact, it was only possible because Boomer’ol aimed for the angels and not Michael in the first place.

[Kik, Kikikik! You are quite merciless, not taking care of your companions. You are ignorant, idiotic, rude. Yes. You are pushing yourself past your boundaries. Angel Michael!]

Michael gritted his teeth as the figure of the 5th Battalion Commander Boomer’ol appeared amidst the rain of flesh and blood.

[I said I am not an angel!]
[Yes, the current you is no angel, but a mere traitor that’s rampaging around without knowing your own position. The past Satan is very similar to the current you. Is the rumor that you two are brothers true after all?]

It wasn’t just Boomer’ol. 4th Battalion Commander Telzaider, 6th Battalion Commander Belkatoo, 8th Battalion Commande Zenusva, and the remaining survivors of the Battalion Commanders had all teamed up to block his way. The few angels that remained with Michael also stepped up to face them.
The Archangels were full of faith in him from the moment he dealt with Melohinne so easily, but what was mysterious was that the Battalion Commanders that were facing them all had joyful expressions.

[What is so enjoyable?]

Even after ascending to the realm of transcenders, Michael still had a complex. And he asked.

[What is it that makes you laugh? Blocking my path means that you will be destroyed without even enjoying the destruction you enjoy so much, but how can you make expressions that imply you are truly having fun?]
[You should know the answer already.]

The 9th Battalion Commander Siferai, answered. He was a giant that had an even larger body than the now-deceased Melohinne, and had horns on his body as though they were armor. Going by pure physical force, he was the second strongest after Greed within the Destruction Demon Army, and was also the one that would probably last the longest if he fought against Michael.

[We love destruction. The reason we were taken under his wing is also because we felt the onset of larger and larger destructions in the future. And he was right, and now we get to face you. How can we not be joyful? Michael, you are a maggot, but you possess power that I have never experienced before. How can I not look forward to this?]
[Hmph, I was a fool for expecting something from you. You guys are all completely insane.]

Michael threw a spear of light. Befitting the name of light, it struck the giant at blinding speeds, but the giant received it without flinching an eyebrow.

Michael thought that he was too much stronger than Melohinne even though it was true that he was advantageous in terms of attributes, and in the process, he realized one thing. It was that the fog of vapor that Melohinne created as she died still had not disappeared completely. That it still remained by Michael and the angels. Siferai twisted his lips into a smile.

[Melohinne was a woman that loved destruction. She enjoyed the destruction of herself as much as she did others. Destroying herself in order to destroy others was the greatest bliss for her. She told me, her brother, that.]

The speed of light slows down in water, and refraction occurs. It would be a different story if it was all vaporized, but the curse that Melohinne activated at the cost of her own life wasn’t so easy to deal with. It was a powerful curse that not only weakened the light that Michael wielded, but the movements of the other Archangels as well!

In the past, Yu IlHan also had a hard time thanks to the 13th Battalion Commander Echjar’s curse, but Melohinne’s curse was just as vicious if not more frightening.

[Kugh, do you think, I’ll be done in, by merely a curse of a 7th class……!]
[You were driven into such a corner by Yu IlHan even when he was merely a lower existence, and you are still restrained by league, I’m wondering how you even became a transcender!]

Despite the fact that Michael spat out blinding light from every inch of his body, Melohinn’es vapor still held on. All the light he emitted were weakened, and all of his magic power decreased. While he was attempting to erase the vapor, the Battalion Commanders assaulted the immobile Archangels, and one Archangel ended up losing his life.

[L, Lord Michael……!]
[Khahahahahahah! Kha, Khahahahahahah! A transcender brought his mobs! And lost one right in front of his eyes! Laughable, it’s truly laughable! Michael, you are truly laughable!]
[You will all face death! I will scatter your blood on the ground as I open a new era of Heaven! Without a single exception! I will also rip apart the limbs of Greed and Satan and scatter them as snow!]

While Michael was still in the process of erasing the cursed vapor, another Archangel lost his life. The 9th Battalion Commander Siferai, threw his body directly at Michael and stood up all of the horns on his body; his eyes filled with madness.

[Harmageddon, it’s Harmageddon! Everything will be destroyed, and the curtains to the world shall close!]

As Michael’s light touched his body, his horns dissolved, his blood scattered, and his bones corroded. Despite that, Siferai did not stop.
Looking at things now, extreme poison was flowing in his blood, and they crept up the light instead and tainted Michael’s body. A being on Michael’s level would not die merely thanks to extreme poison, but unless he mastered extreme poison resistance, he would not be able to stop from the poison weakening him.

[Ones who do not dream of eternity have no right to discuss tomorrow in front of me. O, foolish one, meet your death!]

Michael finally realized that Siferai, too, had sacrificed his own life to block him. It was truly inexplicable. However, Siferai mocked him instead.

[You are the one who is truly foolish, angel! It is because I do not believe in eternity, because I can accept my impending death, that I can enjoy today!]
[That is powerlessness and an excuse that mortals give as they have no choice but to accept death! If you believe that the value of time changes according to how much you have, then I can admit that the next second will be the most valuable to you!]

Michael’s magic power went berserk. Melohinne’s curse was finally completely lifted, and light enveloped the world! Siferai laughed heartily as he faced Michael’s burning magic power and died.

[Khahahahahahaha! Khahahahahahahahahahahaha! You are right,right now is the most enjoyable time for me and it is the most precious! I am joyful! I thank you, Michael! I thank you, my master and the sole God! Khaaaaaaaaaaaaak!]

With the final words that made the listeners creeped out, Siferai’s body exploded and scattered poison on every angel present including Michael.
The scene was so gruesome and desolate that everyone became silent for a moment.

[Damned, seedlings……!]

Eventually, Michael spat out spit that contained poison and raised his head. What appeared in his golden eyes were none other than malice and rage.

[I shall erase everything! The Harmageddon that you dearly wish for, I will bring it grandly!]

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  1. The next chapter, we’ll go back to Dareu!

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