Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 33: Overflow – 1

To Erta, who really did seem confused, Yu IlHan replied with a faint smile.

“I don’t have a passport.”

Yu IlHan traveled all the world in several hundred years, and he had even visited Arizona before but he had no passport. Although it was correct to say that he didn’t need one, even Erta’s two eyes blinked a few times at the unexpected situation.

[Making a passport and going to America will require at least 5 days. Oh my god, what are you going to do if the troll dungeon is cleared in that period? You’d have no choice but to wait for another troll dungeon to appear or for trolls to reproduce in there.]
“It’s alright.”

However, for some reason, Yu IlHan was very confident.

“Although I have officially passed through the gate, now I’m full of confidence that I can pass through the gate without other people knowing!”
[Bullshit baseless! That’s called illegal trespassing!]

Yu IlHan clearly ignored Erta’s words. Sometimes, there comes a time where humans have to sacrifice small things, for example, their conscience or their morals, for something bigger.
This was Yu IlHan’s moment of such!

[No matter how cool you wrap it with words, it’s still a crime!]

This was the moment when Yu IlHan’s stowaway plan had begun.

“I will be out for a few days.”

As he couldn’t honestly say that he would stowaway to America, Yu IlHan just said that. Although his mother was a bit surprised, she didn’t stop him.
It was because from the time he had declared that he would quit university, or perhaps even before that, she was vaguely aware that he was doing something.

“Yes, be careful on your trip. Don’t forget your meals too.”
“Don’t worry, mom.”

He couldn’t say ‘I have extreme poison resistance so I won’t die even if I pick something up on the street and eat it’. He even more couldn’t say that he was looking forward to which part of the troll meat tasted the best!

Yu IlHan didn’t do something like wearing his armor on the street. He just wore the same metallic innerwear that he had given to his parents, then hid it suitably with a leather jacket and black jeans. Finally, he perfectly his identity with the direwolf skull mask.

[Even if you don’t do that, they don’t even recognize your concealment, just wear your armor.]
“You don’t know how I felt.”

With an outfit that he felt like a boy in puberty might wear, Yu IlHan left his house and headed to the airport.

Although airways were open after the world had stabilized, not only  were there very few flights, the price was also astronomical. That was because only a few fighter jets would accompany a flight due to the danger of aerial monsters. They were ability users belonging to each government!

While reading a few articles on the internet related to that, Yu IlHan muttered foolishly.

“Just what bait did the government give them for them to go there?”
[Yu IlHan, please remember that what you may consider worthless may be very valuable to others. You will get hurt if you keep judging with your own standards.]
“Erta said something correct, wow…….”

To go to Arizona, one had to exchange flights midway. The quickest flight stopped in Los Angeles, so Yu IlHan also decided to take that flight.
He succeeded in getting on board without problems.

“Amazing, modern inspection system can’t even recognize my concealment skill!”
[Even modern magic would probably not notice it……]

His stowaway looked very smooth. In fact, it was very smooth.
Yes, until he arrived in Los Angeles.

“It’s a monster army, a monster army is destroying the city!”

The moment he arrived at the airport, he heard something very bad. People were running around everywhere, and the flights which were scheduled to fly were changing to delayed.

Yu IlHan quietly spoke after he looked at the people who ran around like the zombie apocalypse had happened.

“Erta, your next line is ‘I think there was a mistake’!”
[I think there was a mist…… Whoa!?]

Although he said that, Yu IlHan had no plans in blaming Erta. When everything happened as he had calculated, humanity would have never suffered in any way.

As God wasn’t omnipotent nor omniscient, there was no way that the angels under God’s command would be omnipotent or omniscient either. They did their best for humanity, so only humanity could bear the accidents that happen despite everything.

Yu IlHan wore his armor and held his spear.
Now was the time to overcome the first ‘Overflow’ on Earth.

Author’s notes

  1. MC reads the plot…
  2. In the Pokemon series of the nintendo game, when you lose in battle, your vision becomes black and you get moved to the front of the pokemon center.
  3. What should I hide, I like the main character of Jojo’s bizzare adventures 2nd season, Joseph Joestar the best!
  4. Item’s ranks are normal -> rare -> unique -> legend -> epic -> chaos, in that order (T/N: I think I saw ‘God’ somewhere though…)

Translator’s notes
….Kill me. Kill me now.

Editor’s notes
what chamber said

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  1. Samuel

    As God wasn’t omnipotent nor omniscient, there was no way that the angels under God’s command would be omnipotent or omniscient either.
    …hell from what we’ve seen he’s not even conpetent

  2. Seregosa

    [Heaven marveled at your exceptional ability and the results. Heaven has decided to reward you with what you, who has achieved par to, no, surpassing all expectations, with what you deserve. The tools in this workshop right now are made from metals which only appear when Earth evolves two levels more. Although it can’t compare to the tools lent from heaven, even if you acquire harkanium, you would be able to process it with these tools.]

    Hey, am I the only one who thinks he should go ahead and smelt this stuff down and recreate an anvil and the tools for himself? He can use some big metal hearts and create a new anvil and tools(to be able to handle the metal, he can always smelt down the metal heart tools later when required), then he can proceed to smelt down these superior ones and creating his own, adding bonuses and mana crafting to it, thus getting even more OP tools in the future, completely made for him 😀 Just an idea. Not sure if it’s that easy or if the quality degrades when smelting it down though.

    [The troll dungeon is in America.]

    Well, of course the trolls are in America, where else would there be so many trolls? Even in our reality there’s a lot of trolls from there crawling around on the internet 😀

    “Although I have officially passed through the gate, now I’m full of confidence that I can pass through the gate without other people knowing!”
    [Bullshit baseless! That’s called illegal trespassing!]

    Like the wise sages once said, it’s not a crime if no one knows, mwahahahaha.

  3. A Random Bread

    “Yu IlHan wore his armor and held his spear.”

    AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, can’t stop laughing at the image MC in the middle of airport doing a “I put on my robe and wizard hat”

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