Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 330: Harmageddon – 6

Now that all worlds were swept up in Harmageddon and lost any semblance of peace, there was a world that was experiencing the most intense of battles, and it was none other than Dareu.
That was the world that the Lord of Dragon’s Nest, Yu IlHan, ruled, and a terrifying world that was bigger than any other, after fusing with numerous higher worlds.

[Kill him!]
[Even if I die here, the sole God shall punish you!]
[Lord Satan, why have you……!]

Hundreds of gates opened even now in this worlds and were pouring out angels, fallen angels and predators, and after experiencing the same thing tens of times, the true dragons of Dragon’s Nest were now used to this horrible scene, and gathered where gates opened, and were having a relatively easy battle by pouring out attacks into the gate.

“Miss MiRae, another five minutes passed.”
“Okay, I’ll open them now. YuNa, I’m running out of miracles. One more shot.”
“MiRae, I want to rest now~.”
“Don’t rest.”
“Don’t rest.”
“You aren’t even consoling me now!?”

Yu IlHan and the others stopped their thought processes after the number of worlds fused with Dareu was over two thousand. They could finally understand what kind of torture would make someone want to stop thinking altogether!

[You shall never achieve your objective!]
[The lord shall end everything that you own!]
“Oh, fine I get it.”

The number of higher existences that died at Yu IlHan and his subordinate’s hands now were in the hundred thousands.
There was no way they all uttered different lines, and the ones belonging to Dragon’s Nest thought random things like ‘Oh, this is only the third time I heard this now’, or ‘I already heard that more than a hundred times, I should put that in the book of ‘ most used villainous lines ranking’, oh wait, were we the villains?’ and other random things.

[Father, I think I can evolve too now!]
“Yes, you don’t have to report it to me anymore and just evolve on your own.”

Since they fought against so many higher existences, dragons, or dragonkin, or the Dragon’s Army under Yumir’s lead gave rise to 5th class true dragons, and this eventually became a not-so-surprising matter.

The one that received Yu IlHan’s attention was only First, after the case with Ruby. He paid the rest no heed. The Cradle of Miracles had absorbed so many records and executed the ritual so many times now that it could evolve lower existences to higher existences without materialising!

[Father, me too!]
[Aah, father!]
[O, ruler! I am being reborn now under the bless of the ruler!]
“Captain, me too! I’m also becoming a dragon like the hero!”
“I said you don’t have to report to me!”

The Cradle of Miracles sent energy to the ones that had the intention to proactively follow Yu IlHan and had the qualifications, and evolved them to higher existences, be it wherever.
Moreover, Yu IlHan was no longer needed in this place, so perhaps the Dragon’s Nest was becoming more of a proper higher existence faction.

[The 8th Great Cataclysm of the higher world, Dareu, will commence.]

“Ah, it’s here. Everyone watch out for continental movements.”

The moment everyone was prepared for had arrived. It was the 8th Great Cataclysm of Dareu!

Originally, a world would experience several hundred changes in era after the 7th Great Cataclysm before grasping the slightest chance of the 8th, but this damned world had absorbed so many worlds and compressed them and established the ‘world’ record of 10 hours, the time that it took from the 7th Great Cataclysm to the 8th.
That was a record that will be unbroken even if the multiverse was to start 36 times more in the future.

[Ah, dragons are being born again! Dad, we got more of them now!]
“You’re right, dammit!”

Although Yu IlHan had consumed all the mana that would otherwise be used in the creation of creatures after the 7th Great Cataclysm to wipe out the higher worlds, but by the 8th Great Cataclysm, the quantity of mana was so large that even the master of the world, Yu IlHan, could not control all of it.

All the changes were occurring simultaneously, so it was a miracle that he was barely in control of anything! He reached the conclusion that he would be finished first before the fusion was finished at this rate. So he clenched his teeth and turned his head around.

There was the never-seen-before genius dimensional mage Kang MiRae in his view.

“Miss MiRae, how many more gates can you open at once?”
“Uh, that’s…… I think I can manage about 570!”

This was obvious, but Kang MiRae had also reached 7th class in this battle. After all, it was all thanks to her that the others could fight like this!
Right now, she was acquiring the second most experience and records after the leader Yu IlHan. Naturally, the number of gates she could manipulate had also increased exponentially and her level of power was incomparable to the her of the day before.

“Open as much as you can! [You shall become able to do more than you imagine!] [You shall execute my power in my stead!]”

The mana density of this region had become so high that the lower existences could barely breathe, so he needed to do something to consume the mana. Yu IlHan saw that the region of death where only higher existences could survive becoming larger and activated Declaration while closing his eyes!

[Mana is amplified.]
[Transcending your league temporarily.]
[Your Lord is executing his power through you. The more you synchronize with him, the more powerful the magic you can use!]

In a situation where Na YuNa’s miracle power was already focused on Kang MiRae, Yu IlHan activated Declaration to give her an additional buff, so Kang MiRae felt as if she had become Godlike, albeit temporarily.

She did not lose the feeling of this moment. Embracing the sweetness as though her lips were touching Yu IlHan’s, she released all of her power!”

“Open! Open and open again! Any and all worlds that reject the rule of our Lord and hide shall all be brought here!”

[The power that the Lord of Dragon’s Nest possesses strengthens your dimensional magic. You are creating gates that lead to ‘all hidden worlds’. Absorbing insufficient mana from the world, the grand magic succeeds.]

At that moment, an even more quantity of mana than what Yu IlHan had used through Declaration flowed into Kang MiRae, and was released to become 6,891 gates that each lead a different worlds.

Kang MiRae just thought ‘I did it!’, when she realized that something was wrong.
What? Six thousand eight hundred and ninety-one?

The next moment, a very unfamiliar line of text appeared on her retina. It was very similar to what Yu IlHan had once seen before.

[You have realized the extremes of dimensional magic. You have acquired a magic that the Akashic Record cannot record, ‘Galactic Trajectory’. This magic cannot be activated by your power alone even in the future. You require help from the being that cannot be recorded, and you may receive help from him at any time.]


Kang MiRae lost her words. A unrecordable magic? An unrecordable being? When he turned her gaze around, Yu IlHan realized what happened and turned his head away.

“Mr. IlHan, just what ‘Declaration’ did you use on me now……?”
“Half…half responsibility.”
“Mr. IlHaaaaaaaaaan!”

Yu IlHan and Kang MiRae’s psychological unification and the absurd quantity of mana in Dareu that appeared as a result of the 8th Great Cataclysm ended up making such a miracle.
Moreover, Galactic Trajectory wasn’t simply a magic that opened gates to other worlds, but created half-permanent gates that would never close unless one of the two worlds was annihilated!

[Just what……!?]
[The world is opened. My word, this place cannot be stolen…… no, wait, Yu IlHan!?]
[Just what is happening!?]

Looking at the thousands of large gates and the over hundred thousand higher existences inside them, everyone temporarily halted on the spot.

It was a surprising matter to the enemies, but more so for the allies. Kang HaJin, who managed to reach 5th class, but had no confidence to face hundreds of thousands of higher existences, ended up screaming.

“I thought you could only do 570! I guess you didn’t say ‘only’!”
“I think you heard just now, but it’s a joint responsibility for me and Mr. IlHan!”
“I didn’t know it would come to this…… but it’s actually better!”

A situation where they had to face thousands of worlds at the same time was closer to a disaster than a miracle, but right now, Yu IlHan was happy. He finally found a playground for the mana that was rampaging in this world without a place to go!

“Everyone buy me some time! Uooooooh. [Everyone lend me your strength!]”

That was a generic line! The ultimate technique that only the good people could use was now going to be used by the evilest guy in the multiverse!

[Yu IlHan, that guy is shaking the world!]
[We need to stop him. We need to stop whatever he’s doing…….]
[We can’t prevent him.]

Any faction possessed a group of secret forces. It was not that much different with the higher existence factions that existed before Dragon’s Nest, and the leaders prepared a backup higher world just in case their main world collapsed, and dispatched their core forces there. Some of them contained secrets that could not be let out into the main army.

All of these worlds were unrevealed to any outsiders except the ones dispatched there. There were even nine places that underwent the 7th Great Cataclysm!

However, with Yu IlHan’s power and Kang MiRae’s gate combining with each other, the worlds that were closed and unrevealed until now were all mercilessly tied to Dareu. What was more vicious was that their attempt to close the gates were all for naught.

[Halt the gate! Huh? It doesn’t work?]
[I can’t stop it! No!]
[Then we can only kill the source……!]
[This is madness! I will leave this place!]

However, they were way too late. Not only was it difficult for them to resist the suction force of Dareu after when it was undergoing the 8th Great Cataclysm, they were lacking in order to pierce the defense line made by true dragons and above all.

“Everyone, sorry to keep you waiting. Hi guys.”
[No, oh, no……!]

Yu IlHan, who had gathered all the overflowing mana of Dareu had successfully turned them into flames and threw them all into the gates!

“Ultimate attack…… Final Busterrrrrrrrr!”
“You have a horrible naming sense!”

[Critical Hit!]

The world was colored in white, and everyone closed their eyes. A tremendous quantity of mana vibrated and messed with their minds.

Records went haywire, worlds were shaken, and mana was consumed. What existed died, and what didn’t exist was born; recorded things were erased while new records were created.


Horrifying screams resounded across all the worlds. Listening to the screams that sounded as though they were cursing all living creatures, Yu IlHan thought that it was a voice that he had heard before.

At that moment Yu IlHan heard a voice amidst the screams.

[Liberator, I thank thee.]
[We have finally met our end. The path to death hath finally opened thanks to thee.]
[We were recorded by surviving, and could finally escape the records by dying.]
[I wish thee luck for the world you will create. I praise the realm of being that thou shalt reach. I shall curse the ones that thou shalt defeat.]
[Savior and punisher, destroyer, and creator.]
[We dare to call out to thee.]

[[Now Thou Art the new God.]]

Yu IlHan abruptly raised his head. However, the gates in Dareu’s atmosphere had already disappeared and became clean. He had actually succeeded in simultaneously calming the chaos resulted from the 8th Great Cataclysm and destroying nearly seven thousand worlds at the same time.
Soon, all these worlds will commence fusion into Dareu and deal massive damage to Yu IlHan and Mystic’s minds. However, that wasn’t what was important now, but the voice that Yu IlHan had heard just now.

“Right now, that was definitely…….”
“Mr. IlHan? Are you alright, Mr. IlHan?”

Even though she was right next to Yu IlHan, Kang MiRae hadn’t heard the voices, and called out to him in worry.
It wouldn’t be abnormal for something to happen to Yu IlHan’s mind since he had released mana that annihilated several thousand worlds. Thinking like that, she called for Yu IlHan, but his mind was very clear.

“That, just now, was definitely…….”
“Wow, amazing! They really disappeared!”
“And it will begin soon, my headache that is! Master, I hate you! I hate youuuuuuu!”

The others only exclaimed in joy at the fact that the 8th Great Cataclysm was successfully finished, and that the nearly 7 thousand gates had completely disappeared. No one reacted to the voice just now.

Yu IlHan was sure that the voice could only be heard by him and muttered.

“That just now, were the recorded gods, right……?”

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  1. Hahahaha! This place is still a mess! (rubs nose)

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