Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 332: Harmageddon – 8

An unknown amount of time passed in the Crevasse Garden, the halted world, as the two armies fought. The majority of the gatekeepers of the Garden of Sunset had disappeared, and the Army of Brilliant Light was no exception. The insane number of Legnae and Archlegnae were also beginning to reach their end.
However, frustratingly, and surprisingly, Gabriel was at a disadvantage right now.

[It was your son, wasn’t it?]
[You noticed?]
[Well, a strong aura pierced through the wall of dimensions and took a single person. There’s no way there’s another one capable of doing that other than your son, is there?]

Satan smiled as he finished talking. Gabriel also let out a smile while taking a step back. On their bodies, wounds that couldn’t be healed through normal means were inflicted, since all of their attacks had bet their records on the line. At the level of the leaders of each faction, they didn’t simply use skills but their records to fight, it was such a method of attacking that caused this.

[Why did you only send your wife to him?]
[You know, already, don’t you, Lucifer? Someone needs to stop you. My son is growing up rapidly so I can’t really stop him midway.]
[Grow, growth, eh…….]

Satan, aka Lucifer looked at his arm and made a bitter smile. He could feel his power and records disappearing even now.

Aah, Gabriel’s son was one heck of a monster alright. In the moment that the wall of dimensions was breached, he expropriated an enormous amount of energy from Satan. It was the records and mana that Satan possessed as the ruler of many higher worlds.

‘Just how many higher worlds did he take from me while I was occupied.’

He didn’t know since this dimension was severed from the rest until now. He had believed that they would remain as his forever and wielded their powers without holding back.
However, the moment Yu IlHan used Warp magic and breached the wall of dimensions, the records and power that resided in Satan had left him for their proper owner.

As a result, Satan was weakened. Unbelievably, he was feeling powerless for the first time ever since he fought and chased out God from Heaven. He looked at Gabriel with a face of absurdity and spoke.

[This is no growth, Gabirel. It’s a desire that’s beyond Greed’s. He’s devouring all the higher worlds.]
[No, he is not devouring them. He’s fusing them into one. Lucifer, my son will become the new Creator. The realm that God did not reach, and the realm that we could not ever reach – he shall reach it, I am sure of it.]

Gabriel made a satisfied smile, but Satan mocked him.

[That’s impossible. Even God fell without ever being able to reach that realm. Do you think a prophesized being could reach such an unpredictable realm?]
[There are many ways that miracles occur. I still cannot find an explanation for my foreknowledge ability. Concealment is the same. But, my son even surpassed me in this regard. Lucifer, what I could see is merely the starting point of that path. Where it reaches, even I cannot see.]
[In that, you’re correct.]

Satan gathered his power into his palm. Although he panicked due to the sudden loss of power, but that was it. Unless his main world disappeared, the source of power for Satan would not decrease by too much.

[Indeed, no one can observe the end of that path. Yes, that’s why, it won’t be too surprising if his path just snapped midway, right? Though, you won’t live to see that!]

Dark magic power blossomed from Satan’s body. Behind him, five pairs of bat-like wings sprouted. However, his change didn’t stop there. Surprisingly, he had a single wing that consisted of pure white feathers. Right now, Gabriel and Satan differed by that one wing of power.

[Prepare yourself, Gabriel. I will be lenient with my hands, but…….]

Satan’s voice hit Gabriel’s ears. Gabriel realized that it was time, and hurriedly released his energy to the surroundings, but what he could erase were only the group of Legnae that invaded the Crevasse Garden.
Although he wiped out all the small fries, there will be plenty more of Legnae unless God was dealt with. And the enemy in front of him, Satan was…….

[It will, hurt quite a lot.]
[That’s what I should be saying, Satan. I won’t let anyone disturb my son so easily!]
[Well then, shall we have another dance!]

Satan’s eyes glistened mysteriously and strangely. The moment he faced that, Gabriel clenched his teeth and released all of his energy!


[Gabriel has been dealt with, and the Crevasse Garden is now under the rule of the Army of Brilliant Light. Well, this is a splendid ending, right?]

Spoke Satan. His leisurely attitude didn’t change, no matter who it was, and the ‘God of Heaven’ that he had once betrayed, and met again was no exception.

[Though it’s a little insufficient to pay for your betrayal in the past…… but very well. We got rid of that prophet, so the only remaining one is that eyesore……. Well, then. Give me Gabriel’s corpse, Lucifer.]

Ordered God in a grand and firm voice. However, Satan laughed and shook his head.

[Think about it, old man. Do you think Gabriel, who was smart enough to drag everyone in the whole multiverse into his stage, would foolishly leave his precious body behind? I think his son splendidly inherited the concealment ability, but the prophecy was only his power. And it will remain as such forever too.]
[……I should have told you to bring me his corpse.]
[Well, I didn’t even have the time to recover it, duh. If you’re so unsatisfied, why didn’t you go get it yourself?]

God lost his words at Satan’s reply. It wasn’t that Satan didn’t know his current state. In other words, Satan was making fun of him right now.
God gritted his teeth. Although he did put Satan onto his side since he was cooperative, but there would be no other man as unfaithful as Satan.

[Did you erase the Legnae? Did you hog Gabriel’s corpse yourself after getting rid of my watch?]
[Why would I attack my allies? And old man, you too should have recovered their records right? Don’t you know that it was either Gabriel or the gatekeepers that killed them all?]

God’s eyes narrowed.

[Lucifer, you bastard…… you didn’t lie, did you?]
[And you have a way to find out if I lied?]

No. God was neither omniscient nor omnipotent as the other angels thought.

[See? So just believe me. Believing in me will be better for you.]

He was sure that Satan was thinking of something else in his heart, but God couldn’t interrogate him right now. He bared his teeth and said in a voice lined with malice and wrath.

[If you keep doing things like this…… I may not accept you in the new world that I will create.]
[Well, as you know, I’m a hedonist so it’s fine if it makes me joyful even if it leads to the bottom of the abyss. But…… you, sir, shouldn’t be talking to me like that right now, should you? You still can’t move your body as you wish right now, no? You need ‘him’, don’t you?]

God shut his mouth. Satan’s words were completely correct. Right now, God needed Satan. His limbs were still not free, and the strange angelic beings, Legnae, were still much weaker and feebler than he had thought. For now, he needed the help of this devil.

Satan smiled as though he knew all that he was thinking. His smile was truly disgusting and unpleasant.

[Just what are you afraid of? The curtains to Harmageddon have successfully been raised, and everyone is clashing hard in their respective positions. Although Michael’s light became more brilliant, but that’s all within our expectations. They are all merely deliciously grilled meat. You just need to step up and bite them apart.]

Satan and God exchanged fierce glances. Both of them were not completely open with each other, and both sides knew that. However, they each had what they wanted from each other, and so they could not be honest.

They could not return to the master-servant relationship of before. The two were currently utilizing each other as being at the same level of power.

However, one sure fact was that Satan ‘cannot’ betray God. He was a being that originated from God, and no matter how hard he struggled to escape, he was bound by God after all. ‘Going against the heavens’ was not possible!

At that moment, God’s internal injury suddenly burst and agonized him.

[You hurt now?]
[Yu IlHan…… that bastard!]

Satan chuckled.

[Gabriel’s son, right? Ain’t he amazing? He stole a loooot of power from me as well. Just how did he give birth to such an amazing son, I wonder.]
[It’s good that he was born then…… if he was given more time, the new world might not have opened.]
[You sure like that new world very much. Why don’t you make a song about it? Let us, make, a new, world!]

Though, that will be a horrible one with God in it.

Satan turned his head around as he mocked God until the very end. What he could see was a poisonous atmosphere, vicious life forms, vicious mana, and vicious everything.

Beyond that, he felt a faint aura from beyond the huge wall of dimensions and chuckled.

[The curtains are rising. Well, then. Are you ready to step onto the stage, old man?]
[Shut up, Lucifer.]

Replied God as he gritted his teeth.

[I was ready from a long time ago.]


“What the heck is this?”
“Who knows? A slice of hell?”

Replied Liera in a calm voice. Right now, they were at a place where the skies and lands had reversed and were boiling. Turning their heads around, they could see the normal Dareu, but only this portion of it was like this…….

“It’s like someone swallowed a whole world and vomited it back out with all the stomach fluids on it~.”
“Thanks for the vivid description, Miss YuNa. Thanks to you, I feel slightly more disgusted now.”

Yu IlHan waved his hand as he scolded Na YuNa. Mana and wind came along and covered both the skies and the lands, and they melted into the world after becoming pure records and mana.

While he was at it, he also took care of all the strange-looking regions and fused them with Dareu.

In that process, he could gather more concrete records about them, and it seemed that the Galactic Trajectory had opened worlds not only belonging to the Heaven’s Army, the Army of Brilliant Light and the Destruction Demon Army, but a few subspaces that were well hidden beyond their control.
Of course, Yu IlHan’s Final Buster mercilessly destroyed all of them and dragged them to Dareu…… and by now, God, Greed, and Satan should be having a painful time.


Yu IlHan received and analyzed the records of countless worlds and sorted out his thoughts again as he raised his head. Kim YeSeul was watching him with worried eyes.

“Are you alright, son?”
“I’m alright. I’m rather worried about dad. Satan is no ordinary guy.”
“Your father will be fine. He’s lived much longer than we have.”
“……Oh yeah, that’s true.”

Neither Kim YeSeul nor Yu IlHan could be considered young in age, but compared to Gabriel they were like newborn babies. Yu IlHan thought about that and looked at Kim YeSeul’s expression.

“And mom? Are you alright?”
“Of course I am, son. ……Though, it’d be a lie to say that I wasn’t surprised.”

Kim YeSeul chuckled and added.

“Looks like mom should level up hard now. Whew, I fought higher existences for several years, but I’m barely 6th class. Just when did your father become so strong?”
“Several years? Did you perhaps fight for many years in that main world?”

That’s one heck of a magic against an enemy like Satan. Yu IlHan marveled at his father’s capability. Yes, since his father could utilize a magic of such a scale, he should be fine even now. He had to be, he believed that it was as such and…….

“Okay, let’s finish up what we were doing. I wish I could do another round of Galactic Trajectory…”

Final Buster was a special technique that he could only use at the moment of the 8th Great Cataclysm! Truly unfortunate.

“It’s not unfortunate at all!”

Shouted Mystic. Kang MiRae made a bitter smile as she raised her staff.
Hundreds of gates appeared in midair once again.

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