Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 337: Harmageddon – 13

While Dareu and Earth were still in the process of combining, the ones that were isolated in the aerial city weren’t just the members of Dragon’s Nest. The people who Yu IlHan had brought back from the various worlds were all there as well.
As such, they could all watch the transformation process of Earth, and how the flow of time changed outside Earth.

“So he was God after all!”
“I won’t have any regrets even if I die now, since I got to see something so amazing.”
“Time stopped……. No, were we thrown into the gaps of time instead?”

Even the most foolish of humans could not help but feel a sense of wanting to worship Yu IlHan and his companions after they showed them this astounding scene. Two worlds combining into one, a giant city levitating in the air, a magic that envelops the world with not much more than a wave of his hand…… It was no wonder that they subconsciously felt admiration for Yu IlHan.

Decisively, Yu IlHan’s current figure had an aspect that differed from everyone else’s right now. Trivial to the point that he may disappear at any moment, yet brighter than anyone in that place – his very existence right now was a contradiction, so who else could be called God if he wasn’t?

“Please answer us, God.”
“What do you demand of us?”

Yu IlHan, who only thought about what he had to prepare from now on regardless of what others called him, glanced at them and gave a short reply.

“Just go anywhere and don’t die in a ditch. You just need to live well.”

Yu IlHan gradually lowered the city and put all the people back on Earth. The world that looked both like Earth and Dareu at once, was rather chaotic due to the scenery taking on characteristics of both mother nature and the remnants of human civilization, but it still looked exceptionally beautiful.

Every place was a mystery, and every place was now their land.

“Go to wherever you want. The final battle will not occur here. You are becoming my source of power just by being in this world.”
“Wherever we want…….”

This was why he had left the aerial city levitating in the air. The city was definitely a part of Earth and was bound to it, but for now, it was possible for it to move according to Yu IlHan’s intentions.

Well, if Yu IlHan wished to, then he could actually bring Earth anywhere and go to Satan or Greed or whoever, but why would he do that? A tiny portion of it was enough. A portion was the same as the whole and the whole was the same as a portion.

Yu IlHan returned to the city with his original members. Of course, the dragons that resided in the city before were also with them. Some said that they wished to look around Earth and were flying around with their wings fully outstretched.

“Really, a great spectacle…….”
“MiRae, I can see a tree that’s growing bigger than the 63 Building right next to it. 1. The people will probably cut it down because it blocks the sunlight. How pitiful…”
“You’re worried about the people cutting the giant tree instead of the fact that such a big tree can actually grow?”

Yu IlHan looked around and explained to the speechless companions.

“The internet should be working as well.”
“Can you explain more logically?”
“If you explain mana to me logically then sure.”
“Then can you explain it simply?”
“The entire Earth entered the barrier of the Hourglass of Eternity. No matter how much time passes within the barrier, it will be a mere instant once we exit. It’s different from the time I was dropped out.”

“Dropped out……?”

Yu IlHan and Liera exchanged their regular banter, but Kang MiRae reacted sensitively. Na YuNa also perked her ears up.

In fact, they still hadn’t heard properly about the story of Yu IlHan’s past. The higher existences that Yu IlHan clashed with all knew of his millennium dropout period, so they weren’t that surprised at this point, but the majority of people here weren’t aware.

“Son, will that be fine?”

Kim YeSeul had noticed that Yu IlHan had started talking about this on purpose and looked at him with worried eyes. However, Yu IlHan nodded with a small smile.

“It will be rude to keep it a secret forever, and the people here are all qualified to know anyway. It’s strange for some to know while some don’t, isn’t it? Being left out is not a good feeling. I know because that’s the emotion that was with me my whole life.”

No, this wasn’t what he was truly thinking. He just said that because he was too embarrassed to say the truth.

The reason Yu IlHan started talking about the dropout period himself, in front of everyone is because…….

“I have the courage now. I felt that it would be fine to share more about myself with others now. And so……. I want everyone to listen.”
“I want to listen.”
“Me too, I was always curious about you. I was always waiting for you to say it!”

Kim YeSeul felt stifled and closed her mouth. The emotions she felt as a parent that watched her son grow splendidly without much of her help weren’t just pride and affection.

“And also.”

Worried that his mother would burst out crying, Yu IlHan playfully added.

“We have a lot of time now. Well, we might as well film the epilogue, the afterword, and even season two before we head to the last battle.”
“Me! Me! I want a 2nd season about your and my son in action!”

While Na YuNa was being punished by Liera for that, Yu IlHan headed to the Flying fortress within the aerial city.

No, before that he ‘Declared’ with the monsters as the focus,(Since all of Earth is within the barrier, the innumerable monsters that arose in the fusion of Earth and Dareu were walking around.) such that they couldn’t attack humans first.

“Isn’t that a cheap move!?”
“Non-aggressive monsters always make the player’s heart rest easy. I’ve already set my mind regarding the right to survive for monsters.”
“You really haven’t changed your mind about that ever since!”

At this point, he was shameless to the point that he was cool! Yu IlHan brought the speechless companions to the guest room of the Flying fortress.

A single wave of his hand made a teapot on the side boil water by itself, before pouring tea for the others. Yu IlHan sipped his tea and heaved a great deep sigh.

“Then…… I guess I should start from the Great Cataclysm on Earth.”
“Not before that!?”
“Before the Great Cataclysm I was a normal…… well a little serious…. loner.”
“So he was conscious of it!”

The story that started continued until Na YuNa had her 7th cup of tea. Since the time outside had completely stopped, the color of the sky didn’t change at all, so it was unknown how much time had passed, but it was for sure that it was incomparably short compared to the duration that Yu IlHan experienced, alone on Earth.

“……So that’s what happened.”

After Yu IlHan finished his story and silence flowed for a while, Kang MiRae eventually raised her head that drooped very low throughout the story and stared at the unchanging sky before muttering.

“So you stared at the halted sky like that one for one whole millennium…….”
“Even the clouds didn’t flow back then.”
“He wasn’t alone. I was there too. I was there by his side all the time!”
“Liera-unni, you’re cheating.”

Meanwhile, Na YuNa nitpicked with Liera with a pouting face.

“With a whole thousand years, I could have seduced Mr. IlHan with room to spare!”
“Why weren’t you born early and ascend to angelhood before then?”
“No, wait. Then are my preferences older male~? No wonder I felt nothing of my peers!”
“It was a preference problem?”

Even while talking, Yu IlHan was concerned about the potential change in attitude towards him, and so, he was relieved that they still looked calm.
Kang MiRae understood what he was thinking about and accepted the current him, and Na YuNa wasn’t acting serious as ever. He laughed and clapped once to gather attention.

“That’s the end of my story. Well, I did wonder if I was a genius or not since I became so strong with just a thousand years of training in a world without mana, but it seems like I am one indeed. It actually does feel like life is all about bloodline and talent. That’s it, finished.”
“It was an emotional and a sad story but the ending was the worst!”
“Well, then. Let’s get back to work.”

Yu IlHan placed the Hourglass of Eternity on top of the large table. The sand within the Hourglass was moving ridiculously slowly and made people wonder if it was even moving at all, but just looking at it would make anyone stifled.

“I’m going to allow all of the people of Earth to see this. By the time all of this falls, we will gather in this city once again, and finish off the ones that disturb our slow life. Please remember that nothing is over yet. I won’t give orders on how to act other than that, but let’s make it a well lived life without regrets, if possible.”
“Yes, dad! I’ll make Dragon’s Army stronger!”
“He sounds like the principal of a prestigious school…….”

The only one that listened to his words seriously was his son Yumir. Other than him, all of the others were falling asleep without replying as though it was the first day of school, after a long and relaxing break.

“Well, then……. [You shall be visible to everyone.]”

Yu IlHan’s Declaration skill activated and projected the Hourglass of Eternity into a huge video in the sky. Since everything would go his way if he wished to, this couldn’t even be called a miracle anymore.

“Wouldn’t this last about a thousand years as well?”
“I’m fine with only one experience like that in my life.”

Yu IlHan smacked Liera’s forehead lightly and stood up.

Although he ordered free action to the others, he himself had a lot to do. Although he was a little bit self-aware that he was now perfect as the God of Earth, that did not necessarily lead to might. Like how the strongest chef cannot win against the strongest fighter, the two fields differed slightly.

Of course, the strongest chef may be able to win by lining the stomach of the fighter with poisoned food. What Yu IlHan was about to do now was like that – to create an environment where only he would win. This was a specialty of loners.

“Good, let’s start with Archlegna and Raphael’s bodies. Oh, how joyful.”
“I’m going to watch IlHan like I always did. Like what I did for that thousand years!”
“Wow, you’re making it so obvious that you monopolized him for a thousand years.”
“Then I will also be by darling’s side. Fufu.”
“You still have areas where you can become stronger in. Kim YeSeul, you will cooperate with me in researching magic, won’t you?”
“Of course, Erta.”

Since the long story was over and they were given orders to scatter, they had no reason to remain here. The others all found their work to do. Yu IlHan also went to his workshop with Helièna and Liera that attached to him like bugs.

“And MiRae?”

Kim YeSeul, who was about to leave the guestroom with Erta noticed Kang MiRae who was still sitting by herself and called out to her.”

“We have a lot to learn from you, MiRae. Can you help us?”
“Of course, mother. But for now…… could I rest for a bit?”

Spoke Kang MiRae in a voice that didn’t project her emotions. Kim YeSeul nodded with a warm smile.

“Okay then.”
“Ufufu, at the time you became the lord of magic, your aura is completely different. I also want to be enlightened on the truth of magic…….”

Even after a long time had passed since Kim YeSeul and Erta left, Kang MiRae stared at the skies. She stopped and stared indefinitely, along with the halted time.

‘I thought I understood everything, but in the end…… I did not know how to see him, but was only looking for my own figure within him. Aah, so embarrassing and painful…….’

A teardrop rolled off the side of her cheek and fell into the empty teacup. Kang MiRae stayed there until Kim YeSeul came back to call for her.

Meanwhile, Na YuNa was bawling her eyes out on her bed, with her face buried in the pillow, in her private chamber. Although she thought that she did good by not showing it because Yu IlHan may get worried, she couldn’t stop her emotions from overflowing.

“*sob*, I can’t let my eyes be swollen. I’ll become ugly if my eyes become swollen…….”

It was very like Na YuNa to be worried about her looks even while crying. She wouldn’t be able to appeal to Yu IlHan if she cried the whole day! Even while making such useless worries, she bawled her eyes out. In the end, it took almost an entire day before she could calm down and exit her room.

Meanwhile, the lord of the city, and at the same time, the owner of the Flying fortress, Yu IlHan, became really embarrassed after unintentionally watching all of their actions. Although he cut his connection as soon as he saw them, but he had already seen some of it.

“IlHan, why are you rolling on the floor like that?”
“I’m cleaning my workshop using my body as the mop so don’t talk to me for now.”

Yu IlHan could only start working after the workshop floor was speckless.

Author’s notes

  1. Uu, goosebumps. Oh yeah, I had fried chicken for dinner and they were really delicious.

Translator’s notes
(Goosebumps are actually called ‘chicken skin/chicken bumps’ in Korea)


Translator: Chamber
Proofreader: Koukouseidesu

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  1. T/N: 63 Building is a famous landmark in Seoul. It’s 63 stories high… who could’ve guessed.

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