Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 34: Overflow – 2

Yu IlHan checked the damage on his armor and arrived at a conclusion that he would be fine getting hit continuously. If so, there was only one thing he needed to do.

He turned his head. Buildings were being destroyed from all around, people were running away, and ability users were confronting the mutated monsters known as Flame Lizards.
However, most of the humans weren’t 2nd class, and they didn’t even have the assuring armor that Yu IlHan was wearing, so they were moving around busily to avoid the Flame Lizards’ flame attack. As there were mages who could use shield magic, they were taking the limelight.

“Hey, cool armored knight! Don’t you need a defense magic?”

“I don’t need it.”

To a handsome mage who spoke to him with a posh English accent, he replied with a cool voice, then he kicked off the ground. It was because a lump of flame was flying towards the back of a warrior who was fighting with a Flame Lizard with a sword.


When the warrior screamed a single syllable, Yu IlHan had already blocked the flame after appearing right in front of her. The warrior who saw the situation tried to express her thanks to Yu IlHan, but he was already kicking off the ground immediately after blocking the flame.

[Kuuu, record, strong warrior’s record!]

“Give me your records!”

Although the flames they used didn’t affect him one bit, one must return twice the amount one received to be satisfied!
Yu IlHan looked at it and struck his spear inside the Flame Lizard’s circular mouth!

“Hey, these sound similar to human.”

It wasn’t a critical hit, nor was it a surprise attack so it didn’t die in a single strike. However, as its mouth was pierced with a spear, it was being dragged around as Yu IlHan swung his spear so it couldn’t fight back anymore either.

[You have earned 420,918 experience.]

Yu IlHan unhesitantly swung his spear upwards to make its head explode. He severed the life of an over level 60 monster with just two actions.

[Kweeeek! A strong warrior, the strongest warrior here!]
[If we eat his record.]
[We can evolve, evolve, we can evolve.]

Not all monsters were crazy about records and evolving. However, monsters from Overflows all had some place they were lacking. They were scarier and repulsive.
The humans seemed to understand that as they drove them more fiercely. It was different to the past where they were one-sidedly pushed. Now, a fight between them and humanity was possible!

“Thank you for saving me. You truly have an overwhelming strength.”
The warrior defeated the Flame Lizard she was facing with the help of her team members approached Yu IlHan and expressed her thanks.

Yu IlHan could feel the increase in the party members ability when he saw that she defeated a 2nd class monster, albeit in a party.

“How should I repay this……”

Although he didn’t realize until now due to the helmet covering her face, the thin voice made him predict that it was a woman.

Of course, that couldn’t make Yu IlHan flinch since he had high standards due to spending a thousand years with an angel!

“From now on, please watch out for your back in battle.”

Yu IlHan only left a small advice and left, but he clearly heard words that the warrior and her party spoke.

“So cool.”

“A cool guy.”

“His voice is cool.”

Yu IlHan boasted about a bit.

“I knew I am not so bad.”

[Of course, only if you hide your face that is.]

Erta’s comeback was as quip as ever.
As it wasn’t wrong, Yu IlHan couldn’t retort and could only shout loudly to find opponents to vent his anger.


Of course, that wasn’t just for venting anger. As he couldn’t use the effect of a surprise attack now, he intended to attract aggro from the monsters to raise his contribution. He had the confidence to not flinch even if he was struck by several of the Flame Lizards’ attacks.

However, there weren’t any monsters who would react to his voice without mana or whatever. It was because they were all destroying buildings or fighting other humans, and doing their best in their own places.

[Amazing, you killed so many and yet you still get ignored. You really are amazing!]

“Shut up.”

I will definitely ask for a warcry that I can activate without mana. – Yu IlHan firmly resolved and kicked off.

If he couldn’t attract aggro, there was only one method. This was the start of the death god delivery service!

Author’s notes

  1. The explanation on Overflows came out when making the Traps of Destruction right?
  2. Normal attacks are too strong to the point that they look like skills, lol

Translator’s notes
‘Tackle’ = ‘Tsukkomi’
‘Deathgod’ = ‘Reaper’ (Deathgod translated literally and reaper written in English)
This chapter was funny…. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Especially that blatant foreshadow…

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  1. Seregosa

    Of course, that couldn’t make Yu IlHan flinch since he had high standards due to spending a thousand years with an angel!

    Literally an angel 😛 But yeah, every guy with an average face becomes super handsome after covering his body with armor and wearing a mask(or helmet)… Truth that.

  2. silver207

    I’m not 100% sure if the author meant it or not, but the line: “Wow. The world really is a shit game” sounds like a No Game No Life reference. I mean, Sora and Shiro said it multiple times, so it might be so, right?
    “I’ll try getting hit by an attack.”
    [This pervert!]
    Lol, is our MC an M? I f*cking love the interactions between those two.

  3. alominus

    No one seems to say anything about the fact that every item he makes seems to be perfect for him. Critical strike and damage from concealment on every single item. It’s dumb. MC is already a Gary Stu, and the author has pretty much made the world revolve around the MC. There’s literally no suspense whatsoever.

    1. alominus

      And with the way that the author often goes off on a tangent explaining things, it becomes clear that he’s just making stuff up as he goes along with no overall plan. So many light novels do this and it’s an awful writing style. It’s hard to enjoy novels like this unless you’re a 13-year-old (either mentally or physically).

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