Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 347: Sole God – 8

“W, wait…… I didn’t know anything. I didn’t know about this!”

Uriel exclaimed in a panic. Her eyes were trembling.

“How? Wasn’t it because we were lacking in strength? Wasn’t it because God slipped away nimbly? Isn’t it because your final attack missed him that he was able to escape?”
[Michael’s ability was not perfect. He could not steal God’s power completely from him and ended up leaving a slight trace. He ended up foolishly giving a part of his own power to God, and we, having received a portion of God’s power, became unable to kill God. That included Michael as well.]

“Are you serious……!”

Uriel was flabbergasted. They failed for such a stupid reason? They finally came back to this point after countless sacrifices, but what was this? They were toyed with like clowns! They did all that in vain! Yu IlHan asked in her stead.

“Michael doesn’t know about that, right?”
[If he did, he wouldn’t have foolishly charged towards God. I’m the only one who realized this until now.]

Uriel shouted with an expression as if she would vomit blood at any moment.

“You should have said something to us! You should have explained it properly!”
[Haha, no way. Will you obediently give up your life if I said that you needed to die in order for God to die?]

Uriel became speechless. She couldn’t do that. She couldn’t give up. She couldn’t give up on herself, or Gabriel……. Satan nodded as if he knew it all along and continued speaking.

[That is why I needed to prepare a more perfect stage. I had to aim for an opportunity to kill God as well as everyone who possesses God’s power. I thought such an opportunity will never come, but Gabriel’s son, that is, you, Yu IlHan, came and the opportunity arrived. I was sure that you will accomplish our goals for us.]
“And you tried to kill my father because you knew I wouldn’t kill him myself. Right?”
[……So you even know that I failed to kill him.]

Color came back to Uriel’s face after hearing that Gabriel was alive. Kim YeSeul was relatively calm looking though. As though she was sure that he had been in no real danger from the beginning.

[Yes, he ran. That is also why I blocked your path. He’s not a man who would hide when his own son is in danger.]
“So you were going to kill Uriel, and kill my dad as well using me as the bait and be insta-killed by me in a fit of rage.”

Even third-rate movies don’t have that kind of generic plot nowadays. When Yu IlHan mocked him, Satan started becoming enraged. Yu IlHan’s ability to tick others off was top-notch as well!

[Although the scenario didn’t go as I had anticipated, since you know everything, can’t we do this smoothly? It’s a good news that you erased God’s final objective cleanly, but that guy just became stronger after eating Michael over there ……You seem to believe in yourself very much, but God isn’t such an easy target to deal with.]
“8 things.”

Yu IlHan suddenly uttered. When Satan asked back “What?” Yu IlHan explained nonchalantly.

“I have 8 different methods to kill God for sure even if he is stronger in physical terms than I am. You seem to take me lightly, but unlike you, I can easily kill someone even if that guy has God’s power, or a predator’s power or even if they are a monster that manipulates the Akashic Record. So shut up and listen to me.”

Na YuNa exclaimed. Such charisma. There was no way she wouldn’t fall for that. Seeing Yu IlHan uttering words with even more arrogance than Satan himself, he was stunned for a moment when Yu IlHan pushed one hand in front of him.

Space distorted and Gabriel popped out. Satan shouted with his eyes open wide.

[You were hiding in Heaven!?]
“Sheesh, I can’t even hide properly.”

When he lost the fight with Satan and ran away, he would have been found out if he maintained the world of the Garden of Sunset.

So, Gabriel had currently let go of his power as an Archangel and the power he possessed as the leader of the Garden of Sunset, and was currently an ordinary human. Of course, with a portion of God’s power, his might wasn’t anything to scoff at.

Yu IlHan glared at his father and spoke.

“You heard that, dad? It seems like you need to die in order to kill God.”
“Tch, I guess I can’t help it. Do I need to die?”
“You can foresee everything and still didn’t see that?”
“If I could read the future and know everything, I would have beaten God’s ass long ago.”

The father and son were just having a casual banter as if nothing serious was happening. That was what was more shocking. In order to kill God, Gabriel had to die, so why was the person in question making such a peaceful smile, and why was Yu IlHan, the one who had to watch his father die, still making such a calm expression?

Of course, Gabriel’s smile was fundamentally different from Yu IlHan’s. Gabriel’s smile was one from someone who had resigned himself to fate and gave up thinking about everything, while Yu IlHan’s smile was that of desire that only those who did not let go of anything could have.

“Dad, you want to live, right?”
“Sure, who would want to die? At least the only one I know is Lucifer right there. But wouldn’t I need to die in order for you to kill God?”
“Good, I’ll give you 70 points. That’s a B grade.”
“Son, you’re so harsh.”

Yu IlHan groaned and estimated the distance between God and them. It seems like he still needed a little time to fully absorb Michael’s power, but he sooner or later he would come. So, in fact, there wasn’t much time left.

“As Satan said, we’re in quite a hurry so let’s get this over with quickly.”

Yu IlHan pushed Uriel who was in his arms, forward. Satan and Gabriel instinctively looked towards her. Yu IlHan spoke to Uriel.

“Hey, you still have God’s power in you, right?”
“I do.”
“Use it.”

Uriel felt strange, but still obediently extended her hand and used her power that was stolen from God. Beautiful red mana flowed out and burned up as flames.

“Hah, now that I think about it.”

However, Satan and Gabriel became pale after looking at that. Uriel also soon realized why they were making such an odd expression.

It was partially God’s power, yet it was something fundamentally different.

“Listen carefully you two.”

When they were busying themselves by being shocked about the scene in front of them, that hadn’t been possible when they stole God’s power in the past, Yu IlHan spoke as if to boast.

“I’m the Lord of Dragon’s Nest. I’m the closest person to the Akashic Record as of now, and a person capable of changing whatever comes at me as I wish. What I mean is that, everything that enters my hands will all-”

When he put his hand towards the flames that Uriel had made, the flames divided into countless little butterflies of fire and scattered.

The power that was Uriel’s but not under Uriel’s control, easily obeyed Yu IlHan and flew around in the air.

“-become mine.”

The surrounding quietened down. Everyone knew what he was talking about and the implications of such words.

Gabriel had to admit that his prophecy was wrong, and Satan had to admit that he had misjudged Yu IlHan to a great extent.

He had long since surpassed both Gabriel and Satan. There was no way he wouldn’t be able to surpass Michael. Unlike Michael who had to leave God’s power alone as it is, Yu IlHan made God’s power his own and even evolved it to a higher level.

Would he fear God? Would he really be unable to kill God?

“You surpassed my prophecy.”
[You are beyond what I could have possibly imagined.]

The two that harbored a similar train of thoughts ever since their rebellion against God had failed; the two who made the Garden of Sunset and the Army of Brilliant Light in an attempt to stab at God’s heart once again, uttered similar words and looked at each other before laughing.

Just like the flow of a river, new water would constantly replace the old. The two painfully realized and admitted that it was their mistake to think that everything would go their way simply because they wished as such.

“Son, let’s do it your way.”
[Yu IlHan, do as you wish.]
“I was waiting for those words.”

Yu IlHan raised one hand and shook it. It didn’t matter whether if it was in heaven or Elo Katra. Right now, they were within a portion of Yu IlHan’s domain of Earth, the aerial city that resonated with the Flying fortress and the Guardian fortress. Without any delay, the Declaration skill activated his abilities as a leader of a faction.

Of course, there would be no need to say what that was for.


At that time, God, who had regained most of his powers thanks to devouring Michael, laughed out in a joyous mood. Now, there was no need to be bound to anything anymore. There was no need to skimp and save on strength anymore. There was no need to hide himself, or hesitate.

[Fuu……Kuhahahahaha! I can finally move freely! It is now the time of judgement! I shall destroy everything and create them anew!]

However, there was still one more thing he had to do before that. The man who possessed the key to opening the new world, Yu IlHan. That damned son of Gabriel that grew up too rapidly!

[He is here. Satan too, and…… Gabriel? That bastard still hasn’t died yet?]

No, this was for the better. Gabriel’s soul would become a great material for Legna! In order to punish them all at once, God moved forward and called out his loyal subo…….

Called out his loyal subor…….


God stopped in place. He tilted his head and tried once again, realized that something was wrong, and the next moment, he thought that there was a need to check up on it himself.

Then, he realized.

[Wait…… how?]

Gone. He couldn’t feel it. How did he not know until now? Well, he thought that there was no way it could disappear so he never noticed it until now. Yes. There’s no way it could have disappeared. No one could possibly have entered his stomach.

But why? And how?

[Critical Hit!]

A message that he hadn’t seen in a long time filled his vision. However, he didn’t remember attacking anyone, so this message meant that……

“Hi, Greed. Oh, should I call you loser? Anyhow, hi! Isn’t it such a good day with wonderful weather to die for?”

……it was him who got hit.

Author’s notes

  1. The next is the epilogue.

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Proofreader: Koukouseidesu

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