Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 348: Epilogue


Shouted God at Yu IlHan, the one who had thrown the ‘Blade of the Avenger’ right through his head.

However, Yu IlHan didn’t even pretend to listen to anything and aimed at God with a long cylinder in his hand. An enormous amount of mana, that couldn’t even be described with the word ‘enormous’ at this point, had agglomerated and in the very center of the tube, a white metallic cannonball could be seen.

“Can you please be honest here?”

Asked Yu IlHan.

“Are there any hidden bosses, true bosses, hidden dungeons or expansion packets after I kill you? If there are I’ll kill you less painfully, and if there aren’t…….”
“I’ll just pour everything on you and treat you like the true last boss.”

Yu IlHan winked after saying that.

“It’s not a loss either way, right?”

[I will kill you! The very sin of looking down on God, the sin of injuring this Lord! Kill yourself now to repent if you know the severity of your crimes!]
“This child still has a long way to go until he can walk on his own.”
“He can’t even stand properly!”

No matter how hard he tried to move, God’s body didn’t flinch. God was going to utilize all of his transcendent powers that he had regained and even upgraded, to pull out this puny spear and crunch Yu IlHan to pieces, but if everything went the way he wanted them to, he wouldn’t have fallen to such dire straits in the first place.
In fact, the more he tried to move and to resist the effects, more and more of his enormous energy was sucked into the spear!

[How! How can I!]
“No! If you’re the last boss, say something cooler! Say something that sound like you still have tricks up your sleeve!”

God was enraged, but the more he furious he became, the more energy was sucked into the spear! Spiera, who was in control of the spear, asked Yu IlHan in worry.

[Yu IlHan, what happens if the spear suddenly explodes without being able to handle this crazy amount of energy?]
“You just need to go along with my guts at that point.”
[You deceived me, Yu IlHan!]
“You can do it! I have faith in you!”

God struggled without being able to endure Yu IlHan’s leisurely attitude. A single spear on his head had disabled him from doing anything, it didn’t make any sense. He had to be able to do something! He was going to be the Creator of the new world!

AT that moment, Yu IlHan fanned the flames.

“Oh, by the way, it was me who erased the fake record storage. Didn’t you feel more empty inside?”
“Very good. The suction sped up. Wait, should I provoke him a little more?”
“Yu IlHan, It’ll really exploooooode!”

Satan, no, the dragon Lucifer with thirteen dragon wings behind his back, had his eyes flipped because he couldn’t believe the situation.
Even he would have to risk utter and complete annihilation while fighting God, but right now, Yu IlHan had pretty much immobilized God with just a simple spear attack.

“Son, just when exactly did your concealment level surpass mine?”
“Dad doesn’t know what a true loner is like. You need to study more. Everyone in Dragon’s Nest will help you. Let’s try starting from eating alone in school everyday.”
[Lucifer, Gabriel! Have you fallen to the status of a mere dragon! You went under a mere insect and are trying to go against me?]

Since it was pretty much impossible to provoke Yu IlHan, God changed his targets to Satan and Gabriel.

“Honestly, aren’t these wings way cooler than those pigeon wings, old man?”
[It’s useless no matter how calm you act! I will not die, I will come back and punish all of you before opening the door to the new world!]
“Honestly, I thought I had to die too, but apparently I don’t have to.”

This time, it was Gabriel. Although there was a bump on his forehead after being smacked very, very hard by Kim YeSeul, he was still a very healthy 9th class dragon.

“So old man God. Let’s test if you’ll die or not. According to my foreknowledge ability, I think you have 100.1% chance of death, but my senses have dulled a little nowadays so I’m not so sure.”
[You dare…… you dare!]

God’s body expanded rapidly. Just as Michael did in the past, he was getting stronger with rage. Though, he still couldn’t pull out the spear from his head!

[If you wish to stand against me, then fine! I shall destroy all of you! The me you once called God, has already fallen thanks to your rebellion, I have become Greed of the Destruction Demon Army! I shall destroy! And devour! I’ll let each and every single one of you reunite inside me!]

Yu IlHan thought that this scene was quite familiar and pondered about it briefly before realizing. That’s it. Isn’t this the typical pattern where a game boss recovers to full health and becomes stronger?

As he had surpassed the expectations of everyone, God also had the potential to grow beyond his expectation. This was also why Yu IlHan came up with 8 different methods of killing him.

However, he could kill him quickly, so was there any need to wait for him to become even stronger? Why was it that in games or in anime, the main character always obediently waits for the enemy’s awakening? You should just kill him when it is still easy!

Yu IlHan always wondered about that, and gad already resolved to not miss any chances if he came to the same situation.

So, he fired the cannon without hesitation.

[Critical Hit!]


Even though he fired a material cannonball with a material cannon, no one could see the firing process or the path of the trajectory that they cannonball took. However, it splendidly landed at the region surrounding God’s heart and exploded in an extravagant fashion to wound him with all of its explosive energy.

Moreover, even though it was just one shot, God’s entire body was bursting apart and riddled with holes in various places. Yu IlHan had applied his Transcendent Trajectory skill to instantly multiply his attack by tens and hundreds of times! Even the Creator himself would have died!

[This, is, Legna’s…….]

Due to being hit squarely by the cannonball, God felt his very existence being split up into pieces and being annihilated thanks to the power within them, and uttered some words. Yu IlHan smiled and nodded.

“You’re right. I put this together using the fragments from the Archlegnae that you created. Doesn’t it hurt?”
[Grrk, how can…… I, I…… d, d, die her…….]

He probably held a lot of resentment. He probably had a lot to say. However, Yu IlHan didn’t bother listening to him anymore, so he approached him and twisted the spear on God’s head in a random arc, churning it round and round until…

God’s health rapidly fell towards the bottom, and eventually disappeared.

[You have earned experience.]
[You have earned the records of the Lord of Heaven’s Army, ……]
[You have become level 911.]
[You have mastered the skill, Creation.]


Never did he know he would undergo a mass level up again at this point! Yu IlHan checked to make sure that God’s body disappeared for real and gathered the remnants to burn them cleanly before retrieving the Blade of the Avenger. Then, he grabbed onto his head due to the headache.

Seeing Yu IlHan cleaning everything up properly even while grabbing onto his head while grimacing, the others were flabbergasted.

“Son, did he really die with that? Really? Has God really, finally disappeared now?”

Asked Gabriel. This looked too easy considering the suffering they had to go through until now. Yu IlHan shrugged his shoulders and asked him instead.

“Dad, did you get experience when you chased out God before?”
“I did.”

Assume that all enemies are not dead until you get their experience points! Vice versa, it followed that logic that acquiring records and experience from one’s enemy meant that the enemy was dead for sure! He erased the body as well just in case some undead overlord rose from the corpse and even collected his thought-soul, so there was nothing to be afraid of now!

Having been persuaded by Yu IlHan with concrete evidence, Gabriel felt a sense of defeat and turned around. Lucifer placed his hand on Gabriel’s shoulders and was giggling, so he punched him in the guts to assuage his annoyance. Yu IlHan spoke to them.

“Oh yeah, Lucifer, you ordered Lazière to provoke me, didn’t you?”
“I thought you’d fight me more easily that way. And there was a need to clean up the fallen angels under me so…….”

Lucifer quickly figured out that Lazière was alive and widened his eyes. Yu IlHan mocked him even more.

“You tried to commit suicide but still couldn’t control any of my actions.”
“……I should just.”
“Think of it as the price for mocking the others until now.”

Just as when Satan was about to use magic, he was held back by Gabriel. Yu IlHan ignored them and raised his hand, and Heaven reacted sensitively to it. The Trap of Restoration that he had planted here before had started activating with Yu IlHan’s magic power.

“All the faction leaders have either died or have come into my camp, so the only existing higher existence organization is Dragon’s Nest. The higher existences that have lost their leaders should still be alive, though they should have fallen back to being lower existences……. Of course, I shall give them an opportunity to enter Dragon’s Nest if they wish to, so don’t worry about it so much.”
“What are you doing, wasn’t everything over, son?”
“I’m about to begin the next step. I still can’t fully toss aside away my worries about hidden bosses so can everyone stay alert?”
“Well, I don’t think there’s anything left…….”

Just as the others were about to get fed up at Yu IlHan for meticulously preparing for anything else that may occur, he laughed and waved his hand many times.
Whenever he did so, The Trap of Restoration expanded and enveloped the remainder of Heaven, as well as the dark recesses of space that was once called Elo Katra. The ownerless world had accepted the new owner and started changing.

“Anyway, we did what we came here to do, so it’s about time we do what we were originally going to do.”
“What we were originally going to do……? Oh.”

Muttered Liera before clapping. How could she forget! Yu IlHan’s aim was this in the first place!

“The people of Earth!”
“Yeah, we need to return them back to their proper home now.”

Just how many of them have survived? Wouldn’t the parents that have lost their children in the Great Expulsion wish to live on in another world without accepting the truth?

“But even so, we need to return them to their original places first.”

Although it was all to kill God, their sins were not small as well. Whether it was Lucifer, Gabriel or Yu IlHan himself. Their sins could not be washed away by the righteousness of their actions despite whatever objectives or good intent they had at that time. They would all have to bear the burden for the remainder their lives.

“And well.”

Yu IlHan continued speaking.

“I think I can return them the ones they’ve lost.”
“What? How?”
“Just watch for a minute.

The world changed according to Yu IlHan’s hand gestures. Although they were in Heaven until just now, they were currently teleported to the Netherworld, no the Crevasse Garden, no, not that but Breya, Lanpas, Earth…….

“Don’t tell me…….”
“The Traps of Restoration have now completely proliferated across all worlds.”

Yu IlHan gripped his fist.
All existing worlds started being summoned to Earth and started being fused with it.

“It’s time to gather them into one.”
“All worlds…….”
“Every single world? Into one……?”

No one could possibly dream about this. No one could possibly imagine such a scenario. And that, it was actually happening for real. They still could not see through Yu IlHan completely.

[The world is subliming into one.]
[You become the lord of the world. Using the name of the world you were born in, the completed world shall be called ‘Earth’.]

“Earth, shall become a world vaster than Heaven…….”

Muttered Gabriel as he watched the fusion of worlds.

“Yes, so this is what it meant…….”

Yu IlHan closed his eyes. He could feel countless souls scattered across the vast expanse of the universe.

The souls of those he had killed and taken in, the souls of those he did not kill but still ended up staying by his side, the souls that did not leave this world, they were all here.

It wasn’t like he didn’t wish to revive all of them, but since he couldn’t do, that he gathered only the purest of souls;
Of the children that had to die just because they were born, and watched over them.

[O, children who died unjust deaths.]

The mana that his level 900 soul possessed became a strand of Declaration and enveloped the world.

[Come back to the world, and we shall live on together in peace.]

“Ah, aaaah…….”

Seeing his Declaration being realized, Kim YeSeul ended up crying. Was it happiness, or sadness? It was an emotion that she felt after looking at something beyond the realm of recognition, so that emotion should be well beyond the realm of recognition as well, she did not mind whatever that she was feeling and just cried according to her parental instincts.


Yu IlHan, having spent an enormous quantity of mana to complete this process, sighed and looked around to the others.

Some were crying like Kim YeSeul, some were looking at him with adoration like Na YuNa, and some were making vain expressions like Lucifer and Gabriel, while there were some that looked forwards toward the future like Kang MiRae, while some looked at him with warm eyes like Liera, while some shrugged their shoulders while thinking ‘oh well, whatever happens, happens.’ and smiled like Erta.

“Now let us go greet the returnees.”
“Returnees…… yes, they are indeed returnees.”

Chuckled Kim YeSeul while some tears still remained on her face. The others let out hearty laughs as well. At that point, Na YuNa suddenly shouted.

“Mr. IlHan, epilogue! The epilogue between you and meeeeee!”
“You really have an amazing tenacity as well as the audacity to suggest that.”

Yu IlHan giggled as well and lowered the aerial fortress to Earth. Although he was slightly sorry for Na YuNa, his mind was currently filled of thoughts about what he had to say to the people who have gathered in this world.

Oh, yes. This would be quite suitable to start off the speech.

Hello, ladies and gentlemen of the returnees faction.
I’m the loner that had been waiting for all of you.

Author’s notes

  1. Yup, this is the end of the main story. I don’t know whether I’ll write a side story or not but the main story is definitely over with this (T/N: There are four)
  2. In fact, this was going to be finished with 350 chapters, but somehow, I seem to have made a mistake in the process of reserve-posting, and looks like I cut a 3 chapter worth of quantity into 2(…..) I knew 9,700 characters was a little too high, goddamn!!!
  3. If you have any story that you’d like to see in the side story, then please comment (T/N: This does not apply to you English readers)(P/R: Unfortunately)
  4. I still have a lot I want to say, but I’ll do the rest in the afterword!

Translator’s notes
That’s it! Main story’s finished
There are 4 side stories (Go to index page to read the titles)
Thanks for every-

okay, I’ll do it properly later when I translate author’s afterword.
P/R: me too!


Translator: Chamber
Proofreader: Koukouseidesu

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