Everyone Else is a Returnee – Extra Chapter 1: Graduating Lonership, Entering Marriage

The multiverse simply cannot be observed in its entirety. Worlds are continuously being created and destroyed even at this very moment.
There were numerous worlds that did not evolve and were thus unable to come into contact with the Akashic Record, leaving them unable to produce mana. There were also plenty of worlds that grew smoothly but had no special characteristics or traits that caught the eye of higher existences and consequently, were not allowed to become higher worlds.

And the Traps of Restoration that Yu IlHan had made, proliferated even to these worlds through other nearby worlds, and forcibly fused them with Earth.

“Just what is happening…….”
“M, mana is.”

It wasn’t like Yu IlHan recklessly lumped them all together. He formed regions that separated less evolved worlds, more evolved worlds and higher worlds through the usage of mountain ranges and large bodies of water as boundaries.
Since the density of mana would change according to these regions, the monsters living inside them also differed.

“IlHan is now just straight-out doing Creation work…..”
“I don’t like that. Don’t you have to work for 6 days and get only one day of rest at first? My future life motto is 6 days of rest a week.”
“At that point, I wonder what you’ll end up doing in that single day of work!”

The world Yu IlHan was creating was quite similar to the past multiverse. Looking at the world, it didn’t seem so wide, but the only one that could observe Earth as a whole was Yu IlHan alone.
Even the elite members of Dragon’s Nest weren’t exceptions, and after they focused their attention on one corner of the world that was being made, the moment they raised their head, they would not know where exactly that corner of the world ended up settling down at.

“Amazing. All the truths about magic that I have learnt until now…… all of them are so naturally being sublimed into this world.”
“Even if I can fuse all worlds into one, it will only become an endless expanse of chaos if I just recklessly lump them together. The ideal would be eventually becoming one after harmonizing piece by piece.”

Like that, Yu IlHan was working on the natural fusion of the worlds, but how was it natural to the others? The people of Earth scattered across multiple worlds as well as the residents of other worlds were repeatedly summoned to Earth, and all of them had to go through a period of confusion.

However, wherever they were summoned to, they could still observe the aerial city where Yu IlHan resided in. To them, Yu IlHan would seem like an omnipotent, omniscient God. And this was also what Yu IlHan intended to showcase himself as.

“The people are looking up to us!”
“They’re shouting something but I can’t hear it properly.”
“If they wish for me to, I will answer, but unless that’s the case, I don’t plan on enforcing any communication with them.”

What Yu IlHan aimed for was the fusion of worlds and the concentration of all energy. He was planning to erase the cycle of birth and death of worlds by fusing not only the existing worlds, but all potential worlds as well.
And since he had succeeded already, there was no need for him to keep interfering with the residents.

“Ah, look at those children. It looks like they’re safely going back to their parents.”
“I set it that way……The children whose parents are dead, will have to be taken care of by me.”

Said Yu IlHan in a bitter voice before extending his hand. A huge mansion suddenly rose up in one corner of the aerial city that was descending. In the future, the children that have lost their parents will live there under Yu IlHan’s protection.

Liera, who watched that, asked carefully.

“IlHan, this maybe a simple question for you but…… don’t you have any thoughts about resurrecting the others and not just the children expelled from the Great Expulsion?”
“I thought someone might ask that.”

To Yu IlHan who was now capable of doing anything as he was in management of both souls and matter, the biggest problem for him was to decide on who to resurrect and who to leave alone.

When he was still a human, there was a path of retreat and a bunch of excuses since he wasn’t suited to manipulating souls, but that wasn’t the case right now.
He was the sole God, and all body and soul were within his dominion. So, he could be overbearing and not care about any voices and cries of injustice that may rise from the others. There was no one that could do anything to him after all.

That was precisely why Yu IlHan had to be more serious in his consideration pertaining to the matter.

“But look, all worlds are one now. The origin of souls all became one as well, so even if I don’t resurrect them to their former states, they will be born back into this world not too far in the future. Do I really need to interfere with that? Do I really need to interfere with the single chance life at that is given to the people, of which if I were to interfere, would be rather sacrilegious and make their value decrease as a whole?”
“But Your Majesty.”

Paté was waiting for this moment and spoke. Ironically, he was the second closest to death and souls in this group, and could understand Yu IlHan’s worries the most as well.

“I think that Phiria wishes to return to Your Majesty’s side. If she was of any help in Your Majesty reaching this place, wouldn’t it be fine to return her to her position as a reward?”
“……Reward those that helped me in the process of reaching divinity? In other words, have an exception to those that are in Dragon’s Nest and differentiate them from the common people? Is that what you’re saying?”
“Please excuse my words but…… yes. To her, who longed to be of use to Your Majesty, even at the very end of her life, could you not bestow your grace unto her?”

Yu IlHan glared at Paté. Paté, who loathed being hated by Yu IlHan worse than choosing death, twisted his body in agony, but did not plan to back down. Such a state continued for quite a while before Yu IlHan heaved a sigh and finally nodded his head.

“Fine, I’ll let it go just this once.”
“Your Majesty!”
“Thank you, Your Majesty!”

The three elves jumped around in joy. Since he was here, Yu IlHan said to the others as well.

“Since I decided to differentiate between our members and the general populace, I may as well take it a step further. Paté’s words aren’t that wrong either. Everyone helped me out a lot in my reaching of divinity, so I shall give you all one chance to ‘cheat’. Please speak if you want anything right now. I won’t allow this after the fusion of worlds is completed.”
“If, if our parents have died then please…….”
“Oh, the parents of both of you Smithson couple have already returned safely. You two can just prepare your marriage ceremony.”
“I want to have your child!!! kehhhhhhhhhk.”

Na YuNa was shot down quickly. However, Liera, who shot her down, made a slightly difficult expression. Everything was too different from before.

When she was an angel and when Yu IlHan was still a human, or when both of them were momentarily human, they could hold each other’s hands at their leisure…… but right now, Yu IlHan was the God that had to look after the entire world.
Liera also knew that his ego had undergone a series of great cataclysm just as the worlds had.

“Am I being too greedy if I still want to monopolize IlHan…….”
“Liera, if you wish for me to do so, I will only look at you.”

Spoke Yu IlHan. These words were the truth.

“However…… yes, I’m sorry. I think my vision is different from before. Even if I want to look at you alone, the others still end up entering my train of thought as well. Perhaps it’s a backlash after being a loner for so long, I want to keep them all within an arm’s reach. I want to grab them tightly so that they can’t run away.”

He was probably the biggest jerk in the world right now. However, Liera only made a bitter smile as if she had known that this was coming. She had realized this early on, after Yu IlHan, who was initially like an iron wall to everyone else other than her, started smiling at other women some time ago.

She did not doubt that he loved her the most. It was fine monopolizing him until now. She was God’s first woman, and will remain as his very first woman in the future as well.

“You can’t do anything to your emotions just because you want to, right? They say the first one to fall in love is the loser…… so, I wish you’d accept all of your feelings. I like you that way.”

Liera stopped Na YuNa from speaking. Physically, that is.
Then, she spoke in a grave voice.

“Instead, I’m going to be the first one to have the marriage ceremony. Grandly, so that everyone in the world knows that I’m the main wife!!!!!!!”
“Liera, I love you!”

The ones that were left quaking in nervousness after Yu IlHan left the decision to Liera, all cheered.

“Liera…… thanks.”
“You’re such a bad guy. But I still love you.”

Countless gazes were exchanged between Yu IlHan and Liera, some had been bashful while others were filled with passion. Just that was enough for the two to completely understand each other, and finally settled on a consensus with regards to their relationship.
Orochi, who was watching quietly all this time, added.

“Since you are loved by so many, it will be hard to become a loner again, master.”
“Orochi, you don’t even dream of it.”

Mystic’s sharp words made Orochi tilt his head in confusion. His expression was very clueless and looked as if he had mastered the acting skill.

“Of what?”

The Great Fusion was finished. Finally, The aerial city settled down in the middle of the Pacific, and synchronized with Earth. Now, all worlds were perfectly one.

“Wow, look at the density of mana.”
“Perhaps there may be naturally-occurring higher existences.”
“Ah, around this area, there may actually be natural-born true dragons.”
“I was joking though, but for real!?”

After Yu IlHan finished his work, he inhaled a deep breath of air. Then, he raised his voice for all on Earth to hear and spoke.

[Hello, ladies and gentlemen…….]


Yu IlHan and Liera’s marriage was planned for the very next day, but it ended up having to be delayed for a whole month.

It was impossible to physically bring all humans into one place, so Yu IlHan had to construct a venue with clouds in the skies and cast magic for everyone to watch God’s marriage. This was his negotiation with Liera.

“I still don’t get why I have to be the wedding officiator.”

Lucifer seemed to be uncomfortable wearing a suit, but Lazière straightened his sleeves and smiled brightly.

“Only someone of your caliber should officiate Lord Yu IlHan’s wedding.”
“You’re smiling too much, Lazière.”
“It’s because your figure in a suit is too cool.”

Lucifer snorted at her words. However, Lazière’s smile only became brighter. She was happy that she could continue serving Satan by his side as well.

“Just how was this place constructed?”
“It’s God’s power. It’s something we can’t understand.”
“And that same God has human emotions and is marrying someone?”
“Perhaps we’re witnessing a moment of a myth or a legend.”

Even though the wedding venue was very large, there were countless people in it. It was natural since representatives from countless worlds wished to participate in God’s wedding, and there were hundreds of representatives of each world under Yu IlHan’s subordination!

“Honey, what are you thinking about?”

Gabriel, Yu YongHan, lightly tapped on Kim YeSeul who was wordlessly sitting in one corner. She finally looked back to her husband and laughed smiled while shrugging his shoulders.

“I’m thinking about our son’s past. I was worried that he might not even date a single woman in his entire life, but it’s so funny now. So many people are interested in him, and love him.”
“You were also very popular with men in the past. Heck, sometimes, I even wonder why you married me.”
“Oh, my.”

Kim YeSeul’s eyes narrowed. She chuckled and spoke.

“You were the only one for me ever since I met you.”
“Nothing would come out of flattering me.”
“But it’s the truth. That is why it was more frustrating. I wanted to see you so much, but you were really so hard to find.”
“Gabriel was always a man who didn’t know his own worth. He believed that everyone would not look for him and was always absorbed in whatever he was doing. That’s what makes him more attractive though.”

Uriel, who was quietly sitting by the side, added. Kim YeSeul sulked, and Gabriel, who wasn’t used to such a situation like his son was in, suddenly felt his stomach aching.

“Ehem, I’ll go somewhere else for now…….”
“Where do you think you’re going, the ceremony will begin soon.”

Kim YeSeul pinched his arm. Uriel looked at Kim YeSeul still with a smile.

“Isn’t it about time we talked seriously about this? YeSeul, the couple that’s being married may have waited centuries, but I have waited tens of thousands of millennia for this.”
“……Let’s do it later, please.”

As all the guests sat down, and the scene inside the wedding venue could be seen by all places around the world, the ceremony finally began. Since no one there was particularly concerned about the formality of the procedure, the bride and the groom entered together.

“So pretty…….”
“Huh, but I can’t see the groom properly.”
“No way, master, he’s actually concealing himself at this time……?”

Yu IlHan lightly concealed himself to emphasize the beauty of his bride! His little scheme worked wonders and Liera, who entered whilst wearing a pure white dress, attracted the attention of all the guests as the most beautiful woman in the world, without any form of exaggeration involved.
The gently brushed golden hair and her sparkling ruby-red eyes, her slightly blushed cheeks that were tinged a shade of light pink stole everyone’s attention. Her dress emphasized her perfect figure without adding anything superficial. Now that she had become the goddess of love and gained what was considered as victory in her quest for love, her magic power lightly radiated from her skin and formed a translucent veil that paired perfectly with her dress and further reinforced her transcendent beauty.

“She can’t hold back her joy.”
“Ugh, I’m jealous…… I’m so envious of Liera and I can’t hold myself back.”
“Me too, me too, I want to marry godfather!”
““Not you,””

Everyone was enchanted by the bride’s beauty, and there were increasingly more and more attendees that couldn’t find the groom. After a brief period of time that felt like an eternity, the groom revealed himself and the pair finally stepped onto the platform.

Lucifer, the officiator, looked at the two and spoke.

“Love is infinitely beautiful, while simultaneously dirty and murky. Marriage is the most sacred oath and ritual, but at the same time, it’s also an event likely to be filled with lies, deceit and hypocrisy. Heck, the groom in front of me right now is going to welcome numerous more brides in the future.”
“Hey, change the officiator.”

Yu IlHan objected, but unfortunately, there was no backup officiator. Lucifer’s words continued.

“Despite that, you two have stood here knowing that. I praise the bride’s generosity, as well as the groom’s shamelessness and capability.”
“You! Come and see me after the ceremony.”
“The bride and the groom are so strongly connected that even if the two wished to, even if others wished for them to, the two cannot be taken apart. So anyone who has complaints about the union of the two should either eternally shut up or take your own life before it gets any harder for you.”

No one took their life. It looks like they chose to eternally shut up. After that, the bride and the groom greeted the guests. After the ironic scene of the residents of the world giving their blessings and good wishes to their God, Lucifer finally went on to the climax.

“It’s the monumental event of the marriage of the sole God. God, Yu IlHan, should realize the weight of the matter, and shall now present the wedding gift to his first bride.”

Yu IlHan took out a small ring holder from his bosom as his hands trembled ever so slightly in nervousness. A pair of sophisticated rings made of a metal that harbored a deep and profound red aura was inside. Looking at the rings, Liera’s eyes widened.

“IlHan, you…….”
“The marriage ceremony was delayed because I was busy with making this. I had to put inside all the different metals in the world as well as the hearts of all existences.”

Its value couldn’t be measured. The marriage ring that he completed after a month of manual labor from himself. The entire world was embodied within the ring.

Yu IlHan felt embarrassed as well and he scratched his head while speaking to her.

“You will be my number one forever, Liera. If you wish it so, I’m going to stay next to you forever. I love you.”

The ring fit each of their ring fingers perfectly. This basically meant that Yu IlHan had publicly announced that Liera would stay by his side as his equal. Stroking the ring on her finger, Liera’s eyes welled up in tears.

“I love you too!”
“Well, then…… hey, hey, do it after I say it.”

Liera couldn’t hold back her emotions and assaulted Yu IlHan with kisses, and thanks to that the ceremony became a mess. Lucifer shouted in annoyance.

“The two have become God and his wife respectively, so all beings in this world shall obey and submit to the two! The beginning of a new myth has started right here right now! Hey! Throw the bouquet! Dammit, throw the f**king bouquet already!”

Liera, who was triggered by Lucifer’s attitude, threw the bouquet behind her and focused on assaulting Yu IlHan again. Yu IlHan came to a quick decision and teleported them to his own room within the Flying fortress.

Although no one who was in the know of things had expected that the ceremony would go well, the wedding ceremony ended in such a mess, and the only trace left of the groom and his bride was the bouquet that was flung into the air.

“Well, then.”

The bouquet suddenly stopped in midair. The one who did that was none other than Erta. A murderous aura was coming out of her.

“Should we decide who’s next then?”
“…… I’m sorry but I can’t let the second place go.”

Kang MiRae stood up with a look of firm resolution on her face. Na YuNa was laughing, but her hands were full of sparks generated with holy power.

“It was me who shotgunned after Liera-unni.”
“No, it’s me.”
“I think it’s me who understood darling’s true value first.”

Helièna’s lips had a murderous smile as well. She did not care how many wives Yu IlHan had, but she wanted to set the hierarchy straight!

The ones that could participate in the battle were actually quite well-off already. In the case of Phiria or Ericia that couldn’t even stand on the stage due to their lack of power, they could only swallow their bloodied tears. Paté was just crying by himself in one corner. Reality was always harsh, cruel and cold.

“Good, we’re entering the next event very smoothly.”

Lucifer, who somehow had a much better expression than before, picked up the microphone again.

“The clash for the position of God’s second wife! Who will become the second? Let’s start the betting!”
“Hey, you, Lucifer!”

Regardless of whoever took 2nd place, this thing was for sure.
Yu IlHan was never going to be called a loner again.

Author’s notes

  1. Why does this feel like the true epilogue and not just a side story.
  2. I had a lot of worries while writing this one. There were many of you who wanted one-way-Liera, and many others who wanted him to accept everyone. That’s why I also wished to leave it as an open ending as well. I just showed you the marriage scene like this because I thought that Yu IlHan could truly escape his loner days by understand the hearts of all heroines and love them after becoming someone higher than human, God, and having a wider view than before. I, as a human, do not dare describe how a God feels, but I wondered that someone who was reborn into God after starting off as a human might make such choices.
  3. I wanted to write the afterword right after the epilogue, but it got delayed because of the side stories. I’ll write two or so more side stories and immediately upload the afterword.

Translator’s notes
Damn, my favorite character in this series has to go to Satan.



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