Everyone Else is a Returnee – Extra Chapter 2: – My Subordinate Love Comedy is Wrong as I Expected


Mystic had a lot of worries nowadays. After Yu IlHan had entered the realm of perfect Godhood, there was no need for her head to ache while managing Earth anymore, but now that her workload had decreased, just as many miscellaneous thoughts had entered her mind.
Why was she born, for what purpose did she live for, such middle school-like thoughts entered her mind and did not let her go about her daily business in peace.

“Lord Earth, why was I born?”
[You were a being born in order to kill Yu IlHan who ruined Earth. There were no other objectives or motives behind your conception.]

Answered Earth. Although he didn’t talk much to others save Yu IlHan or Kim YeSeul, he had slight feelings of partnership towards Mystic, who originated from itself, and couldn’t completely ignore her when she was worried like this.

“Then you really did make me without thinking further.”
[I had one clear objective, but I did not wish anything of you after that whether you succeeded or failed. Now that everything is solved, you just need to live on in whatever fashion that you deem suitable.]
“I don’t really get what living is.”

As Earth had replied, she was born solely to kill Yu IlHan. She was killed by Yu IlHan without being able to do anything, and after that, she was revived by Yu IlHan and lived a new life, but she could only support Yu IlHan’s life, and did not have any other things to do. So, perhaps she was like a newborn babe in this regard.

[No one knows what life is about. Even if you ask master Yu IlHan, you would not get anything useful out of his reply.]
“I can’t even approach master now. Master really cherishes me. Although he denies it himself, he really loves all of creation after he became God. Honestly, it’s a little awkward.”
[Are you afraid that you will fall in love with him?]
“I don’t get what love is. And also…….”

There was someone else that came to her mind when it came to love. At first, she just enjoyed fooling around by exchanging words with him since they were in similar situation, but from some time, her emotions changed to something still similar, but fatally different.

“It’s like…… my heart pounds whenever I see him, and I get annoyed at him for no reason. I know that this is not ordinary. Why is it? We weren’t in such a relationship. Isn’t it too sudden?”
[What are you saying.]

Earth mocked her.

[There is nothing that can be properly explained in this world. Are you trying to explain the world? We only have to accept. We only have to be swept away by the currents. We only proceed forward. …… And that is life.]

She did not know why she was born. She did not know where she had to go. So, she just had to go wherever she wants, and do whatever she wants. It would be an embarrassment if she didn’t know what that was about or what it entailed. Didn’t Mystic have that right now?

[The reason you’re all acting serious is because of that snake, no? Just don’t uselessly deny your own feelings and try to escape. Just accept it as it is.]
“If Lord Earth was me…….”
[I am not you.]

Earth mercilessly cut her question. Then it added.

[I cannot give you any help, so why don’t you ask for help from someone who’s suffering from similar emotions?]
“……That’s true. Okay, I’ll ask them.”

Mystic stood up. She pressed down the straw hat she received from Yu IlHan on her head, and went to someone that might help her out.


“Mm, that’s a difficult question.”

Being questioned, Carina Smithson groaned. A handsome boy was grabbing Mystic’s finger with his twig-like fingers in her arm.

“Do you know about love, Nick?”
“Our child doesn’t know something like that yet, probably.”

Carina stroked Nick’s hair and started speaking.

“This will be a very subjective story. Will that be fine with you, Mystic?”
“Sure. I want to get as much data as possible.”
“Then…… actually, when I first saw that man, I thought he was the cheekiest bastard in existence.”

Michael Smithson was a man full of stubbornness and greed. He was full of himself, his clan, and his country, and he even felt that everything other than his own objectives were wrong.

“However, the passage of time and the environment started to change him. At first, we only entered an alliance because we had the same enemy. But he was desperate to keep the alliance, and albeit arrogant, he still had a gentleman-like side of him. He cherished the ones within his perimeter as much as he did the opposite to the others, and later, that perimeter started being widened.”

The trigger of that change, though frustrating, was probably when his love for Kang MiRae sprouted – thought Carina. His realm of recognition had started to widen after someone outside his perimeter had entered.

“Since he wished to see others, he had to accept himself that was in the eyes of others, and as a result of that, he became a little humbler. I think I was the one who watched the process while closest to him. I think he was a truly foolish man, but was disappointed in myself since I realized that I was similar to him, and was also quite proud to see his growth…… and when I came to it, I was stuck in a cycle of only looking at him, and thinking only about him.”

Hearing her words, Mystic naturally compared her own situation with hers. Carina smiled and finished her story.

“I saw myself in him, and that is precisely why I felt more emotional as I saw him changing. Mystic, aren’t you the same?”
“I, I.”

Thinking about Orochi, she felt fluffy on the inside. Orochi and Mystic did indeed experience many changes while acting with Yu IlHan. They mocked each other, sometimes relied on each other…… and in that process, Mystic must have sprouted new feelings.

“Thanks for the answer. I think it will be a good reference.”
“When it comes down to it…….”

Carina blocked Nick’s two ears and whispered to Mystic. After hearing that, Mystic’s face reddened like a tomato.

“Y, yeah.”

Like a rusted robot that hadn’t been oiled in centuries, Mystic left the room as stiff as she could be, without even bending her knees and simply trudging from the left leg to the right like the little nutcracker. Carina giggled while looking at her fading back and stroked Nick. He looked so much like Michael Smithson and couldn’t be any more adorable.

The one Mystic looked for next was none other than Uriel. Coincidentally, she was with Gabriel.

“Where’s Kim YeSeul?”
“She went to see IlHan with two pieces of big news.”
“Big news?”

When Mystic titled her head, Gabriel nodded his head and spoke.

“IlHan will get a little sibling.”
“And the other one?”
“IlHan will get another little sibling…….”

Mystic narrowed her eyes and glared at Gabriel. Uriel, by their side, was stroking her belly with the most pleasant face she could make.

“You’re the worst…….”
“You’re misunderstanding, Mystic. We’ll go through the wedding together soon.”

Kim YeSeul had already done the marriage ceremony waaaay back. Despite that, they were going to have another wedding this time with Uriel included as well. She wanted to wear the wedding dress again or something.
Of course, Gabriel did not have the right to object, and Uriel was satisfied with just standing by his side.

“What was his proposal line?”
“You are my wings…… sorry, that was a joke. I said sorry.”

Mystic classified Gabriel as a potential Yu IlHan and ignored him before turning her gaze to Uriel.

“Why did you fall in love with such a man?”
“Is there really a reason needed before someone can fall in love?”

Answered Uriel, the sole conscience of the former Five Great Angels, with an angelic smile.

“I just liked him so much. Whenever he pranked me in Heaven, whenever he was agonized due to a future he had seen, whenever he sighed due to Luciel and Michael’s twisted logic, and whenever he gave orders to the humans while taking care of them…….”
“Don’t say such things in front of the person himself, Uriel.”

Gabriel was embarrassed, but Uriel’s smile only became thicker.

“I can say this any time. Love is not an embarrassing emotion after all. It’s the most bless-worthy, bright and beautiful emotion. It came to me without my knowledge and when I realized it, it was already ruling over me. Of course, there are people who escape those emotions, but I wished to continue loving him and it finally became true.”
“For tens of millennia?”
“There was not even one moment that I didn’t. But…… yes, even if my feelings changed, I will not regret at that time. Never was I unhappy even while I waited for him.”
“So don’t be afraid, Mystic.”

Uriel extended her hand and rubbed her cheeks to tease her and at the same time, provide reassurance.

“Your feelings aren’t something that’s supposed to be hidden, but something you need to show off. Don’t be afraid of the future, don’t lose faith in yourself, and accept yourself as it is. That is enough.”
“Accept, myself…….”

Mystic stiffly nodded her head. Although she couldn’t quite sympathize because Uriel had lived for countless more years than her, it was true that her truthful words hit her heart at the right spot.

“Thanks for the help. I’ll go now. Oh, congratulations on your pregnancy.”
“I want a daughter this time. I’ve had more than enough with one son.”
“I want a son, Gabriel. A son that’s exactly like you.”
“Hiiik, I don’t want another IlHan!”

Thinking that she should tell Yu IlHan exactly what Gabriel said, Mystic exited that place and headed to the garden. She was going to calm down and organize her thoughts, but well, there was someone who got there before her.

“Oh, Mystic.”
“Kang HaJin.”
“It’s not like it’s the first time we’re meeting, but you sure are awkward.”

Kang HaJin made a bitter smile. Mystic only snorted.

“You didn’t have your share of the limelight until the end.”
“Yeah, I somehow managed to reach higher existence, but I don’t have any talent in this regard.”

Kang HaJin honestly confessed. As he had just spoken, he was currently living a life that had nothing to do with battle.

As he was with Yu IlHan when the worlds united into one, he cleverly started a new business when the others were having a hard time adapting to this new world. He started a railway business that connected all the regions of Earth.
The word was ‘railway’ but in fact, with the help from Yu IlHan, the rails were incredibly sturdy and were pretty much unaffected by the surrounding environment, and created a train that ran on top of it to go anywhere within this world! Naturally, Yu IlHan’s share of the work was a big help in this, and his business had been completely successful.

Perfect safety and ideal speed, as well as the title of ‘cooperation with God’! He became the leader of a massive corporation that even his father Kang Chan couldn’t hold a candle to, after he returned to Earth safely.
Yu IlHan was a co-CEO as well, but he didn’t do anything publicly, so Kang HaJin was practically the leader.

“Though not in our opinion, you are nearly as famous as master on Earth, aren’t you?”
“I’ll be marrying soon too. Father wanted me to marry a Korean woman, but it didn’t really go as I wish to.”

Lepina was a world that had experienced the 3rd Great Cataclysm, and they were one of those that was dragged to Earth due to the Trap of Restoration after living their own lives quite well. Kang HaJin’s fiancée was the only daughter of the Lepina Empire’s emperor.

“Of course, it’s a political marriage. This won’t be the only marriage either, probably.”
“You…… loved Na YuNa, didn’t you?”

Kang HaJin admitted. Mystic asked.

“Does it hurt?”
“It did. However, when I realized, it was too late to do anything. That’s why I organized my feelings. It looks like there are people who can easily do that while others have difficulty doing that, but fortunately, I seem to be part of the former.”

He looked quite bitter for that to be true. She wasn’t in a position to console him, so she stayed quiet, but Kang HaJin spoke of his story anyway.

“I think I had an opportunity to get her. However, I was too leisurely, and was arrogant, and in the end, I lost her. No, perhaps even this is just me being arrogant. I was the only man who was close to YuNa, but perhaps YuNa thought of me as a tagalong for MiRae in the first place.”

After her marriage with Yu IlHan, Na YuNa became even prettier. It wasn’t because her smile never left her face, but rather, because Liera and Na YuNa were goddesses whose dominions were over love and beauty respectively, and were gradually becoming more beautiful the more time they spent with him.
Mystic thought about the case where Na YuNa ended up with Kang HaJin, but all of that was meaningless since it was no longer possible.

“So Mystic.”
“When you think it’s time, charge ahead so that you aren’t left with any regrets.”

Spoke Kang HaJin. His words were heartfelt.

“Before it’s too late, regardless of whatever the other thinks of you, charge ahead with your true feelings and get a proper answer. Even if it’s a loss waiting at the end, you will at least feel better.”

Mystic accepted his advice.

“Yeah, okay. …… and Na YuNa probably didn’t like you even for one moment! So you should rest easy too!”
“I know, you idiot. I only wanted to boast a little bit.”

Kang HaJin snorted as he turned around. Having acquired an answer, Mystic rushed out without hesitation. The place she was heading to was the not-so-aerial-anymore aerial city, where children who lost their parents in the Great Expulsion resided in.

“Over there, faster!”
“Yes, great master!”

Orochi was looking after the children in that place. He was in charge of education and training of the children along with others, and was being called the ‘great master’ by the children.


Orochi noticed Mystic’s presence mid-training and turned around with a vexed expression. His expression turned to one that exuded even more annoyance after looking at the smile on Mystic’s face.

“The common point in those related to master is that matters will get more annoying the brighter the smile they have…….”

Mystic threw away her straw hat. The world’s operation momentarily stopped, but believing that Yu IlHan would take care of that for a moment, she focused all of her magic power on her legs and kicked off the ground.

“You idiot, the children can’t endure the mana waves well yet……!!!!?”

Then she knocked Orochi over to the ground without stopping, and smashed her lips against his. It was the method Carina taught her! She drained Orochi’s soul out with a violent kiss that lacked any technique or time for breathing, and shouted while looking down at him after a loooong kiss.

“I love you!”
“Th, this idiotic woman. What the heck are you saying so suddenl……hhp!?”
“He’s smooching! Great master is smooching!”

An uproar broke out. Not to mention the children who were training, even the children in their homes rushed out and watched that spectacle. Orochi tried to resist, but Mystic had completely restrained him with her magic power so that was impossible as well.

“Let’s get married!”
“Keep the order of things properly! There’s a limit to being so sudden…….!”
“Let’s get married!”
“*whistle*! So cool!”

Orochi desperately used his magic power in an attempt to escape from Mystic. However, Mystic had already set her eyes on a target and didn’t seem like she would back off that easily.

“Don’t run away anymore and answer me, you damned snake-head!”
“Just what did this woman eat wrong…… haah, sheesh.”

Looking at her serious expression, Orochi scratched his head. Although he knew about this before, she was completely unable to read the mood. At this point, it was refreshing instead.

“Orochi, please?”

Despite that, he didn’t hate her. Love was quite the strange emotion. Perhaps even God would not be able to explain it properly. Oh yeah, God was Yu IlHan wasn’t it, shit. Orochi put his thoughts into his speech.

“I don’t want to.”

Mystic despaired as if she was the leader who had accidentally ruined an entire country. Orochi added.

“I still don’t get what love is. So…… why don’t we start off by dating.”
“……you idiot! IDIOT!”

Mystic sobbed and assaulted Orochi again. Orochi, barely able to receive her properly, felt the gazes around them and heaved a deep sigh.

In time to come, they would come to accept each other’s feelings.
It was at that moment that the Snake x Mansion couple was born.

Author’s notes

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Translator’s notes

Since chamber nim didn’t write anything here, I’ll say something >:3
There ya go you people who wanted orochi x mystic, it was quite an enjoyable piece to edit as well! Only problem is that it reminded me that I’m single :’^)




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