Everyone Else is a Returnee – Extra Chapter 3: Demigod Eleven

“I’m sorry, mom.”

Yu IlHan scratched his head and apologized to his mother.

“I think a baseball league is still a little too much right now.”
“How long would it take?”
“Perhaps another 20 years.”
“Yes, my son, you worked hard.”

Kim YeSeul nodded her head in satisfaction and turned around.

“I’ll make do with a soccer team for now.”

A vast soccer field came into their view. The venue looked like it would require a hundred soccer teams in order to play a proper match, but no one retorted to the scale of the field. Since it was made by Yu IlHan, there was no way anyone would have the courage to retort to that.

“Isn’t it too small for our children to play around in~?”

In fact, Na YuNa was worried that it was too small! Yu IlHan laughed and relieved her of her worries.

“There’s spatial expansion magic cast on it so don’t worry.”

At that moment, a loud voice that resounded across the entire stadium could be heard from the broadcast center.

[You have waited long enough, ladies and gentlemen! The big match of the century, the soccer match between God’s descendants versus the descendants of his subordinates! It will start now!]
[Please look forward to it! The main point of this match is the cowardly inferiority complex of God’s subordinates showing out during a match between the descendants since they can’t win directly against God…… no wait, someone explain why I have to be the commentator again!]
[Nowadays, Lord Lucifer’s reputation is far and wide. And for that reason, today’s commentary will be handled by me, Lazière, and Lord Lucifer.]

The audience seats that could house tens of millions was already full. The rulers of countless small worlds that made up Earth overcame a lottery with odds of almost a billion to one chance in order to acquire the ticket for the match that God was watching, but unfortunately, Yu IlHan and his family were in special seats, so they could not meet them in person.

“Power is everything.”
“You know, it’s scary when you say it, IlHan.”
[Just as we speak! The players are entering!]
[Where did the referee go and why are the players entering first?]

Since Yu IlHan’s wives didn’t give birth only to sons, the match was naturally a mixed-gender match. Well, at Yu IlHan or his subordinates’ level, the gender they were born with didn’t really matter that much!

“It’s Yu Ara-nim!”

Yu IlHan and Liera’s first daughter, Yu Ara, showed up first. She boasted brilliant golden hair from her mother and the crimson red eyes from her father as she entered.

[That one is the greatest Godspoon of the century, Yu Ara. There’s a rumor that you need to defeat God before you can take her as your wife. Hm, she’ll die a virgin.]
[Lord Lucifer!]

These children seemed to think that players entering was some kind of fashion show as they received a spotlight for each and every one of their entrances!

“Ooh, so beautiful.”
“It’s natural since she’s the daughter of the goddess of love. Her beauty is so high at such a young age.”

Praises flowed out from the audience. Yu Ara, who was merely 7 years old right now, had matured early and looked to be around 15 years of age, but this was naturally due to her traits as a dragon. Levelling up fast would mean growing up fast externally as well!

“Ara-nim, please marry me!”
“Hm, bring that guy to me later.”

Yu IlHan ordered a true dragon under him with a short sentence and focused on the soccer field again. Following her, Na YuNa’s fraternal boy-girl twins, Ian and Ina, entered the pitch.
Since they inherited Na YuNa’s beauty, they were both very beautiful, the most surprising fact about them was that unlike their mother who seem to have a screw loose in her head, they were very dignified and for the most part, normal.

[These two also… I’ll omit the rest. As far as I know, there’s a bet going on about who will grow into the biggest beauty among the daughters of God, but that’s a warp gate high up in the sky for you guys, so you better stop dreaming.]
[Ah, the next contestants are entering as well!]

The son of Yu IlHan and Helièna, Yu Jin was next. Although many people had different opinions about who the prettiest daughter was, but there was no objection to who was the most handsome son was. Surprisingly, Yu Jin won against Na YuNa’s son and had the most amount of votes.

[Even though he’s supposed to inherit half of his features from the sole God, but how is he so handsome… that is the greatest mystery of this century. His growth is also just second to the eldest daughter Yu Ara, so I’m already wondering who the next God will be…… Oh, Yu IlHan won’t back down, ever? I know. I’ve had experience with another old man for tens of millennia already.]
[Next is Yu Se-ah and Yu Sira!]

Kang MiRae and Erta both had daughters, and as the two hung out frequently while researching magic, their daughters had great relationship as well. It was to the point that they looked like they would cross the line someday, and they even held each other’s hand on the way in during their entrance as well.

[That looks dangerous. Isn’t that a two-out?]
[Don’t worry, Lord Lucifer. Even though they look that close, they seem to be competing for their father’s affection.]
[Good, it’s one-out.]

Next was Ericia’s identical triplet sons: Yu Ilwoo, Yu Ijoon and Yu Samyul. Perhaps due to her origins of being a wolf, or perhaps due to her desire of propagation was the highest, she ended up giving birth to three at once.
They had the most aggressive personalities among Yu IlHan’s children, and their early growth was impressive due to the blessings from the moon goddess Ericia.

[All three of them would cause an endless amount of problems if they were set free outside God’s city…… hey, wolf form is forbidden.]

Their strong points that only they had was that they could transform into wolves! At the same time, they could transform into dragons again, and later, they would probably be able to transform into a battle-chimera containing the advantages of both wolves and dragons, like their mother.

“Why, old man Lucifer! We’re all gonna use our abilities anyway!”
[Didn’t you watch Narut*’s chuunin exam? You need to do such things in secret.]
“Boo! That’s racist!’
“It will become a mess anyway! I inherited grandpa’s prophecy so I know everything!”
[Don’t lie and shut up.]

Next was Phiria’s daughter, Yu Jia. Taking after her mother’s trait of quietly serving Yu IlHan by his side, she was very reserved. Everything was splendid about her other than the fact that she did not want to get off Yu IlHan, much like her mother.

[It’s unbelievable that she’s only five this year. In fact, I thought that this girl might grow up to be the prettiest since she inherited the bloodline of elves, but she was the least well known since she usually clung to her father until now. The sons are alright, but why are all the daughters making their father out to be a potential love partner?]
[There has been research on that until now, Lord Lucifer. The sole God has been reborn into a dragon, so their descendants are naturally dragons. But the innate instinct of dragons is the pursuit of power. His sons harbor feelings similar to worship towards him, and so his daughters’ obsessions with their father, who is a man before he is their father, is not so surprising.]
[Don’t you have to say he’s a father before he’s a man? Well, regardless of any myth and legend, God’s family tree is all messed up, so let’s leave that here! Well then, let’s bring in the last player!]

The last player and goalkeeper was Yu Arang, the second son between Yu IlHan and Liera! He was four this year, and although he had a fast rate of growth, he was the shortest amongst the players here.

“So cute!”
“Arang, come to unni!” (T/N: Why unni, not noona…I do not know)

And with the cutest impression among Yu IlHan’s children, he had a different kind of appeal to Yu Jin. Yu IlHan ordered his secret service to gather information about the girl who dared to try to take away his adorable son.

[Yu Arang…… hm, such a cute guy.]
[He indeed is. I want to make him our son.]
[But would he do well as a goalkeeper?]
[According to what Lord Gabriel has told us, the most frightening of those children is Arang.]
[He is indeed frightening – frighteningly cute, that is.]

Not to mention ordinary humans (and other intelligent species) his charm even bewitched Yu IlHan’s own subordinates! The commentators Lucifer and Lazière, watched as he shyly met up with his older siblings with a dainty smile before they got it together.

[Well, then. Here comes their opponents, we don’t have much more space so let’s get over with it qui…… dammit these guys don’t listen at all.]
[The big sister of the subordinate team! Yuni Smithson is here!]
[She’s grown up well. She’s the first child to receive a blessing from God. Since she’s treated with the utmost priority by the Akashic Record as well, you can say that she reserved a spot for becoming a true dragon.]

Yuni Smithson was 19 years old this year, and did not hesitate at all to spent time with children that were at least 10 years younger than her. She had a clear objective after all.

“Allow me to marry godfather if I win!”
“……You’re being greedy, unni.”
“I think it’s very ‘realistic’ though?”

Yu Ara and Yuni Smithson exchanged fierce glances. Both of them had golden hair, but one  had green eye while the other red, which contrasted with each other. Although Yu Ara was lacking in height since she was younger, she didn’t back down in terms of might.

“My sisters and brothers, do you want to hand father to Yuni-unni?”
“To Yuni-unni? Pfft.”
“No way.”

Yuni’s declaration basically fired up all of Yu IlHan’s children! Despite that, Yuni didn’t back off. Dragon’s desire wasn’t something that could be hidden. She wanted to be up front about everything all the time if possible.

“After this match you will have to call me mother instead of unni!”
“How dare you…… my father……!”

Yu Ara’s will to fight boiled. The atmosphere around her was being distorted. What was there to hide, she was the one who inherited Yu IlHan’s power of fire.
The others also loaded their specialties and glared at Yuni Smithson. Lucifer, who was watching, rubbed his nose and uttered in satisfaction.

[Haha, this will be a dogfight.]
[Next player! Likewise the child of the Smithson pair, Nick Smithson!]

Unlike Yuni who took after her mother, Nick took after his father more. Although he looked slightly cheeky, he still had a sharp demeanor with a handsome face, so he was already working as a fashion model on Earth.

“My aim is you, Ara.”
“Shut up. I’ll send you both to the depths of hell.”

Yu Ara’s will to fight was even more fanned! Nick was slightly scared at her heartfelt hostility and went next to his sister, when the next players entered.

[Next is the two daughters of Gabriel. Yu Nayeon and Yu Isu. They are the little sisters of the sole God and should be the aunts of the opposing team. The interesting fact here is that…….]
[Those children are universally reputed as having brother complex. Lord Yu IlHan is really a sinful man.]

Kim YeSeul’s daughter Yu Nayeon, Uriel’s daughter Yu Isu. Both of them had warm and gentle smiles, but their talents in magic was comparable to Yu Se-ah and Yu Sira. So, these four were considered to be the next generation’s talents in magic.

“I would hate to see my brother sad so I’ll go easy on you.”
“Yep, let’s all play together.”
“Aunt, you just used magic! You cheater!”

[It’s soccer for now, but I think there will be a galactic war in the future. Hm, perhaps I should start the betting pool on that one as well.]
[Lord Lucifer……?]

Following that were Mirey and Jirl’s son Hessian, Orochi and Mystics three siblings Fenia, Fate, and Fenadin, Paté and Mirfa’s daughter Irena.

[We won’t need to talk about the talents of the children of Mystic and Orochi, the closest subordinates to Yu IlHan, and Irena, who inherited the god of death’s mana, who I think would even surpass me in the future. Hessian is objectively the weakest here. Do your best, Hessian. Your inferiority complex and self-loathing will make you grow!]
[Lord Lucifer!]
[And finally.]

A boy and a girl walked out. They were the youngest of the bunch, but the aura in their eyes were not ordinary at all. That was natural, since they inherited the genes of those who were once the strongest and the second strongest of a faction.

[It’s our kids. They take after me and are rude little runts.]
[They fought each other over who will take the role of the goalkeeper.]

They were the children between Lucifer and Lazière, Adrian and Ariel. Although they were quiet on the outside, they were very passionate on the inside, perhaps they suited the race of dragons the most among the ones here, and they also possessed a sense of worship for the strong while at the same time a strong desire to surpass them.

“I know that Yuni-unni is hopeless but…….”
“We can’t lose just because of that. Sorry, this will be our victory.”

Both sides burned in fighting spirit as time went by. The God’s children team fought(?) to protect the reputation of their father, as well as their chastity, versus the subordinates’ children team that were true to their desires like dragons! With Yu Ara and Yuni at their heads respectively, they bared their fangs at each other and were making their violent tendencies go wild.

[With that, the players managed to enter, but…….]
[Lord Lucifer, would it be fine to go with the match as it is? I think there will be a murder soon.]
[Hm…… oh.]

At that time, Yu IlHan, who was watching quietly all this time, made his fingers into a circle. Having caught his gesture, Lucifer laughed and nodded his head.

[Ah, is that an okay sign? Okay, you can kill. Kill to your heart’s content.]
[Ah! Hey, don’t transform! At least start off in human form……Ah!?]

Just as the soccer field was about to become a mess before it even started, an overwhelming mana wave spread out and bound all the children. All polymorph, magic, and skills were forcibly cancelled, and they were disarmed! That power stopped the breaths of not only the children but the audiences as well!

[……When did this guy become so strong? Yu IlHan, that damn guy, he didn’t mean that it was okay to kill, but that they wouldn’t be able to kill each other no matter how they hard tried.]
[That’s true…… looks like he concealed his own power quite well.]

Just as Lucifer and Lazière was trying desperately to hide the fact that they were shocked, a young man appeared in the center of the two teams as though he was there all this time.

His looks were the most similar to Yu IlHan, a completely grown up true dragon, and the strongest one at that.

“The balance of power must be maintained, all players.”

It was Yumir.


A loud cheer broke out in the audience seats. There may be people who did not know Yu IlHan’s face but as his envoy who acted in public the most, there was no one on Earth who did not know his first son Yumir .
Number one in rankings of “The one you want to be hugged by”, number one in rankings of “Happy if you just see his face”, the trend of the era! The only bad point about him was that no one can see his face other than Yu IlHan unless he shows it.

[He had concealed himself all this time. That guy’s the referee, Yumir.]
[He doesn’t need any assistant referees.]
[……Hey, Lazière. I’m kinda confused, but has that guy achieved 9th class already?]
[……You’re right.]

There was a limit to insane growth speed, 9th class meant that no one other than Gabriel and Lucifer or someone on par with their caliber could go against him! There weren’t that many things to fight in this world, it was a wonder as to how he grew up at all!

However, Yumir ignored the shocks and fears of everyone present and warned the players.

“It’s forbidden to transform. If you use a skill or a spell and get found out by me, then it will be a yellow card. Of course, if you have the confidence to escape my sight, then you can use it all you want.”
“Yes, brother!”
“It’s really the chuun*n exam rules…….”
“Brother Mir…….”

Mir’s charisma reigned supreme and even Nick and the three wolf brothers became calm.
He sent all the players to their respective places, and laughed after looking at Yu Arang, who was moving towards the goalpost with carefree smile.

“Arang, do your best.”
“Okay, bro!”

Yu Arang smiled brightly. The next moment, his figure melted into thin air. Everyone watching was shocked, but Yu IlHan, who was watching down from the top, chuckled.

It seemed that the lineage of the concealment master was being inherited without a problem.

Author’s notes

  1. Originally, I was going to write the match as well, but if I did, I would have had to write an entire chapter so I didn’t. Please use your imagination!

Translator’s notes
Shitty author didn’t write about the match smh


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    Author’s notes
    Originally, I was going to write the match as well, but if I did, I would have had to write an entire chapter so I didn’t. Please use your imagination!
    Translator’s notes
    Shitty author didn’t write about the match smh

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