Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 4: You Can’t See Me? – 1

The first one to realize that something was wrong was not Lita but Yu IlHan.

“Something’s moving.”
[What’s moving?]
“Your sword.”
[What? Kyaaaa! No!]

The sword was trash amongst trash to the current Yu IlHan’s eyes – that sword which he made on his 5th year after picking up the hammer was vigorously vibrating on Lita’s waist.

Was it only that? The cars on the street, the clothes Yu IlHan was wearing, and others which made up the world was showing movement.
This meant one thing. The world was returning to the time when time first stopped.

“They are all the ones that were moved or changed since time stopped on Earth!”
[Rather than that, do something about this sword.]
“I’ll make you something better so why don’t you give up on it?”

While Lita was flustered and praying while grabbing on to the shabby sword, Yu IlHan’s body finally also moved against his will.

It wasn’t that his physical body was returning to its former state. It was just that he was moving to the place he was at when he was left out by humanity. With a visual that looked like a flying bird.

I can fly!1
[Ah, IlHan, wait! L, Lord God, just a bit! Just give me time to say farewell!]

Lita who realized the situation after she was focused on the sword, desperately shouted but God didn’t fulfill her request.
While Yu IlHan’s physical body was flying to the college campus from his home due to the irresistible, huge force, Lita was dragged to the sky due to another type of power. It was strong to the point that she cried from being sad.

[You took it easy until now but why so suddenly…… You’re going too far, You’re going too far!]

Lita insulted God while complaining, truly unbefitting a God’s envoy. The only thing she could do right now was to watch the distant Yu IlHan’s back and pray for his fortune. While tightly embracing the shabby sword.

‘You left the sword. So I take back the words ‘you’re going too far’.’

Will there be a time she meets Yu IlHan again? She prayed that they did. She prayed that she will see Yu IlHan after he is free from the clutches of time.
As soon as possible. Even tomorrow.

While embracing the hope that she wouldn’t even think about one thousand years ago, when she came to find Yu IlHan, a dropout, Lita slowly closed her eyes. And she realized one thing.

[In the end, we didn’t even kiss!]

At the same moment that poor angel Lita was returning, Yu IlHan also dropped in to the campus. Yu IlHan, who was half thrown at the last moment, balanced himself in mid-air and landed in a neat pose to reduce the damage done to him.

“I have a good feeling”

Above anything that he experienced in the long years, flying just now was definitely the most interesting. Wasn’t that a clear proof that the boring days had ended? While resolving that he would learn to fly by himself after learning mana, he raised his head.

And found Lita who was ascending into the skies.


Yu IlHan subconsciously moaned. To think she left like that without any farewell, as expected, was Yu IlHan no more than just an interesting human to Lita? Was he an existence she hanged out with only to serve to fill her boredom?
But that didn’t matter. No matter what, Lita who confronted him was an existence who was kind, pretty and someone who consoled his loneliness. When he thought that he wouldn’t see her again in the future, he felt that his heart was empty.

Originally, this was normal. He thought that being with her was natural as he was together with her for a long time, but an angel such as Lita coming into contact with an ordinary person like Yu IlHan was, in the first place, an extremely rare case.

An existence that can never be connected to even in the same space. Didn’t Lita herself name herself a higher existence?

“A higher existence, eh……”
Yu IlHan softly muttered to himself and tightened his fists.

Pile up techniques and knowledge to not lose behind other humans when the Great Cataclysm occurs. This was Yu IlHan’s objective until now.
However, now, he had a grand, but a firm objective.

Higher existence, if I become one, then I’ll be able to meet and talk to her again. I will finally be able to stand on the same level as her.
So I’ll become one. There was nothing that didn’t work out after I put in effort so won’t I be able to become one if I work hard as if I’m about to die? – Yu IlHan resolved himself as such.

Of course, Yu IlHan didn’t know that forget same level, she had completely caught her heart to the point that he couldn’t catch any more. It was because he was a virgin who didn’t even hold hands with a woman for more than 1000 years.

Regardless of whether Yu IlHan resolved or not, the world was returning to its original state. The exploded cars were restored and returned to their original positions, and everything in the world, which was damaged when coming into contact with Yu IlHan, returned to its former state.

And that moment was approaching.
Yu IlHan calmly closed his eyes and waited, like he did in the distant past.

And when a few hours passed, he felt the world, and himself changing. He knew about his physical body more than anyone else. And a small but a clear change had occurred to his body.

A cool, luminous, wondrous, strong energy. When his heart beat, that energy also beat along with the heart as if it was originally like that.

He didn’t even need to ponder about it. This was mana. A new energy that Earth had come in contact with. The energy that humans adapted to in the 10 years they stayed in other worlds. The energy that Yu IlHan had to adapt to in the future.

‘Well, I’ll probably be able to do it.’

He was different to his past self who was a childish college freshman. No, well, the two were on the same point in the time axis, but doesn’t he have a history of the countless years of effort, and its achievements?

He opened his eyes. There were a lot of people inside the campus which was cramped. While making expressions that they were surprised, but nervous as if they were waiting for this.

People. There were really a lot of people. Due to being too happy, he wanted to scream, but he suppressed it.

“We really came back after 10 years.”
“According to their words, we can finally……”
“Uu, I’m scared.”
“Hey, I can open the status here too!”
“Dang, everything really reset!”

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    1. Seregosa

      I just realized that “unidentifiable” isn’t referring to not being able to identify skills, the skill is him being unidentifiable, hahaha. The next thing he should do is learn how to become the god of assassins.

  1. Seregosa

    Higher existence, if I become one, then I’ll be able to meet and talk to her again. I will finally be able to stand on the same level as her.
    So I’ll become one. There was nothing that didn’t work out after I put in effort so won’t I be able to become one if I work hard as if I’m about to die? – Yu IlHan resolved himself as such.

    This made me really happy 😛 I love when mcs have lofty goals like this, screw being a mere puny human, go for the best!

    I knew the angel wouldn’t disappear from the start since she is clearly meant to be the mcs romantic interest, but I’m happy that the author mentioned it too.

    Time to rule!

  2. kao

    haha!! love that Kurok No Basket reference…Sixth Phantom Player….haha!!!

    he DOES have that ‘i’m here but NO ONE sees me…’ power…lmao!!

  3. John Robert

    The Phantom Sixth Man ~ Woah wait , Kuroko what’s up ? 😀
    Nice Stats we have here :

    [Yu IlHan]
    [Human jobless Lv1]
    [Title – Pancosmic Loner (Concealment becomes passive)]
    [Strength – 72 Agility – 81 Health – 78 Magic – 1]
    [Active Skills – Concealment Lv Max (Evolvable. Skill evolution materials are necessary.)]
    [Passive Skills – Unidentifiable]

    [Dropout bonus was acquired, and distributed]
    [Status rises by 5 when levelling up by 1.]

    The Strongest Loner on earth !!! thanks for the Chapter ! So Lita will is not a side character hoping to see her again in the near future !!

  4. silverman1212

    thats a really weak status , where is the bonus , is it just the 5 points?! we need to know how the status of others are like to know if he is really strong or not for level 1. also what is with magic being 1 ?! i really dont get why the author saying ‘Humanity’s strongest loner! (Bang!)’ with that status.

  5. eelyort2

    As someone who’s rereading:

    1) Based off of the author’s other works an “average” lvl 1 status is 10 for everything.

    2) The dropout bonus is NOT the “status rises by 5 when leveling up.” Everybody’s status has it. The bonus was simply all of his stats rising by an unknown amount.

    3) The bonus and his training are why his stats other than magic are so high.

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