Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 40: I Also Do Second Job Advancement – 3

“So this is why there are people who can’t go above level 50 in all their lives.”

[A bit like that.]

This was the conversation Yu IlHan and Erta had after he saw the text ‘kill a 3rd class monster in a single attack with a surprise attack.

No, really, does it even make sense to make someone who’s less than level 50, instakill a 3rd class monster?

There’s a limit to unreasonableness, this was no different from giving a high school freshman, a university entrance exam-level question.

But thinking like that, it seemed doable.

[You’re pondering how to succeed that criterion?]

“No, I do have a method that I’ve thought up of.”

The criteria for the quest was in the first place, a surprise attack. Yu IlHan’s attack power would increase by 40% due to his concealment passive effect because of his armor and his class, and coincidentally, he had the pile bunker with an enormous attack power right now.

The numbers weren’t funny. Didn’t he experience its destructive power several times already? It didn’t look impossible if he did well.

“But right now, it’s impossible. It’s also impossible for me right now to raise my strength so there’s only one thing I can do.”

[And that is?]

“What do you think?”

Erta thought about it for a little. Of course, the conclusion came out not long after.

[It’s mana crafting, isn’t it?]

Correct. Yu IlHan was planning to use mana crafting on the pile bunker and the full plate armor. It might be insufficient with just that, so he was planning to go through a special modification on the pile bunker.

For that modification process, there was a need to sacrifice the 3rd class magic stone in his possession.

“Now that it came to this, I should give up on evolving the resting skill.”

[You just managed to fulfill all the requirements, and it comes to this.]

Somehow, Erta looked more disappointed than Yu IlHan himself, so he quietly smiled.

“I can’t help it. Even if you say it’s the evolved version of the resting skill, it’s not a battle-oriented skill, right? So, it’s better for me to finish advancing to my 2nd class first and somehow acquire another 3rd class monster’s magic stone, before evolving it.”

[You’re right. That’s the reasonable logic. I was just a little disappointed.]

Mana crafting was originally doable without a magic stone. The reason why Yu IlHan needed to use magic stones in mana crafting was only because he had no ability to wield mana.

However, separate from that, it was also true that the effect of mana crafting would increase if one used a magic stone.

Just the difference between using a 1st class monster’s magic stone and a 2nd class monster’s magic stone alone was huge already, how amazing would the effect be if he were to use a 3rd class monster’s magic stone?

To increase his probability of succeeding the quest, Yu IlHan could delay evolving something like a resting skill without hesitation.

“Well, then.”

[You’re going into work straight away, eh.]

“I’m hungry so I should eat first.”

[I knew it……  I really did know you would say that!]

Yu IlHan gathered firewood quite proficiently, scattered troll fat, and ignited them. He suitably chopped the troll meat to bite sized pieces, skewering them on a metal skewer, before he left them on the fire. Then, a fragrant smell could be smelled soon.

“I’m quite proficient in my cooking skill now, right?”

[Although it’s what you got from cheating.]

Skills were truly wondrous. The cooking skill increased a lot when using monsters as ingredients, and as it grew, it automatically leads Yu IlHan on the more correct and delicious cooking path.

Of course, if he kept grilling trolls, then it would stop, but Yu IlHan had an ambitious dream to make all monsters into a dish. His final objective was a dragon steak.(E/N: Michelin star monster restaurant)

“Should I get to work right away after eating this?…… It should be easier if a 3rd class monster appears in this dungeon.”

[Although I’m not sure, I think that there is one.]

“What a coincidence, so do I.”

A huge vortex entrance, the enormous area.
Yu IlHan was sure that there was no way a 3rd class monster wouldn’t be here in such a blatant place.

“The author I respect, Anton Chekhov, of Russia, said this. If a machine gun appeared in the first chapter, then Rambo must appear in the 3rd chapter with his action.”

[I will not tackle that line.]

While Yu IlHan spoke nonsense while eating troll meat, and Erta looked at him with fed up eyes.

Erta seemed to lift her head up before saying while giggling.

[It seems Rambo has appeared.]

“Rambo? A 3rd class monster has appeared already?”

[Think about it. Was it only a machine gun you took out in this journey?]

Yu IlHan thought for a while and ended up realizing.
That was true. The moment he left Korea, didn’t he take out pistols, submachine guns, and cannons? Amongst them, there were some who looked like they should appear in this chapter.(E/N: fourth wall)

Na YuNa and her boyfriend who chattered about the Grand Canyon.
The moment he thought up of that, Yu IlHan’s face crumpled violently.


[They’re coming this way.]

Immediately after Erta said that, a truly huge scorpion showed itself over the horizon. Yu IlHan remembered seeing that thing, which moved incredibly quickly for a scorpion, not long ago.

“Like I said, why is a sand scorpion appearing on a highland!”

[Just save those people already!]

In the left pincer of a huge sand scorpion, with a body over 4m, was the white priestess-clothed woman, Na YuNa. Yu IlHan, who was clueless to magic didn’t know, but she was holding on since she cast a defensive skill over her body, as otherwise, she would be snapped in half.

[That’s why I said to be careful!]

“Kyaaaak! Help me! I will eat my vegetables starting tomorrow so please save meeeeee!”


A woman captured by a huge running scorpion’s pincers; a guardian angel who was screaming right next to her; and lastly, an armored man who was following them. It was definitely her boyfriend.

How did they even end up in that kind of situation even with a guardian angel?!? He really wanted to ignore them, but as he saw it, the situation the woman was in looked very dangerous. In truth, there was plenty of room to her defensive magic, but as Yu IlHan was clueless with magic, he wouldn’t know that.

Yu IlHan sighed before standing up and gripped the metal skewer with troll’s meat juices and blood dripping off it.

“Why are they struggling with such a weak monster?”

[If one gets ambushed then they will become like that. Although, you would never know that since you never experienced it, nor will you ever experience it in the future.]

“I can sense hostility from your words……Hup!”

After retorting to Erta’s words while grumbling, Yu IlHan postured himself in place and threw the metal skewer like that. Erta was frightened by that scene.

[You’re going to throw away the only chance of a surprise attack with that metal skewer!?]

“Don’t worry, that’s Metal Heart right there.”

[……Are you saying that you made a mere skewer with that precious metal?]

“Yeah. It was my dream to defeat enemies with metal skewers.”(E/N: that’s his next job, skewer thrower)

The metal skewer that Yu IlHan threw was affected by his max level shooting skill to pierce through the air sharply like a bullet before piercing into the scorpion’s pincers.

As it wasn’t made from Metal Heart for nothing, the metal skewer pierced such a hard carapace like tofu. It was truly an absurd scene.

{Kyaaeuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!}(E/N: now imagine a chibi scorpion with the moe eyes and blush)

How much would it hurt since its pincers were pierced? The huge sand scorpion momentarily couldn’t endure the pain and rampaged. In that process, the woman in its pincers was freed naturally into the air.

At this point, Yu IlHan realized something new, and it was that even though he had attacked first, the scorpion hadn’t noticed him. It seemed that because his attack was too fast and came from an undetectable location, the passive concealment did not wear off.

While thinking that he should research more into that later, Yu IlHan kicked off into the air. The scorpion was still rampaging around, and the woman was falling defenselessly in the air, so she might have been even more injured.

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  1. 13 blackcat

    IMO, funniest chapter yet.
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    Of course, if he kept grilling trolls, then it would stop, but Yu IlHan had an ambitious dream to make all monsters into a dish. His final objective was a dragon steak.(E/N: Michelin star monster restaurant)

    Change that to Dragon God steak and I’m on. Just a dragon seems a bit too easy, gotta go a bit higher. I mean, he can likely kill dragons soon, even if it’s lower levels ones 😀

    Seems he’ll never be left alone, no matter where he go 😛 Go, gundam mc.

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