Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 44: I Also Do 2nd Job Advancement – 7

Fuu, Yu IlHan heaved a deep breath.
What should have come, had finally come

After resolving himself, he urged Erta.

“Say it.”

Following Yu IlHan, Erta also shortly took a deep breath. Then, she hesitated as if she didn’t like to say that word, before spitting that word carefully, as if exposing her embarrasing parts.

[Abandoned World.]
“That’s quite the unpleasant word.”

Only one element made Yu IlHan unpleasant.

Just who, abandoned that world?

[I told you that we are managing a huge number of worlds. God wants all worlds to be maintained, and as such, God gives out the races who manage that world, such as humans, quests, in other words, power.]
“Like he did with humans on Earth.”
[Yes, like that. However, you should know from the things that happened on Earth, but not all things go naturally.]

Yu IlHan could not earn the opportunity to go to another world, monsters became unimaginably stronger, and even an Overflow occurred once already. There would be other problems occurring on Earth in the future.

[Whether it’s humans or elves, if they, the main axis of the world, become too strong, then it’s still alright. Monsters, due to their characteristics, can only keep appearing, and animals other than monsters keep breeding. Even if the balance of a world is destroyed, it doesn’t matter that much.]
“If it’s the monsters who become too strong?”
[We help humans and other intelligent races to the last, with all our effort, but that doesn’t mean that we can annihilate the monsters ourselves. And as such, there are cases where they lose against monsters, and sometimes, if it’s serious, they would die out.]

Yu IlHan felt that he knew without listening to the rest.

“……If that happens, you abandon the world.”
[A world with no development cannot evolve any more, and the monsters, who lost their enemies, free themselves of their shackles and eat each other. Such a world loses its future. And at that time, Heaven finally abandons a world.]

It was natural. Yu IlHan knew plenty that angels cannot proactively interfere with the phenomena occurring on Earth. He also knew that God was doing the best to help the humans on Earth.

However, even so, Yu IlHan became dejected when he heard that.

[As all communication with Heaven was severed, even if an angel drifts into that world, it becomes impossible to contact other angels.]
“However, this is not an Abandoned World, but a dungeon on Earth.”
[Yes. It should be.]

This was the moment when Erta gave out her reply in a worried voice.


Without any signs, an object dropped towards her head. Immediately after seeing that, Yu IlHan covered her and rolled on the ground.

Right after that, a gigantic scythe embedded itself on the ground with a frightening ‘psh’ sound. This was an attack with a frightening strength.

{‘New record’, found.}

And its voice could be heard.

Yu IlHan immediately raised his head to see its figure. Standing with its scythe still stuck on the ground, it was a monster which had a thin body with a black hood as if materializing the figure of a deathgod that Yu IlHan was about to become.

If there was one thing that Yu IlHan was relieved about, it was that the despair that he would never win against it, didn’t come. It was probably because its concealment was a skill that Yu IlHan had already mastered. In other words, it was the same case with the leopard.

It was not a 4th class monster. It was definitely much stronger than the Highland Troll Boss, but it was definitely still a 3rd class monster.

However, he couldn’t be optimistic about the situation. It couldn’t find Yu IlHan, but found Erta instead of him and attacked, and as Yu IlHan covered her, his concealment deactivated.
After realizing that, Yu IlHan muttered with a sigh.

“See? You’re an embarrassing angel as always.”
[Yu IlHan. If we survive this, I will give you the reward for saving a higher existence.]

Erta replied.

[So please don’t die. I request of you.]
{Record, give me!}

This was the start of the true boss fight.

Author’s notes

  1. As Erta said before, her power is hugely weakened right now.
  2. The baits are finally being solved a litle.
  3. Beef is good, beef is… Excluding its price, everything else. T^T (T/N: Beef is expensive in Korea)

Translator’s notes

Yet another sponsored chapter! This just came in when I was about to sleep yesterday…

Hmm. in spoilers, I should have told people that higher existences can bring out all the power they want if they want to protect themselves. But I guess this part has to do with her being an angel, and cannot bring out her full powers. I.e. she would be fine if she was attacked by the same monster on Earth.

Translator : Chamber

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    1. Ankit Mahar

      But wasn’t it said that his concealment powers apply to things connected with him as well. So how come they can see the angel now.
      If so, then why was the baby leopard not able to see the angel as well.
      This fight seems a little forced.

      1. BleedingWeen27

        2 years late but… isn’t it obvious? She resized to use her halo, and while they’re conversing they’re not touching, they only have an established “acquaintances” relationship (both are too stubborn to at least admit to the friendship). This is further backed by how he had to cover her and make them both roll out of the way of the scythe, otherwise, why would he have to do that if she was already grappled on his hair like usual (when small)? His skill is explicitly not an AOE, it’s just an effect that extends to the objects in physical contact with the user.

  1. fletchp

    themselves and arrnaged themselves
    themselves and arranged themselves

    could not see thorugh, required
    could not see through, required

    evolution originall was only possible
    evolution originally was only possible

    [ou absorb the record.
    [You absorb the record.

    He flet as if hot lava
    He felt as if hot lava

    but the condition to reactiactivate weighed
    but the condition to reactivate weighed

    so Yu IlHan calmly cleand them out
    so Yu IlHan calmly cleaned them out

    unfamiliarity that Yu IlHan felt afte killin the troll boss.
    unfamiliarity that Yu IlHan felt after killing the troll boss.

    into this dungeon togeher, a higher
    into this dungeon together, a higher

    I think it’s beter to leave
    I think it’s better to leave

    life as an angle, there was never
    life as an angel, there was never

    despair hat he would never win
    despair that he would never win

      1. alu


        …she didn’t like to say that wod, …
        …she didn’t like to say that woRd, … Maybe “name” works better in english?

        Yu IlHan knew plent that angels …
        Yu IlHan knew plenty that angels …

  2. yu3kino

    lol, it feels like Yu IlHan gonna steal everything from this reaper, body parts, core, clothes, scythe, and job. Anyway, the reaper scythe and core should be very compatible with his 2nd class.

  3. firelight777

    thorugh -> through
    originall -> originally
    ou absorb the record. -> You have absorbed the record (? I think it should be this)
    He flet -> He felt
    Yu IlHan never -> Yu Ilhan had never
    damage fast -> damage quickly
    skill is -> skill are (the ‘is’ acts on the abilities, not the skill)
    condition to reactiactivate -> condition to reactivate (although I think reactivate-> activate, in which case it would be “activation condition” instead)
    can’t even find Yu IlHan so they cannot -> couldn’t even find Yu Ilhan so they could not/weren’t able to
    As they don’t appear, -> As they weren’t appearing,
    cleand -> cleaned
    afte killin -> after killing
    togeher -> together
    monster have been -> monster has been
    Simply, the risk has -> Simply put, the risk had
    climibing -> climbing
    in her life as an angle, there was never such a case. -> Well, I mean, she is supposed to be acute-y *ba dum tss*
    …I’ll see myself out
    weren’t that almighty -> weren’t as almighty
    Yu IlHan could not earn he opportunity -> Yu Ilhan did not earn the opportunity (I think earn -> get because of what actually happened though)
    it they -> if they
    doesn’t that matter that much -> doesn’t matter that much
    Yu IlHan knew plent -> Yu IlHan knew plenty (enough)
    the phenomenons -> the phenomena
    that wold -> that world
    despair hat (LOL) -> despair that

    [Yu IlHan. If we survive this, I will give you the reward of saving a higher existence.]
    …Well then, seems like someone has a high opinion of herself.
    If her meaning is that she’ll reward him for saving her, then you should of -> for

    Thanks for the chapter! I’m guessing this whole thing is a result from his class up, maybe a/the Death God (full fledged) is interfering because he solved the previous one too easily.

  4. cyancrown

    While having so many chapters to read was amazing–the cutoff point is painful! Looking forward to the next chapter. . . Also, quite interested in what exactly happened? Some reaper mob showing up while the dungeon loses its entrance.

    I doubt I’m right, but I somehow can’t help but think of the angels that were jealous of the MC.

  5. guidedicicles

    So all he has to do is kill all the strong monsters and god can do the dual-citizenship thing he did with earth to repopulate right? I imagine the reward for reclaiming an abandoned world would be huge.

    Well probably such a thing would only be possible if there was a time-dilation event between worlds and he spent another thousand years hunting and making an angel go yandere for him. Under normal circumstances, assuming Rita spends all her free time spying on them, I imagine heaven would quickly notice and investigate.

  6. Seregosa

    [You have acquired Transcendent Regeneration skill. You will recover physical and mental damage quickly the moment you receive a strong shock. As of skill level 1 right now, you can regenerate a finger instantly even if it’s blown away. Once activated, you cannot activate it again until you have recovered sufficient amount of energy via rest. The original abilities of the Resting skill are maintained.]

    Wow, that’s way too OP… At skill level 1(of probably 100 if we go by mana crafting, perhaps it’s different for EX skills), he can already regenerate a finger instantly(I guess he’ll play with fireworks later on without having to fear, heh), when he reaches higher level, will he be able to regenerate his entire body? Say he’s decapitated, he could still regenerate a new body? If his brain were turned to mush, he could regenerate a new one? 😛 Talk about life saving skill even… Even if it’s not to the extent I guessed, it’d still be like having an extra life.

    {Troll doesn’t want to die.}
    {Should troll run? It’s bothersome. But wants to live. Dillema keeps paining troll.}
    {Will all trolls die?}
    {Troll wants to go back.}

    Wow… Such a dilemma, I don’t want to run because it’s bothersome and tiring, I want to sleep, but I don’t want to die… But I don’t want to run, daaaaaamn. 😀 Trolls are the natural supreme slackers of nature, must be some of the laziest monsters I’ve ever seen. They’d rather die than run, just because they can’t be bothered.

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