Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 45: I Also Do 2nd Job Advancement – 8

No one would listen to his excuses, so as to not give excuses to anyone.

{Kuaaaa, painful. Body is burning. How are you weak but strong? Give me your record. Make me understand. I want to know. I want records. Records, RECORDSRECORDSRECORDSRECORDS!}

When the number of wounds increased on its body, its accuracy of swings of its scythe became lower, but instead, the speed and its destructive power increased. The blades of wind didn’t disappear, and attacked him twice by coming back on the same path once reaching a certain distance, and the spikes from the ground became thicker and its number increased.

No matter how perfectly Yu IlHan had seen though the monster, he couldn’t block all its attacks. Slashes increased on his armor, and even his helmet and the mask inside had scratches. If his protective equipments all broke off, then he would really not be able to endure for long.
It really was a teeth-clateringly powerful strength. Yu IlHan could feel the power of mana fully, which he couldn’t with Kang HaJin.

“Fuck, I will definitely wield mana!”

He couldn’t be defeated like this. He had to give out a single attack that could change the situation even if he had to undertake danger!
Yu IlHan kicked off the ground, ignored the spikes, avoided the blades of wind, parried the scythe attacks, and pierced his spear right on top of its face.

[Critical Hit!]

At that moment, a huge spike shot out from inside its hood. This was never included in its pattern until now, so this attack wasn’t something he had predicted.
Moreover, its target was Erta on top of Yu IlHan’s head!

Frightened, Yu IlHan moved his body. In that process, his arm was caught by the spike, and the armor at that part ripped apart like paper.

“It hurts so much!”
[Are you alright!?]
“I am!”

I am used to pain. It’s alright since I’m used to it! – Yu IlHan muttered as if to hypnotize himself and retreated.

From his wound, bright red blood dripped out and colored the highland red. What was more serious was that his wounded part was becoming increasingly black.

[Not even extreme poison resistance can block…… No, curse. Its attack has a frightening power of a curse dwelling in it!]
“You will do something about it anyway if I survive, right?”
[Of course. Rather than that, Yu IlHan, I think me not being here should help you more.]
“……Will you be alright?”

For some reason, the monster was reacting more to Erta rather than Yu IlHan. (T/N: Duh, Erta is Lv 300+). Erta definitely realized that its target of attack was Erta herself.
And if Yu IlHan got wounded while protecting her again, then Erta wouldn’t be able to endure that.

However, Yu IlHan was instead worried for her departing from him. Since, for some reason, she could not even bring out her already restricted angel power.

The special characteristics of this dungeon were attacking her. She didn’t know what it was, and how to avoid it. That unreasonable violence was assaulting her.

[I’m a higher existence. You need not worry.]

Seeing though Yu IlHan’s worry, Erta spoke courageously before departing. At that moment, the deathgod’s scythe aimed at her, but both Erta and Yu IlHan had predicted that.
At the same time she dodged that, Yu IlHan’s spear strike struck its shoulder. It was a frightening attack that pulled aggro away from her.

[Critical Hit!]
“You should know if it dies right? Go take a stroll.”
[Yu IlHan, don’t die.]

Leaving those words, Erta flew away like an arrow. Yu IlHan also realized after seeing that she was flying to a certain destination without hesitation. It wasn’t that she had only gone away just to relieve Yu IlHan’s burden on the battefield.

After sending her off, Yu IlHan faced the deathgod. As the fact that the feeling on his cursed arm disappearing made him nervous, Yu IlHan strangely did not feel any fear.

How? He asked himself and realized. It was a truly simple reason.

“Yes, there is a foreshadow that hasn’t occurred yet!”

He was joking around – meaning it was still doable.

Yu IlHan blew away all the pain and worry with a smile, and confronted the deathgod which became more insane after Erta left.

Then he threw his body towards the storm of mana, in which, death was dwelling.

Author’s notes

  1. Right now, ???: “The exit disapeaaarrred!?”

Translator’s notes

Regular chapter… you might have seen, but there are 2 in the queue right now… but I have no more in stock… you gotta wait for tomorrow…. Wait… I’m meeting Kobatochandaisuki and Ensj in real life tomorrow… you gotta have to wait more I guess…

I still wonder what that unocurred foreshadow/flag is…
Also, people ask : Is MC becoming death’god’ becoming an actual ‘god’? Will this affect the relationship between him and Lita in some way?
The answer is NO. ‘deathgod’ is just a name of a job. (Think shinigami). The deathgod in this context has no relation to an actual god whatsoever. The reason I translate it as ‘deathgod’ and not ‘reaper’ (They’re the same thing) is because author uses both the korean version of a reaper (literally translated to ‘deathgod’) and reaper, written in English.


Translator : Chamber

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  1. firelight777

    Jokes disappeared from him. Meaning that the situation was not that leisurely. -> should be one sentence = Jokes disappeared from him, meaning that the situation was not that leisurely.
    attack have -> attack had
    he had no other advantages than its sturdy defensvie -> it had no other advantages than its sturdy *defensive* (To me it sounds like this sentence should be talking about the armour, not him in general. Also the one misspelling)
    asked that Yu IlHan cannot defeat it, he would laugh a that -> asked if* Yu Ilhan could* defeat it, he would laugh at* that
    wholheartedly -> wholeheartedly
    lightly. It was to -> lightly in order to
    Thanks o that -> thanks to that
    {Recoooooooood!} -> {Recooooooooord!} (at least, I think this should be record and not a really odd grunt)
    To observe anymore, its attack was too sharp. so there was a need for him to limit its movements by attacking it. -> Its attack was too sharp to observe anymore, so there was a need for Yu Ilhan to limit its movements by attacking it.
    litle -> little
    clung at -> clung to
    there was a damage -> was some damage (I think “he’d inflicted some damage” instead would be better)
    from he ground -> from the ground
    had sen -> had seen
    hlmet -> helmet
    all break off -> all broke off
    and he armor -> and the armor
    serious that -> serious was that
    dwelling in i! -> dwelling in it!
    survive, righ -> survive, right
    me being not here -> me not being here
    its targe of -> its target of
    instead, worried -> instead worried (no comma)
    characteristcs of this dungeon was -> characteristics of this dungeon were
    Thanks for the chapter!

    “I want records. Records, RECORDSRECORDSRECORDSRECORDS!”
    C’mon man, you need help! You have to start by admitting you have an addiction that you aren’t letting go of. We’re just here to help!

    1. Chamber Post author

      fixed…thx. Man, I must be blind…

      help? with editing? I do have an editor… but I didn’t even notify him that I translated this chapter before I posted it…

      1. firelight777

        Lol, that might be your problem right there XD
        Assuming your editor doesn’t mind, I don’t mind helping out to edit, though since I’m in university there’ll probably be a fair few times I don’t have enough time to do it due to needing to study. How would the process work (like the coming Monday since I have a midterm that day)? Like, would you send a google doc link or something?

    1. Lord Sioks

      “After sending her off, Yu IlHan faced the deathgod. As the fact that the feeling on his cursed arm disappearing made him nervous, Yu IlHan strangely did not feel any fear.”

      Maybe there are already here and the girl just healed him ? Honestly this boss fight is only difficult because he doesn’t have a healer, the other guy isn’t needed xD

  2. sdf

    After reading through this novel once and rereading, I really have a bone to pick. How could a 3rd class possibly threaten Erta, abandoned world or not?? Even if you take away her magic and mana, just her body as a higher existence is durable to the point an average 3rd class can’t break her skin.

    Even the future Yu Ilhan in 3rd class at the reaper’s level couldn’t have killed Erta, period. And the reaper’s weapon isn’t even that good, compared to what Ilhan can make. This ‘Erta in danger’ is total BS, period.

    …I guess Toika must have readjusted the power levels later on or something?

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