Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 46: I Also Do 2nd Job Advancement – 9

Erta felt her powers dwelling in her dimming as she flew further and further. The power that only a select few of higher existences have, the power that is only granted to Executor angels of Heaven’s power.

As her power was already restricted by coming to Earth, unbelieveably, Erta was currently weaker than Yu IlHan. If it wasn’t like that, she should have been able to protect herself from danger.

[I heard that this doesn’t happen in a place other than Abandoned Worlds…]

But why did such things occur on a dungeon on Earth? She thought up of countless theories, but unless she does not find a material evidence, they will stay as theories.
What was more importantt was to break through this crisis! Biting her lips, Erta put more strength into flapping her wings.

She wasn’t only flying away from Yu IlHan to not disturb him. She was looking for reinforcements. They, who also ended up getting trapped in this dungeon, and untrustworthy ones!

Until a few moments ago, she couldn’t move around carelessly as she wasn’t sure about it. However, while fighting with the reaper, she could feel a faint signal on her angel’s ring which had lost its communication function. It was none other than Feyta.

And right now, Feyta was with the man-woman duo. 2 skilled people who have finished their 2nd job advancements.

[Seeing that they, who even have an escape scroll, cannot leave the dungeon, this place really is in a situation of a pseudo-Abandoned World.]

And to escape from this situation, there was no other option than to defeat that strange monster, which was the core of this dungeon.
If that happens, whether the entrance of the dungeon opens, or the Trap of Destruction shows itself, or the dungeon itself self-destructs, or something will change. If they also do not want to die in this dungeon, then they will have to cooperate with Yu IlHan.

That monster with the outer appearance of a deathgod was a mutated 3rd class monster. It was already a miracle that Yu IlHan was fighting it alone, and originally, there was no way two more 2nd class people would turn around the situation.
However, Erta trusted in the eyes of Feyta. She believed in the girl with an extraordinary holy power, Na YuNa.


She was also thinking of something else. If that occurrs successfully then Yu ILHan would definitely be able to defeat the reaper!

[So please endure a little more, Yu IlHan.]

Who would have predicted that she would worry about a mere lower existence so much!?

No one, including herself, did not know the identity of those emotions. however, Erta instinctively realized that that emotion would affect her very much in the future, and didn’t hate that fact that much.
A difference in league wasn’t that much of a problem for her anymore. (T/N: What was translated as ‘soul’ before will be changed to ‘league’)

So, please, I beg you.
As one other angel did before, she prayed in the name of God that she followed and flew across the dungeon.

How much time had passed since she left? Yu IlHan was still fighting against the reaper with much difficulty.

“*Pant* *pant*”

‘Limit’ was something he had experienced a lot of times. However, right now, it was the worst among those limits. His stamina had depleted, wounds were everywhere on his body, and the curse which penetrated through the wound on his arm was spreading around while numbing the senses of his entire body.

If it wasn’t for the training that he did over hundreds of years, then he would have collapsed already. Since he already could not feel how his own arms and legs were moving anymore.
He was just moving while believing in the record that was etched on his body over several hundred years. And that, was a truly painful torment.

{You don’t fall. You won’t fall.}

The reaper also was looking at him with disbelief. As it thought to chase after Erta after quickly killing Yu IlHan, it kept pouring out skills, and thanks to that, its mana was depleted, so it could make neither the baptism of spikes nor the storm of wind blades.

{Why do you not fall?}
“Don’t ask me, fucker.”

Swearing at it, Yu IlHan swung his spear again. As he had done so thousands of timse until now, the spear ripped apart the skin beneath its already ripped hood, and pulled out its blood. The black blood sprayed onto his armor and burned. The armor really did save his life several times.

Fuuk, fuuuu.”

Trying his best to sort out his breathing, Yu IlHan postured himself straight. He calculated the position of the opponent and held his spear, before charging at it while dodging its sharp attack. His movements seemed no longer like a human, but a ferocious beast.

In truth, the curse was already affecting his sight. Even now, it was slowly, very slowly blurring his vision.
The figure of his enemy, the figure of himself holding the spear couldn’t even be seen now. The teeth-clatteringly powerful curse was eating away Yu IlHan’s everything.

Even so, Yu IlHan swung his spear again. The spear with all of Yu IlHan’s strength just barely avoided the deathgod’s scythe and ripped its wrist. It screamed.

{Kuaaak! How, how can I not kill you!?}

Its rage finally breached the limit. It even brought out all the magic that it had saved for hunting the angel. That changed into form of a long, sharp scythe and rose in the surroundings.

So it really was saving its power. Yu IlHan, who couldn’t wield mana yet, but could sense it, felt dark magic power boiling in his surroundings. He desperately avoided them and laughed a little with a ‘heh’.

“That mere magic power.”

It acted as if it could do anything with magic power, but it couldn’t kill Yu IlHan for tens of minutes. Instead, if just counting the number of hits they struck, then Yu IlHan would have overwhelmed it already.

What good was a good weapon? In the end, everything was decided by the skills of its user. Even right now, Yu IlHan read the movement of those scythe just by instinct and dodged all of them. This was the moment where a large amount of mana it just used evaporated into the air.

Then he instead saw through its dulled movments due to wielding the scythe to approach it and struck with his spear with his full strength!


[Critical Hit.]

Yu IlHan’s spear pierced its chest. He attacked the same location continuously and finally succeeded in destroying its bones.

The deathgod stiffened while teetering, and Yu IlHan swung his spear twice again and succeded in attacking its body.

However, unfortunately, the next moment, Yu IlHan collapsed right there.


He couldn’t even swear. It was because he didn’t know how to move his jaw muscles. He felt that he might bite his tongue if he wasn’t careful so he didn’t move it anymore, his mouth was still half open.

The curse was truly ferocious. He misstepped once and now he couldn’t even think how to move next. He felt as if all the nerves inside his body was tangled up.
Yes, a patient tied to a hospital bed might feel similar to this.


The next moment the deathgod’s scythe mercilessly flew and struck his back. The defensive power of the armor was truly exceptional and blocked that strike, but it couldn’t hold out against the chain of attacks and ended up getting destroyed.


The deathgod’s attack hit his back. The pain of bone shattering, and a new, and more ferocious curse spread around his body, giving him pain and blowing away his consciousness.

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        Wow such a blatant setting and I also forgot all about it while engrossed in the fight 😮 , was just about to post that maybe he’s about to level up similar to Seoul St’s Necromancer … though I had a normal level in mind, forgot the jobs haha.

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