Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 47: I Also Do 2nd Job Advancement – 10

The three trolls were inflicted were inflicted by an illusion magic that Erta used with her little bit of power and were imitating Michale Jackson’s Moonwalk, sloppy.

The wounds he got from fighting the reaper were too serious so they weren’t fully recovered even with Na YuNa’s ability, but that would not hinder him from killing the trolls.

Kang HaJin said 30 seconds.
Yu IlHan said that was enough, and it actually was.


With a shout, he charged. The trolls didn’t notice him. Yu IlHan held up his spear, and threw the spear, which did not lose its sharpness at all even in that intense fight, to attack the three trolls.

[You have earned 520,938 experience.]
[You have earned 518,556 experience.]
[You have earned 549,289 experience.]

A flash like charge and lightning strikes. The shot which was unbelievable whether it really was used by a human who could not use mana, killed a troll with a single precise piercing attack with every attack.
A perfect surprise attack secretive enough for the other trolls to not notice!

Yes. He just killed 3 second class monsters with a surprsie attack right now.

[Kill 2nd class monsters with a single surprise attack 100/100]
[Kill a 3rd class monster with a single surprise attack 1/1]

[You have fulfilled the job advancement criteria. Attaining advancement to Rookie Reaper!]

This was the moment when Erta’s plan succeeded perfectly.

[You have become Rookie Reaper. The effectiveness of concealment increases by 10%(T/N: LOL). Critical hit chance and attack power increases by 30% when attacking in a surprise attack. Attack power increases by 20% when confronting ‘life’.]
[The evolution criteria for concealment becomes easier.]
[You absorb the accumulated records. You have become level 53. 5 Strength, 5 Agility, 5 Health, 5 Magic increases.]
[You have learned the passive skill, Death Collector. You collect the power of life of those you have killed.]
[You cannot use mana. You cannot learn active skills.]
[You can acquire a sub class.]

[Yu IlHan]
[Human Rookie Reaper Lv53]
[Title – Pancosmic Loner (Concealment becomes passive), One hit for you, one hit for me(Critical Hit chance 10%), Creator of Myths(Productive activities 20%), Not two hits, not three hits, but one hit(20% increase in experience and possibility of acquiring a magic stone.]
[Strength – 152, Agility – 156, Healtth – 147, Magic – 69]
[Active Skills – Concealment Lv Max, Mana Crafting Lv 28, Superhuman Strength Lv 1]
[Passive Skills – Close Combat Lv Max, Spearmanship Lv Max, Blunt Weapon Mastery Lv Max, Swordsmanship Lv Max, Shooting Lv Max, Dismantling Lv Max, Blacksmithing Lv Max, Transcendent Regeneration Lv Max, Cooking Lv 11, Critical Hit Lv 9, Extreme Poison Resistance Lv 4, Death Collector Lv 1]

2nd class. That was incomparable to a 1st class. It wasn’t for nothing that the difference in experience became big between 1st and 2nd class monsters. It was because it was a level that is absolutely impossible to be reached if not fulfilling certain criteria.

On top of that, Rookie Reaper, which Yu IlHan had earned with the most monstrous condition of all 2nd class over all the worlds, was a class with a monstrous power. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it was made only for him. It has a power that would look down on normal 3rd classes so there was no need to say anything more about it.

However, those things weren’t important to Yu IlHan. He had already cornered the reaper with only his 1st class. It didn’t matter how much power his 2nd class gave him.

What was more important was that he had levelled up. The increased level that occurred in the process of the wall blocking his growth becoming completely tattered. Due to that, his health had completely been recovered!
That was enough for him!

As such, Yu IlHan didn’t even bother properly reading the text that appeared on his retina. He only ran quickly after conforming that the trolls died and that he had levelled up.

10 seconds were left of the promised 30 seconds.

{You’re weak, you’re too weak!}
“Please make oppa not diiiiie!”

Holy Knight Kang HaJin was desperately enduring against the attacks of the reaper. He also possessed exceptional ability, but this was only possible with Na YuNa recovering his health.

“Just how did that guy, hold on, Kuhk!”
{Give me your life!}
“Don’t diiiiie!”

Kang HaJin’s struggles and Reaper’s violent attacks, on top of Na YuNa’s baptism of chants made the battlefiled a pit of chaos. Unfortunately, the two angels who were not of help in this battle at all could only pray for their victory from afar.

[It’s fine if Kang HaJin dies, but Na YuNa will also die at this rate!]
[You really have no blood or tears.]
[If Na YuNa dies, then I’ll resent you, Erta!]
[Don’t say unpleasant things and wait!]

Erta, who found peace somehow as Yu IlHan was alive, and Feyta, who was about to cry since the one she protects seemed about to die.
While the two angels, with different minds, were verbally fighting, Kang HaJin’s armor finally shattered.

“Kyaaak!, no!

At that moment, Na YuNa, who was only chanting towards Kang HaJin until now, spread her arms towards the reaper for the first time.

“Pleae punish that bad guuuy!”

Brilliant pink light spread out from Na YuNa’s two hands and struck the Reaper. Reaper, who got attacked by her directly, as it didn’t prepare for it, unbelievably flew away for tens of meters before striking the ground. Its figure was even more pitiful than when Yu IlHan fought it.

[Just what the hell is that woman!?]
[She’s the child who will save humanity!]

Her attack had a tremendous power behind it. Of course, although it was also thanks to her affinity, a god’s power, overwhelming the reaper, who looked like a bad guy from a glance, Na YuNa’s power was also enormous.
To the point that it made the Reaper’s health, which fell while fighting Yu IlHan, but was recovering during the fight with Kang HaJin, fell by an enormous amount and stunned it!

There were two problems. One was the fact that that stunned state wouldn’t last long, and another was that the power that Na YuNa had, had been depleted.

“What do we do, Oppa, ruuuun!”
“I also, got stunned……!”

Kang HaJin replied while clenching his teeth. Due to the shock he received from the Reaper being too big, he could only move his mouth.
He didn’t get inflicted by a curse thanks to Na YuNa, but if the Reaper awakes from the stunned state, then there would be no next. He would really die.

Fuck! – The moment Kang HaJin muttered, someone whispered to him while lightly grabbing his hand.

“Let me in on the party.”

Kang HaJin subconsciously nodded his head. At that moment,

[You have received a new party member.]
[Party members : 3]

The senses exclusive to a party extended to enwrap the new member. Kang HaJin finally realized the situation and opened his two eyes widely. He couldn’t see as the stun didn’t wear off yet, but it was clear who joined his party.

“You came back……!”

Yu IlHan quietly whispered and kicked off the ground. Kang HaJin finally could see his back figure.
The pitch black armor, which was scratched and even destroyed here and there, and the shoulders that looked safe despite all that.

Kang HaJin subconsciously became relieved. Then, he felt a strange emotion after realizing that he was becoming relieved. He, who had proactively solved all things in his life until now, had no experience in becoming relieved by leaving a task to another person.

However, regardless of whether Kang HaJin realized his new feelings or not, Yu IlHan coudn’t care less. He only ran courageously. With his newly acquired powers, while holding the spear in his hand tightly.

The Reaper was still under a stun, with all its weaknesses exposed, and did not notice Yu IlHan approaching him.

Of course, Yu IlHan wouldn’t become dejected even if the Reaper was waiting for him with its full health. He had already seen through the Reaper’s everything. He had analyzed and saw through everything that it could do, so there was no way he could be afraid.

{Kahak, humans, new record! Record!}

The Reaper’s stun was wearing off. While speaking nonsense, it stood its body up. However, it still could not notice Yu IlHan.
That was only natural. The fact that it had found Yu IlHan at first was also because Erta was by his side, not because it had the ability to see through Yu IlHan’s concealment.

However, Yu IlHan was currently running on the ground alone, and Erta was watching from behind, and his already powerful concealment had been enhanced.

With a small smile, Yu IlHan activated the Superhuman Strength. With all his muscular power focused on his two arms, he struck the spear without any hesitation.
That spear magnificently struck the Reaper’s chest, where he had pierced thousands of times until now.

[Critical Hit!]

At the last moment, the Reaper lifted its head up. The moment its eyes met with Yu IlHan’s, Yu IlHan realized an unexpected fact.

It wasn’t ‘it’. To think that Yu IlHan, who read an enormous quantity of books, had made an error of generalization, he should be embarrassed.
At that moment, even more amazingly, the Reaper opened its mouth.

[Th, thank you……]

A voice, that was not like a metallic roar from the depths of hell, but a clear and beautiful female’s, could be heard. Just from the voice alone, it wasn’t one that fit a battle scythe but one that fit more with a field of flowers.


Yu IlHan answered that by clearly taking the Reaper’s life by twisting his spear. At his merciless actions, the Reaper seemed to make a small smile, before collapsing at that place.

[You have earned 31,969,409 experience.]
[You have become level 55. 4 Strength, 2 Agility, 2 Health, 2 Magic increases.]
[You have earned the record of Lv 157 Reta Kar’iha.]
[Death Collector activated. You have absorbed and stored the power of life of Reta Kar’iha.]

This was the first time he had earned an experience that numbered 8 digits. Shocked, Yu IlHan turned his head around just in case, but it seemed that Kang HaJin and Na YuNa had levelled up properly as they became lively.

“Fuu. It was a really strong guy. I never met such an enemy even during my 10 years in the Hell Tower.”
“It was very twisteeed.”

When their safety was confirmed, the two finally became relieved and conversed. Yu IlHan also became relieved after confirming if there was any enemy in his surroundings.

And he took out a bone knife, in order to dismantle Reta Kar’iha.

[Stop there.]
“Ah, why?”
[She’s a girl!]
“It’s a monster.”
[She’s a girl!]
“I said it’s a monster.”

Yu IlHan had no profane intentions at all. So what if a monster was of a specific sex? The only important things were whether its skin was tough, or whether its bones were hard, or whether it had a magic stone – just these three!

However, the next moment as he was about to act, the body of Reta Kar’iha collapsed on the ground seem to emit a faint light, before it became black ash. Yu IlHan thought it was a pity while looking at that, but Erta, Feyta, Kang HaJin and Na YuNa all stiffened after witnessing the same scene.

Hup.” (T/N: This is like a sudden deep intake of breath)
“I thought ‘no way’ but…”

So there is something that only those guys know.

Yu IlHan, who intuitively realized that, also stiffened along with them, as to not be cast out by them. An action copy skill, that could be called a control C, control V! His skill activated splendidly and succeeded in not giving his companions any strange feelings.

[No way, it really was a Breaker.]

While Yu IlHan desperately endured his urge to ask what that cool name was, Erta, who flew to Yu IlHan’s head explained in a small voice.

[The ones who are taken over by monsters’ mana due to swallowing a magic stone are called Breakers. They become black ash when they die, as you see there.]

Yu IlHan finally knew. So, Reta Kar’iha was not a monster but an actual woman. Although, it was unknown whether she was a human, an elf, or another intelligent species.

However, there were two positive things. First was that there was a black colored magic stone left at that place. Second being the pitch black robe and the pitch black scythe remaining.
Of course, the angels were rejoicing due to another fact.

[Ah, the dungeon’s entrance opened![(Feyta)
[We came back with our own abilities. So Reta Kar’iha really had the secret to it. Although, it’s unfortunate that we could not hear that through her own mouth.](Erta)
(T/N: I will try to put which angel is speaking when there are many… It’s not easy to recognize them just through the speech, there’s a tone of speech in Korean that gets lost in translation…)

Erta spoke while looking at Yu IlHan quietly. Straightening his shoulders firmly, Yu IlHan complained to her.

“Why are you looking at me? Did I do something wrong?”
[I’m looking at you because you’re so handsome. Why, bitter?]

Erta’s counterattack abilities were also increasing day by day. Clicking his tongue, Yu IlHan could only acknowledge that.

There was not a single solved puzzle. Instead, the suspicion only became deeper. A mysterious dungeon which restricts even the power of a higher existence. A 3rd class breaker, which there was no way it could be on Earth. And an Abandoned World.

He did not know just what was occurring on Earth.

Just one fact was sure – Yu IlHan had won.
And survived splendidly.

Author’s notes

  1. Arc finished!.
  2. Baits will be thrown continuously. Until the series ends.
  3. Responsible for the team’s health! Human Holy Knight Kang HaJin!

Translator’s notes
I think the foreshadow mentioned 2 chapters ago is referring to the Breaker…(Remember? When MC said magic stones looked delicious, Erta said he would be taken over by the berserk energy or smth…)

No chapters next week. Since it’s exams… will try to catch up on the week after… (Sunday will be your last chapter for a while)

Fresh out of my brain! No edits whatsoever. Now, let me sleep.

Translator : Chamber

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    I’m glad releases are so much faster now, but I’ll enjoy the chapters more when the editor is done with them.

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    1. cactuar0

      When he got his 1st class itself, Erta noticed that he didn’t get active skills since he can’t yet use mana and guessed it would stay the same for 2nd class at his rate of growth. IlHan should probably learn mana manipulation by the time he gets to 3rd class, and even Erta is looking forward to what kind of active magic skills he will get considering there is a ‘debt’ from the previous 2 class transitions 😛

      Basically, he’s unable to use magic due to staying on Earth and not acclimating to mana (the reason why Erta is parked on his head is also to help with that). Hence the level ups currently cannot give him magic skills and its stored in credit by Akashic records for a future job change.

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      Don’t you think he’d already be freaking out if his class restricted mana? That’s not how the announcement was made. It’s not a restriction on his class, but merely a description. He can’t use mana, so active skills were awarded. If it was a class restriction it would be in the job description along with the buffs provided.

      There’s no class that restricts mana. It’s essential to the active skills classes rely on, with very few rare exceptions.

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        1. bludvein

          Nope. I’ve actually read the raws and it’s not like that. Mana is indispensable, and all classes can use it. It’s a basic skill, and magic power is one of the main stats even. Il Han and Erta aren’t blind, and there would have been a conversation if his class couldn’t use mana.

          The only reason it says you can’t use mana is because he hasn’t finished his adaptation yet. Not because of the class.

          1. firelight777

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          2. bludvein

            This wasn’t even a spoiler. It’s admittedly a misleading message, but there’s context to prove what it means. Il Han and Erta have talked about learning mana over and over again, and the first job gave the same message when he picked it. You’d think one of them would have said something if there was a class restriction.

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      The author’s other works are harem works, but apparently the author said multiple times this one won’t be a harem (although apparently he rescinded one of those proclamations, so it’s not impossible he changed his mind, although it still seems unlikely)

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    1. firelight777

      I don’t believe we’ve actually heard about what level the Fourth Job is gotten at. In addition, it’s possible it’s not the same past a certain point for monsters and humans. All we’ve heard about the fourth job and above is this:
      “It was known that there was a 4th advancement, but at least on the internet, there weren’t any that had seen a person with the 4th job. There were only predictions about high class monsters, such as dragons, on their 4th, 5th or even higher jobs. This was the information about the levels.” (from chapter 5)

      1. Tyler Watkins

        My mistake. I thought i remember something about a legend or something that a 4th job unlocking at level 150. Maybe I was just remembering a comment. I remember one comment saying that jobs were every 50 levels, and higher existences like angels (or at least some angels) were humans that reached level 300. I think it was on the in the comments of the chapter the translator changed Rita to Lita.

        1. firelight777

          If so, then that’s probably a spoiler. I don’t remember anything like that being said in-story. Judging by the level here though, that’s probably wrong. I’m pretty sure the 4h job would either be 200 (probably) or 250 (possibly, it’s a nice number) and the 5th is probably double the 4th judging by how these numbers usually work in games.

  7. firelight777

    from killin -> from killing
    wnd class -> 2nd class
    be exaggerated -> be an exaggeration
    last lone -> last long
    that the power that Na YuNa had been depleted. -> that Na YuNa’s power had been depleted.
    waiting him -> waiting for him
    bod yup -> body up
    WIth -> With
    thousand of times -> thousands of times /or/ a thousand times
    emey -> enemy
    the safety -> their safety
    important thins -> important things
    houlders firmly -> shoulders firmly
    Yu IlHan had one -> Yu IlHan had won

    regardless of whether Kang HaJin realized his new feelings or not
    …Oh god, please no.
    I have a feeling he’s going to revive her with a cyborg body made from his crafting since he absorbed her life.

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        Considering how his smithing seems to surpass the system (at least, the system on a planet at this level, not sure if it changes on higher level planets), I wouldn’t be surprised if it went that route.

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    [She’s the child who will save humanity!]
    Her attack had a tremendous power behind it. Of course, although it was also thanks to her affinity, a god’s power, overwhelming the reaper, who looked like a bad guy from a glance, Na YuNa’s power was also enormous.

    It just doesn’t feel like it’s her power at all, she’s just borrowing power from the god so I’m not the least bit amazed or impressed… Totally a cheat, she didn’t have to put that much effort into it herself since she was blessed by that god… I don’t really like when people get to take the easy road, way too unfair, not even when the mc does is it okay(unless it’s pure comedy), they need to work for it(the mc worked for 1000 years and is constantly trying to improve, so his power can be considered his own and deserved :P).


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