Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 50: A Partner Only for Me – 3

Aside from eating the seafood that his mother had prepared for him at his house, Yu IlHan spent all day in his workshop, working.

He made the body of the pile bunker with Metal Hearts, and the ammo with various bones and carapaces, and amongst those, the frag bomb that would explode once it’s entirely in the enemy’s body, was his masterpiece.

Unlike the first time he made the pile bunker, the number of 2nd class magic stones in his possession were overflowing. He invested them without holding back, and did mana crafting on not only the pile bunker itself, but also on some parts of the ammo, and could bring out results which were better than he had expected perhaps due to the new variety of materials he had, and the higher level of mana crafting than before.

[Frighteningly Destructive Metal Pile Bunker]
[Rank – Unique]
[Attack Power –
1st level : 2,100
2nd level : 3,200
3rd level : 4,300
4th level : 5,500
[Options – Piercing power and attack power increases by 40%]
[Durability 2,100/2,100]
[A terrifying weapon made by the best weapon smith of Earth. It has horrifying power, and even more horrifying backlash, so one needs more courage than when fighting monsters to use this weapon.]

Although he did use Metal Hearts, to keep using it, he couldn’t make a 5th level loading. It was because the power in the Giant’s Rubber Band had increased along with the durability of the pile bunker’s body. Of course, the 4th stage had frightening might as well, so he didn’t have any complaints.

Aside from that, Yu IlHan also made a variety of weapons using the sharp and hard bones and carapaces. Hammers, axes, greatswords, and even a grenade made from Giant’s Rubber Band.

The next things he set his sights on were long range weapons.

Although it was good to make a bow or a gun, since he had the shooting skill, but thinking back to the fight with the Shadow Leopard, it was hard for him, who could not use mana, to inflict any damage using small bullets or arrows to a large scale monster.

As such, the thing Yu IlHan made were neither a bow, nor a gun, nor metal skewers, but an atlatl. The spear throwing device that hunters used since the ancient times.

[Rough Moonlight Bone Atlatl]
[Rank – Unique]
[Attack Power – 2,800]
[Options – Attack range increases by 50%, Attack power and accuracy increases by 40% under the moon]
[Durability – 1,850/1,850]
[A spear throwing device that one can use to slot a small spear in the hook to shoot. The result differs hugely according to the abilities of the user.]

Atlatl was a tool that looked similar to a cane with a curved end, and it was a simple weapon that one could use just by slotting a spear made for throwing, on the end of the hook, and shoot the spear just by swinging it around.

The range and the attack power was superior to just throwing the spear by hand, and above all, the biggest advantage was that it would get affected by the max level spearmanship that Yu IlHan had to bring out much better effects than any other throwing weapon.

Aside from that, after Yu IlHan made a huge number of weapons that he can use, Yu IlHan immediately went into repairing his armor.
Not only did he repair the black full plate armor that got damaged during the fight with Reta Kar’iha, he also made a tough clothing using the skin of the Highland Troll boss. He didn’t forget to mana craft on it to increase ventilation and defensive power.

Lastly, when he opened the Cross Bag to enhance the harpoons and the ropes, he could find the spoils of war that he had forgotten completely until now.


Those, were the magic stone, the black robe, and the large black scythe that Reta Kar’iha left behind. Thinking back to the overwhelming ability that Reta Kar’iha had, Yu IlHan checked their information one by one in full expectation.

[Secretive Reaper’s Fallen Robe]
[Rank – Unique]
[Defense – 2,400]
[Options – User’s concealment ability increases by 20%, attack increases by 20% when attacking in surprise]
[Durability – 1,238/2,430]
[A robe which absorbed dark mana for a long time to possess the power of a deathgod.]

[Fatal and Sharp Reaper’s Scythe]
[Rank – Unique]
[Attack Power – 3,100]
[Options – Critical hit rate and damage increases by 40%]
[Durability – 1,780/2,800]
[A scythe that the last smith in a ruined world made with a metal from unknown origin.]

“These weapons are slightly inferior compared to their ability.”

Yu IlHan tilted his head when he saw that it was below his expectations. He wasn’t aware at all that he was using OP-tier weapons.

However, that just meant that it was slightly inferior compared to her abilities, the options attached on the robe was an exceptional defense that would increase Yu IlHan’s fighting power immediately. Yu IlHan used a magic stone to cleanly repair the robe and put it back in his bag. He had no plans to wear a robe that increases the effective of his already so-strong concealment, in public.

The scythe also had quite a high attack power compared to the deathgod’s black spear that Yu IlHan himself was using, but coincidentally, Yu IlHan didn’t have a lot of experience using a scythe.

No matter how high the attack power was, and no matter how good the options were, it was foolish to use a weapon that he wasn’t used to. As such, he unhesitantly put the reaper’s scythe into the furnace. If Erta was watching that, she would have screamed ‘what are you doing?’.

However Yu IlHan wasn’t insane, and did not plan to give such a good weapon as food to the Eternal Flame. He was planning to melt the scythe once and reforge it as a spear.

‘It is definite that the metal is way better than Metal Hearts. Moreover, I don’t know whether it had mana crafting or not, but the power dwelling in the metal itself can’t be looked down upon. Perhaps it gained power over the years.’

The Eternal Flame burned in a rough and bright blue color. Yu IlHan, who now knew what that meant very clearly, unhesitantly threw a magic stone at it. He had less than ten now that he had used up so many, but since he had made everything he needed to make, he didn’t feel that it was a waste at all.

However, the reaper’s scythe was strong. Despite the Eternal Flame burning roughly, it didn’t seem to have any thoughts in melting down. When the Eternal Flame raised its temperature even more, a black aura emitted from scythe and made a black silhouette on top of the furnace.

“Reta Kar’iha?”

He spoke to it thinking that there maybe some kinda will left in it, but it didn’t seem as such. However, his try wasn’t in vain. It was because he had spotted a slight vibration in the black silhouette the moment it heard the words ‘Reta Kar’iha’.

‘This will be easy.’

Yu IlHan found the trick right away. Although he didn’t know what the black silhouette was exactly, he instinctively realized what he needed to do in order to achieve his objective.

“Reta Kar’iha. Breaker. Death. Deathgod. Ruin.”

While spitting out keywords related to Reta Kar’iha, Yu IlHan observed the changes in the black aura. The keyword attack was very effective! Every time Yu IlHan said a word, the Eternal Flame burned brighter and the black silhouette was gradually losing power.

“War, many against one, critical, ambush?”

Yu IlHan had muttered out all the words related to Reta Kar’iha, but concludingly, it was useless work.
The black aura didn’t require that much deductive power. Just mentioning Reta Kar’iha and her abilities was enough to bring out enough changes in the aura.

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