Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 51: A Partner Only for Me – 4

Two angels coming to Yu IlHan’s workshop was perhaps a natural thing. That was because when many guardian angels were dispatched to Earth as the result of the angel’s conference, and the question about what will become of the angels that Yu IlHan was with, had come out. (T/N: ‘was’ with, so I guess that includes Lita)

Of course, the one to suggest was Lita, and the chairman, Myuta could only give her the answer she wanted even despite knowing her intentions.

Yes. To increase the rewards, Yu IlHan had an extra angel in charge of him now.

“To think the number of luggage increased to two.”
[What do you mean luggage! Why are you saying such things even though we haven’t met in such a long time?](Lita)
“It’s only been two months though…… Anyway, Lita, I heard my dropout period was a thousand years?”

Lita avoided Yu IlHan’s sharp gaze and turned her gaze away.
Although she didn’t say it to protect Yu IlHan’s mentality, and Yu IlHan didn’t look back to the time, she couldn’t not feel bad about shutting up about it.

[Yu IlHan, since you’re directly related to this incident, you have the right to know about the conference that occurred in Heaven. Would you like to listen to the details?](Erta)
“Go on.”

While Lita was kneeling and putting her hands up in the air for her sin of deceiving Yu IlHan of the time, Erta told Yu IlHan what happened in the conference in Heaven.
In truth, Yu IlHan was the strongest candidate that Heaven had to draw in, so their way of treating him had slightly changed.

[As such, a large scale support will be dispatched to Earth. However, even with that, Earth will go through a harsh time.](Erta)
“So, in conclusion, you guys don’t know that much, but it is likely that the same thing will occur again in the future?”
[That is so.](Erta)
“How useless.”
[Right. You can also see that from how we left you alone for one thousand years.]

She agreed!? Yu IlHan became shocked.

[We’re looking at you as a potential ally. So the need to exaggerate our powers uselessly have disappeared. I wonder if you forgot, but you saved my life. At that moment, the relationship between you and Heaven changed a lot.](Erta)
“Oh, yeah. Give me the rewards. Rewards. Attach a rot-proof option on the Cross Bag!”
[Is just that fine with you?](Erta)

Our Erta has changed! Yu IlHan even thought that this maybe a hidden camera. However, Erta was not joking, and in the end, he suggested to her the thought that he was only thinking about.

“Can’t I temporarily transfer the weight of the Cross Bag into another item?”
[How can you think of such horrifying ideas every time…](Erta)
[Erta, don’t be so close to my IlHan!](Lita)
“Lita, hands up.”
[Yes, sir!](Lita)

Concludingly, it wasn’t very hard to do so. It could even be done with Lita and Erta’s power right now.
Of course, they had to call other angels due to the rot-proof option that he talked about before.

[Cross bag]
[Options –

  1. Spatial expansion
  2. Weight control
  3. Rot-proof
  4. Weight transfer]

[It’s good that you like it. Of course, the rewards don’t end with just this.](Erta)
“Erta, are you really alright? You didn’t eat something wrong, right?”

People did not always reject reality when bad things happened. When something was too good to be true, or too happy to be, people doubted reality. Yu IlHan right now was exactly like that.

However, Erta shook her head with a bitter smile.

[So you really can’t get rid of your habit of underevaluating yourself. the things you did this time are worth that much……Lita, now it’s your turn.](Erta)
[Oh, yeah.](Lita)

Why did Lita come up when talking about rewards? Don’t tell me the reward Heaven gave him was Lita!? Looking at Yu IlHan with his pounding heart, Erta clicked her tongue.

[It’s what you think it is.](Erta)
“Didn’t I tell you to stop mind reading every time?”
[IlHan is so cute since his thinking is obvious, right?](Lita)
“Lita, you too!?”

Lita, who was punishing herself until now, stood up and approached him. However, the words that came out of her mouth was a little unexpected.

[You didn’t choose a subclass yet, right?](Lita)

Yu IlHan finally remembered that he now had the opportunity to acquire a subclass along with the 2nd class advancement. He did remember seeing it the moment he advanced in class, the Rookie Reaper that appeared right after had a huge presence so he forgot about everything else.

Although he was thankful that Lita had reminded him of that, why was that coming out now? Yu IlHan asked in confusion.

“What’s that got to do with the reward?”
[Close your eyes and think of the subclass. Then you’ll know.](Lita)

Yu IlHan obediently did as she said. The next moment, green texts kept appearing on his retina one after the other.

LIke when he was acquiring the main class, his achievements and records were forged as records and were appearing. Starting from blacksmith, cook, carpenter, to enchanter. It was as if all the subclasses in the world were gathered at this place.

However, at the bottom of the list of green text, there was one which emitted white light.


“What is this? It seems like someone will sue this for copyright infringement.”
[It’s alright. We can just say it’s the combination of commonly used nouns.](Lita)

Around here, Yu IlHan also vaguely realized the identity of the reward that Erta and Lita had talked about. They must have interfered with Yu IlHan’s record. The result was this, Angel’s Partner.

[This is the reward we prepared to help you proactively, and transfer your a part of our power even if we have to restrict our angel powers. It is also a method for a higher existence to bring out his or her own power in an Abandoned World.](Erta)
“You were frustrated cuz you got done in by the Reaper helplessly right?”
[I won’t deny that, but you, who end up facing crisis faster than any other Earthlings, probably need our strength.](Erta)
“No, you angel!”

He denied it desperately, but Yu IlHan also ended up thinking that she was right. Didn’t people say that power called for bigger power? Even though Yu IlHan had avoided God’s eyes so well, strange things occurred wherever he went.

He thought ‘no way’ until now, but it seemed that Yu IlHan had the protagonist curse. A horrifying curse that depletes both his body and mind due to experiencing what other people would experience once or not at all in their entire lives, hundreds and thousands of times!
If he was C*n*n, then it would be other people who dies, and it will be alright, but isn’t this as if he was being pressured to one-coin-clear a nightmare mode while other people were going through normal mode!

[And if you get this subclass, then whether you earn mana or whatever you can be with me always!](Lita)

In other words, the talk leads to here – Lita can come down to the ground in pretext of Yu IlHan becoming an Angel’s Partner. She really is indirect about it.
Although he also wanted to see Lita about to cry by declaring no, Yu IlHan eventually ended up nodding his head.

“Ok, I’ll do as you say.”
[No, I said this is a reward for you. It’s not like I want to be with y……](Erta the tsundere)
“What nonsense are you talking about? Do you think I’m crazy to think such things?”
[Although I do feel complex to be rejected so outright.](Erta)

Loner Yu IlHan does not expect emotions towards himself from other people. It was because his base level though was that he would only get hurt if he expected something. He even cut off any possibilities for that as well. Someone might call him a coward, and he would not be able to retort.
He also spent countless years in building up a sibling-like relationship between him and Lita. It was almost impossible to shake him with Erta’s slightly daring words.

He just laughed over Erta’s words as a joke, and selected the Angel’s Partner subclass which was emitting the brightest light amongst the subclasses.

At that moment, a feeling of elevation comparable to when he advanced to 2nd class welled up in his whole body. If the class advancements until now took place in such way that it would increase the abilities in his possession, acquiring a subclass made him feel like a new internal organ was being made.

“I feel sick.”
[You’ll be okay if you endure for a little.](Erta)
[There’s no choice since it’s making a link to a higher existence. Please endure a little.](Lita)

Fortunately, this was not a ‘success or failure’ thing. Like what Lita said, when he waited a little more, a sense of sharing between the two angels, appeared, as if they were in a party.
A strange sense of safety, and a not so bad tension. Yu IlHan ended up laughing.

“Not so bad.”
[Please take care of us from now, IlHan!](Lita)
[Now there won’t be anymore cases where I will become useless luggage like last time.](Erta)

At that moment, waterfalls of texts appeared on his retina.

  1. Angel’s Partner
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  1. Skoll

    Thanks for your hard work!
    As far as the NUF critiques with plot holes go, I’m kind of interested in that too.
    For Lita, she does feel a bit more childish than I remember.

    1. tachibanabot

      she’s obviously one of those cold to most people but childish/warm to the one they love, the reason why she feels more childish now is because she already fell for MC, not only did she fall for him, but its been “a long time” since they’ve seen each other, so yeah…you get what I mean

  2. scandalfa

    the only reason I’m dissappointed is; because they didn’t do anything to show they missed each other. Lita appears again after 2 months and MC just starts talking with Erta about rewards and shit. Dude, grow some balls and tell her you missed her or something. Weren’t you hugely disappointed when it wasn’t Lita but Erta that was decided to be your partner. where is that passion now?
    And I have a feeling that Author is gonna fuck up Lita’s character. I’m pretty sure in %95 of the novels I’ve read which included the main girl disappearing then returning to MC had this problem where main girl changed so much you basically start to like her less and less and then like side characters more then her.(Erta and that queen in this case(I know they are not side characters but you get me))
    let’s hope that doesn’t happen

      1. kouk2002

        Yeah, I think it’s a pretty obvious change that should be expected. I mean after a thousand years together Lita realized she fell in love, and just as she was hoping for 100 year sexual healing, they got forcibly separated. Once she noticed her feelings she stopped acting as a higher existence and acts honestly. Well maybe the dere came too soon for some but I’ve no issue with it. Though I wonder if the competition will force Erta to act more dere as well.

        And as for the man himself, I think he acted pretty much in character, he is blunt in his speech but only with those he gets close to does he joke and tackle. Though blunt he has from the start been fairly lacking in displaying his emotions, and this reason has always been explained and I think it’s an understandable result.

        I’d be rather annoyed he changed so suddenly instead.

        1. Jonathan Hurd

          I think this behavior is perfectly natural for someone like Yu Illhan. They already said he regards Rita more as a sibling than someone of the opposite sex. It seems natural to tease your sister by ignoring them especially after reuniting and seeing them so excited.

          The other thing is Yu Illhan is a thoroughbred loner. Think of how hard it would be for someone like him to express his heartfelt emotions. Especially considering all of this information is coming in so fast. I think his focusing on the rewards, rather than Rita’s return, might also be part of his self defense mechanism to focus on one thing, to not be overwhelmed, kicking in.

          I gotta admit he has a right to be at least a little bitter as well. He was originally told by Rita that it was going to be 10 years. Then at the end someone else had to come and tell him he had spent 1k years with only her. Also at the end of it he watched as she went away without even saying goodbye. He doesn’t know that was God’s doing, but that definitely must’ve stung a bit.

          1. WirlWind

            Not to mention his sense of time is pretty warped now.

            How short a time is 2 months when compared to 1000 years?

            And don’t forget, she even ‘weaned’ him into a 3 days = 1 days cycle (when she lowered his food to once a day, he still loses time as he works and often thinks he spent hours working instead of days.)

  3. Michael Renner

    ‘associate’ with angels, is it? i can see lita’s plan already. but as noted, iyu ilhan is a 1000 year old virgin, he has basically given up any and all ideas of relationships in order to stay sane so she will have to say it first. also, to scandalfa, again it’s a time scale issue. after 1000 years 2 months seems like nothing, to him she only left yesterday.

  4. Dark Jackel

    Dere angel + tsukkomi angel. This can only go well. 😄

    Although, Chamber. You’ll probably have to give up on fighting the low reviews on NU. You want to convince people that this is the best novel ever, but those people don’t want to be convinced. Save your efforts; there are plenty of high reviews as well. In the end, readers will have to form their own opinion… 😐

  5. seinky

    Thanks for the translation!
    I didnt remember Lita been this childish ;p
    Looking in the class description, it seems like there will be more angels in the future XD
    Good luck Yu IlHan! You will need it XD

  6. memerou

    [Lita lightly replied to his question, but to Yu IlHan, the listener, it didn’t sound so light. To express it, it reminded him of a slow anaconda walking towards its prey within the bushes.]

    ….and that slow anaconda is named Lita~~~

  7. yu3kino

    I like Erta more because of her banter with Ilhan. It just so fun watching them together. And her occasionally tsun tsun that Ilhan completely ignore are also far more appealing than the many japanese ones.

  8. TsukiNoHono

    Guhehehe~! LITA–TAN IS BACK AND SHE’S MORE DERE!!!(we need to add YAN into that word in the future~ and also a quest for his harem has arrived~
    Reward: Love Point Increase~
    Graduation from v*rginity~
    A hikki partner for life~

  9. Marcos Vinicius Nery (@M4rc0SReis)

    thanks, i’m new reader i just found the novel a day before you had your to stop for your exams and binge read every chapter at that same day, it was 6 am when i was over and i had to go to work at 8 am it was hell but at least i was happy it was a very nice novel and the exams got me off guard, of course i’m not complaining was just that i had just find this jewel and had to wait a few days to receive my new dose, haha.
    about the new lita i do not think she truly had a change in personality we had a 1000 years time span where most of the moments we got to know her have happen before the end but once we finally got the end anyone who read the chapter when the time started to flow again we can already see this playful personality of hers on her speech , maybe there is not much time since i started that i can remember and associate those scenes since is everything fresh in my mind .
    now about the reviews in NU i would say the same; there is not much plot hole in the novel so far, at least i do not believe most negatives comments is saying that the mc is OP without cause, one is even comparing the novel with onepunch man,something that i do not understand why , the guy even say that the novel is bad because is not more like one punch man, haha maybe he is reading the wrong thing i believe. others is complaining about the OPness well, i do not see it yet, yes the IMC seems to be OP because once we take things in context the world and enemies is OP as well, the entire problem that is the current plot have originated because the entire 1000 years frozen time where not only the IMC have evolved but also the animals as well, and since IMC got his body and techniques together, there is no reason to believe that the animals have not as well, 1000 years is a long time of evolution ,even more when you do not die nor age and if we take in consideration the IMC itself he is not much better than the empress in term of fighting abilities.

    what make him better than everyone else is his equips, of course he have made them himself but this is again the only plot hole i can see so far, he can make a lot of good equips and truly have no reason to do it for anyone else but this was in the past before the entire shitstorm that is happening on earth , now with this problem i do not see why the angels or anyone else does not tell him to do those equips for everyone, of course not for free because we are talking about the entire human race now, so he using his abilities for half of the materials that everyone brought to him would be more than fair price and most of the comum problems could be solved this way, since he truly does not want to be the protagonist and have to solve all the problems, hell i was waiting for him to truly sell his old gear or even give to the empress or someone else because we do not have a normal situation anymore on earth so he making-selling his equips would truthfully help humanity and i’m do not believe that the angels have not asked for him to do it yet since they have asked for him to work with the dungeons core it does not make sense for them to have not think about it so far ,at least for the ones who they are helping like that healer girl,a simple information telling them to contact him for work would help humanity in a lot of ways, it would make everyone lives easier without doubt and would solve a lot of the problems against low class mobs and again is not free he could have ask for the magic stones or any other shit he want since his equips are truly good, would be a win win situation and there is no fucking reason to not do so, hell even the empress is creating her own company and in the end will mark her name in the world and he who have read millions of books can not understand the power and benefits that fame would give him and help his family as well, in so many good ways and again the earth seems to be a serious problem we already know of worlds who have gone to shit even without this so he keeping those things a secret does not make any sense for the current status quo even more since his workshop have a barrier against human something that would make him complete safe in his creations without any bad risks so having a name behind his action would only give him benefits in the “new world” that they are.
    the angels had so many meetings about how to handle the problem and do not want to believe that no one ever thought of asking their human master blacksmith friend with a quest to do low-middle class equips for the “choice ones” that the angels have made contact since the start that healer girl and so many more that will come with this new angel partnership, so for me this is a truly plot hole so far, hope that the author will work out somehow with the future chapters.
    sorry for the walltext and the grammar mistakes i’m at work right now but i need my drug so here i’m.

  10. enterthenexxus

    I’m looking forward to seeing his
    finished spear.
    Also I was hoping his reunion with
    Lita would have been better but the guy has lived for over a 1000
    years to him 2 month is like a day
    so I can see why the reunion wasn’t a big deal but he could have at least huged her or seemed happy.

  11. bludvein

    One major plot hole I can think of atm is “What happened to the children during the 10 years?” Also, were the returnees given some kind of invincible buff during their stay in other worlds? None of them died or faced any real hardship?

    1. zabocaguy

      I think it was mentioned before that they were unable to die during the 10 year period, which was to help them in adapting more than anything. But now that they can go back and do quests between worlds, they can inf act die now which is why some don’t go back.

    2. Marcos Vinicius Nery (@M4rc0SReis)

      both things were pretty clear explained, the gods send everyone to other world and the angels in charge of those worlds have made the people of that world take Care of them and teach them the way !
      so not only they had people of the same world that are the same area as them, they also had angels and important people of each world making sure that nothing bad happen to them.

    3. Seregosa

      That we don’t know about stuff like what happened to children or old people is not really a plot hole, it’s just that the author chose to not include it because he feels it’s not important enough. It was mentioned that everyone, old and young, even babies, arrived at that world. I would guess that babies would end up at the same world as their mothers, since they tend to be close by. Children who go to pre-school and stuff like that would likely arrive with their teachers, if they’re decent teachers they would take care of the kids.

      The ones in charge of those worlds also made sure that the people training there was helped out by inhabitants… And yeah, everyone was pretty much immortal and didn’t age over there, just like the mc, their time pretty much froze but not their bodies.

      I find it amusing that many people say that Lita is more childish than before… She was that way all the time, just remember that we hardly saw anything of her… She spent 1000 years with the mc and towards the end she already had this personality, which we saw when she cussed at god and wanted to “assault” the mc 😛 Even from day one, she was pretty happy-go-lucky in personality, it’s just that she didn’t consider him as anything but a normal human back then, after that we just saw a dialogue or two and a lot of huge time jumps as she got increasingly intimate with the mc.

      Well, I like both Erta and Lita equally, I don’t see why I should have to choose one or the other, harem for the win! Let’s include other people while we’re at it, like that thunder girl MiRae, she’s pretty interesting too even if we haven’t seen too much of it I like what I’ve seen thus far.

      1. Seregosa

        About the thing about their situation in that other world, they couldn’t die, it was mentioned that they were completely safe. When people went back to do quests again(after they had already come back to earth and was deemed too weak), it was mentioned how, in exchange for being able to keep the powers they gain there, they had to pay with leaving the “tutorial mode” and therefore had to face the risk of death or getting harmed, which means they were in a “tutorial mode” before where no one could harm them and they couldn’t die.

  12. Seregosa

    Subclass get! Angel’s partner won against blacksmith at the last moment. Since he can’t use the best materials yet!

    So, the next subclass will probably be blacksmith… Well, it’s obvious he HAS to get it sometime, seriously. He’s the best smith on earth without it, surely he needs to become even better 😀

  13. Seregosa

    Acquiring special enhancements when fighting Breakers and Undead meant that the Heaven’s Army are proactively enemies with them. Considering that most subclasses have no relation to fighting power, Yu IlHan could be said to have profited a lot.

    Well, isn’t that nice and cool? That means he has increased damage against almost all creatures. These two are probably categorized under “dead” beings(not sure about breakers, but since it’s not included in “undead”, it’s at least not consider an undead), and he has the reaper/death god class, meaning he’ll have similar amounts of extra damage against “life”, which is pretty much all other beings. Perhaps only rare stuff like golems and metal beings could be considered as another category and thus he’ll have less damage against them 😀 He’s ridiculously OP, haha, but that’s what’s good about this novel.

    Why? There was no way Lita had any malice against Yu IlHan. Yu IlHan laughed at himself for imagining something nonsensical but in fact, his intuition was spot on. It was just that he was a thousand year old virgin and could not see through the identity of the crisis that he had felt.

    Guard your anus Yu, she’s coming for that booty.

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