Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 52: A Partner Only for Me – 5

“Then now it’s troll’s blood.”
[Yes, do it quickly. Finish it quickly.](Lita)

Now, Lita was almost begging. However, even while laughing at her cuteness, Yu IlHan didn’t stop.

That was boiling the troll’s blood to get rid of the impurities, and adding spices to make it more delicious. Unlike the previous work, this was closer to cooking rather than metalworking, and he didn’t stop until he boiled all the troll’s blood. Yu IlHan put a truly enormous amount of effort into this. It was as if he was doing alchemy and not cooking.

“Let’s call this bloodrink.”
[You just thought it was a good name didn’t you?](Erta)
[You have a good naming sense!]
“Fuu, Lita understands me.”

At that moment, sparks erupted between Lita and Erta. This was the moment where two angels met as rivals with Yu IlHan in between. Although, the direction they were going in, was slightly weird.

Of course, the thousand-year virgin Yu IlHan didn’t mind that and kept boiling the blood. Yu IlHan didn’t plan to use this just as a potion. He had a grander plan. At that point, both Lita and Erta would be shocked.

He differentiated the troll boss’ blood from the rest! He put that in another container. Normal potion and high potion, this was like the difference between normal coffee and an espresso.

When he finished everything, morning was dawning. Looking at the rising sun, he stretched his two arms. When else would he be so proud!

“Fuu, I’m tired.”
[Are you going to play with me now?](Lita)
[Yu IlHan needs rest. Lita, although I understand that you’re delighted to meet him again, how about we give him some time?](Erta)

Sparks erupted again. the under-the-surface war between angels were becoming serious while Yu IlHan was unaware of it.
However, the next moment, Yu IlHan smiled and shook his head.

“No, I’m alright. Let’s play, Lita. And you too, Erta.”
[Me too, you say?]

Lita, who spent countless years longer than her, with Yu IlHan was there. Erta, who naturally expected to be cast out, ended up being slightly touched after hearing Yu IlHan’s words.

[I don’t think we need her.]
“Lita, it’s not good to fight.”

Yu IlHan said words of scolding, which was rare. As he didn’t expect any interest from another person, Yu IlHan didn’t give them any either. As such, the fact that he scolded someone was very rare, and Lita received a big shock.

[I, I’m sorry. I was bad.]
“I’m not saying that you’re bad. I’m just saying that you mustn’t fight amongst yourselves.”

That should have been perfect, but Yu IlHan made a useless remark with a refreshing smile.

“The angel’s support skill would grow faster if I play with the two of you!”

Those words were as if they came out of a boy who just entered elementary school, but they were also words that saw through the essence of angel’s partner subclass.
Yes. Yu IlHan had become used to his subclass completely opposite to what Lita was intending to, but exceptionally well!

Author’s notes

  1. Some people predicted very sharply. Lita appeared again so this novel would become R-18, and such… HAHAHA, Yu IlHan is being protected by Erta, I mean his virginity is!
  2. Another foreshadow. Although it isn’t now, he might go hunt them sometime?
  3. What is the use of bloodrink? If you have good deduction, then you might guess it right

Translator’s notes
Kehk. Sponsored chapter
So, where are the plot holes?

Also, looks like a new series will be released soon, at here in kobatochandaisuki! Look forward to it!

Translator : Chamber

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    1. Jonathan Hurd

      Cloud i love your guess, lol. I kind of wish for that to happen now instead of what I imagined. What I think might happen is he uses it as a sauce. He might also start marinating meat inside of it.

      Another thing I could kind of imagine is maybe using the trolls blood as poison. I know the blood and meat is toxic to humans, but I am not sure how much that applies to the animals themselves. The story did say Animals usually don’t turn on each other unless there are no humans, but they definitely have eaten each other at points. So there is potential it is not toxic to them like it is to humans. Still would make a pretty powerful weapon against humans. Though I have no clue why Yu Illhan would use it on them.

  1. synthous

    TIME TO GRIND THE ANGELS, SUPPORT SKILL. How do we do it? KIll… Time? Kill… Monsters? Kill… Your Dreams Of Using Mana. Then get comforted by a pair of small fairy-kin, I mean angels. Well, it’s only been 10 thousand years. Wait, that was a genie, you’re still young!

  2. decoysheep

    I gotta say, I’m digging the misadventures of baka couple and tsukomi angel. I’m looking forward to lita discovering just how obsurd the events that seem to follow ilhan and erta actually are. Also bloodrink…I see it as either being purified into a healing product. Or used as poison. Either or for medicinal purposes. Grats Chambers you actually made me make a WordPress account to comment and give you props.

    1. Wong Chuekyue Gordon

      In this chapter, erta said “Don’t be too dejected. Dragonkins are in every world” so this is information that all the other returnee would have. Before he was denied information about the specific of the dungeon since it would upset the balance of the world. The angle acts like GMs and works to make things fair to the people(players) and giving out common information isn’t against the rules. Erta gave no information about how the dragon acts or fights since in this chapter she said ” I will transfer the image of a dragonkin into your brain directly.”

    2. Jonathan Hurd

      A big thing to remember in these recent chapters is Yu Illhan’s relationship with heaven has changed greatly since last time. He is no longer someone to be guided and helped, but now a partner with heaven. Giving him more information than a person they are just guarding seems perfectly natural since Yu Illhan is their champion helping him is helping themselves.

      The other thing is that it isn’t really the angels informing Yu Illhan that Dragons are coming. Its Yu Illhan and his terrible luck that is informing him that shit will happen since it always does. Erta is just giving him an image to work with. That seems to barely qualify as overreaching help in my book.

    1. Chamber Post author

      Nope, I considered that, but the original word literally means ‘wiping out/exterminating all the dragons’. Dragonslayer is just for one dragon (well, at least in my head)

      1. Seregosa

        Well, either one or many, depends on what the person in question is doing. Dragonslaying might be a good option to exchange that word with since it means something is going to happen or is happening, dragonslayer is a bit more restricted in this situation since it means something has already happened or is happening… But people who hunt dragons are also called “Dragonslayers” or “Dragon-hunters” depending on what word you prefer…

        Well, dragonslayer feels more like an occupation/class, dragonslaying feels like the purpose of an item instead of an occupation 😛 If the word is supposed to mean that it’s something inteded for use to destroy an entire race, dragon annihilating or dragon exterminating is probably more suitable compared to slaying that just means someone is killing them, not necessarily trying to root them out >.<

  3. Dark Jackel

    “At that moment, sparks erupted between Lita and Erta. This was the moment where two angels met as rivals with Yu IlHan in between. Although, the direction they were going in, was slightly weird.”

    Slightly!? 😒

  4. TsukiNoHono

    Sleep potion,berserk potion *imagines a dude with high blood pressure forcefully woke up*,blood regeneration potion*imagines a high regenerative ability in a dragon shoved with this potion* there would be gore~!,and lastly Lita-tan is full dere dere huh after she came back fuhihihi~!

    1. Jonathan Hurd

      Considering Illhan I am honestly putting my money in for secret sauce. He already spiced it so and considering his bag has anti rot now. He also has a vacuum packer. So put meat and bloodrink together in bag and seal. Then roast in fire or boil with meat. Whala you have troll blood seasoned steak!

  5. libraryrocker

    I soon as I saw the name of the spear, I was like “f*ck he’s gonna have to fight a dragon!!!” Very funny that him and Erta are equally aware XD XD XD Lita still don’t know. XD XD XD

    Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!!

  6. Jonathan Hurd

    Hey Chamber a question about the new Spear Yu Illhan just finished. When it says it “All effectiveness of deathgod’s skills increase by 30%” does that mean only the skills and effects he got from becoming a Death God or that since he is a Death God it increases all of his skills effects including his spearmanship and such.

    Also is it just me or did Yu Illhan at the end of this chapter manage to cockblock himself from having a three some with two angels…

  7. B055Y

    If it’s not a health potion, it could be like a strength potion. It “boils” his blood and gives him more strength for a limited time.
    But I’m probably wrong

  8. konstantinudachliviy

    If you ask about a plot holes, then, even though I’m not complaining, but there are definitely few of them. This holes related to another worlds, so they do not make big difference to the main plot. First of all – adaptation time. If MC with ten time burst need 1 year for it, then how people from Earth, while in other worlds, lvled-up above 2-nd advancement? With such calculations they are would need all of their time there just to adapt, how would they practice their magic and kill mass of monsters? And even become famous like Empress. Second thing – why so little amount of otherworlders reached second advancement in their life? From that we can see so far – you don’t need any talent and ability to level up, just kill monsters with party and you will become stronger and stronger. Within 30 years this would be very simple, if you consider that on Earth some humans reach this stage within few months.

  9. kontol-san

    “The angel’s support skill would grow faster if I play with the two of you!”

    Somehow this line feels so wrong in my head😂😂😂👍👍

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