Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 55: I Carry – 3

Like Lita and Erta said, the monsters appearing inside this dungeon all had the power of lightning.


Monsters that looked like P*dg**tt* and P*dg**t numbered the most in the dungeon, and sometimes, a giant bird that looked like a M*g* P*dg**t could be seen as well. Of course, there weren’t only avians here but also lightning rats that looked like P*k*ch* R**ch*, which made him worry about copyright infringements, and also lizards, snakes and even bears. (T/N: In case you don’t know pokemon(i.e. me) they are Pidgeotte, Pidgeot, Mega Pidgeot, Pikachu and Raichu)

“This is bad.”

While cleaving a giant lightning rat by swing his deathgod’s dragon-exterminating spike spear, Yu IlHan muttered.

[You have earned 579,839 experience.]
[You have earned the record of Lv 71 Big Lightning Rat.]

“These guys are too weak and I don’t get injured at all.”
[That’s quite the unfortunate matter.](Erta)

The first thing he did when he came inside this dungeon was to check the levels of the monsters. He had to do this first in order for his life to not be threatened.

Befitting of a dungeon with level 70 as the restriction, all monsters were above level 70, and some even reached level 80 or 90, but all of them died with a single hit from Yu IlHan’s spear.
Just how was this possible? – if you ask that, it was because of the absurd characteristics of his equipment.

Setting aside the trivial options with his concealment or critical hit rate, and considering just the attack power,

his attack power would increase by 30% and his fighting ability would increase by another 20% due to fighting ‘life’. These were the effects of being a Rookie Reaper.
Due to the option from the spike spear, his attack power would increase by another 30% when doing a surprise attack,
the robe increases his attack power by another 20% in a surprise attack,
and finally his armor increased his attack power by 50% in a surprise attack.

In other words, when he attacks in surprise, he would attack with a 130% increase in attack power. There would be a 20% increase in damage as long as the counterpart was a life form, so, within this dungeon where undead cannot be found, his surprise attack would be 2.5 times powerful!

2.5 times didn’t simply mean the effect of hitting two and a half times.
For example, let’s say that Yu IlHan’s attack power was 1,000, and the defense of the opponent was 500.

The defensive stat would vary according to the state of the armor, and the part where the attack lands, but anyway, when Yu IlHan’s spear successfully lands, the opponent would be inflicted with the amount of attack value that surpassed the defense value, in other words, 500, damage.

If it was just two and a half hits, then it would end with 500 damage being inflicted twice, and would end with 1,000 damage in total, and even calculating by multiplication, it would end at 1,250. (T/N: In case you don’t get this, the calculations are:
However, in a real situation, the damage was not like that. Yu IlHan’s attack power would be multiplied by 2.5 to become 2,500, while the opponent’s defense would still be 500. Therefore, the damage would be 2,000. In other words, it would increase by 4 times.

Since the attack power and the defense was just set at random, in a real situation, it didn’t necessarily mean the damage would be 4 times as much.
Just that, within this dungeon, at least, Yu IlHan’s spear strike was bringing out a more fearsome might than the deathgod’s scythe.


[Critical Hit!]
[You have earned 776,754 experience.]
[You have earned the record of Lv 82 Lightning Bear]
[You have earned 822,122 experience.]
[You have earned the record of Lv 88 Lightning Bird]

As a finisher, his title, ‘Not two hits nor three hits, but one hit’, gave him 20% more experience when he killed the monsters in a single strike, and even dropped magic stones at a higher rate, so Yu IlHan just had to harvest the experience and the magic stones.

[Now you’re even complaining that you aren’t getting injured? You really are a pervert.](Erta)
“I’m not getting injured so I can’t train my transcendent regeneration.”
[That’s your problem?](Erta)

Of course, once he deployed transcendent regeneration, there was a need for him to rest. However, Yu IlHan was a master of rest; All moments when he’s not in battle was resting time for him, and no matter how much he hunts he could use transcendent regeneration again in just 3 hours.

In the first place, transcendent regeneration didn’t require a mastery of rest for nothing. If one did not master rest, then the prerequisites to use the skill wouldn’t be fulfilled at all.

As it’s such a harsh skill, if he did not train and lower the conditions now, he may have to train it while confronting 4th class monsters. Yu IlHan didn’t want to call that ‘training’ but a ‘life and death battle’.

As such, he decided.

“Oh well, I’ll train the superhuman strength too then.”

In fact, he did have the thought to train transcendent regeneration and superhuman strength parallel, but it was more correct to say that he found it interesting that the monsters were snapped to death one after another, and did not use the skill.

Superhuman strength increased physical abilities for 3 minutes, but once the duration ended, he would be weakened for 10 minutes. no matter how strong Yu IlHan is, he wouldn’t be able to kill monsters over level 80 in a single strike in his weakened state… right?

If then, the monsters would have the chance to counterattack, Yu IlHan would be injured, and he would be able to train the transcendent regeneration. Killing monsters and training skills; there, everyone’s happy!

“Perfect. This really is a perfect plan!”
[Yes, perfect. You’re a perfect pervert!](Erta)

Erta condemned Yu IlHan, who chose the path of suffering, without knowing how he felt. With the poor sleeping ‘beauty’ angel Lita on his head, Yu IlHan charged through the dungeon.
First, he used superhuman strength on purpose to sweep monsters with frightening destructive power for 3 minutes, and waited for the penalty to decrease his abilities.

[Superhuman strength has become level 2.]
[Physical strength decreases by 50% for 9 minutes 50 seconds since the duration of superhuman strength skill has ended.]

People feel more loss the more they have. Yu IlHan, who, not counting mana, had status points that neared the 3rd class, even wanted to lie down right there and rest due to the weakened physical strength.

However, that moment was exactly the moment to move. The conviction that monsters would not be killed by his weakened power was invading him. And coincidentally, there was a strong looking monster nearby. That thing that looked like M*g* P*dg**t!

“Good, it really didn’t die!”

Only after it allowed a preemptive strike to land did it recognize Yu IlHan’s figure before the giant lightning bird spat out lightning from its mouth with a bizarre sound.
Yu IlHan even got hit by an attack that was fast, but could see the trajectory of, on purpose, while charging. In fact, it was hard to dodge since his muscular power was weakened too!

Khk, that’s ticklish.”
{Kuruk! Kurururuk!!}

When the attack landed, the lightning bird charged towards him in delight.
On one side, Yu IlHan was confused since its attack did not hurt at all, before he realized that his armor was a legend rank one. Since he either fought monsters that couldn’t even scratch the armor, or those that literally ignored it, he had no chance to see the might of his armor.

“Should I take it off?”
[I’ll get angry.](Erta)

Yu IlHan seriously considered de-equipping himself, but even for him, in a dungeon where he did not know what would pop out, it was foolish for him to take off his armor. He knew this fact well.
Moreover, no matter how small, isn’t it still an injury? If he got hit 30 more times like this, he would be able to use transcendent regeneration.

“Fuu, Ha!”

Yu IlHan grabbed the spear with both of his hands, which became slightly numb due to lightning, and charged at the lightning bird. His spear wouldn’t flinch with just a small injury.
The breathing that matched instantly, and the spearhead that struck out in the correct moment! The spear, which looked like it would split the horizon in half, halved the lightning bird.

[You have earned 784,343 experience.]

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    1. cactuar0

      The story so far seems to indicate that IlHan (+ angels) will bump into the hidden dungeon first, considering that its next door to the one they are going to farm. At which point, idk if the conspirators will find out about them before it gets reported to Angel HQ and raises a big investigation, with the backstabbing angel sweating buckets in fear of being discovered 😛

  1. frenzy85

    Well… from how the story has been so far, it’s not far-fetched that MiRae will be getting something with 3 options.
    She might be getting much much more than she bargained for; especially when she may start getting dragged into dangers by Ilhan’s flag triggering powers!

    1. Jonathan Hurd

      That does depend if Erta is willing to let Yu Ilhan sell something with three Options to her. Last time Erta made him promise never to inform other people (angels included I think) about the multiple options since if they know there is a blacksmith able to do that he might attract unwanted amounts of attention.

      At this time though Yu Ilhan is going with ‘I have a friend who is a blacksmith’ so maybe.

      1. Jonathan Hurd

        I’m betting on Level 100 being max personally. I think he might actually need the improved version of Extreme Poison Resist if he wants to eat meat of things of 4th class. Considering 1st class required Weak poison resist, 2nd class bear required poison resist, and the third class Leopard required Extreme Poison resist. Thankfully his bag now has rot immunity so he can always save 4th class meat if he gets it early.

  2. cactuar0

    Go Lita, looks like she is also going to train the Resting skill after seeing IlHan has it 😉 I was so hoping this chapter would have stats for Mirae’s new equipment, but looks like that will have to wait a few chapters.

    Hmm, I know there was an author or TL note about how angel names change by rank; but do we have any idea whether Lita and Erta are higher level compared to the rest of the angels on Earth? I know the one assigned to Na YuNa was a relative newcomer but also in the same -ta category iirc.

      1. cactuar0

        The chapter title suddenly makes a lot more sense, if that is the case – those angels are going to leech xp whenever IlHan goes dungeon delving, and end up outleveling all of the other angels on Earth soon 😀

        Meanwhile, all poor MC gets in return is the ability to use mana – and he already has the ‘mana seed’ growing right, so at this point the angels are only there for his sub-class!

        1. bludvein

          Angels are level 300+. Leeching xp makes no sense since these monsters would be complete chump change for them.

          The “mana seed” has been there from the start, but the angels are still helping speed up his adaption so he can use it.

          1. Jonathan Hurd

            I agree with bludvein. The way the angels have talked I think for them getting exp from 2nd and 3rd class monsters is basically like in an RPG you have leveled your character to the end game and now your fighting in the newbie zone. Not really much gains. The reason they don’t really seem to be too powerful is mostly because of the restrictions placed on them to not interfere in other worlds.

            I think Lita might be higher ranked than Erta. Erta’s official job is being here on Earth and being in charge of the dungeons. Lita on the otherhand forced her way in and seemed in charge of other matters. So Lita is the angel I would see as not supposed to be here and is the one unaccounted for by the Male angel.

          2. cactuar0

            If there were no restrictions on them, then yes the monsters here would be too low leveled for Erta or Lita to gain any xp. But in this case it probably depends on the type of restriction, if it was a type similar to being de-leveled in the restricted zone then maybe they can profit off the situation?

            I’m also just guessing ofc., but his current team doesn’t have any other humans for IlHan to ‘carry’; unless its just referring to him crafting weapons to help out the Kang siblings and Wao-chan :p

    1. Jonathan Hurd

      Maybe 150? They did say Reta Kariha was almost class 4 but not quite there and she was 157 at the end. Would also make sense since not including class one which comes at 10. 2nd class was 50 and 3rd class seems to be 100.

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