Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 56: I Carry – 4

There are largely 2 categories of monsters. The boss-tier leopard monsters that appeared in the initial stages of the Great Cataclysm and the mutates species in this dungeon were monsters that evolved from the original animals on Earth, and in contrast, those that occurred naturally from concentration of mana are the ones such as Metal Hearts and trolls.
The angels called the former ‘Originals’ and the latter, ‘Migrants’. Even though the only difference was that they were born after the Great Cataclysm, it was not known why the angels called them ‘Migrants’.

On the basis, the structure of the physical bodies of the two types weren’t that different. They were the same in the sense that they were monsters, some had magic stones, some had bones that were metallic, and some wielded the power of lightning. Regardless of their types, strong monsters were strong and weak ones were weak.

Just that, regarding their potential, the story changes entirely.

The natural-born monsters from the concentration of mana are strong at the beginning but their growth potential was not that big, and would need a long time to evolve to the next stage.
Once they were trapped in dungeons, they ate mana within it to slowly, very slowly grow and wait for challengers. Of course, there were always exceptions, so it was rumored that some insane monsters absorb their entire race’s record to evolve to a higher existence.

However, the monsters that evolved from animals originally on Earth, by acquiring mana, were different. They may be weak at first, but their growth potential was a variable; there maybe those who ended up as weak level monsters, and there maybe those that may evolve to acquire godly strength.
On top of that, Earth’s characteristics were added, and the starting levels of the animals that lived for one thousand years, were already damn high, and they mostly had high potentials as well. This meant that, on Earth, no one should be careless of a dungeon where ‘Originals’ resided in.

[Critical Hit!]
[You have earned 2,489,775 experience.]
[You have earned the record of Lv 98 Great Thunder Bear.]
[Superhuman Strength skill has become level 15. The aftereffects of the skill decreases.]

To Yu IlHan, who blew away the neck of a monster in a single strike, Erta shouted.

[Like I said, be careful a little!](Erta)
“That’s why I didn’t take off my armor. Oh, superhuman strength just levelled up.”
[Wow, level 15 already? That’s one of the rewards from Heaven’s Quest, right?](Lita)
[Isn’t he taking it lightly because you, Lita, are taking this lightly!](Erta)

Regardless of what the angels were chatting about, Yu IlHan concentrated on dismantling the electric bear’s body. No matter what, he couldn’t easily instakill a near level 100 monster. It could be said to be because of a critical hit on top of his superhuman strength.
Thanks to that, one of the titles’ effect activated, and perhaps due to the 20% increase inj probability, a magic stone with strong lightning powers popped out.

“With this, I gathered enough magic stones.”
[It’s good to sell weapons or armor, but don’t release magic stones easily. At the current point in time on Earth, 2nd class magic stones are a more dangerous currency than you think.](Erta)
“I get it already.”

He didn’t know why Erta was so nagging about that when he felt like the people on Earth would grow to hunt 2nd class monsters easily. Of course, that was just Yu IlHan’s hope.
Now, he didn’t want to catch attention like LA’s Dark Knight or Sungdaein Bolt. As he was one who had no memories of gathering any attention in his life, it was more painful for him.

With a bitter smile, he put the rest of the part of the bear, the large amount of meat, the bones, and the skin. He didn’t think about what materials he would use to create the robe to sell to Kang MiRae, but it seems it would be enough with the materials he gathered in this dungeon.

“Is this the third day?”
[About that much. It’s alright to think it over slowly. Compared to the Metal Heart dungeon, you’re going at a fast pace.](Erta)
[It kinda annoys me that you’re talking as if reminiscing a memory about just the two of you.](Lita)
[I don’t think you’re the one to talk when you’ve been sleeping this entire time.](Erta)

At Erta’s sharp call, Lita declared shamelessly.

[That’s because beauties are sleepyheads!]
[But not all sleepyheads become beauties. If it’s as you say, Sn*rl*x would have become a heroine long time ago.]
“He’s a male so he can’t become a heroine. Probably.”

Concluding the angels’ hopeless conversation, Yu IlHan stood up. Seeing him take out the pile bunker from his inventory, Erta flinched and asked.

[Even I didn’t feel it… Did you feel a strong monster’s presence?](Erta)
“No, I’m preparing since I feel that something might pop out now I asked about the time and you girls were talking crap.”
[Please tell me the method to enjoy life like you do.](Erta)
“Prepare for life for about a thousand years. It can’t not be fun.”

Erta found Yu IlHan’s future prediction absurd, but what was more absurd was the strong aura that could be felt immediately after/
When Yu IlHan smirked at her wordlessly, Erta couldn’t hide her frustration.

[This dungeon was originally a level 70 restricted dungeon, wasn’t it? But how can there be a 3rd class monster appearing as if it were natural?](Erta)
[That’s true. No matter if they are Originals or not, this speed of growth is too abnormal.](Lita)
“Isn’t it because they grew up too fast after the initial level check? You too know that Earth isn’t ordinary. You might want to renew the dungeon information more frequently from now on.”
[Yeah, I’ll request for that.](Lita)

Just why was such an important issue not edited yet? That was because insane people like Yu IlHan, who enters dungeons with level requirements above 50 did not exist yet.

2nd class monsters appearing in a level 40 restricted dungeon, and a 3rd class appearing within a level 70 restricted dungeon were completely different in danger levels.
Speaking clearly, the only ones who encountered 3rd class monsters in a dungeon were Yu IlHan, Na YuNa and Kang HaJin. It was natural that there was no report to the angels.

Although it seemed plausible to ignore the level restrictions and enter dungeons since Yu IlHan did that, in fact, there weren’t that many people on Earth who enjoyed adventure. That was because most people were aware that they only had one life.

Before, Na YuNa and Kang HaJin stepped into a dungeon with the level restriction of 50 without any hesitation, but that was only because the materials they needed were within that dungeon.
If it wasn’t for Kang MiRae’s 2nd job advancement, and without Na YuNa’s absurd ability, they would never do such a thing.

There were unwritten iron rules in other worlds, and those were: to check if one’s own level was higher than the dungeon restriction level by 10 or more, to check if there were at least 5 members in the party, and to procure an escape route to escape at moment’s notice

All people of Earth that went to other worlds for 10 years had learnt those rules for survival, as much as they got to learn to use mana. Excluding Yu IlHan, that is.


The one that appeared was a giant bird. Its entire body was colored in gold, and every time it flapped its wings, a small streak of lightning would fall from its surroundings. It boasted of an overwhelming aura!
Yu IlHan could not guess what kind of animal it had been originally. He only predicted that it may have appeared by clashing with other monsters several times to evolve.

Looking at all the sparks that appeared due to the lightning attribute mana that gathered towards it, Yu IlHan muttered.

“It seems it will hurt a little if I get hit by that guy. It looks even stronger than the Highland Troll Boss.”
[I don’t think it will end with just ‘a little’.](Lita)

Yu IlHan pondered for a moment, but he decided. He wouldn’t die with that as the opponent anyway! If it hurt slightly much, then he would welcome it. Not because he was a pervert, but because he could train transcendent regeneration.

Thanks to levelling up to level 15, the duration of superhuman strength still had 2 minutes left. Moreover, he could reduce the penalty time using the bloodrink so there was no need to hesitate.

“Good, let’s kill it.”

Yu IlHan kicked off the ground. It was still emitting small streaks of lightning everywhere so he might be found before he attacked. To avoid that, he had no choice but to attack from a higher position!


200m away from the bird, Yu IlHan jumped high. Before, he had buildings where he could kick off in the air to go higher, but now, there was nothing.

However, Yu IlHan didn’t mind that. With pure leg strength, and the physical strength from the superhuman strength skill, along with the optimal leap technique which was engraved into him from the countless times of training, were supporting him!

[You have acquired the conditional skill, Leap. You can use it while deploying superhuman strength, and you can use it to jump high using the enhanced leg strength. You can jump quicker and higher the more the skill levels up.]

Yu IlHan’s body flew up several hundred meters in an instant. He even felt a little faint since the surrounding scenery was changing so fast, but he came to himself at the next moment and aimed at the target.

The giant electric bird, which seem to know that a human has entered the dungeon, but did not catch Yu IlHan’s presence, was under his foot!

His figure drawing a parabola, he dropped downwards. At that moment, the electric bird started moving its body suddenly.
Clicking his tongue, Yu IlHan fixed his trajectory by flapping his legs in midair, but it seemed difficult to target the head. Clicking his tongue, he muttered.

“Damn, the skin will be ruined.”
[That’s your problem?](Erta)

At the moment when he was about to fall to the ground if he wasn’t careful, Yu IlHan activated the Cross Bag’s option. Weight Transfer! He transferred the weight of the Cross Bag onto the pile bunker.

As he had put all his spoils of war of 3 days into his Cross Bag, the weight was over tens of tons! Yu IlHan’s dropping speed increased.

The giant bird’s body zoomed in within Yu IlHan’s vision. I can’t run! – with a skeptical smile, Yu IlHan nailed the pile bunker onto it just like that!


The bone-shivering sound as the ammo pierced its body, and the electric bird’s screech of pain resounded out/
The pile bunker successfully shot the ammo into the electric bird’s body, but due to the strong rebound, it didn’t dig the bird’s body enough and stopped mid way!

The pile bunker, which instakilled many monsters until now, had failed to do so for the first time.

{kwak! Kuaaaaaaaak!}

It seemed to be in so much pain as it violently rampaged while emitting lightning from its entire body. However, the moment Yu IlHan realized that he failed to instakill the bird, let go of the pile bunker and jumped backwards.

At almost the same moment, its wings brought up a lightning vortex. Due to his quick judgement, Yu IlHan could escape the range of effect of the vortex, but the pile bunker he left behind got caught up and was spinning in midair.
It would be fortunate if it didn’t get ruined due to the lightning.

“I will not let you go if my dear bunker is injured.”
[…You’re gonna kill it anyway.](Erta)

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      I think Death Collector and its evolved form will have a similar setup. I would guess that Death collector will work more as a steroid to boost his power instead of healing.

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    Long chapters are good if it’s filled with substance.
    If it’s long because of pleonasm or excessive fillers, then it’s a negative!

    I think the author is doing a good job balancing plot progression and fillers to add flavor, though…

    I think the Korean readers are talking about how each ‘chapter title’ is long and has several parts (like this chapter is the 4th part of one title)… Don’t they have to pay per chapter? So that may be why.

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    Look, I’m sorry but I just have to say this. When objects fall, the speed of acceleration is constant, because gravity cannot pull heavier objects more than lighter objects, it pulls everybody with the same amount of force. Therefore heavier objects do not fall faster than lighter objects at the start just because it’s heavier. Although heavier objects do have a higher terminal velocity.

    I understand that the translator may not agree with the point of view of the author, but I just couldn’t stand it after reading the author’s notes.

    No hate though, thanks for the translation and keep doing what your doing.

    1. frenzy85

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        1. Jonathan Hurd

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          There is also factors such as the Area for the Air to affect. The reason flying squirels can glide is they increase their surface area with the film between their limbs.

          So if Illhan becomes about tens of thousands of times his original weight and hugs close the Pile bunker to reduce his surface area. Its not hard to imagine him falling faster.

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          1. Balten Tyral

            My understanding is that yes, increasing an objects mass would cause the force of gravity exerted on that object to increase, however an increase in mass also increases the amount of force required to cause that mass to experience the same acceleration much less increased acceleration.

            Case and point, I don’t see the Earth moving every time you jump into the air even though it is subject to the same amount of force you are. I suppose technically it is, but it would be a difference so small it is simply immeasurable.

            Secondly the fact is that the mass of the earth is approximately 5.97*10^24 kg. I don’t see how increasing the weight of the other object by 10 000 kg would really make a measurable difference. There is a reason we can consider acceleration due to gravity being constant at 9.81 m/(s^2) at or near the surface of the Earth after all.

            Such is my knowledge from physics classes anyway.

          2. Jonathan Hurd

            Personally the question to me isn’t whether the gravity pulling on Yu Ilhan will change from 9.81 meters per second squared. No matter how much Ilhan has stuffed in that bag I highly doubt its gotten big enough that he has enough mass to affect that number. The thing I would argue about is the Air’s resistance effect on Ilhan. I admit once again that never got to how Wind Resistance affects free fall in physics class so this is mostly going by my own assumptions, but to me I feel adding over a few thousand times your own mass will probably help you get through the air faster.

          3. hweirdo

            Yeah, if we consider a vacuum, everything falls the same. But on Earth, objects are affected by drag (and the buoyant force) so heavier, more streamlined objects fall faster. The important consideration here is the velocity of an object. Since Ilhan has the same drag when he transfers the mass in his bag, he will fall faster, because his mass changes the drag coefficient, and thus his velocity increases. We can easily test this in real life, of course. Drop two similarly shaped objects, one much heavier than the other and see which falls faster.
            I think the real problem is him transffering the weight in his bag onto the “pile bunker” (it’s totally a handheld nail cannon/gun), which ought to cause his arm to fall off.

    2. cactuar0

      When objects fall, the speed of acceleration is constant, because gravity cannot pull heavier objects more than lighter objects

      You’re talking about how it would behave in a vacuum without air resistance. When there is an atmosphere, objects with more surface area will face more resistance and thus fall at a slower rate. Yes, gravity won’t play favorites but air resistance does!

    3. Nightstick24

      Mass doesn’t change the speed, as like you said gravity exerts equally on all things – equal enough, technically it differs based on distance from gravity-causing masses, but it’s not enough anywhere on earth to bother with – so something becoming more massive doesn’t change the speed. Size and aerodynamic shape do change falling speed, though. In general though, as long as things are roughly the same shape and size they’ll fall at the same speed independent of how massive they are. But, heavier does mean more force, so more damage from falling. If you drop a lead ball and a similarly sized plastic ball, they’ll fall at the same speed but the lead ball will break your floor while the plastic ball will bounce.

      Could go into it more, being a physics-nerd engineer, but that’s the quick and easy explanation.

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    Thanks for the chapter~

    I wish I could tell the author that I’m practically in love with this novel. And, naturally, the more of it I can read, the happier I am. So… Longer chapters are good! They’re great! And not at all unnecessary!

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    First Thank you so much for the chapter. Can’t get enough of a fill for my addiction to this series.

    From the very end it sounds like there are two different bird cries. So I am imagining maybe this is Zapdos’ parents and they are coming to avenge him. My other more amused theory is that this Moltres and Articuno, lol. It would be weird for them to be in a dungeon for Lightening guys, but since we have Pokemon might as well, lol.

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      1. bludvein

        Before you start calling people retarded you should learn middle-school physics yourself. Mass and density do not directly affect falling speed rate, only terminal velocity. An object with greater density is likely to have less air resistance, but that’s far from a rule. It depends on the shape.

      2. Nightstick24

        Err, no. Density and mass have no effect on falling speed, really. Shape and size does, cause of air resistance, but strictly speaking mass and density have nothing to do with falling speed. That’s middle school physics, please don’t call people names, and certainly don’t without knowing for certain you’re correct or you look sad.

        Physics-loving engineer

      3. Incompetence Hunter

        You are absolutely retarded. A ball of wood and a ball of gold will have the same acceleration under gravity. Learn basic physics.

  5. hweirdo

    Ok, everyone calm down about the acceleration. Acceleration is constant, but velocity is not. So if an obect is more streamlined, it will fall faster than something that has a large surface area. This is called “drag” and exists only when there is an atmosphere. So yes, by increasing his mass, Ilhan can fall much faster since the drag is the same, but his mass has suddenly increased greatly. What’s important here is velocity, not acceleration.

    1. hweirdo

      An easy test for this would be to fill two balloons with heavy and light gases and see how they fall, since balloons have large drag due to the surface area. Of course, the gases can’t be lighter than nitrogen, or they will float.

  6. shiroinoshishi

    I see a lot of wrong science here. Changing the mass of his bag isn’t going to make him fall faster.

    For a basic tutorial on why objects of different mass fall at the same rate, watch this 2 min PBS clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BF2Ic50m7kQ
    (There’s lots of other videos out there, but it was the first one I could find that dropped two balls of different mass off a tall building.)

    For people discussing terminal velocity: A falling person will reach terminal velocity after about 12 seconds, falling some 450 m (1,500 ft) in that time. He’s not nearly that high. (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_fall)

    In conclusion: Changing the mass of his bag isn’t going to make him fall faster.

    1. shiroinoshishi

      Not that this issue is important, but I think your assumption about terminal velocity playing a factor is incorrect. They’re inside a dungeon. A skydiver falling spread eagle to increase their surface area has to fall about 450 meters (just over a quarter of a mile), taking about 12 seconds, to reach terminal velocity. He’s more or less standing up, so it would be even longer for him. He might be able to jump that high outside, but not inside a cave-like dungeon.

      1. D.N.

        Hmm, I don’t think they’re in a cave though, the way the dungeons work is that they’re an instance of reality, not literally a cave dungeon; quoting the chapter: “Yu IlHan’s body flew up several hundred meters in an instant.”

        Anyways, after tabulating out some values, the velocities of two masses of 50kg and 5000kg begin to diverge after 1 second, using a drag coefficient of 1 (which is apparently actually pretty close to what it is for an upright standing person–with larger drag coeff. the divergence occurs even sooner because of the tanh term). All said and done however, it’s not like the less massive object is traveling faster than the more massive one until they reach terminal velocity.

        In any case, in a distance of “several hundred meters”, it’s safe to assume it’s high enough where the drag term isn’t ignorable. The more massive object will definitely have a higher velocity upon impact with the ground–while the difference may not be orders of magnitude higher (the math shows that it’s at best, the square root of the factor between the two), the actual kinetic energy of the impact that needs to be dispersed upon collision is (1/2)mv^2, so the cross bag adding more mass is definitely contributing to damage in a different way.

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