Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 57: I Carry – 5

[Starting now, I’m transferring an apple through the gate. ……Good, there’s no interference from an Abandoned World.]
“……It’s here. It’s done! The connection is successful!”

Holding an artifact that transferred voice over the dimensional wall, the 4th class mage and the man who was crazy for power(T/N: “power” here is more like authoritative power, not physical power), rejoiced in their own ways.

They shouldn’t be able to see each other’s faces, but their smirking faces looked exactly the same. They were both a twisted smirk that looked like it would be from a 2nd rate villain that appears briefly before getting owned, in the middle of an anime series!

In the central parts of the dungeon, a gate that looked big enough for a person to pass through had been generated through the use of magic power from the Trap of Destruction, and in front of the gate which looked like a blue vortex, an apple, that people from Earth would definitely not call an apple, was there.

[Fuu, to think you finally succeeded in something so simple, human standards are really good, alright.](Angel)
“Ha, if it’s such an easy job for you, then you should have at least tried to help.”

The verbal fight between the human and the angel was as always. However, as everyone was immersed in the joy of success, the friction wasn’t that big.

[This is just the start. We need to increase the number of gates, and transfer the army to Earth while avoiding the interference of other higher existences and even that damned God. You can do it successfully, right?]
“Of course.”

Confirming that the gate to another world was really successfully connected, the two men gripped their fists. Now, they felt like they would be able to take care of anything even if a dragon if it appeared.

“Realistically, it’s difficult for me to handle everything by myself. Please help…”
[Being weak right away, eh. Of course, I know the limits of your ability well. As such.]

The final weapon of the empire that even the existence was a secret, 4th class mage, Dakié von Illastra, declared while laughing confidently.

[I’m planning to go over myself.]
“Is that true!?”

The man shouted excitedly. However, unlike his delighted voice, his expression was one that was about to die. Although he did know that that mage, who was the core of power (T/N: Again, authoritative power), and had the strongest power, would eventually come over to Earth soon, to think that he was that impatient!

He had suffered so much to suck up to him in the other world, but now, it seemed that he was about to do it again. The man, who was in a delusion that he himself would command the army of mages that got through the gate, gritted his teeth secretly, afraid that he might get found out by the mage.

“It’s my honor. I’ll do my best to serve you.”
[Hm, yes. Prepare one or two nice women by tomorrow. If I go over myself, then the rule that I cannot harm Earthlings would not stop me anymore.]
“W, women? But as you know, I don’t have any power in……”
[I said prepare.]
“……I understand.”

Fucking horny dog! – The man muttered in his heart. Now that it had come to this, there was no other choice but to resort to kidnapping, despite the dangers.
China was wide and had many people anyway. It wouldn’t be a big deal if a few disappeared.

A normal person would not think like this even if they were ordered to, but this man was nonchalantly deciding to kidnap people.

[I will go over tomorrow. If you cannot carry out such simple orders, then your uses end there.]
“Please, be rest, assured. You will not be disappointed.”(T/N: I think that’s an intentional comma)
[Fuu, really, you’re no different from an idiot.](Angel)

The angel mocked them after listening in on their conversation, but did not realize that he himself was an idiot on the same level as them.

And the man who would ‘treat’ them all ‘fairly’, was having a nice sleep at home.

Author’s notes
1. Electric-proof gloves are a pair of electricity-nullifying artifacts that the main character, Red, of pokémon adventures, stole from Lt. Surge, one of the Elite Four….. Wait, it’s pokémon again!?
1.5. So It wasn’t Elite Four! I thought there was some Elite Four of Team Rocket, but my mistake…T^T
2. You want to come first? Uh… yeah, do what you want!
3. There was a lot of talk about falling speed in the last chapter. I give thanks to everyone who cared about it. I really learnt a lot! (T/N: Translator knows his own share of physics… go read the LCD on NU for my opinion on this matter)

Translator’s notes
Interesting fact, author never intended to push Liera(AKA Lita) as the main heroine in the beginning. Rather, he intended to make Kang MiRae the main heroine.(Author said this in chapter 205, and I wanted to tell you about it) Although… I’m not sure how that changed now. Well, at least you now know why MC acts so oblivious to her advances…It’s because of the author!

Translator : Chamber

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23 Replies to “Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 57: I Carry – 5”

  1. Shiikun

    “”They shouldn’t be able to see each other’s faces, but their smirking faces looked exactly the same. They were both a twisted smirk that looked like it would be from a 2nd rate villain that appears briefly before getting owned, in the middle of an anime series!””

    Even the author himself declared their fates, mercilessly. ROFL. Quite sad for the duo.

  2. Dark Jackel

    “And the man who would ‘treat’ them all ‘fairly’, was having a nice sleep at home.”

    I love how the author leaves us in no suspense whatsoever. It’s like, “Can Yu IlHan win against an army of mages and a traitorous angel? (Yes.)” 😏

    1. Nathan

      Rubber gloves and rubber shoes protect you from electricity if they are 100 percent pure rubber with no holes or tears (the kind that electrical linemen wear). Typical cleaning gloves and shoes, which are made with rubber mixed with cheaper materials, aren’t going to protect you in an electrical encounter. According to http://www.indianaec.org

  3. axcel101

    oe-oe~~did the mc really ignores the advances because of the author? haha~~~
    and really like the mc’s foreshadowing…and this battle with the 3 giant but was also shown in a short small paragraphs which(in my case) was very good.

  4. Seregosa

    Excluding the fact that a young woman didn’t notice that he was there and tried to sit on top of him, nothing special happened on the return trip.

    I just thought about this, but this ability is great for people who like having sex in public places for the “thrill”, you can do it anywhere and no one will bat an eye. Well, that is if it can hide the one you’re doing it with too, but I don’t think it has such an ability, at least not yet. Otherwise it’d be even scarier… It’s already scary enough that he can hide campfires, big traps and that he’s standing in front of people dismantling 😛

    1. WirlWind

      I guess it all depends on whether or not a thrusting motion while wielding a skin-spear is considered an attack…

      For that matter, would popping a girl’s cherry also be considered an attack?

  5. Incompetence Hunter

    Making the MC act oblivious to a very suitable partner because the author originally wanted to push another character is absolutely shit writing.

  6. L

    He fought such a hard battle
    Now he is giving 3rd grade stone for empress’s equipment.
    Even many of his equipment use 2nd grade stone.
    He can get unique grade even with 2nd grade electric stone has.

    I am disappointed in this foolishness

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