Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 60: I Carry – 8

Unlike the 4th class mage, the 1st class mob died with a single spear strike. The wicked plan to connect Earth with another world was over with just two strikes from Yu IlHan.
When that happened, the only one left in that place was just the higher existence, the angel.

[Why did the dungeon……Shit, high rank angel!?](Male angel)
[You are so dead.](Lita)

While Yu IlHan was taking care of the humans, Lita was taking care of the angel that helped the humans. This was because although she could not use her powers with humans as the opponents, if it’s an angel, much less a traitor one, she would be able to use everything without holding back.

[Kuhk!](Male angel)
[Where do you think you’re going?](Lita)

The moment the mage’s brain got smushed like tofu, the angel realized that the situation wasn’t good and tried to run away without doing anything, but Lita agilely got close to him and kicked his leg to break it and poked his eyes with her index and middle fingers. Due to the chain of attacks that connected like water, the angel could not even fight back and flew into the air.

[You won’t die peacefully.](Lita)

Like humans, the difference in abilities between the angels were also all over the place. If Erta, and the male angel that’s getting beaten up by Lita right now, had high magical ability, then Lita was purely a martial faction that was blessed by the god of fighting.
Of course, Yu IlHan knew that from 990 years ago.

[Kuhk, Kuhuk! Wai, listen to, Khak!](Male angel)
[Don’t bite your tongue yet! Grab onto your consciousness!](Lita)

Her master level close combat landed all over the male angel’s body and was coloring the ground with white blood.

100 combo, 200 combo, 300 combo! Starting from the initial tackle, the male angel’s body did not come down from the air so the air combo bonuses were stacking.

[He will really die at that rate! We have to at least interrogate him!](Erta)
[Okay, then heal this guy.](Lita)

Meaning, she would beat him up more after the heal. Erta could only obediently use healing magic.


Meanwhile, Yu IlHan was looking at the gate in the middle of the dungeon. It was not activated right now, but if this remained, the it was unknown when another person as disgusting as the this mage would come over.

He could take care of this in one go since he could do a surprise attack, but the magic power dwelling in his body was at a horrifying level. If he couldn’t do a surprise attack, then he would not have even tried to attack.
However, if the other world over this gate has someone as strong as the mage just now, and if that person comes over the gate over to Earth. If that person acts before Yu IlHan intercepts…

Just thinking about it gave him a headache. In a busy world where he had his hands full worrying monsters, why were the other worlders coming over for? If they wanted to kill humans, then they could do it in their own world!

[I will destroy the gate](Erta)

The light that came from Erta’s extended hands covered the installed gate. Yu IlHan was watching with his spear gripped tight just in case someone came over, but fortunately nothing like that happened.

Erta’s magic was powerful. The gate seemed to distort slowly and it completely disappeared, leaving behind a magic stone that was the core of the gate, and not a long after, the magic stone too cracked apart due to exhausting all its power. This was the moment the connection with another world was completely severed.

[No!](Male angel)

The male angel shrieked after looking at that, but Lita’s fist made him shut up. The combo was just going past 700.
Yu IlHan was absentmindedly looking at that scene. Since it was a spectacle that could not be seen with money.

[Yu IlHan, are you alright?](Erta)

Erta asked in a careful voice. Since he knew what she was worried about, Yu IlHan replied with a laugh.

“I’m alright.”

Why did he hunt monsters until now? Because he wanted to increase his level? Because he wanted to acquire monster skins and magic stones? No, those were just by products. They could not become the reason why Yu IlHan had to hunt monsters.

He killed the monsters since they became a threat to mankind, and to himself. If the monsters that appeared at the same time as the Great Cataclysm, did not intend to kill humans, then Yu IlHan would have played around with them, doing tic tac toe or something. Of course, that was if they could notice him in the first place.

“These guys will become a threat to me if I leave them behind.”

So, he killed. He scouted just in case he made a mistake, and as a result, he killed them as he had confirmed the fact that they were no different from monsters. Of course, he had to acknowledge that he was more enraged due to finding the two dead women.

[Is it really just that?](Erta)
“If it isn’t, then what? Should humans be special?”

Yu IlHan’s words were reasonable. The reason they killed was the same, but if he felt different just because those in question were different, then that itself was hypocrisy.

[No, of course not. However, that’s as if.](Erta)

Erta shut her mouth around there. It was because it wouldn’t be pleasant for Yu IlHan to hear.
However, Yu IlHan felt that he knew what Erta was going to say next so he stared at her for a brief moment, before laughing it over and went into looting.

“Wow, just who killed him so cleanly? Just the head disappeared.”
[Quite a tremendous defense. Although, you’re something too, since you broke through it.]

The mage was wearing a luxurious looking robe that was made with black silk, which looked very expensive even at a glance. Thanks to Yu IlHan killing him so cleanly, the robe was intact as well.

“If this is good, then would the need to make a robe disappear?”
[I guarantee that you will have to make a robe.](Erta)

Yu IlHan snorted and grabbed it when a message popped up.

[Cynical Iron-wall Black Mage’s Jacket]
[Rank – Legend]
[Defense – 3.300]
[Equip Restrictions – Magic category 3rd class, 400 Magic or above]
[Options – Mana recovery, 40% increase in magic casting time, activates Magic Fortress by consuming mana when in danger of being hit]
[Durability – 1,100/2,200(Auto-recovery)]
[A jacket made by a top tier crafter using a Dark Yarn acquired from hunting an original monster in a legendary dungeon. A legendary mage called to modern life directly inscribed a protective magic formation.]

“Oh my Zelnaga. You’re right.”

Did Erta foresaw that this would happen? The robe had a monstrous equip restrictions. Of course, it had accordingly monstrous options, but it seemed for sure that Yu IlHan would never wear this robe.
Moreover, what was that item description? They were definitely a combination of words he knew, but it was incomprehensible like looking into a woman’s heart.

However, there was something that weighed on his mind more than that; it was the text that looked like an upgraded version of Yu IlHan’s own bracelet option.

“Magic fortress… So what he blabbed on about before his death was this. Was this the damned protective layer that covered him?”
[No, that was more like a constantly active magic protection that’s closer to self defense. It’s different from the option attached to this robe.](Erta)

His leisurely attitude was all because he had an insurance. However, according to Erta’s words, it seemed the Magic Fortress didn’t activate properly when Yu IlHan attacked him in surprise. Well, that should be why he looked so unjustified in his death.

Then why? For what reason did the Magic Fortress not activate? If it was the Yu IlHan at the beginning stages of the Great Cataclysm, he might be agonized while thinking about it.

However, Yu IlHan had already crossed many mountains and rivers. He wouldn’t say ‘that was close’ and sigh in relief. In the first place, if there was any danger, his intuition would have warned him beforehand.

It wasn’t once or twice that it happened, so Yu IlHan himself knew it very well.

[So even a legend rank artifact did not detect you!](Erta)
“I know, and I was about to say it! But you saying it makes it more tragic!”

Of course, it was true that he could kill the mage more easily due to that, but even so, he couldn’t help getting angry. Taking it out on the robe, Yu IlHan stuffed the robe into the Cross Bag.

“I’ll also sell this to the Empress. A little later.”
[Good idea.](Erta)

If Yu IlHan could wear it himself, then doing so would be the best. However, it was declared that he couldn’t wear it due to the equipping restrictions so it should be better for someone who can use it well to wear it.
Adding to that, if that someone is capable of compensating for this, then it would be even better.

He searched around for a weapon expectantly just in case, since there was the robe, but there were no such things. Instead, there was a small leather pocket inside the clothes that the mage was wearing, and that, was a pocket with spatial expansion magic cast on it, although, it was much smaller than Yu IlHan’s own Cross Bag.
However, Yu IlHan became shocked after seeing that flasks with red and blue liquids were coming out in large amounts.

“I thought this was the time for gold to come out!”
[These are things that cannot be bought with gold. They are top class health potion and magic potion. Please be aware that potions cannot be bought in shops no matter which world it is under Heaven.](Erta)

But what good was that? He had the bloodrink for health, and he couldn’t even use mana, so there was no need for him to recover anything.
Yu IlHan pondered on what to do with it, but in the end, he put them inside his Cross Bag; while believing that the time to need it would come.

He checked the 1st class man’s body just in case but there was absolutely nothing. Clicking his tongue, Yu IlHan stood up.
Lita was just going past 3000 air combo.

[It doesn’t seem like Lita’s rage would calm down any time soon. Yu IlHan, what can we do?](Erta)
“We can cheer for Lita. Bring some popcorn, Erta.”(T/N: It really does say that)

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