Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 60: I Carry – 8

Leaving Lita to beat up that angel all she wanted, Yu IlHan did his own thing – to recover the dead women’s bodies.

“Erta, please make these people clean.”
[I understand](Erta)

Yu IlHan felt complicated while seeing that the two women’s bodies became clean due to Erta’s magic. He did want to find their families, but he did not even know where they were kidnapped from. He couldn’t waste time like thatt.

Recovering the victims’ bodies, Yu IlHan completely burned the mage and the man’s bodies since human bodies did not spit out mana and were useless as crafting materials.

Around that time, Lita’s punishment had ended. He couldn’t find consciousness no mater how much healing magic he was casted with, so they decided to leave the rest to the other angels.

[Lita, did you listen to why they cooperated with humans?](Erta)
[No, I couldn’t since I was beating him up. The others would listen in my place!]

Lita’s smile looked uselessly refreshing. It seemed that her mood became a little better while beating him up to her heart’s content. Of course, this was nothing new, so both Yu IlHan and Erta had given up and exited the dungeon along with her.

[Lita, thanks for your work.]
[Yu IlHan, it’s you again. Isn’t it better for you if you just get into an exclusive contract with Heaven?]
[He already did. DIdn’t you see that Lita and Erta’s achievements were skyrocketing nowadays?]

Angels were already waiting in front of the dungeon. He thought that Lita would just pass the traitor angel but she stood on the same side as them while putting the male angel over her shoulders.

[There is a saying that one revealed traitor means 30 hidden ones. We don’t know when another traitor will try to do something, so I will come back after confirming that this guy gets his head lopped off.](Lita)
“Are traitors cockroaches!?”

It was an iron-blooded declaration without a hint of carelessness!

[Traitors are sooo dead now. Look at Lita with her eyes flipped.]
[They just had to do it on Earth of all worlds… foolish things.]

Although he realized the moment she recommended Vale Tudo, it seemed that Lita’s powers were not ordinary. There was no need to rustle the leaves while knowing that there is a snake, so Yu IlHan ignored her even after seeing all that.

[I will come back at least by tonight. I will come back with a good quest reward so wait for me!]
“Buy me ice cream on the way back.”

Having a conversation that sounded like a mother and son’s just as the mother was going grocery shopping, Yu IlHan sent Lita off. Since there were too many cases where Yu IlHan got involved with angels, now even the other angels greeted him or were bowing their heads. Quite the astral scene. (T/N: Dunno why ‘astral’…)

[I know. We should go hunt quickly.](Erta)

Erta, who was now used to the unresting ironman Yu IlHan, spoke as if she had given up. However, Yu IlHan shook his head while laughing bitterly.


He tapped the Cross Bag twice. The victims’ bodies were inside it.

“At least, let’s bury them somewhere suitable.”
[…….Of course, of course.](Erta)

Hearing Erta’s low voice, Yu IlHan moved his steps. He did not enjoy alcohol normally, but he felt like drinking today.

Author’s notes
1. Just acquiring a 4th class mage’s record does not make him able to wield mana. Like how he had killed countless other life forms which could use mana. Just that! If he could use it then Heaven will send…….!
2. The mage’s preparation was in fact, meticulous. It’s only because Yu IlHan’s concealment, which fooled even legend rank artifacts, was more meticulous.
3. Slow but sure Erta.
4. Not going over to another world yet. The danger risk is still to big.

Translator’s notes
Regular chap #3

Also, have you read One Man Army? It’s translated here in KCDS, and I can tell you that it’s a good VRMMORPG novel

Translator : Chamber

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    1. thediabolicalgenius

      Well he knows God exists now, since he totally left out Yu Ilhan. So it might be just to harass God.
      Can’t even send me to another world with everyone, even though you’re God? Fine, I’ll worship the Xel’naga from now on. If it’s good enough for the Protoss it’s good enough for me.

  1. gianoria7

    I had forgotten that Lite was the one who taught Yu martial arts…
    And that she took him on several times, and he never won.
    I wonder if she has a good reason to hate traitors (like, one of them hurt her or something), or does she just hate them because they are traitors and because they are doing that on Earth, which is where Yu Ilhan is?

    Thanks for the chapter 😀
    If he uses that robe to craft the Empress’s robe, then she will freak out while looking at it :p

    1. Jonathan Hurd

      I think he will probably leave the robe alone since Empress wanted a different secondary effect. What he can do is make inner wear like a T shirt and pants so that she could equip those and then also put on the robe on top of those. That way she could have super Mana Regen, shorter cool downs between magic casts, and a defensive magic all together.

      After he sells all this I am really curious how Empress is going to pay for it all, lol. While it would be hilarious if it turns into another honey trap thing, but I highly doubt that can happen. My personal bet is he trades with her for some unique metals from her world.

    2. WirlWind

      I doubt Lita has any serious trauma RE traitors (I can’t remember, was a while since I read this last) but the fact that they were targeting Earth is enough reason for her to go berserk.

      She still hasn’t landed her fish yet and he happens to live on that planet.

  2. thediabolicalgenius

    Thanks for the chapters.

    “Quite the astral scene.”

    Maybe he meant something like celestial scene? Since celestial relates to the heavens and is in the same vein as astral. Or it could be that astral in the sense of spiritual, implying a scene that related to some kind of ethereal setting?
    It doesn’t exactly immediately click does it?

    1. hweirdo

      Maybe, since they’re all bowing, it makes yu Ilhan look like a god, so it refers to a “heavenly” scene, or like how a king/emperor would look when they enter or exit the palace. So I’m thinking it is punning heaven and astral and the Emperor, since the Emperor is the Son of Heaven.

  3. alu

    The robe would be would be a lot cooler if it decreases casting time instead of increasing it:
    Options – Mana recovery, 40% increase in magic casting time, …
    Options – Mana recovery, 40% decrease in magic casting time, …

  4. animemanganovelfiction

    he now looks like a Mage Slayer 😀 , maybe his next job/class will deal more damage to Magic user and Magical Creature IoI , or maybe even have an Ability to Dispel & Cancel any magic like Kamijou Touma from Toaru Majutsu no Railgun 😀 and of course with high immunity to any elemental attack 😀 , or even maybe Ignore and abosorb the magic attack itself IoI , that will be to OP ahahahaha 😀

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    1. Jonathan Hurd

      I want a class related to Dragonslaying, imo. A combination of Mageslaying and Dragonslaying could be cool too. He became a Shinigami for his second job so I think stopping at just mageslaying seems a little anti climatic.

  5. hweirdo

    Thanks for the chapter. I think the astral thing might be a pun? Since astral refers to the stars, or the plane of Heaven, if you will. It is like Yu Ilhan is a god-like being or something.

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    I don’t know why people keep asking about “Increase in magic casting time” imo it’s perfectly normal for an equipment to have some demerit in exchange for greater advantage, so what if it increase magic casting time? in return, the robe gives Magic fortress barrier and mana recovery. even in many online games sometimes equipment will give negative bonuses like reduced attack speed or reduced accuracy in exchange of greater dmg, reduce casting speed in exchange of uninterruptable casting.

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    Yeah, no reason to show mercy to that rapist just because he was human. He is even worse than the animals.

    I wouldn’t have actually destroyed the portal immediately. Would have considered waiting for more loot.

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