Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 61: I Carry – 9

The dungeon where Quegnae appear was just as Yu IlHan had expected.
The mutated species dungeon at least had a variety of animals and a variety of levels so he did not get tired of it, but in the Quegna dungeon, ash grey colored monsters with dark faces that looked like they were from Munch’s pictures, were walking around stiffly.

Quegnae stored their magic power in their metallic bones, and had the ability to spit the stored magic power towards their enemies.

They moved around slowly at normal times, but once they noticed an enemy, they screamed their lungs out to call for their allies, and attacked their enemies by endlessly shooting out magic bullets. They really were a paint to hunt.

However, there was an element that made them even more violent, and that was that one had to end the fight quickly when fighting against them.
The moment they notice their enemy, they pull out magic power from their bones to fling it at their enemies, so when one fighted them for a long time, their bones would gradually run out of magic power. Naturally, the quality of the bones would become lower, and in the end, they would even become useless.

The only usable part of Quegnae, which, despite their low level, were incredibly tough to fight against, were their bones. As such, those who did not have the confidence to hunt them fast with a large amount of firepower, did not linger around the dungeon even if they found it. Such was Erta’s explanations.

Obviously, these things were all meaningless to Yu IlHan.

[You have earned 335,989 experience.]
[You have earned the record of Lv 54 Quegna.]

No monsters in this dungeon could see through Yu IlHan’s concealment. As such, all Yu IlHan had to do was to leisurely enter the dungeon and sever their life. Was there anything easier and more comfortable than this?

However, there was a limit to that. Although he liked labor, he was a perver who hated unproductive labor. Looking at the 523rd Quegna that just fell down due to his surprise attack, Yu IlHan muttered.

“This won’t do. I cannot waste any more time doing something so meaningless.”
[It’s because your growth is too fast. These things should originally be a suitable level of hunting material for you.](Erta)

The reason Yu IlHan had come here was in the end, to procure materials to make Kang MiRae’s magic weapon. That objective was over from the moment he killed the third one, so if his objective was not experience, then no one would say anything even if he went back.

However, since he decided to do it, he wanted to make a good weapon.

“Isn’t there a boss?”
[You’re not thinking that boss-tier monsters exist in every dungeon, right?](Erta)
“I think I will be able to make a legend rank weapon if I have its bones though…”

She did say that the price would different according to the ability of the finished artifact, so the money was worth looking forward to. However, Erta shouted in fright.

[Are you planning to pull her roots out? No, she might even request marriage saying she will pay it back all her life!](Erta)
“Damned media ruined our Erta.”
[I’m extremely normal!](Erta)

If this was a game or a fantasy novel (T/N: It isn’t?) then bosses that decorate the final part of the dungeon would appear. A sudden crisis! The main character who burns in passion amidst of shock and fear!
The problem was that the ones who get burned to death due to the main character’s courage was not the main character himself but his friends who become touched and charge with him, but anyway, shouldn’t dungeons be like that, where main characters grow in such method?

However, reality was cold. If there were no mutated monsters, or the dungeon had insufficient mana, boss monsters were not born. It might in a long time, but at least right now, there was none in this dungeon.

Mostly, people do not want to meet high ranking monsters inside a dungeon, so the fact that there’s no boss monster was usually a good news.
Let’s say that there’s a level 50 restriction dungeon. ‘Normally’, the people who enter such dungeons are limited to those around level 60. Those above that level would look for another dungeon for experience efficiency.

However, when bosses appear in these kind of dungeons, level 80 was normal and if unlucky, level 90, and although very improbable, even a 3rd class might appear, which Yu IlHan had experienced already.

Well, if they killed the boss, then they would be able to take a lot of experience and spoils of war, but no jewels in the world were more precious than life. As such, people never approach bosses. They only pray that they would not get noticed by the bosses and run.

As such, boss monsters did not exist for people to hunt them.
They existed for people to run away the moment they see them!

[I’m saying that the probability of a boss monster appearing is supposed to be very low. Do you understand now?](Erta)

Thanks to Erta’s easy explanations, Yu IlHan nodded helplessly, but somehow, there was a word in her explanation that weighed on his mind.

“Why did you emphasize the word ‘normally’? Are there times where high level people have to go to a lower level dungeon?”

Dungeons were no different from monster-specific traps made by using the power of Heaven. The fact that people could hunt monsters on their level safely was all thanks to that.
But how?

[Ah, if you went to another world, then you would’ve known.](Erta)
“You’re trying to pick a fight with me right? Just wait next to me until I become a higher existence.”
[……It will be alright before Earth experiences its 2nd Great Cataclysm. I will explain it to you then.]

Whether it’s the 2nd Great Cataclysm or the third, he didn’t mind unless he became a loner again. Yu IlHan just nodded his head and mindlessly slashed at a Quegna nearby. At that moment, a small change occurred.

[You have earned 359,998 experience.]
[The skill, Death Collector, has become level 10. You are now able to understand the dead’s thoughts remaining in the power of life.]

The Death Collector skill was the sole skill that Yu IlHan acquired after becoming Rookie Reaper, and it only collected the power of life of those Yu IlHan had killed, and was meaningless otherwise.

Collecting the power of life didn’t mean his stats nor his magic power would increase. He just acquired a strange artifact that absorbed faint white smoke that appeared when he killed things, it had no other uses.

He only predicted that it would become helpful when he becomes a full reaper in his 3rd class, and learn an active skill after becoming able to use mana. There was no harm in gathering them, and it was a passive skill, so he had no means to stop its activation so he just left it alone

However, the moment the skill levelled up to 10, Yu IlHan’s thoughts had completely changed.

[Kwiik, Kwiiiii!]


He couldn’t win against the sudden screams and shouts that echoed in his head, so Yu Ilhan grabbed his head and ended up tumbling on the ground.

[Kua, kuaaaaa!]
[……Killed, me…… world…….]
[Damned maggot!]

[Yu IlHan, what is it? Yu IlHan!]
“Fuck, I don’t know either!”

This was only happening within his brain, so Erta could not understand the situation. She just wished that he would be able to endure.

[Request……, ……’s blood……]
[How dare a puny Earthling do this to the great me, Dakié Von Illastra!]

Enduring the flood of noise that flooded his soul itself, Yu IlHan clenched his teeth. He wandered for a moment due to it being so sudden, but each of these voices were no more than the thoughts of the dead.

‘Calm down Yu IlHan, dead things are dead anyway.’

They were the dead who Yu IlHan had severed their lives of anyway. Moreover, they were no more than the thoughts that was attached to the power of life as a bonus.
It was just a little noisy, but there was no need to fear that.

[The empire will definitely not……]
‘Just shut up!’

He felt like he would go crazy if he listened to any more of that mage’s voice so he inwardly screamed.
However, the moment he screamed to nowhere, the noise all stopped.

[The skill, Death Collector, has become level 11.]
“What the…”

It seemed that the noise torture he just experienced was some kind of ceremony that all people who had Death Collector had to go through. He should’ve known from the time when he saw the word ‘reaper’, this really was a class for the weirdest of the weird.

[You’ve heard the thoughts of those you’ve killed? To think you’ve endured that with pure mentality……are you alright?](Erta)
“They are dead anyway.”

Just why was this useless skill given to him! For now, they’ve calmed down, but thoughts were things that would go nuts unless they were completely erased. Thinking to that point, he got annoyed again.
He even thought that he may had to regularly shout in his brain, and that the skill called Death Collector maybe a penalty, if anything, that was given to a Rookie Reaper, who had strong power.

However, the next moment, he had to take back that thought.

[Can you hear…… my voice?]

hearing the softly vibrating, clear woman’s voice, Yu IlHan became silent for a moment. When he saw Erta, who was floating in the air after leaving the top of Yu IlHan’s head, she, unlike her usual self, turned away to avoid his gaze.

[It’s not that(T/N: In JP, this would be ‘Betsu ni’) I was worried about you. I only asked since the thoughts of the dead were usually violent and you may have gotten some permanent injuries!](Erta)
“Yeah, thanks for worrying about me.”

Of course, he knew that Erta wasn’t the culprit.
Someone that he killed, that spoke human tongue, and one that had a beautiful (T/N: ???) young woman’s voice – he could only think of one.

[I request, of you. Please just once……]

Heaving a grand sigh, Yu IlHan checked that there were no monsters in his surroundings, and sat down at a safe place before opening his mouth.

“What is it that you’re asking me to do, Reta Kar’iha?”
[What did you just say, Yu IlHan?](Erta)

While Erta’s eyes widened, inside Yu IlHan’s brain, a soft vibration could be felt again. The contents were quite violent unlike the voice.

[Those I could not block even with my entire body……please take revenge to the race of dragons in my stead!](Reta)

The moment when the Rookie Reaper Yu IlHan and the Breaker Reta Kar’iha had a destined rendez-vous, Heaven was punishing the low-rank angel that concealed a dungeon.

[Suspension of Activity for 5000 years. Isn’t this enough?]

The one to object to the chairman angel’s loose punishment was Lita.

[It wasn’t a simple dungeon concealment. If we did not find it, the world may have collapsed.]
[That’s a heavy sin.]
[Just why did you do that? What’s good on Earth? Did you hide some snacks or something?]

Seeing that many angels were agreeing with LIta’s words, the chairman groaned.

[However, it’s not wise to reduce the manpower of Heaven’s Army. Each and every one of our angels are precious.]
[We need to cut the rotten parts out. Before everything else rots as well.]

It was another angel and not LIta. It was a woman who had a more mature appearance than Lita, and in her hands was a spear that emitted light as if it would pierce the sinner’s heart at any moment.

[He committed a sin that go against us angels’ activity rules. Just because we’re lacking manpower, are we going to free a guy with a bomb amidst our forces?]
[Are you also a traitor?]

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  1. hweirdo

    “They really were a paint to hunt.” Paint -> pain

    Perver-> pervert

    “please take revenge to the race of dragons in my stead” to -> on

    “He committed a sin that go against us angels’ activity rules.” Go -> went

    Pretty interesting chapter. Was wondering when Yu IlHan and Reta would talk to each other.

  2. firelight777

    Quegnae appear -> Quegnae appeared
    was a perver -> was a pervert
    amidst of shock -> in the midst of shock /or/ amidst shock
    thoughts that was -> thoughts that were
    Collector maybe -> Collector may be
    sin that go -> sin that goes
    Thanks for the chapter!

  3. axcel101

    [It’s not that(T/N: In JP, this would be ‘Betsu ni’) I was worried about you. I only asked since the thoughts of the dead were usually violent and you may have gotten some permanent injuries!](Erta)
    “Yeah, thanks for worrying about me.”

    Of course, he knew that Erta wasn’t the culprit.

    what did Erta said ?

    1. WirlWind

      It’s not REALLY foreshadowing since they already know it’s coming.

      It’s something they’ll have to deal with every time Earth “Levels up”.

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    Haha, believe me whenn I say that a rating of 3.5 is high praise for a translation team, let alone a single translator. When I rate a series for Grammar I do so with literary pieces that have gone through professional editing and a native/educated grasp of the English language. 3.5 would be College-Entry level English. Don’t feel pressured to reach new heights, I woulld instead recommend thinking about the translations in a more broad manner since translations can never truly be perfect (Cultural, Ethnic, Situational, and Periodic dictations being different even between regions sharing a similar language). So your 3.5 rating for Grammar as opposed to a 5 out of 5 to a professionally edited, natively English work such as “The Name of the Wind” by Patrick Rothfuss is high praise to your grasp of the English language and the Korean language.

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      I agree with you. Although a bit immersion breaking, not-so-good Grammar isn’t such a big deal as long as the meaning isn’t lost. The meaning and, if possible, nuance are the most important things when it comes to tralsations. At least that’s what I always look for in a translation work. I don’t get too picky about grammar and typos, but I can be quite a nag when it comes to the other.

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    Please insert a separator after MC tries to talk to reaper ladys ghost’ish and before the angels chat, had to reread that three times before figuring out wtf was happening, thought the TL lost the plot for a while there. Besides that awesome story so far and awesome TL’s thanks guys 🙂

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    I’m a new reader on this web. Just wanted to tell you that in regards to your TN at the end, I don’t know if this chapter (and the ones before it) has been edited since the time you received your 3.5/5 marks, but I find the grammars in this project to be more than acceptable and you shouldn’t really took the criticism too hard. Though it’d be cool if you take it as an encouragement to improve, I guess.

    Keep on rockin’ man. I enjoy reading your translation and it’s very, very, VERY (did I say very?) cool to have a native as a translator since you can explain all the references which might not be known by a non-native, that ACE ‘Bed is science’ thing for example.

  8. Seregosa

    Well, if they killed the boss, then they would be able to take a lot of experience and spoils of war, but no jewels in the world were more precious than life. As such, people never approach bosses. They only pray that they would not get noticed by the bosses and run.

    Well… If it’s the life of someone else, there’re plenty of “jewels”(stuff) that is worth more than life. Heh.

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