Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 62: I am also a Building Owner – 1

[The race of dragons!?](Erta)

Erta shouted in shock. Yu IlHan was instead shocked by her.

“You can hear her?”
[Although I had to take out the angel’s ring, yes.](Erta)

The moment Yu IlHan said the words Reta Kar’iha, Erta realized that the situation was not normal and immediately took out her angel’s ring to bring the communion with Yu IlHan to the limits. Only after that could she hear in in their conversation.

[The weapon Yu IlHan made did say its abilities would increase when fighting against dragonkin, but to think it would actually refer to dragons…](Erta)
“Dragonkin aren’t dragons?”
[The word ‘dragon’ doesn’t refer to simple dragonkin.](Reta)

Reta Kar’iha’s thoughts continued.

[Dragonkin innately have a strong power, and dragons are those that are born with extremely strong bodies made made with the extremities of matter and magic even amongst dragonkin. They lord over all dragonkin.](Reta)

Honestly, Yu IlHan had met neither dragonkin nor dragons so it wasn’t anything surprising. However, Erta was already sighing.

[Dragons are at least 3rd class, moreover, the ones who lived for a long time are even 5th class, who are treated as higher existences. You would not know how horrifying a higher existence is at full strength.](Erta)
“Yeah, you guys are all about rules and laws and can’t use your strength properly!”

She wanted to retort, but as Yu IlHan seemed a little frustrated, Erta couldn’t do anything. Instead of her, Reta Kar’iha’s thoughts kept speaking.

[Our continent was one where elves and humans harmonized peacefully. However, from some time, strong monsters started rapidly appearing on the continent. Not long after, many Great Cataclysms occurred at once. This only happened within 50 years.](Reta)
“Hey, higher existence.”
[I think there was a mistake there too.](Erta)

This was a mess. He did think that they screwed up on operating Earth, and they had a precedent! If there really was someone called God, he even wanted to go and complain, to change the manager of Earth.

[The Army of Heaven realized the abnormality and started focusing on our world, but it was too late by then. This was because the race of dragons that enjoyed killing and violence, were already rampaging around.](Reta)

Reta Kar’iha’s following words were tearfully tragic. The alliance of elves and humans, meticulous defense of the land, treachery, etc. Listening to the story that would probably make an 8 book series, Yu IlHan sympathized with her.

She chatted so well, so how did she endure until now?

[The point when Heaven abandoned us was when there was not a single country left on the continent. Dragons massacred humans and elves without even realizing that they were stepping on their own potential to evolve.](Reta)

Reta Kar’iha’s voice trembled. Despite the fact that her real body had scattered after becoming ash, Yu IlHan could clearly imagine her wrathful face.

[I, who was fatally injured after hundreds of years of battle, thought that I could not end everything like this and used a last resort.](Reta)

Last resort, meaning becoming a Breaker.

[A foolish choice.](Erta)

Erta declared. Her eyes even had a trace of rage.

[Breakers are no different from monsters, moving instinctively. No matter what emotion you had in your heart, the moment you fell into a Breaker, you’ve lost your possibility for revenge forever!](Erta)
[As you may know, I had a deathgod category class like the one that killed me.](Reta)

That much could be deduced from the options of the items that she was using. Rookie Reaper, the class that Yu IlHan acquired, was a unique class, but it wasn’t like there were no similar classes like it until now. However, Reta Kar’iha also seemed to think the same thing.

[As such, I thought that not everything would end even if I become a Breaker. Before I became one, I imbued my thoughts into the robe and the scythe using my powers that could tamper with the soul. Even if the one who kills me is not a deathgod, I waited for the day that someone who has a similar ability to me to come……](Reta)
“Aha, that’s why such things happened when making the spear.”

However, not once did the thoughts in the scythe and the robe do anything.
Yu IlHan, who brought out all his strength in the battle with Reta Kar’iha, miraculously acquired the Rookie Reaper class, and was able to acquire the biggest thought fragment that was in her body.

[Although I did think that there wouldn’t be anyone other than me left on the continent, I could not stop myself from doing those foolish things.](Reta)
[Even though you know it’s foolish, how!](Erta)

Just as Erta was about to get more enraged, Yu IlHan spoke in a helpless voice.

“And that Abandoned World got connected with Earth like this.”
[As a result, fortunately, I have acquired this opportunity to pass on this truth to someone else.](Reta)
[That’s true.](Erta)

Erta was just about to corner her when she became dejected. However, she then blamed it all on Yu IlHan.

[If you’re not such an OP character.](Erta)
“If not, then I wouldn’t even be here, listening to this talk.”

Calming Erta, who was feeling both joy and despair at the unfair reality, down, Yu IlHan spoke back to Reta Kar’iha.

“I know how frustrated you must be, but I’m very weak right now. Meaning, I don’t have any ability to fight against those dragons and shit.”

Yes. That was the point. He did understand how frustrated and angry Reta Kar’iha must be, but he himself wasn’t that strong yet. He might be able to kill a 3rd class dragonkin if he fought to death, but that was it.

Yu IlHan liked new things and new adventures, but he declined in betting his life. He was just going to ignore the dead’s thoughts as just thoughts.

[However, Daréu has already been connected to Earth. If we do not sever the connection, people of Earth would have to face dragons eventually.](Reta)

Shivering, Yu IlHan spoke to Erta.

“The defendant may answer to the judge’s question. What has become of the dungeon in the Gra…”
[It’s true. The seal cannot be permanent, and that doesn’t mean we can erase the dungeon itself.](Erta)

Before he had even finished asking, the answer came back to him. He sighed.

[Lita already said, didn’t she? They will request the people of Earth using Heaven’s Quests.](Erta)
“Oh yeah, that’s true.”

Thinking back to Lita’s sorry face back then, Yu IlHan asked Reta Kar’iha.

“Is it that urgent?”
[Of course, it may be alright right now. the probability that the existences inside Daréu have found the connection with Earth, is very low. However, if the 2nd Great Cataclysm occurs……](Reta)

Stopping there, Yu IlHan thought back to what Erta talked about a while ago.
Didn’t she say that high level people would have to go inside lower level restricted dungeons when the 2nd Great Cataclysm occurs?

He instinctively realized. Yu IlHan was about to hear what he didn’t hear back then.

“What happens then?”
[The concentration of mana on Earth would rise and the probability of a Dungeon Break occurring rises as well, so at that point, they would be able to come over to Earth.](Erta)
“Explain what a Dungeon Break is first.”

He was annoyed with all the new proper nouns. Realizing how he was feeling, Erta obediently explained this time.

Dungeon Breaks refer to the phenomenon where the Traps of Destruction break down due to the high concentration of mana after the 2nd Great Cataclysm. It would explode if unlucky, so it would be good if you cleaned it out beforehand.](Erta)

That itself was something he had heard before. Even in other novels and games, when one left dungeons alone for a long time, then the overflowing monsters caused accidents.

“Can’t you make it sturdy from the beginning?”
[As I already said, all dungeons naturally break down, so you cannot trust in dungeons. Dungeons only exist as a delay.](Erta)

Yes, she definitely said that on the day Yu IlHan asked about that to her.
Truly damned.

[It is not that we can’t make a sturdier and a longer-lasting dungeon, but naturally, it would require more precious materials. Heaven doesn’t have an infinite amount of materials. Meaning, we can’t distribute them to all worlds equally. Moreover, if we scattered strong Traps of Destruction, then overflows occur. Overflows are worse than Dungeon Breaks.](Erta)

If the attraction force of the Traps of Destruction is too low, then monsters would simply ignore it, and if it’s too strong, then an overflow occurs and mutated species are born… And even if it’s properly made, then it was unknown when it would explode, and needed regular cleaning.

“Can’t we just not make dungeons?”
[That’s easy for us, but humans would all die, right?](Erta)

That’s true, such a tiresome matter.

Anyway, Yu IlHan now knew of the full situation. First, the sealed dungeon was still connected to an Abandoned World, and horrifying dragons were everywhere there.
Earth would definitely go against them sometime.

“Can we not know when the 2nd Great Cataclysm would occur on Earth?”
[Unlike the 1st Great Cataclysm, the time of the 2nd Great Cataclysm is very dynamic. Earth’s 2nd Great Cataclysm was originally set in 150 years after the first, but during the two months after the first Great Cataclysm, that time has changed tremendously.](Erta)
“How many years?”
[50 years left.](Erta)

100 years were reduced in 2 months, so using simple calculations, there was one month left.

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    1. gen

      Pretty sure its a catch-all term. In alot of cases it just means “masochist” cause he likes getting beat on, or taking the hard road. It would fit alot better in alot of the cases, the translator/editor should be able to look at the context after the first translation and change it. But i also agree! it needs to be changed most of the time. I mean if he’s flirting or something, or making innuendo -> pervert. If its about his hard work, or wanting to take a beating to level up regen, it should be masochist. I think deviant is an ok solution. but being specific seems pretty damn good.

  1. hweirdo

    “Only after that could she hear in in their conversation.” Hear in in -> hear in on

    “That was an OP magic formation was able”
    That was an OP magic formation that was able…

    “Even if the told them this fact right now” the -> they (he)

    Souls don’t count as harem members right?
    Also that Spiera angel seems mighty interesting. Is her name a pun of spear though? Because that is bad naming right there.

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    He makes me remember myself playing skyrim. When I finally completed my dragon armor, I stopped playing XD. Dragon armor is cool, nothing else matters ;p
    Thanks for the translation!

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    -100 years were reduced in 2 months, so using simple calculations, there was one month left.

    so true~~~

    -Going inside the dungeon with Reta Kar’iha, find the easy ones, and kill them. Simple.

    did he think it was like grocery shopping?

    -This was the moment when Reta Kar’iha realized that the one who killed her was a huge pervert

    lol~~.thats our mc!

  4. James

    5 ways this can go down;
    1. Dungeon’s made, but doesn’t attract, Monsters still roam around
    2. Dungeon’s made, attracts a lot, Overflow happens.
    3. Dungeon’s made, attracts a fair amount, maintenance is needed.
    4. Dungeon’s never made, monsters roam around slaughtering everything.
    5. Dungeon’s made, maintained, but will break down in the end.

    Now matter how one sees it, such a delicate thing. Plus, MC’s over 1000 years old, got to have a worthy stimulation

  5. Seregosa

    [The Army of Heaven realized the abnormality and started focusing on our world, but it was too late by then. This was because the race of dragons that enjoyed killing and violence, were already rampaging around.](Reta)
    Reta Kar’iha’s following words were tearfully tragic. The alliance of elves and humans, meticulous defense of the land, treachery, etc. Listening to the story that would probably make an 8 book series, Yu IlHan sympathized with her.
    She chatted so well, so how did she endure until now?

    I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not really buying what she’s saying, I keep getting this ominous feeling while reading the dialogue between her and the mc. Although the story is probably true, at least to some extent, I think she’s up to no good. Since she had a death god category class, she should be familiar with souls and similar stuff, I wonder if this will be one of those super-cliché moments where she attempts to take over the mcs body after tricking him, happens in almost every book where the mcs meet “souls” like this that is attached to them in one way or another and conscious… That super OP magic formation is extremely suspicious as well, especially since her “life” needs to be with him to even activate it… Maybe it’s not even a teleport formation, instead being some kind of a formation that can allow her to take over his mind 😛 Well, only time will tell… But my senses honed in battle against hundreds of novels and thousands of manga/anime are telling me that it seems way too cliché to not happen, mwahaha.

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