Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 65: I am also a Building Owner – 4

Yu IlHan, who had first come home, became stupefied by the flood of photos that came through his mobile messenger, which came from Na YuNa, because his mobile messenger app automatically added her as a friend the moment they exchanged numbers.

The photos contained information on the building inside Gangnam reinforced district, that he was supposed to take over. At the end of the message, there was a curse message, saying that she would contact him frequently. He really wanted to delete her number immediately, but for his aims, there was a need to keep in contact with her.
Na YuNa also knew this, so this may have made her send cute and annoying emojis, trying to become closer to him.

More than that.

“What do I do…”

Somehow, he now had become an owner of a building. And this was no ordinary building, but one inside the Gangnam reinforced district where many ability users, hired by various VIPs and those in power, were keeping strict security!

[Loan them out for rent, and you’d become filthy rich.](Lita)
[It’s kinda funny how they’re bragging about ‘reinforced district’, when the ones protecting them are only around level 40, but it is for sure that this would become the center of Korea for a while. It’s no loss owning it, right?](Erta)

That was true; by selling a staff and a robe, Yu IlHan had instantly entered the center of Korea.
Just having a lot of money didn’t allow one to enter the Gangnam reinforced district. Above all, the ones with the vested interests would not allow it to happen.

However, somehow, Yu IlHan now had a connection with Kang MiRae, who was one of the top-runners in both the ones with vested interests, and in financial power. As a result, he could enter the center of Korea too easily.

The problem was that Yu IlHan didn’t find that fact that helpful.

“This kind of building is doomed with a stomp from a monster, though?”

In the current world, there was nothing more false than visual treasures. Of course, Yu IlHan had no such greed in money in the first place, but the world as it is right now was like that as well.

Do they know? That the land that they’re desperately guarding, is just a delusion that would collapse with the appearance of a single shadow leopard.

“i wonder if they don’t know, or they can’t do anything even if they know; since they’ve been to other worlds and all.”
[Strong people over level 50 are not that common.](Erta)
[Humanity’s growth rate is exceptionally fast. Wouldn’t the guarding forces become stronger as well?](Lita)

Yu IlHan truly wished that it would become so. And he was moving around for that objective as well.
At that moment, Lita clapped her hands and spoke to Yu IlHan.

[Perhaps, that woman, may have given IlHan the building in order to draw him to her side?](Lita)
“Yeah, that’s probably it.”

Yu IlHan also expected that much. She may have thought that Yu IlHan would do something if Gangnam was in danger, even if to protect his own assets.
Thinking that Na YuNa was the one to bring it up, he judged that she wasn’t such a klutz.

“20 billion was fine too.”

“Of course, that would only work against people who were greedy for money. Yu IlHan only wanted to enhance the Empress’ power in the first place, so there was no way he would become obsessed with protecting the building; he couldn’t care less.
He couldn’t care less, but he thought that he might be able to achieve something he wanted to do with that building.

“That building would receive everyone’s attention.”
[Well, it is in the yolk part of the commercial center of Korea.](Erta)
[So, there were some famous brand stores but some left this time. Well, the Great Cataclysm shakes the original standards.](Lita)

Yes. A developing industry might start to regress, and a completely unattended industry might develop as well. Earth, which was advancing and making different standards to other worlds, was making a society unseen anywhere else, after the Great Cataclysm.

However, there was one industry that would never collapse as long as monsters existed in the world.
The arms industry.

“That’s good. I’ll just sell here.”
[You’re quite optimistic?]((Lita)
“Well, anything would never end if you hesitate. I should get this over with quickly and do something else.”
[Work again without rest!?](Erta)

Playing soccer in physical education class in middle school was like that. He didn’t want to play but he needed to at least pretend he was playing, but the ball won’t come his way; he would get treated like an invisible man, and to just leave, he was scared.
And as such, he felt the time until the end of the class was so long. If there was a room of mentality and time, then it was probably there. (T/N: No idea what this means)

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    1. Milanin

      Well, if something invisible keeps making legendary weapons one after another, I’m guessing that it would get seen sooner or later. It’s like when a invisible person slaps you. You don’t see him. But?

    2. astrum91

      I think it would be harder if it was a living god. But our MC has never been hidden from the Akashic Record, so anything that’s purely part of the Record would be able to see him as well.

  1. CorpseDead

    I like this novel very much! 😀
    This is always a good and light read. I’m really looking forward to see their reaction when they realise that there is a new smith in their Gangnam reinforced district.. XD
    Well thanks for the chapter! I need more! 😀

  2. Xana Schaeffer

    Based on the information of the chapters I tried to write his status:
    [Yu IlHan]

    [Human Blurred Lancer Rookie Reaper Lv 60]
    ※Blurred Lancer {When attacking while concealed, attack power increases by 10%. The power of spearmanship increases by 10%.}
    ※Rookie Reaper {The effectiveness of concealment increases by 10%. Critical hit chance and attack power increases by 30% when attacking in a surprise attack. Attack power increases by 20% when confronting ‘life’)
    ※Angel’s Partner ( All abilities +30% against a Breaker or Undead)

    ●Pancosmic Loner(Concealment becomes passive)
    ●One hit for me, one hit for you (+10% Critical hit rate)
    ●Creator of Myths(+20% productive activities)
    ●Not two hits, nor three hits, but one hit (+20% experience and possibility of acquiring a magic stone)

    Strength – 176
    Agility – 177
    Health – 165
    Magic -97

    [Active Skill]
    →Concealment Lv. Max
    →Mana Crafting Lv 31
    →Superhuman Strength Lv. 20
    →Binding Lv. 1
    →Angel’s Support Lv. 1
    →Leap Lv. 20

    [Passive Skill]
    →Close Combat Lv Max
    →Spearmanship Lv Max
    →Blunt Weapon Mastery Lv Max
    →Swordsmanship Lv Max
    →Shooting Lv Max
    →Dismantling Lv Max
    →Blacksmithing Lv Max
    →Transcendent Regeneration Lv 1
    →Cooking Lv 21
    →Critical Hit Lv 20
    →Extreme Poison Resistance Lv 8
    →Death Collector Lv 9
    →Angel’s Protection (Probability of enemy fatal hit -30%, curse resistance +30%. Quest rewards +30%)
    →Language Lv. Max

    1. Jonathan Hurd

      So only a few things I would personally correct. His current level should be 64 after he killed that fourth class mage. Death Collector should be level 11. Transcendent Regeneration is definitely higher than level 1 now but I’m not sure they ever tell us just how its gotten thus far.

      There’s a part to Angels Support ability I think is useful to add. He can borrow angels power in an Abandoned World and who his current partners are.

  3. lemeres

    I am pretty sure that this is less that the god of smithing is trying to be difficult, and more that he is exasperated.
    “Damn. After that staff, anything I could come up with would be disappointing by comparison. Just… just do another couple amazing things, and we’ll call it even, ok?”

  4. shiaforthewin

    “At the end of the message, there was a curse message, saying that she would contact him frequently:….LOL
    the author really nails the comedy in this novel. compliments to the translators for the good work in making that humour come through in another language:)

    1. lemeres

      “The god of concealment has…not noticed you. He has heard of you though, and the fact that he can’t find you has impressed him. If you exist, the god of concealment offers his blessing. Not sure if it would help you at all, but it at least makes a nice bumper sticker.”

  5. B055Y

    So the God of Smithing is like a sentient record, born from many records of Smithing. I’m not surprised he noticed Illhan, It’s quite funny that he doesn’t know what tasks he has to do though. I can just image the face he made when he heard that, but I’m sure Illhan will be able to foreshadow what the tasks will be when the time comes to it.

      1. lemeres

        You are forgetting that there are two tasks left.

        Quest two: defeat the (ultra strong)(invulnerable)(immortal)(high precision) God of Crafting.

        Note- those (things) are options. Because of course there would be a ton of options on god vessel made by the protagonist.

  6. Bradley Wilde

    So op. Love it.
    I think he’ll have to forge a mythic artifact or forge something using high class materials e.G. Dragon (god [knowing how op mc is] )teeth or maybe just class 4+ materials.

    Tanks for the chapter
    Wish I could donate, le no monies though. T^T

  7. axcel101

    The worst villain appearing in an anime once said something nonsensical that great responsibility followed great power, but Yu IlHan thought that power that’s swung around by responsibility would never become strong.
    To Yu IlHan, power was not something to protect today, but the ability to make tomorrow.

  8. ChicDabbler

    “Yu IlHan inwardly imagined himself doing tanking, dealing, and healing all by himself, but his expectations had been completely shattered.”

    lol, poor MC, I guess he’ll just be OPx19843 instead of OPx182374 for now. Knowing that Earth isn’t the only place God messed up, and how they are so casual about it, I’m kind of looking forward to the day Ilhan confronts him….

  9. 13blackcat

    Have the romantic details already appeared? I mean in all the chapters translated yet????? (Because if they have I didn’t find many 😿) Or will they appear later on??????

  10. Seregosa

    [I will explain about that to you next time, so just know that it is a type of mana for now. Anyway, if it’s you, there won’t come a time where you would use holy power of the God of Smithing, so don’t get your hopes up on that.](Erta)

    *Cast a spell, enemy turns into materials, Casts another spell, the enemy turns into a piece of equipment* Woooaaah, OP 😀 Well, it’d be cool if there was some holy power of the god of smithing, haha.

  11. Incompetence Hunter

    More dumb excuses from the author. “MC not interested in romance!!!” Bullshit. The author can’t write a good one, and just want to hang it over our heads so we keep reading.

  12. Melchior

    The room of mentality and time is a dragonball reference. Its originally called the hyperbolic timechamber, or in different languages room of spirit and time. it is an endless white void where one day on the outside world equals one year one the inside of the chamber. At least thats what i thought of the time i read it…

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