Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 68: Me, a God!? – 1

Although the opinions would differ from person to person, generally, Kantou region was historically, politically, commercially the center of Japan.

As such, the Dungeon Break that started in Kanagawa prefecture without any signs one day made numerous Japanese people shocked. Not just the Japanese, it was the same with all the other people on Earth.

It was shocking that a mix of 1st and 2nd class monsters had appeared out of nowhere, but it was more shocking since everyone believed that Dungeon Breaks would not occur unless the 2nd Great Cataclysm arrived.
This was the moment when their knowledge learnt in other worlds had popped like a soap bubble.

If a Dungeon Break ends as a Dungeon Break, then there would be no problems. However, the monsters freed from the dungeons not only try to kill humans, but they also try to free other monsters by destroying other dungeons. This was because they knew that their forces were insufficient.

And that didn’t end unless they forced all the humans into submission and kill them on the land they could step on. As a result, that land would only be left with monsters, and the monsters would repeat the Dungeon Break by going over to another piece of land.
If that covered the whole world, then that was the end of the world.

Moreover, the monsters on Earth had high intelligence on average, so their movements were very meticulous and evil.
As a result, in just a single day after the Dungeon Break had occurred, all dungeons in Kanagawa prefecture broke down, and the damage and casualties in Kanagawa prefecture was tremendous as well.

At that point, no, the moment they realized that a Dungeon Break had occurred, Japan requested SOS to the world. A pan-national organization, which was prepared for such cases, were dispatched as well.

Of course, other countries didn’t just sit back and relax because it was happening in another country; they knew that this monster wave wouldn’t just end in Japan if they did not take care of the situation beforehand.
Japan being an island wouldn’t change the fact that it was dangerous. There were several dungeons in Japan where flying monsters were trapped in. If they assaulted at once, then that would really be the end.

Other countries first checked the possibility of Dungeon Breaks occurring in their own countries, and they only sent reinforcements to Japan after making their elite forces on standby next to the highest level dungeon in their country.
Although they could be seen as selfish, there was no helping it. What good would it be if their own country was doomed while helping Japan?

Hundreds of thousands of ability users headed to Japan. The lowest level among them were above level 20, and they were those who could be called ‘elites’ – such people had gathered in Kantou.
Amongst them, 20% had died on the first day in the chaotic fight, and the scale of the damage was increasing.

“Shit, it’s a flying-type monster!”
“The JSDF, where’s the special forces of the JSDF! If we don’t stop them here, even Shizuoka would be in danger!”
“Go to the rooftop and shoot those monsters down! Block them in area A-1!”

The first thing they should do was to prevent the proliferation to other areas. The people all wanted to finish the crisis within Kanagawa prefecture, but only half succeeded.

They could somehow prevent the proliferation to Shizuoka prefecture, which was towards the inland, but the roads towards Tokyo had been broken through.

{*Chirp*, there are a lot of our friends here.}
{There are a lot of humans. Breathing humans, many records!}
“Shit, block them!”

Was it a coincidence? Tokyo had the more dungeons than any of the cities in the world. Not only that, it had a lot of facilities, and most of all, people.
That made the situation even worse.

“E, escape, escape to other worlds!”
“Shit, I just came back……. N, no!”

Blood and flesh scattered around everywhere, buildings collapsed, and cars caused explosions. There were a lot of casualties on the ability users’ side as well. Every one of them, who had gathered with different minds at the same place, were fairly meeting death.

The Japanese, who had to pay a cruel price in blocking the initial monster violence during the initial stages of the Great Cataclysm, had installed strong defensive measures on buildings above a certain scale, but as the scale of this wave was too big, they couldn’t bring out any effect either.

If they were 1st classes, then it would somehow be plausible to block them with modern firepower, but for 2nd classes, it wasn’t possible unless they poured missiles at them. They had to be blocked by the ability users somehow.

And as such, an environment where clans formed with high level elites can act freely, was being formed. Amongst them was the Lightning God clan of Korea that had answered the request for help from Japan.

“Na YuNa, buff!”
“Make oppa’s shield much, much bigger!”
“Ah, can’t you do something about that chant!”
{Kiiiik, block the magic!}
“Block the monster behind us! Protect the master!”
“Master, not yet?”

The composition of the members of the Lightning God clan was very strange. The Empress, Kang MiRae, was located in the middle, and next to her was the priestess, Na YuNa. The one protecting them at their front was the holy knight, Kang HaJin, and other than them, 7 members that they had picked were standing in a protective formation to guard Kang MiRae and Na YuNa.

“Chain Lightning!”
{B, brave orc’s, Kahak!}

Shouted Kang MiRae while holding a luxurious-looking staff with both of her hands. The lump of lightning that sparked above her head spread throughout the area and struck the 2nd class orcs, and it didn’t only end at that and spread around to other monsters and killed them.

That stacked and stacked more to kill 70 2nd class monsters in a single chant. She seemed amazed at the destructive power of her own attack before she hugged the staff and rubbed it with her cheeks.

“What a lovely staff.”
“You might marry that staff at that rate…… They’re coming from another direction, next magic chant!”
“Make MiRae’s next magic super duper strong!”
“Like I said, that chant!”

However, Empresses must always stand at the top. She wasn’t at the point where she was satisfied with herself.
Kang MiRae opened her mouth while staring at the tens of 2nd class orc elite squad.

“Who has the best reactions?”
“Metal Knights of England and Magia of Italy are becoming famous.”
“Magia? That’s quite blatant.”

Magia, the Italian word for magic. It wasn’t quite the words that Kang MiRae should say, considering she used ‘Lightning God’ for her clan name, but Kang HaJin didn’t retort and silently blocked an orc’s axe.

“Even so, it will be us who will go ahead.”

Kang MiRae muttered while lighting sparked in her eyes. On top of the staff, lightning was reacting even more strongly.

This staff, that not only enhanced the power of magic, but also decreased the casting and activation time, had a shocking ability to make her, who had just gone past level 60, to look like a 3rd class mage. She thought to herself while looking at the staff.

‘He gave me this spear because he trusted in me. I will show him that his trust isn’t wrong, no, that I’m above his calculations.’

In fact, she wanted to show him this herself, and tried to request him to accompany them to Japan since there was no more helpful ally than him, but somehow, she couldn’t contact him. Even though they had contacted once or twice after Vanguard opened its doors. She even bought high quality products of Vanguard first due to their relationship.

She never thought that he hadn’t come here. In her knowledge, Yu IlHan was more good-natured than anyone to the point that it pricked her.

Unless he had unavoidable circumstances, he should be here. He was probably making great contribution in a place unknown to her. Their competition had already started.


A smile appeared on Kang MiRae’s lips. That shivering made the people around her flinch, but she didn’t care. She only shouted while holding up the staff that had gathered enough power.

“Thunder Spear, Triple!”

This place where mass-extermination is possible, in this place I will overwhelm him! Her magic rippled according to her elevating emotions, and the members of the Lightning God clan swept around the battlefield following the berserk Empress. This was the start of a legend.

Meanwhile, Yu IlHan, who couldn’t care less whether Empress was burning her rivalry against him, was laughing at the scene of disaster that could be seen as soon as he came out.

No matter how optimistic Yu IlHan was, he wasn’t a psycho who would laugh in delight when people were dying and buildings were exploding.
He ended up laughing since he found it absurd that the situation that the angels were worried about was happening, no matter how high the concentration of mana had become.

“Do Dungeon Breaks happens this easily normally?”
[Just receive the quest already.](Erta)

The expressions of the angels were as rotten as it could get.

In fact, due to their angel rings, they already knew that a Dungeon Break had happened.
However, if Yu IlHan didn’t clean up the dungeon, then this dungeon would collapse as well, and then, 3rd class monsters with concealment abilities would proliferate and cause the greatest calamity in history, so they kept their mouths shut.

Yu IlHan took out the atlatl from his Cross bag. After retouching it and repairing regularly, the attack power had increased slightly from the beginning.

[Rough Moonlight Bone Atlatl]
[Rank – Unique]
[Attack Power – 3,000]
[Options – 50% increase in attack range, 40% increase in attack power and accuracy under the moon.]
[Durability – 1,778/1,850]
[A spear throwing device that was made to throw a small spear by slotting a small spear on the hook. The result differ tremendously according to the abilities of the wielder.]

Lifting his head up, he found that coincidentally, the full moon was up tonight. It was the perfect time to rampage. The bone atlatl was a good weapon even during the day, but at night, it would turn into a monstrous weapon due to the effect of the moonlight from the beta option.

He had prepared enough throwing spears as well. However, just as he was about to position himself to throw after slotting the throwing spear with nimble hands, he demanded the angels.

“Pay the quest rewards up front a little.”
[Well, if it’s you, you will handle most of the things properly so ok. What do you want?](Erta)
“Add two more options to the Cross Bag. One is additional spatial expansion. And the other one is.”

Yu IlHan swung his arm with all his might to shoot out the throwing spear.

The throwing spear which shot through the air as if to slash apart the air under the moon sky, flew through the sky to pierce two flying type monsters that were butchering a human by shooting out their feathers.

[You have earned 540,857 experience.]
[You have earned the record of Lv 66 Iron Wing.]
[You have earned 514,334 experience.]

“Remote collecting of possession.”

With this, it would become possible for Yu IlHan to collect the throwing spear AND the monsters skewered by it.

[Oh my, your imaginations are becoming horrifying by the day.](Lita)
“You will do it, right?”

Yu IlHan shot the second spear using the Atlatl.
This time too, two flying type monsters met their deaths after being skewered by the spear, and the people who were fighting on the ground became shocked after seeing that the flying type monsters that killed them so easily were meeting their deaths so easily.

However, what was more shocking was that they did not know where the throwing spear had come from.

[Of course, we’ll do it even if we have to pull Heaven’s roots out.](Erta)

Amidst that, Erta firmly replied.

[So don’t worry about anything and rampage all you want.](Erta)
“Of course.”

Yu IlHan grinned with a short reply and firmly walked towards the middle of the battlefield where no one found him. This was the start of the horror.

Author’s notes
1. Since the accident happened in Japan, I had a little hard time learning the area names of Japan. You might ask me why I didn’t use Korea, but I don’t know about the area names of Korea either…T^T.
2. Both rampage, one’s a legend, and one’s a horror.

Translator’s notes

Translator : Chamber

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