Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 69: Me, a God!? – 2

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[You have earned 524,839 experience.]
[You have earned 499,904 experience.]
[You have earned 512,293 experience.]

Some of the angels said that Yu IlHan’s request was very shameless and they enraged, but the majority understood that accepting his request was the answer to solving this crisis fast.

Tens of angels instantly descended on Earth, and at the same time they blessed the strongest human of Earth, Yu IlHan, they added the two functions that he had requested onto the Cross Bag. The number of abilities the Cross Bag had was now becoming quite shocking.

The moment those options were added to his Cross Bag, Yu IlHan retrieved the spear he threw and the monster skewered onto it. Just seeing it directly was enough to bring it into the Bag so there was nothing easier than this.

This, helped Yu IlHan to hunt fast without showing his presence. If something came into his Cross Bag, then it was possible to separate it by category so there was no need for him to pull out the throwing spear himself either.

“Spears are flying out of nowhere. Dodge!”
“No, those spears are only aiming at monsters. It’s an ally!”

Even though Yu IlHan was throwing his spears in front of their noses, those people could not notice Yu IlHan.
No matter how great Yu IlHan’s concealment was, this was normally impossible.

Yes, if Yu IlHan still only had his concealment technique, then this would not be possible.

[Killing 2nd class with concealment in a surprise attack 3,000/3,000]
[Killing 3rd class with concealment in a surprise attack 300/300]
[Acquire a high ranked title related to concealment 1/1]
[2nd class magic stones 1,000/1,000]
[3rd class magic stones 100/100]
[All the materials combine into a single record.]
[Absorbing record. Concealment skill evolves.]

It was something that the angels, but thanks to the shadow monsters evolving to 3rd class, Yu IlHan succeeded in fulfilling all the criteria to evolve his concealment skill within the dungeon before he cleaned it up.

He missed the 2nd class magic stones and the 3rd class magic stones that were used as materials, but as he was assured that he would acquire a tremendous efficiency in using the skill if he evolved it early on, Yu IlHan evolved the skill without hesitation.

[You have earned the skill, Deathgod. Mana required to use concealment decreases, and the effectiveness of the concealment increases by a large amount. Concealment does not wear off if you kill the enemy in a single strike with a surprise attack. Also, killing enemies consecutively for 5 minutes would increase all abilities by 0.1%. Currently, as level 1, the maximum stack is 50%, and it will dissipate if you do not kill any enemies within 5 minutes. Other abilities will be added if the skill level goes up by a certain amount.]
[Due to the beta option of the artifact, Black Deathgod’s Dragon-annihilating Spiked spear, all abilities of the deathgod skill increases by 30%.]

Surprisingly, the evolved ability was a passive skill. And the point that it did not hinder him in anyway even though he could not use mana, this could be said to be tailor-made for him. It was truly a suitable ability for the evolved concealment ability, while at the same time, it was a skill that affected the battle a lot.

Just that, there was no meaning to the skill when fighting one strong enemy, and instead, it was suitable when fighting many weak enemies. This was the only lacking point.
However, on this battlefield, this was very effective.

“OMG, the throwing spear just went past my head.!”
“Three died at once again!”
“The bodies of the monsters skewered by the spear are disappearing! Sh, shit. Just what the hell is happening……!”

Since he had killed all his enemies with a single strike of his throwing spear, Yu IlHan’s concealment never wore off. Nobody noticed him even when he shot the spear from right in front of them! Yu IlHan found fun in this.

“This is comfortable and nice……”
[A horrifying skill had evolved to become a terrifying skill, but seeing you rampage around thanks to that makes me feel quite weird.](Erta)
[Wow, he killed 200 in an instant.](Lita)

Flying type monsters were already wiped out in this place. The moment Yu IlHan realized that, he changed targets to the monsters on the ground, and in less than 15 minutes, the 2nd class monsters on the ground were all cleanly exterminated as well. The deathgod skill had become level 3.

“Looks like I should move locations. I want to clean up as much as possible while the moon is up.”
[…I think you’ll instakill them even without the moon.](Lita)

Confirming that all his throwing spears and the monster bodies were in his Cross bag, Yu Ilhan nodded and left the place to find another area where monsters were rampaging. This place only had 1st class monsters which were weaker than the humans here. Although, both humans and monsters were shivering in fear.

“So, so scary.”
“Scarier than monsters.”
“Hic, hiccup.”

A city legend had come about. (T/N: This would be ‘toshi densetsu’ in JP)

Kanagawa prefecture, Tokyo city, Chiba prefecture. These were the battlefield zones between monsters and humans. Of course, It wasn’t like monsters were proliferating throughout all of Tokyo and Chiba, but if the battle went on like this, it wouldn’t take a long time until it did.

Amongst these areas, the area where the foreign delegate ability users were focused on was naturally Tokyo. No one could say which area was not important but rather than Kanagawa, where it was already in ruins, Tokyo, which still had a lot of intact facilities and dungeons left, had more chances of recovery. Using the same reason, Chiba had a higher priority than Kanagawa.

Truly cruel, but the people all treated Kanagawa as a thrown chess piece and were focusing to not let the monsters spread out from that area.

First, they would stop the proliferation, then would exterminate while closing in. Although this was the natural course of action to block the Dungeon Wave, what of Kanagawa? It would naturally reach an irreparable state after being trampled on by monsters.

“Shit. The American and French reinforcements are also concentrated on Tokyo and Chiba?”
“Us too, there are orders to join the Tokyo defense line. Kanagawa was completely abandoned.”

Since everyone on Earth were now ability users, many high level personnel had their hometowns in Kanagawa, and there were even two clans that represented Kanagawa as well. In the first place, considering just the population, Kanagawa didn’t lose out to Tokkyo and Osaka.

These two clans all burned in ambition to become a global clan when they were founded, but currently, they were put in a position where they had to defend their clans on the line.

“Are they planning to abandon a city whenever something occurs? Fuck!”
“Above! Fucking monkeys!”
“Retreat. Make the guys at the front retreat to the defense line!”

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    1. al103

      There like half dozen major war gods in Shinto + another two or three from Buddhism, so “The” is very inappropriate. But Takemikazuchi is definitely proper War God. Just not “THE” War God.

      1. Restia1412 (@Restia1412)

        depend on your view, Japanese actually didn’t have a proper “war” god, Futsu-no-mitama and Takemikazuchi is actually both sword gods instead of war god, Susanoo is god of sea and storms, with later version also potrait him as god of military arts, which is still different from war god, Bishamonten is the closest thing to a war god in Japanese shinto

        1. al103

          They had plenty of proper gods of War… just not THE God of War. Who was prayed in every specific case was decided by one who prayed and situation on hand.

          But I’m not sure it’s possible to find THE God of War in pantheons where people think there is one. Greek, Norse and Celtic pantheons also had several gods that were War Gods but really each was first and foremost about specific aspects.

          If civilization had one god of war that governed everything about it then it’s either civilization that didn’t had much wars or civilization that was too small…

  1. al103

    >Is Susanoo really the Storm God

    Sea and Storms (that come from sea… aka (In)famous Typhoons.)

    >Takemikazuchi the War God

    Yes. Also god of Thunder. And Swords. But not THE War God, but A War God. Quite appropriate anyway.

  2. Leafyeyes417

    I don’t really care if the author used the correct gods, because Susanoo is easy to say and just sounds bad*ss. XD Glad our MC finally got a cool title, even though no one knows who it is…

    Thanks for the chapter!

  3. brgibbons

    I’m with the author’s little brother. ‘Deathgod’ isn’t exactly the most obvious name for an advanced version of ‘Concealment’.

    On things like captain/taichou, I’d just go with the English translations; throwing in the Japanese words probably doesn’t really add enough for me to be worth the potential for confusion.

    1. Jonathan Hurd

      So if I’m remembering them correctly first we have…

      Blurred Lancer: +10% for Spear and +10% when attacking from concealment.

      Rookie Reaper: +20% against life and +30% when attacking from Surprise

      Secretive Reaper’s Fallen Robe: +20% attack power when attacking from Surprise

      Dark Deathgod’s Dragon-exterminating Spike Spear: +30% attack power when attacking from Surprise also +30% power to Death God ability

      Shiveringly Hard Shadow Leopard’s Black Fullplate Armor: +50% in surprise attack.

      Death God skill: If he kills max enemies and taking into account the Spiked Spears amplification of 30% that is another 65% I believe. (math that I did for that was 50% * 1.30).

      If we are talking about his current fighting too he also has the Atlatl which acts as +40% right now too under the Moon.

      So the numbers I have comes up to a grand sum of…..

      275% more damage when attacking from surprise (under the moon)… O.o. That is also not including if he uses Superhuman Strength, gets a critical hit, or his own already insane power… This is also not taking into account that since his Death God ability has increased to level 3 the max cap is probably bigger too…. O.O

      If he attacks dragons with the spear from surprise that means that he would get a natural 235% bonus (taking out Atlatl’s +40%), but that damage is increased by 150% more… O.o. Jesus… I almost feel bad for the dragonkin, Lol.

      I think I took account of all the buffs but I might have missed one. These are all the factors I remember offhand.

      1. Jonathan Hurd

        I believe if he fights a Dragonkin with his Spiked Spear and all his gear the damage he will be doing is 587.5%. This is once again not taking into account the improved Death God Skill which I assume is giving him more stacks. Though he would have to kill quite a few guys prior to the dragonkin to use it like that against them.

          1. yarbles

            I ended up going a little nuts with the Wiki I made from your inspiration.
            I hope you contribute to it, it seems like you already did a bunch of work.

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    First time in seeing an endurance based attack skill , Also , pretty vague .
    Usually it would be ” raise 1% attack and 2% speed for every enemy killed , stackable upto 50% attack and 100% speed , lasts for 1 minute ”

    But isnt this skill counter productive ? He has to endure for 5 minutes for it to raise 0.1% attack ? also a vague requirement of killing enemies for 5 minutes .
    Its more useful for boss fights then right ? because each passing 5 minutes while he’s hitting the boss his attack should rise .

    I get this feeling the author doesn’t play much MMORPGs .

    1. philipcowart

      It read to me as killing an enemy gives a .1% buff to attack for 5 minutes. This can stack up to 500 times. If no kills are made in a 5 minute period then the stacks reset to 0. Best use would be killing tons of small enemies to stack it to max before immediately entering a boss fight with a huge buff on you for 5 minutes.

      1. celicasylphil

        ” Also, killing enemies consecutively for 5 minutes would increase all abilities by 0.1%. ”
        If it were as you said it should have been –
        Also, killing an enemy would , for 5 minutes increase all abilities by 0.1%.
        Yeah , lets chalk it up as translator error . Seems easier .

  5. Jonathan Hurd

    So now that he has found it is this hard to Level up and he has this much power I am hoping he starts working on more Skill Evolution’s. I think he can now pretty much fulfill the Spearmanship’s requirements of instakilling 1k third class creatures.

    I also would like him to check the requirements for Language. That probably takes less to upgrade than his combat skills.

  6. ero9407

    Hahhah I hope he messes with people by being right besides them then casually speaking to them or something hahha he is the perfect assassin hopefully he gets a special class for his 3rd class that is for assassins.

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    Great chapter. Its a pity the monsters were not a bit bigger. Japanese legends coming to life… say a absolutely huge dinosaur/lizard trampling the city… lol. (sadly no human caused radiation around causing mutations.)

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    thanks for the sponsored chapter~~

    and nobody wouldn’t not like getting named susano~~~i think even yu llHan is like that haha~~~

    and if the translating from Korean to Japanese is possible, then please do it..?

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