Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 7: You Can’t See Me? – 4

The honeybee which was about to sting him couldn’t even scream before falling onto the ground. When Yu IlHan raised his head, he met his eyes with a woman who held his out towards him, no, to be exact, to the honeybee which collapsed over the countless insect corpses.

With a woman who was wearing a cheap H*lk mask which was sold in the underground stationery store in Business Hall.

“No. I’m worse as Ironm*n……!”
[Stop speaking nonsense and kill those monsters!]

As Erta’s point was truly reasonable, Yu IlHan cleaned out the monsters with effort even while pouting. The woman wearing the H*lk mask also emitted lightning bolts from her hands and attacked the monsters steadily. It was a truly strong destructive power.

[That’s an unbelievable amount of mana quantity. How can she grow that much in just one day……]
“Isn’t she levelling up like me?”
[Oh, it may be like that…… How did you know that mana recovers when you level up?]
“Because my stamina is recovering every time I level up!”

When H*lk mask joined the fray, the situation settled down soon. There weren’t many monsters in the first place, and her attacks also had the power to kill monsters in one strike.

But perhaps the military already knew that monsters invaded the school as not a long time later, tens of soldiers on 2.5 ton trucks came. However, the scene they saw wasn’t one a where a square was full of monsters.
It was a scene where a man wearing an Ironm*n mask was splitting the last insect, a centipede, in half with a drop kick.

“I’m sorry. The d*mned truck couldn’t climb the hill……Whoa!?”

[You have earned 1,250 experience.]
[You have become level 7. 1 Strength, 2 Health, 2 Magic increases.]

While splendidly ignoring the soldiers, Yu IlHan muttered as he was flipping the centipede’s corpse.

“Isn’t there some Jewel of the four souls?”
[If you mean a magic stone, there is one.]
“Oh, there really is one?”
[Didn’t you say you learnt dismantling? For insect monsters, you have to take out the hardest part of the carapace, which became like that due to mana, and the magic stone. I will tell you the parts so do it now.]
“Okay. Wait a bit.”

Yu IlHan stepped on the joints of the smallest Big Mantis and pulled out the its scythe. The soldiers who were coming to the square stopped while being frightened after they looked at that scene.

“Who is that guy? What level is he?”
“How did he acquire that much strength in just one day?”
“That was a drop kick!”

Whatever the others said, Yu IlHan started the first monster dismantling of his life. He couldn’t eat the meat so he threw them away, and as Erta said, he took away the hardest part of the carapace and the magic stone.

The scythe of the Big Mantis was very sharp, so when it was in the hands of Yu IlHan, a dismantling meister, it sliced apart the monsters’ corpses as it became a peerless sword.

[You have awakened Dismantling Lv Max.]

The soldiers were obvious and even the H*lk masked woman could only stare at his lively movements dumbfoundedly.
When they confirmed that all the monsters had disappeared, the people hiding inside the buildings also started crawling out but they also couldn’t approach Yu IlHan.

“Is this it?”

While cutting apart the centipede, a small blue stone rolled out. When he picked it up and asked Erta with a small voice, Erta nodded her head.

[It’s a magic stone. The crystallization of mana. It’s a high efficiency energy and at the same time, the origin of every artifacts.]

After Yu IlHan wiped it on the grass on the ground and put it in his pocket, he changed his target. Of course as he was a Korean man with manners, he didn’t touch the monsters killed by the H*lk masked woman. The corpses killed by the H*lk mask had unique traces of a burn so it was easy to identify.

It was not that every monster had a magic stone, and not every one of them had hard carapaces so there were less spoils of war then he thought. There were 8 magic stones with the size of a millet, 3 rice grain-sized ones, 1 soy bean-sized one, and a few carapaces the size of his head.


Yu IlHan raised his head like a farmer that just finished working on his field. But from some time, the H*lk masked woman was staring at him. Without moving from the place she appeared at the beginning.

The people who came out to the square, and the soldiers who came too late, gulped while looking at the confrontation of the two heroes.
It was the meeting of the two strongest in Seoul, no in the country of Korea as a whole, or perhaps even the whole world. How historical was this scene!?

The H*lk masked woman carefully spoke. It was an unexpectedly calm and unflustered voice.

“Can you…… dismantle for me?”

Yu  IlHan fell into thought for a brief moment before replying.

“How much will I get?”

It was the first meeting of the dropout and the Empress.

Author’s notes

1. Ah… really, I should cut it off at a suitable point but why do I have so little control…Fuu…
2. It’s not that Yu IlHan’s power and the Empress’s power is the same. It’s just that Yu IlHan was too much of an overkill.
3. Erta’s blatant bait.
4. Apparently, there’s a plot where Ironman gets thrashed by Hulk in the Marvel World.
5. The 2.5 ton truck … cannot… climb… the hill……!
6. The jewel of 4 souls(Shikon no Tama) is an item that appears in Inuyasha. A centipede monster swallowed it at the beginning of the story.

Today, I have something to ask of you readers. This chapter is the chapter where Yu IlHan’s first fight occurs. What do the readers think of the fighting scene? No, not about whether the author did good or not, that’s a problem with the author’s ability so let’s put it aside… T^T

  1. Short, lengthen it.
  2. Alright, keep it as it is.
  3. Long, shorten it.

I would appreciate it if you express your opinions!

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  1. Seregosa

    The soldiers were obvious and even the H*lk masked woman could only stare at his lively movements dumbfoundedly.

    I don’t like how it somewhat seems that they’re equally strong, but as the author said, he’s just too much overkill while she probably barely one-shots them(she probably hunted a lot already too). Not to mention that the empress is only strong in fighting/magic, but he’s got a 1000 years of experience… every human in existence is pretty much toddlers compared to him. A brat who probably isn’t above 20 vs someone who is 50 times older 😛

  2. GonZ

    Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    I think they should swap mask.. ilhan seems more like a hulk with his close combat, and ironwoman can shoot lightning~

  3. John Robert

    A possible harem member lol. Fight scene is good , and to think that MC wears Ironman’s mask and his fighting style is Close combat ? contradiction , they should swap mask with the Girl wearing Hulk’s mask . lol

  4. Seregosa

    He jumped over the stairs to go to the ground floor and came out to the square. Coincidentally, a human sized mantis was in the middle of destroying the spinning door of the Business Hall.

    I have this weird mental image of a huge mantis hitting the spinning door, only for it to start spinning, every time time it hits it, it will spin faster and in the end it’s standing there with an amazing rage face while rapidly hitting the door with both its scythe arms and screaming at the sky while the door spins ridiculously fast, to the point that it makes fans seem softcore. Then the mc comes and one shots it 😛

  5. Random Dude

    Kinda puts me off when day 1 he meets someone his equal. He trained for a 1000 years and allready he isnt the strongest.
    Add in the part about “I don’t like danger” blah blah blergh.

    I wish these CN/JP/KN wns could go 5 seconds without some cringe romance. Let me guess what happens next

    “Oh she was strong and spoke to me. OMG I am in love. I will do anything you like, please treat me like trash and demand anything of me.”


  6. MrTrixer

    2. Alright, keep it as it is. ^^
    (At this point in time the novel is all translated and complete, but still. 😛 )

    [You have become level 3. 2 Health, 2 Magic, 3 Strength, 3 Agility increases.]
    [You have become level 4. 2 Strength, 1 Agility, 1 Health, 1 Magic increases.]
    [You have become level 5. 2 Strength, 1 Agility, 1 Health, 1 Magic increases.]
    [You have become level 6. 1 Strength, 2 Agility, 1 Health, 1 Magic increases.]
    [You have become level 7. 1 Strength, 2 Health, 2 Magic increases.]

    Didn’t he get a bonus that gave him +5 to all stats whenever he leveled up?

    Thank you for the chapter and the treat. (^_^)/

  7. Drenlith

    “With a refreshing sound that sounded like splitting watermelons, the pillbug’s carapace burst away.”
    *gag* boy, beasts? Okay… bugs?? No frigging way I’d ever go even as near as mentally picturing that.

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