Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 72: Me, a God!? – 5

Yu IlHan abruptly raised his head; a head-shaking concentration of mana had assaulted him.
Not only that, the monsters in that place seemed to be attracted to that as they lifted their heads up before viciously running towards one point.

“What is this aura? I think it’s super dangerous.”
[Oh my god, an Overflow!](Lita)
[How can it be!](Erta)

Lita and Erta, who noticed that a little earlier than Yu IlHan did, also shouted in shock. Yu IlHan, who realized that the situation was very urgent in any case, ran towards the same direction the monsters were running to and threw his spears to reduce their numbers as much as possible,

However, if he could stop the situation with just that, an Overflow wouldn’t have occurred in the first place.

“Overflow is a phenomenon that occurs when the performance of a Trap of Destruction is too strong, isn’t it! Right now, not to mention Traps of Destructions, the dungeons are breaking down, so how the hell did this happen?”
[I don’t know! Don’t tell me an inactive Trap of Destruction suddenly… No, this doesn’t even make sense!](Lita)

The moment Lita shouted while shaking her head, Yu IlHan thought up of a frightening imagination.

“In this situation, where an enormous amount of monsters were released to a limited area due to broken dungeons, if someone throws several Traps of Destruction at the same place, then wouldn’t it be possible to artificially cause an Overflow?”

Yu IlHan’s estimation was correct. In fact, if an Overflow had occurred in this situation, a Dungeon Wave, there wouldn’t be any other explanation.

[Why would someone… just who!](Erta)
[Traitors……There were more!](Lita)

While Erta was accepting and being shocked at the situation, Lita, having seen through the situation, gritted her teeth.

She knew very well that the traitor last time was just the bottom of the rung. He was only killed since they had no means to find out who was behind him, they were aware that there was a possibility of more traitors being amongst their ranks, so they were cautious. Wasn’t the reason for more angels being dispatched to Earth to prevent situations like this?

The problem was that such situations were happening again as if to laugh at them.
What this proved was very simple. The traitor was deeper amongst their ranks than they thought, and their abilities were incredibly high.

[Why would someone do this? Do they really intend to destroy Earth?](Erta)
[There are a few who might think that. Anyway, for now, solving this Overflow is priority!](Lita)

Lita was right. There was no need to think about anything else right now. Yu IlHan only just ardently ran forward.

“The storm of Susanoo is chasing the monsters!”
“Shit, follow Lord Susanoo! If we don’t then we will all die!”
“Overflow, it’s definitely an Overflow. If all these monsters gather in one place, and if a mutant species appear in this kind of place where the mana concentration is already so high… Shit!”

The Susanoo Army also seemed to realize that the situation was not going well. Some among them had experienced Overflows in other worlds, and in LA a while ago, so they saw through the situation quite correctly.

[Yu IlHan, please hurry up a little more! A little more!](Erta)
“I know, I’m running at full speed right now!”

The location that was presumed to be the center of the Overflow, was around 30km away from where Yu IlHan was fighting. Thinking that it was fortunate that it didn’t happen so far away, Yu IlHan pushed up his gear.

After finding the combination of transcendent regeneration and superhuman strength, it was now possible for him to deploy superhuman strength almost continuously as long as the bloodrink allowed him to. Focusing all the power of his muscles into running, he renewed all his past records.

Now that he could not wield mana, keeping the superhuman strength skill active all the time was a blessing for him.

[It’s dangerous……](Lita)

Lita had become nervous.

[This is too dangerous. The time isn’t good. It’s bad to the point that I’m thinking that this Dungeon Break was planned meticulously beforehand.
The mana concentration that was heightened beyond norm in the Kantou region, and the heightened levels of the monsters according to that, the Dungeon Break that occurred as if to strike the nail on the head, Dungeon Wave, and the gathered strong ability users. All these attributed to increasing the concentration of mana, and they scattered Traps of Destruction to induce an artificial Overflow.
The monsters around here are mostly 2nd class, and perhaps, the monster that will be born at the end of this overflow maybe…. just maybe.](Lita)
“It doesn’t matter what it is.”

While running at full speed, Yu IlHan checked his condition, his skills and his equipment once again.

“I will kill it. Whether it’s 3rd class or 4th class.”

Thinking back to the mage that he ended instantly in the past, Yu IlHan thought that this wouldn’t end easily like that and shook his head.

This situation was completely different to the one last time. The mage was completely off guard, and did not receive the opportunity to bring out his full abilities, and was a mage, that had the lowest defense amongst all the 4th class people out there.

He didn’t know what monster would appear due to this Overflow, but its defense would be on a completely different scale to the mage. Perhaps, its attack power, and its destructive range, too.

However, what difference does that make? Yu IlHan’s humanity enhancement didn’t even bud yet, and the monster would appear right now. So, would Yu IlHan have to give up and run away since it was hard to kill?

Not possible. Simple. If he couldn’t kill it, then Earth would step once towards the path of Destruction, and none, other than Yu IlHan would be able to kill it.

[IlHan, we’ve arrived!]

Yu IlHan ended his thoughts and raised his head up.

That place was truly a spectacle. A violent storm of mana, and the numerous monsters that ran towards it without regard for their lives, the ruined city, and the wandering humans that did not know what to do.

Would it be different if he arrived a little earlier? Would he be able to prevent the appearance of a mutant species if he used all his weapons? These kind of questions were meaningless right now.
The monsters that gathered here all threw their bodies into that storm, and a level more frightening mutant species were appearing in this world.

And, even amongst the mutant species, a huge monster, that absorbed the powers of three Traps of Destruction, appeared.

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  1. Extasse

    Well how would have known… A 4th class boss monster appeared. Well, all I see is records for leveling, new materials for weapons and armor, and better rewards from heaven XD! By the way, does anyone happen to know how Susanoo killed Orochi? I feel it may be related. Also he may make a new sword out of the Orochi give it the same name as Susanoo’s other sword the author mentioned. Is this a possibility?

    Thanks for the chapters! Helped ease the withdrawal symptoms slightly. Orz
    Will sponsored chapters also be delayed if any?

          1. Extasse

            That’s really a waste though… Well, I suppose it was never mentioned whether the boss’ blood rink is for recovery or for lethal poison. Sleep potion? Lol.

          2. Jonathan Hurd

            I originally thought it would be poisonous but I have no clue if the monster meat/blood is just poisonous to humans or to everyone. It might work as a sleeping potion or it could make you refreshed. I am kind of curious if it affects people without the max resting skill differently.

          3. Noviendo Tria A (@NeoMusash1)

            dun think so.. almost forgot the rest of the lore “susanoo use 8 gate and each gate have sake as bait orochi got drunk and he slashed the head” so in ilhan story the 8 gate is pillar and sake is human bait ??

            and about monster loot if people eat or drink prob died from monster poison.. ilhan can safely drink it cause he have extreme poison resist

          4. Extasse

            Do you think his spear works on Orochi though? I mean the extra 150% buff when fighting against dragons. I wonder what he’s going to do about the extra sword Susanoo found in the tail. Is he going to melt and fuse it into the spear? Lol
            (I got hyper due to the one more week of waiting)

  2. Cloud

    Are the other worlds that the returnees went too all in their “first cataclysm” stage? Because at the beginning it was implied that 2nd class was akin to a nobles status and 3rd class were the nations top fighters. But here we have the MC instakilling 2nd class monsters and being able to fight against “strong” 3rd class monsters. Heck, he’s even to the point where he’s trying to kill a 4th class. And this is all during Earth’s first cataclysm!!!!

    Honestly I’m just confused where the power ratio’s are supposed to be and how rare are the stronger classes.

    Thanks for the chapter!

    1. yijunding

      Should just get used to inconsistencies in this novel. Like how angels “can’t” do anything on Earth – Ilhan had to craft traps of destructions cause the ones heaven sent were broken or some shit and angels weren’t allowed to fix them, yet traitor angels can just throw around perfectly working ones. It’s like there are rules yet nothing happens when you break them. Or how at first the timeline for monster progression was like at least a year for 2nd class monsters, then 10 yrs for 3rd class, then it was shortened to 3 months for god knows what reason, and now suddenly there’s 4th class monsters around. If it was originally going to take decades for a 4th class monster to appear, just because a few dungeons overflowed and there’s a bunch of weak humans around shouldn’t give enough mana for a 4th class to spawn – such a retarded explanation. But ignoring all the details, this novel is still a good mindless read.

      1. taftic

        You shouldn’t call them inconsistencies but rather call them points you didn’t think well enough.
        Regarding the trap of destructions that were thrown, Ilhan made several and gave them to the angels to spread out, so definitely some landed in the hands of the traitors and they didn’t set them but kept them to induce the dungeon break by overloading some with too many monsters.
        And regard to how strong the monsters gotten and how rapid the progression of strength compared to humans are, this was hinted out during the first few chapters of the series, where Ilhan was the sole person on planet earth for thousands of years. Humans were sent off for 10 years on different planets, but the mana accumulation on earth for the monsters that were left behind were at 10000 years. Because everything was in a static state beside Ilhan and Lita, monsters couldn’t do anything then, but the moment time resumed, everything SNAFU.
        There are inconsistencies, but in essence, it is like how the first chapter stated, God done goofed.

        1. firelight777

          Not so sure if God actually goofed anymore, I feel like he purposely made things this way to raise up Ilhan for some reason that’ll probably be explained later (probably related to his concealment). Hell, maybe the cataclysms were made by God to search out for someone like Ilhan that has that special ability.

          1. Jonathan Hurd

            I don’t know I find it funnier that God accidentally overlooked Yu Ilhan. I guess we’ll know when we actually see God, but from the fact that there are traitors and enemies of Heaven I feel like God being Omniscient in this story is probably not true…

          2. João Freitas

            it was never said that “God” was omniscient
            This god is just a higher level existence thats it
            lita and erta said a lot of times that god isn’t all powerful, he is just the leader of this particular faction of beings

      2. Jonathan Hurd

        Okay so a few answers to your post Yijunding. The first part about the Traps of Destruction. The reason Yu Ilhan was asked to make them was because the animals had gotten used to the scent of God’s magic and mana since they were frozen by it for 10k years. That is why they needed Yu Ilhan to make traps since his wouldn’t have Heavens sent and would just smell like Humans. The Angels could make more traps but that wouldn’t solve anything.

        After Yu Ilhan’s traps were thrown they then affected all the other Traps. So all the formerly heaven smelling ones were affected by Yu Ilhan. Therefore the traitor doesn’t need to throw traps made by Yu Ilhan. The effect of Yu Ilhan’s traps already changed the setup of deployed traps. So the traitor can throw traps of his own making now.

        For the timeline of 2nd class and third class monsters appearing… The point is that Earth is outside of the usual timeline of worlds. There are a few reasons for that which the story goes over. One is the the 10k years versus the 10 years it was supposed to be. So the animals have greatly evolved far past humanity. The second is just how many worlds the Earth has become connected to. It has been said that some of the Dungeons have been connecting to other worlds like with Reta Kariha’s.

        For the fourth class monster appearing. To me it makes a decent amount of sense why that would happen when three traps of destruction are placed together and all the other dungeons on Japan have been released. Add to that the fact that all the strongest Ability Users of Earth are in Japan and have been constantly releasing mana and it makes sense that a Fourth Class can be born. Especially since most of the monsters absorbed into the three traps were 2nd class to start with.

        Two traps together got Reta Kariha who was level 150 and the Troll third class boss. That wasn’t even an overflow which gives rise to mutants which are also stronger than their usual counterparts. Also there wasn’t nearly as many monsters or mana to be absorbed for the Grand Canyon portal. It would honestly be more questionable if a fourth class doesn’t pop out with all the factors buffing it.

      3. Extasse

        I’ll try to explain the way I see it ^ ^ (not guaranteed to be true)
        The Angels aren’t able to do anything on Earth, either because of the difference in energy levels or because God made it so. If this inhibitor wasn’t there then Earth would instantly be destroyed. Think about it. It would take less time for 10
        higher existences to wipe out a third of the population of a world in its 1st stages of the great cataclysm before the Angels could react. The difference in strength between 3rd class and 4th class is already so high, how powerful would a 5th class really be at full strength? All they need to do is use guerilla warfare on a few worlds and they would be annhialated

        The traps of destruction problem is explained by the author above…

        The timeline for the progression of monsters is unexpected for the Angels. I’ll compare this to a dam. They stop the water for a thousand years and suddenly they let the water flow. There’s so much water built up (volume of water, pressure etc.) that it would cause a flow. I live in Thailand and I know first hand what happens when one does that. The dam bursts. The increase in mana is going to flow at an absurd rate to make up for those 1000 years.
        Not to mention, the traitor Angels seem to have had a hand in this so it wouldn’t be long before the 2nd cataclysm either. If two traps of destruction can get a 2nd class trolls and scorpions, 3rd class troll boss and the death god Reta back when the 1st class monsters are the norm, I don’t see how a 4th class wouldn’t appear with 3 traps of destructions and 2nd-3rd class as the norm.
        Most of the mana shouldn’t be coming from humans shooting puny spells but the natural mana in Earth which is stupidly high and the traps of destruction, which contains condensed mana as well.
        What do you think?

        1. Jonathan Hurd

          For the angels not participating actively in worlds struggles. I would say the big reason for that is because honestly the angels man power is limited. The story has already said that heaven is short handed. They are looking after and trying to help multiple worlds. Add in that they are actively fighting traitors, breakers, and undead. Angels need earth and the other worlds to gain self sufficiency. If they solved all of earths problems themselves then earth would forever need them there. The challenges aren’t going to get easier just harder as time goes on. If Angels solve the first trial for people then those people won’t get stronger to fight the second, third, or fourth trial.

          I would also say where do you think Heaven recruits its new angels from? They said Angels are 5th steppers and some have hinted that Yu Ilhan might be able to ascend to that. I think part of the reason for Heaven trying to raise strong humanoid races is to reinforce themselves and add to their numbers.

          For what is happening in this current situation. This is a situation completely out of any of heavens predictions and requires more direct interference than they are used to, but the problem is bureaucracy. It was already shown that the angels have meetings to decide how to act in earth and this situation has come too suddenly. Earthlings could handle the Dungeon Break, but this Overflow is way too much and just happened out of no where. By the point word is sent back and discussed Earth would be destroyed before Heaven could decide on a course of action.

          For the second part, I like the Damn analogy. I think it might be partly that and partly just how many worlds Earth was connected to.

          My feelings on why a fourth class would pop out of this Overflow are the same as yours. Two traps of destruction together when there was only first class monsters made a third class troll and Reta Kari’ha. Then three traps and all 2nd class makes sense to get a Fourth Class especially since its an overflow and mutations happen.

          On the mana concentration I would say what is happening in Japan is the Strongest of humanity and thousands if not millions of 2nd class monsters are constantly fighting. Considering only Yu Ilhan really fights without mana then I feel like all the attacks going around would naturally be releasing mana into the air. Add to that all the broken traps of destruction which probably dumped their mana out and that is where the concentration is coming from.

    1. Jonathan Hurd

      Considering hes in serious fight mode I’m betting the Full plate armor and the Secretive Reapers Robes.

      What I would find funny is if he has the full plate helmet, then under it the Wolf Skull hat, and then finally an ironman mask.

  3. animemanganovelfiction

    wow Yamata no Orochi come out!! that was really interesting turn of event 😀

    btw, the MC still have a lot of grenade right ? why not he used it to mass kill the low lv monster first, rather than amazed by the appearace of Orochi?, it would only take a few second to throw it all right ?

    thx for the chapter ^^

      1. Jonathan Hurd

        I also think there aren’t really any low levels in this batch. They said the lowest were 90’s. So more likely than not they would survive and that would risk undoing Ilhan’s stealth and mean giving up his surprise attack on the Orochi. I would also say if he doesn’t attack the Orochi immediately that thing might single handedly kill all the humans.

        What I want to see is Ilhan take a bunch of grenades and stuff it into one of the Orochi’s mouths, lol.

  4. Jonathan Hurd

    So remembering the last Dungeon Outbreak in LA. That one didn’t end til Yu Ilhan killed the boss who was distorting the environment. Will this Dungeon Outbreak also not stop spurting out monsters til Yu Ilhan kills the Orochi?

    1. Extasse

      That would be a reasonable explanation as to why he just ignored the monsters, aside from the people already present too. Though I have a feeling the boss monster dying being the cause of the dungeon outbreak stopping probably isn’t related. Just that it was killed one of the last.

  5. Extasse

    I tried justifying the author’s often criticized ‘Yu Ilhan weighs more so he falls faster’.
    Weight= Mass*Gravity
    In this case, his weight was increased through magical means. Not through an increase in mass or density. This would mean that the acceleration due to gravity does not remain constant (9.8) since it is weight (force downwards) per unit mass and would in fact increase. This is due to magic so it is possible.
    To conclude, since weight is increased but mass remains unchanged, acceleration due to gravity MUST increase and therefore Yu Ilhan gets to fall faster using weight transfer.

    Can anyone with knowledge in Physics judge this theory? I stopped learning physics after my IGs.
    It would be really great if this could somehow stop people from using that one chapter to point out the author’s lack of research and knowledge. I don’t like them calling him stupid and saying this book is sh*t just for that.
    (Addicted to this novel already lol)

    1. Jonathan Hurd

      So I do like the theory but the problem I can see is with how you disconnect Weight and Mass. Weight to my knowledge is Mass * Gravity. Yu Ilhan isn’t really effecting the Gravity of Earth so that would mean when he attaches the weight in his cross bag he is attaching the Mass of all the objects to the Pile Driver. The formula that I was forced to remember in Physics that relates to this was….

      Force = Mass * Acceleration.

      In this Yu Ilhan’s Acceleration if we ignore air resistance(we’ll come back to this part) then it never really changes from 9.81 meters per seconds squared.

      Yu Ilhan’s mass has suddenly sky rocketed but his Acceleration has not changed. What this means is that the force then needs to change. To make this simpler I’ll move it so we have Acceleration by itself….

      Acceleration = Force divided by Mass.

      So Mass has risen massively, but we Acceleration is still the same constant 9.81. That means to what must happen is the Force has to rise just as much as the mass to keep it that way. That is the big advantage to what Yu Ilhan is doing with that falling tactic.

      Now here is where the problem lies for me personally. Yu Ilhan is jumping hundreds of Meters into the air and then free falling. To me it should be impossible that Wind Resistance has no effect since he is falling in Earths Atmosphere. In a vacuum it is true that a feather and a bowling ball will fall to the ground at the same rate. Yu Ilhan however is not falling in such therefore there is such a thing as wind drag. Now I will be upfront that my Physics lessons never actually got around to this part and it is a pain in the ass to understand when I tried looking it up. However I feel the increase of Mass Yu Ilhan put on would help him penetrate through the air faster.

      Also another aspect of wind resistance is Surface Area affected. Its why Hawks pull their wings in to dive at their prey. So one way Yu Ilhan could speed himself up is straightening himself as closely as possible to a pole when falling. That would up his speed.

      1. Extasse

        If his mass does increase as you say, that would mean his density had also increased. This would affect his body in various ways such as making it tougher. This basically means an increase in defense along with the weight is given. Also, in what way would mass have been attached? Add extra atoms that would reduce mobility? Or increase the number of cells? Both seem unlikely to me. Considering that he transfers all the weight from the cross bag, that would mean that all the monster corpses would disappear and be reconstructed into the same type of material as the pile bunker. It’s unlikely for the cross bag’s weight transfer to be so complicated. Also adding to the fact that this would mean he can gain more stronger material by transferring the mass of useless corpses and reconstructing them into more useful material then melting it. That’s why I concluded that mass remains constant and weight is the sole factor increased. The acceleration of gravity would only remain constant because mass increases proportionally to weight. But if it isn’t? The acceleration due to gravity should theoretically increase as well. It’s possible since this is done using magic and all (probably?).
        This would certainly up his acceleration by several hundred times.
        The difference between our opinions is mainly the mass increase or not so what do you think of my opinion?

        1. Jonathan Hurd

          Hmm, so after some thought, I have a slightly weird theory on how the Cross Bag can increase weight without adding Atoms. So remembering back to some of my basic lessons of Atoms… To be a specific type they have to have a set number of Protons and Electrons. You can’t add or subtract from that total without changing what kind of atom it is or making new ones. There is however a third part of the atoms Neutrons. The Neutrons are also the heaviest aspect of Atoms and what usually decides mass. There are also a lot of things called Isotopes which are atoms with a set number of Electrons and Protons, but a different number of Neutrons than the standard. So what the bag could be doing is mass producing Neutrons and attaching it to a bunch of atoms to greatly increase the weight.

          (Please note the above theory is completely pulled out of my ass and is just a hard way of avoiding saying its magic and so it can make things heavier because its magic, lol.)

          For density, I am personally not really equipped with enough information to tell if things having the weight added would lead them to being more dense and increase its hardness. It could be a fun use of it definitely, but my understanding of physics isn’t good enough to argue on that point. I do like the idea though and will give that one more thought.

          As far as the effects of gravity on objects its basically 9.81 meters per seconds squared unless you can get to the mass of a planetary body. At that point you start exerting your own gravitational pull on earth back so it differs, but I don’t think Yu Ilhan’s kills total weight has quite reached that point yet thankfully.

          Excluding the Planetary Body case everything is pulled at that 9.81 meters per seconds squared by earth. It doesn’t really matter how much mass you have we’re all affected the same way. That 9.81 is a constant that helps us calculate weight. Our weight is basically our mass * 9.81. So the math kind of goes….

          We have 1 Yu Ilhan * 9.81 m/s squared = 9.81 Yu Ilhan’s weight

          If Yu Ilhan has filled his bag with the equivalent of a nine hundred and ninty nine Yu Ilhan’s then we get….

          1000 Yu Ilhan mass * 9.81 m/s Squared = 9,810 Yu Ilhans weight + Cross Bag

          Another way to write it if we want to keep the monsters and Yu Ilhan’s weights seperated and then add them together at the end would be….

          1 Yu Ilhan mass* 9.81 m/s squared + 999 Yu Ilhan Mass* 9.81 m/s Squared = Total weight

          9.81 Weight of Yu Ilhan + 9,800.19 Monster Mass = 9810 total weight

          1. Extasse

            Pretty sure adding neutrons produces different isotopes though, which results in different physical and chemical properties of the atom. Lol. There’s also a limit to the amount of neutrons one can fit in… I guess you squish the mass into the protons, neutrons and electrons? Somehow… Don’t know much about splitting the atom lol. Guess it’ll somehow make sense if that happens XD

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