Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 73: Me, a God!? – 6

Meanwhile, Yu lHan’s distraction plan was slowly nearing its limits as well.


As it had lost one of its heads, it shouldn’t really be called the ‘Yamata no Orochi’(T/N: I’m sure one of the characters in Yamata means ‘eight’), so having become enraged, the Orochi shot 7 magic bullets to block Yu IlHan’s path.
Yu IlHan also judged that he had made enough distance and stopped running. If he ran anymore from here, then civilian casualties would increase rapidly anyway.

“Erta, do me a favor.”
[Just what can I do?](Erta)
“On Vanguard’s homepage, create a new official notice and link it everywhere. Mostly on the SNS.”

Erta’s eyes trembled as she heard that.

“Say that if they don’t come here right now and help us, they won’t be given the ‘higher ranked’ weapons purchase ticket that will be sold two months later.”
[Oh my god. Did you emphasize Vanguard ‘standard’ just so you could do this?](Erta)
“Just do it before more people die.”

Yu IlHan became silent after ordering Erta. He had somehow successfully led the guy to a place without people, but he couldn’t think up of a way to fight that thing.
It was good that he had blown one head to smithereens with his pile bunker, but thinking in reverse, this meant that his strongest attack had only blown a single head.

It still had seven heads, and 8 intact tails. He solidified the thought that he would conquer the body rather than severing all those 17 appendages, but he didn’t think that it would obediently hand its body over to him to conquer.

His greatest ability, and the one that made him be called Susanoo, his concealment, was not usable anymore, and the power of the atlatl that he had used until now…..


Yu IlHan experimented using his atlatl and threw a throwing spear with all his might.
The throwing spear that flew with explosive power did not allow the Orochi to avoid, but it miserably got deflected due to its thick scales. If this was a game, then a ‘0’ or a ‘MISS’ would pop up above Orochi’s head!

[Wow, this was something that instakilled those above level 90, but that thing ain’t even flinching.](Lita)

Even superhuman strength, and the attack power of the atlatl, along with his insane spearmanship could not get past the Orochi’s defenses.
He had done plenty well until now, but in the end, a limit had approached for him who could not use mana in a fight.

“Of course, I knew this would happen.”

Throwing spears using the atlatl was no good; and despite the fact that the pile bunker might still be effective even after losing the buff of a surprise attack, the problem was the loading time.
To load it to the 4th level, even Yu IlHan at his full strength in superhuman strength mode would require a full minute, but there’s no way that the Orochi would cheer him on while dancing while he was doing that.

“That leaves, there we go.”

Muttering to himself, Yu IlHan stopped formulating his battle plan and moved to dodge the magic bullets. It did not give him a single moment of rest.


Perhaps due to having inflicted a great wound, it was very careful. Despite the fact that it had power that would overwhelm him, it was afraid that it would get hurt anymore and was using long ranged attacks to corner him.

Its attacks probably weren’t just those magic bullets. The moment Yu IlHan gets used to them, it would bring out another type of attack like nothing and make him suffer.
If it didn’t know something, then it’s the fact that Yu IlHan would never let his guard down with it in front of him!

However, regardless of letting his guard down or not, it didn’t change the fact that the situation was grim.

“Atlatl’s no good, pile bunker’s impossible. Then do I need to throw some grenades after dodging like this?”

Fucking hell mode!
Swore Yu Ilhan, and the angels were also resolved to run away with him at any moment.

{Kuhuk, kuhhhuuuuuuuuuu!}

It was right at that moment that a message that sounded like a girl-ghost from a horror movie resounded out.

[Dragon, those things that deserve to get ripped apart and pull the roots out of! I’m sure. That monster is a dragonkin!](Reta)

When Yu IlHan asked back calmly, the existence that harbored endless hatred towards dragonkin, Reta Kar’iha’s thoughts, replied.

[The existence that you call Yamata no Orochi, is definitely a dragonkin! That aura, that mana! I can’t be wrong!](Reta)
“Oooh, okay. Actually, I suspected that, but I wasn’t too sure.”

Moreover, even if that was the case, the fact that the situation is grim doesn’t really change – muttered Yu IlHan in a voice that no one could hear.

However, with Reta Kar’ihas declaration, it was clear that a possibility had opened up for Yu IlHan. At least, it was much better than just now where he was complaining that there was no way to win.

He slowly took out a weapon from his Cross Bag and gripped it.

Dark Deathgod’s Dragon-exterminating Spike Spear.
This was something that increased critical hit rate and critical hit damage by 150% when fighting against dragonkin, and a gamma option that was meaningless until now. This was the moment that it would shine.

[Another round of magic bullets!](Erta)

Erta warned while screaming. It looked like it had overflowing mana as it poured out another seven of those frighteningly powerful purple magic bullets! Yu IlHan gripped on his spike spear while leaping around to dodge those magic bullets.

“Rather than that, look at this spear! What do you think?”
[If a critical hit occurs, then you’d be able to fight. It would be at least stronger than the pile bunker!](Lita)

Lita was thinking on the same lines as Yu IlHan. This spear had the insane option that would increase his critical hit rate and damage by 2.5 times as long as the one he was facing was a dragonkin. Although it would be hard to endure his attacks, if he could deal a critical hit, then it was doable!

And coincidentally, since his Cross Bag had the remote collection option, if he infinitely threw the spear and damaged it…….

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  2. firelight777

    was that it would end -> wouldn’t end
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    Wait, he called people there? Won’t they literally just be killed in the aftermath? Or is he planning to just have huge numbers of decent mages fire at it to whittle it down?
    Thanks for the chapter! Missed this series’ laughs

    1. Jonathan Hurd

      I think its partly for finishing the clean up of the Third Class monsters of the dungeon Overflow. He cleared out one prefecture and was working on Tokyo City, but there is a third prefecture people and clans are still fighting in during these dungeon breaks. So this is probably partly to gather everyone in Japan over to the Overflow Dungeon. Also to entice the people who have the strength but have stayed away for safety.

  3. Dark Jackel

    “Even though the relationship he had with the angels until now was so shallow, he felt like pain was dissipating just with the angels saying that.”

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    1. literallyanythingidontcare

      Not meaning any offense, but there’s really no theory needed here. Just think of a bowling ball and a balloon of the same size. When dropped at the same time from the same height, which hits the ground first? The heavier bowling ball. As much as I am guilty of doing so, over-analysis of anything similar to “magic” won’t really get you anywhere.

      1. Jonathan Hurd

        Oh I completely agree. I mean it is magic so trying to figure out its effects with science in itself is kind of silly. I also share the theory about different weights dropping due to wind resistance. I just accidentally thought up the idea of changing the gravity when discussing the problem with my brother and it actually perfectly solves both parts so it makes me happy :D.

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    1. Jonathan Hurd

      If I remember correctly I think an authors note hinted or flat out said he would get mana at some point and then he would be able to control his stealth. I think the reason the story is holding off on giving it to him is because of how OP that would make him. It is interesting seeing how far he can go pulling out the latent abilities of humans before adding mana into the mix.

      I am pretty sure Mana is happening at some point. The question for me is whether he gets it before his third class up or not. They did say his lack of mana use is what stops him from getting active skills and he will be paid back for that in full on the next class up. So he’s already not gotten four abilities… If that becomes six I am going to be so happy finding out what his fourth class active would be.

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