Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 75: I, too, now – 1

The flames burning on its body receded in an instant. Was it trying to go back to how it was before?

Yu IlHan was worried that it might shoot magic bullets again, but the Orochi’s body changed in a different way to the one he imagined. There was no change to the seven heads, but the seven tails seemed to fuse before it became a single, huge tail.

Despite the fact that the situation was quite serious, Yu IlHan couldn’t not shout.

“That’s no longer a Yamata no Orochi, though!”

[I knew you’d say that!] (Erta)

Like the 2nd phase, the now fused tail had a sword protruding from the end. Befitting of the fusion of the seven tails, the sword was much bigger, sharper, and longer. What was more fatal was that a vicious purple flame was burning on top of it.

[It focused its means of attack into its tail.] (Lita)

[Be careful, Yu IlHan. It will be different from just now!] (Erta)

Yu IlHan also expected to a certain point. He was even scared thinking about how he would have thought if Na YuNa’s support wasn’t here!

As soon as it changed, it charged towards Yu IlHan, and the tail that was attached to the body stretched like a rubber band and flew at him. The giant sword at the end emitted a horrendous light!


No matter how much stronger he became, the option of blocking that sword head on did not exist. Yu IlHan left that place with all his power, and immediately after that, the giant sword struck the ground, leaving a crater tens of meters large while burning it. It was truly a tremendous force.


Not satisfied with just a single attack, the Orochi charged towards Yu IlHan with all its might. Perhaps due to fusing the tails into one, its speed had also become incomparably faster than before. The seven heads flashed its fourteen eyes and looked at him.

Yu IlHan focused all his nerves. This attack was much more fatal, and faster than the magic bullet.

If he only focused on the tail, then one of the seven heads would swallow Yu IlHan, and if he tried to avoid it, then he would be sliced into halves by the giant sword before turning into ashes and scattering.

However, he couldn’t die here.

There were still 3 minutes to the buff. It was too short of a time to kill it, but Yu IlHan did not give up.

“In, insane. He was fighting against this?”

“But look at it, it’s dying. It’s only a last struggle before death.”

It seemed like another person had intruded on the battlefield, but Yu IlHan didn’t mind them. If he minded those trivial details while his life was on the line, then he would die.


The giant sword smashed the ground, and the flames flickered onto the ground and scorched pebbles that was scattered everywhere. Yu IlHan dodged each and every one of them and waited until the opportunity to sever its life, came. He believed that it would definitely come.

I will definitely win. I cannot die here! – These two thoughts enhanced Yu IlHan’s concentration beyond its limits.

He saw through everything on the battlefield, and picked out only the information useful to him, and calculated what action he should take at every moment.

“Looking at it now, that’s true. We can kill it! We just have to wait until Susanoo dies before partying with the Lightning God Clan, then, we’ll have a share too.”

“Idiot, if Susanoo dies, then we all die! I’m saying that we need to help Susanoo! Right now!”

Numerous people started gathering on the battlefield, the thorned vines were being destroyed, and the Orochi was roaring. Those with and without ability all attacked the Orochi, and the battle was nearing its climax.

And at one moment, Yu IlHan naturally knew that the time to counterattack had come.

Even though there were only 2 minutes left of Na YuNa’s buff, but fortunately, Kang MiRae had finished her preparation.

She had prepared a magic that would even work against a 4th class, and put it into a defenseless state even. She was waiting for the moment to activate it. The wait was to match Yu IlHan’s timing.

Now, that he had become ever so sensitive to mana, did he know.

How? It was impossible until now!

Even amidst the endless pain and fatigue, Yu IlHan felt a wondrous pounding. Despite the fact that he himself was in the middle of the battlefield, he could feel the breath of the Orochi and the people that surrounded it.

No, it wasn’t only that. What came into his senses weren’t just mere breaths.

The mana that everyone had, the mana that covered the world, and the mana that boiled in his heart could be felt. He also realized by what method it could move, and how it changed.
This was an awakening, an enlightenment, and a moment of emotion.

He finally knew why the angels said that there was no need for additional training. This was Yu IlHan’s wings, which he had not had until now.

How could a wingless existence practice flapping wings? It was enough to wait until the wings were sprouted, and nothing else could be done.

And finally, it had borne fruit.

Yu IlHan had not seen the Earth properly until now. Despite knowing the existence of mana, he did not understand it properly.

If it was now, he could. Mana was wonder, possibility, and absolute power.

“We won.”Yu IlHan muttered.
[We will win.] (Lita)
[We will definitely win.] (Erta)

The angels declared without a shred of doubt. Yu IlHan didn’t know what their inner thoughts were, when they were actually thinking that they would run away after kidnapping him if things became the worst, but he was happier because he didn’t know.

Here was a pervert that liked absurd homeworks and absurd trust in himself.

Yu IlHan swung his arms to slash all the thorned vines in an instant, and leaped into the air. Although he had just started wielding mana, he felt that the amplification of superhuman strength had increased after he put mana into it.

From the watching Orochi, seven heads, a huge sword flew at him, but Yu IlHan re-leaped as if waiting for it.

High into the skies, to a zone that the Orochi could never reach now that it could not use the magic bullets!


It roared while seeing Yu IlHan shooting up into the air. Wasn’t there a precedent already of it being ambushed by it? While it was afraid that Yu IlHan might come again with a similar weapon to the pile bunker, seeing him rising to heights out of its range, it could not hide its worry.

However, it had no room to mind for Yu IlHan, since countless humans were rushing at it trying to peel off some scales!

One ant was just one ant, but if tens of thousands of ants attacked, it would definitely become a scary matter. It really wanted to be on guard against Yu IlHan, but it couldn’t not confront the other humans.

And that, was what Yu IlHan had aimed for. It was also the only useful effect of the people that came to the battlefield.

“That’s a nice view.”

Gripping onto the spike spear in mid air, Yu IlHan postured himself – a throwing spear position.

This was a method that he hadn’t used until now since he would helplessly fall down and get eaten after he threw it. One that poured out all his power into a single attack, and one that befitted of a death god.

He couldn’t use this since the Orochi was constantly conscious of him after the pile bunker ambush. As long as the Orochi was conscious of him, no matter how strong of an attack he used, it would evade it and that would be the end.

This was also why he was waiting for the moment Kang MiRae used her magic. If it was her, he expected that she would buy him enough time for his passive concealment to activate again.

However, now, that kind of probability fight was unnecessary.

Breathing deeply, Yu IlHan awakened the boiling mana in his heart, and carefully activated his innate, absolute ability.

Which was none other than concealment.

[……!] (Erta)
[Il, IlHan, you, don’t tell me you…] (Lita)

The two angels finally noticed the great change that Yu IlHan had met, but Yu IlHan did not reply; he was concentrating in deceivingthe Orochi and successfully activated concealment.


And that bore fruit. The Orochi, which was conscious of the air that Yu IlHan had shot into, even while fighting against the humans, had lost his presence in a blink of an eye.

It simply thought that it was because there were too many humans for it to mind, and that it could become conscious of Yu IlHan again after he fell back down.

This, was an error that decided the battle.

The ground was in a mess. It was good that they had defeated the other mutant species with the help of foreign ability users, but as they tried to defeat even the Orochi with that morale, they were swiped out like fallen leaves to the autumn wind.

However, what was the reason that they attacked in the first place? It was because they had seen that the Orochi was riddled with wounds, and thought that they could take a share if they attacked.

The Orochi was huge, and if they succeeded in killing it, then the amount of wealth they could loot from it would be enormous.

They paid the price for their greed. Their overflowing desire came back to them as blades that severed their heads, and the executioner did not hesitate even a little.

The next moment, Kang MiRae’s lightning magic struck it. This was the moment Yu IlHan had waited for.


Its violent screams could be heard even by Yu IlHan high up in the air. Even while posturing himself to throw his spear, he ended up leaking a smile.

He had thought about what one must eat to bring out such a scream from a 4th class monster, before he realized that it wasn’t something he himself should be thinking about.

“Sorry for not getting into a party.” Yu IlHan muttered  quietly.

No matter how great of a magic she shot out, and no matter how great of a buff that Na YuNa had given him, no matter how tens of thousands of people were attacking the Orochi, the MVP of this battle could only be him.

There were 19 seconds left to the buff.

He took a deep breath again, and threw his spear with all his might. At the same time, he transferred the weight of the Cross bag onto it as well.

The spike spear flew down vertically while drawing a pitch black line that connected the skies and the Earth, and pierced through the electrified body of the Orochi.
Like chopsticks to a piece of soft tofu.


Such were the last words of the Orochi. Since an absurd shock had struck its body and burst its heart at its weakest moment due to the lightning magic, there was no way it could mutter anymore.

[You have earned 2,051,894,873 experience.]
[You have become level 87. 7 Strength, 5 Agility, 4 Health, 4 Magic increases.]
[You have earned the title ‘Dragon Slayer.’. All abilities increase by 10% when fighting against dragonkin.]
[You have earned the record of Lv 221 Yamata no Orochi.]
[You have acquired the legend rank artifact, Heavenly Cloud-Gathering Sword. (Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi)]
[Absorbing the power of life of Yamata no Orochi with the power of Death Collector.]

Strings of text appeared on Yu IlHan’s retina. Despite the fact that there was only a 20 level difference between it and the 4th class mage, the experience given was quadruple the amount, it was so absurd.

What was more absurd was that he had only levelled up by 4 despite all that!

The spear that struck the ground after piercing through the heart of the Orochi, and the corpse of the Orochi disappeared from the ground. Of course, it had gone into Yu IlHan’s Cross Bag, but the humans watching only became dazed.

“Just, what.”
“Did you see that? Something fell from the sky.”

The fools were shamelessly getting angry that someone had took the treasure that was theirs, but this was a minority of the minority.

The Susanoo Army that endured through the mutant rush and came to this battlefield were touched that ‘Lord Susanoo’ had protected Japan, and cried. Magia and Metal Knights were shocked and confused since the situation was over before they had a chance to put a fork in, while the clan master of the Lightning God Clan, Kang MiRae, bit her lips at the scene of the overwhelming power.

“……That last strike, there’s no way that was true”

“MiRae, you angry? But stealing’s no good.”

Na YuNa tilted her head before clinging to Kang MiRae. However, Kang MiRae herself just shook her head and pushed her away. Then, she muttered in a small voice only enough for her and Kang HaJin to hear.

“Will I, be able to draw a beautiful line like that someday?” (T/N: It’s just a straight vertical line though?)

Kang MiRae could not notice Yu IlHan in his concealed state, but she definitely saw the attack that connected the skies and the Earth. And that scene was still embedded on her eyes right now.


Na YuNa saw it as well – the overwhelming destructive power that seemed like it could split apart anything, as well as the attack that was completed with her help. It even felt a little desolate, and the trajectory was that of a God’s judgement. As such, she thought more carefully before replying while smiling brightly.

“I don’t think you caaaan?”

“Na YuNa, I will kill you!”

“Uaaaa. I was only being honeeeest!”

Meanwhile, Yu IlHan had lost all his strength after throwing that spear, and was helplessly falling down, and could not safely land on the ground.

Even though he himself could not use magic, despite having become able to wield mana, Erta had cast magic with the reason that ‘it will be pitiful if he got injured after awesomely killing the Orochi’.

[Now you will go rest, right?] (Lita)

[That was a nice finish.] (Erta)

The angels were the same in becoming delighted at Yu IlHan’s marvelous actions.
At the moment of crisis, humanity all attacked the monster, and the main character killed the monster after awakening a new finisher attack. Isn’t that the perfect finale?

However, Yu IlHan denied their words with a laugh.

“What nonsense are you saying?”

After seeing the mass of humans that gathered at the place that the Orochi had disappeared, he turned his head and walked towards another direction. It was a different direction to the one he came from.

“The Dungeon Wave isn’t over yet. Even if I have to rest. I should rest after cleaning up Chiba at least. Those in novels always died after being relieved after killing the boss. There cannot be such a thing to us.”

[……I really pity the ones that have IlHan as the enemy. I mean it.] (Lita)

[You just realized that, Lita?] (Erta)

Hero Yu IlHan, that had broken through the biggest and the most serious crisis that arrived at humanity after the Great Cataclysm.

Now that it had become possible for him to cancel his concealment since he could use mana, he had instead ran off to kill other monsters quietly without cancelling it.

After 3 days, he returned back to Korea after finishing up the Dungeon Wave in Japan.

Author’s notes

  1. He can now use mana! But there were some readers that thought that his strength would instantly multiply twice or thrice the moment he did, but speaking from the conclusion, no, that doesn’t happen. Currently, he can just use active skills, and some work become more easier! (T/N: Like mana crafting). Hey, the tens of thousands of people there could all use mana you know…. (T/N: The English Readers didn’t expect that he will be able to use mana…)
    Of course, IlHan is a monster, so if he could use mana when he acquired his 2nd class, then an attack skill might have popped out, then if so, then the Orochi might have been finished a little easier.
  2. This battle was a rare one where IlHan could not dominate the enemy. I really wanted to portray one where he finishes the enemy with a miraculous attack at the last moment after a long, tough battle, but due to this author’s bad ability in describing the main character’s crisis moments, I gave the readers a ‘Hey, aren’t those people trying to take credit?’ misunderstanding. This is all Toika’s fault… T^T
  3. Susanoo loses the sword he uses while battling the Orochi, and instead, acquires the Heavenly Cloud Gathering Sword, (aka Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi) from its tail and slashes it. This is one of the three myths of Japan. Of course, the legend rank artifact, the Heavenly Cloud Gathering Sword is a different artifact with the same name! ^^
  4. Neither Kang MiRae nor Na YuNa are bad people…T^T Na YuNa is in fact just feeling curious of Yu IlHan, and Kang MiRae’s feelings are only that of admiration. You can see it this way.

Translator’s notes

Translator: Chamber

Proofreader: Kerrigan

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