Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 79: I, too, now – 4

Yu IlHan sharpened several of the Orochi’s bones into blades, and like the scales on the robe, they were completed as rare ranked artifacts.
In the process of mana crafting every one of those using 2nd class magic stones, which he had a lot of, some of the blades turned out to be unique ranked artifacts as well.

[It wasn’t that there wasn’t a crafter who tried this……]

Would no other people have thought of the idea Yu IlHan was doing? Tying two artifacts into one occurred a lot of times in other worlds until now. There were quite a few successful examples as well, and sometimes, there were absurd artifacts born from it.

However, what Yu IlHan was doing now was different in quality. He was not tying two artifacts into one, but was making independent artifacts that would fit in a set as part of a whole artifact with his absurd metalworking ability.

Combining two “half” artifacts into a complete whole, and combining numerous ones into a single artifact can only be different.

[It’s a problems since those parts are either scales or blades.]

Those damned dreams! There should have been another method of making them, and it did look like Yu IlHan would know other ways as well, but he was only making the items he wanted.
Perhaps he believed that it was too difficult for him as of now, or so Erta decided to believe.

“Blade finished~.”

Since he had made the parts, Yu IlHan now went into making the armor. In the process of making the Orochi bone blades, he had seen through the fact that the bones also had metallic properties like the scales. So, he had melted the rest of the bones with the Eternal Flame, and made them into a blackish purple metallic ingot.
What was left was to melt it and process it into armor.

From the helmet to the sabatons, Yu IlHan made each individual part that made up the set of full plate armor, and gathered hundreds of big and small blades in one place before taking out a 3rd class magic stone.

‘Defense, attack, I want to bring out all of them. No, I need to.’

Inside Yu IlHan’s head was his own figure wearing the completed armor.
His armor wasn’t one where it would be easily destroyed by the Orochi’s magic bullet, but one that protected him whenever and wherever; not one that simply defends, but one that counterattacks the enemy!

Mana crafting activated, and the mana boiled all at once as if having waited for it, and enveloped the magic stone and the armor.
As his eyes were closed, Yu IlHan only knew that a brilliant light was flashing, but hearing Erta’s deep sigh, he could predict that the mana crafting had succeeded.

[Iron Armored Fire Dragon’s Biting Dark Python Fullplate Armor was completed.]

[Iron Armored Fire Dragon’s Biting Dark Python Fullplate Armor]
[Rank – Legend]
[Defense – 6,500]
[Attack Power – 4,200]
[Options –

  1. 40% increase in defense
  2. 80% increase in fire attribute resistance, 20% chance of reflecting a part of the attack when receiving an attack of the fire attribute
  3. Can pull out blades from place of need in the armor. When using mana, the blade can be enlarged]

[User Restrictions – Creator, Yu IlHan]
[A masterpiece made by a peak level smith using materials befitting his skills, and bringing out the best of his abilities. Not to mention its hardness, the sharp teeth it harbors has enough power to rip apart the enemy’s breath.]

Yu IlHan opened his eyes. In front of his eyes was the completed full plate armor that was emitting vicious blackish purple death qi, but it was too beautiful.
The hundreds of blades he had made wholeheartedly couldn’t be seen anywhere, but Yu IlHan didn’t doubt the fact that they would appear when they were needed.

He was worried that it may end up as a unique ranked artifact, but the worry was unnecessary. Moreover, since it had all the options he wanted, it made him satisfied.

Amongst those, the fire attribute resistance caught his eyes. He thought back to the pain he received from the Orochi’s magic bullet. With this option, there wouldn’t be any more happenings like that.
Of course, he did get annoyed since the word fire attribute meant that there were resistance in other attributes as well, such as water and lightning.

However, the most amazing thing was the enlarging of the blade that he didn’t really want. Well, it wasn’t that he didn’t want it, but that he had not thought of that.

“From the moment I could wield mana, I can see more of the things that are possible with it.”
[It’s natural for the artifact to be influenced by the creator.]

Erta said as if it was nothing, but she was also surprised.
Enlarging a weapon was quite a frequently-seen magic, but it was magic, nonetheless. Imbuing the power of magic into a mere option wasn’t something so simple as Yu IlHan was thinking.

Although mana crafting was the power to imbue hopes into an item, too big of a hope or absurd hopes wouldn’t come into fruition.
The reason why Erta could imbue the power of miracles into the Cross Bag, despite her mana crafting level being lower than Yu IlHan’s was also because she and the angels knew of high ranked magic.

However, Yu IlHan had succeeded in implementing the power of magic despite having just becoming able to wield mana. Yes, the reason why his created equipments were absurdly hard was not only because of his smithing skills, but probably also because of the numerous experience in him.

That meant that, if Yu IlHan ceaselessly acquired records in this changing world, then perhaps, Earth might just!
However, Erta’s full-of-expectations hope was unnecessarily cut off by the voice that came next.

“Wow, it really is absurdly hard. I’m not sure about the exact abilities, but its hardness definitely surpasses harkanium alright.”

The Eternal Flame that raised its temperature as much as possible, and the Heavenly Cloud Gathering Sword that was enduring like nothing in those flames. Yu IlHan laughed while grabbing the sword that was hard for him to lift even with both of his hands.

“I think the Eternal Flame will be able to melt it, but even if it does melt, it will be a bigger problem for me to mould it into a spear.”
[Well, the ingredients to make Traps of Destruction are more focused on their magical properties than their hardness.]

Saying that, Erta looked at the furnace and saw that the tip of the giant sword was still holding on. Does it even melt?
Even though that Heavenly Cloud Gathering Sword was also made of Orochi’s bones, it was too hard to be said so. Erta thought that Yu IlHan might be occupied with that for the rest of the duration of the barrier, so she suggested.

[How about you just use it as a sword? You are also a master of swordsmanship. You mastered both of the martial arts anyway, is it really necessary for you to shift it into a spear?]
“Of course, it isn’t so bad to prepare a good sword. However, I’m more proficient in the art of the spear. Also, if I cannot process this much on my will, then I’m not qualified to be a smith.”

Yu IlHan was someone that under-evaluated his own abilities at times, but he could differentiate between the things he could do and he could not do. And this sword, despite being difficult, was a challengeable opponent.

Since time, the one he was worried about the most, was solved to an extent, only the battle between him and the Heavenly Cloud Gathering Sword was left.


At that moment, a roar that tried to split his head apart resounded. Perhaps it was sad that the sword which was once part of its body was destined to be melted down by fire, the thoughts in the power of life he had absorbed with the skill death collector, was causing a mess.

Even though it was only a power of life that belonged to him, the Heavenly Cloud Gathering Sword was showing a slight vibration.


Seeing that, Yu IlHan’s lips curved upwards.
Although it was impossible now, he thought that this weapon may have other possibilities in the future.

***(T/N: Time skip, he DID make something with that sword, and made other things as well)


Having just finished embracing the two months that didn’t even last an instant, Yu IlHan checked his phone and muttered emptily.

“Not even 1 second has passed. Oh, 2, 3.”
[Do you finally get how important of an artifact that Heaven has given you?]

Erta was sounding quite proud, but it was in fact close to an act, since the words said by Spiera, that higher existences should do what higher existences can, and lower existences should do what they can, was still floating in her head.
As she knew the great powers of the Hourglass of Eternity, she could also read the intentions of the angels that gave him this.

‘We also did this much. You can understand us, right?’ – such blatant meanings.

Regardless of whether he knew Erta’s complex feelings or not, Yu IlHan had a look at the Vanguard homepage and nodded in satisfaction.

“I did say I will sell them 2 months later, but the inquiries are exploding.”
[I think your phone will be set on fire soon as well. Even though the Lightning God Clan is trying to hide it, I don’t think they can hide it forever.]
“Although, I do plan to give the opportunity to every clan that participated in the Dungeon Wave fairly.”

No, he needed to. He had put his heart into making standard-tier and higher-tier equipment in the barrier, but he couldn’t leave them as stocks. Erta also thought back to what happened in the barrier and grumbled.

[I really didn’t think that you will be able to use up all those materials.]
“The ancestors once……”
[Stop with the ancestors!]

Seeing that Erta might catch(?) neurosis at any moment, Yu IlHan laughed and stroked her head. (T/N: What did that just say again? stroke? STROKE!?!?)

“Anyway, I’ve almost finished the items I will be selling, so I should pull the time forward a little. And let’s see. I think I also need to meet the Lightning God Clan once, and also…”

Yes, shouldn’t he also pay a visit to the strong friends who were even suffering overseas? (T/N: Meaning, ‘Suppression’). Yu IlHan thought back to first lieutenant Han YeoRang and captain Yoon DaeHan he had seen back in Tokyo and laughed.

They seemed to have quite the talent as they possessed powers nearing 2nd class, but the things they had on their bodies could be called ragged if optimistic, and trash if pessimistic.
He didn’t have any bad impression on them, and as he was especially impressed by what Yoon DaeHan said during the initial stages of the Great Cataclysm, he did feel like he would feel quite annoyed if they died because he had contacted them too late. (T/N: I think Yoon DaeHan said something like ‘I’m skeptical of what the country is doing, we need to save people, not bind the ability users by force)

“Should I contact them?”

Muttering that, on one of Yu IlHan’s hands was a business card. He had took out Captain Yoon DaeHan’s business card with the remote collection ability that he had become overly used to.

When Han YeoRang was rejoicing about going home after the last monster of Chiba was cleanly finished, Yu IlHan, who could not switch his concealment on and off as he willed it, disguised himself as a normal fighter and approached Captain Yoon DaeHan for his contact info.

Yoon DaeHan and Han YeoRang widened their eyes when they heard that Yu IlHan wanted to trade equipment, when he took out some of the weapons from the Cross Bag, they realized that he was not joking. He knew from before, but they really were quick witted.

After that was Yu IlHan’s pace. The two’s eyes were flipped when they heard him say that he wanted to sell weapons at a cheap price to Suppression.
Of course, they did suspect him since both Susanoo and Yu IlHan used the spear, but it didn’t really matter. Now, Yu IlHan didn’t really have any intentions on hiding himself.

How? Because, since Yu IlHan became able to wield mana, the probability of him being pushed back from the world’s strongest was lessened by quite a large amount!
Additionally, it was also because the LIghtning God Clan, who he acquired quite a good relationship with after the trade, turned out to have a power not lower than any other large clans in the world.

[They should be just arriving at Korea by now.]
“……Oh yeah. So practically, only a day passed since the Dungeon Wave?”
[To be exact, it has been 9 hours and 38 minutes since you killed the last monster that appeared due to the Dungeon Wave.]

Even though he had expected it, he felt quite weird. He himself had created everything he could for two months and even tested them all perfectly, but right now, humanity was just barely able to breathe.
It was a feeling he hadn’t felt for a long time since the Earth dropout period.

[Spiera said you will be able to overcome this absurdity well.]
“I will definitely slap her in the face some time.”
[If possible then go ahead. No, I plead you so please slap that bit….*ehem*, no, please insert some common sense into that brainless muscle angel.]

Picking up useless information that Erta hated an angel called Spiera, and quite a lot at that, he called Yoon DaeHan thinking that he should inform him before they made contact.
With the telephone installed on the 14th floor, the higher ranked weapons store, which was above the 13th floor weapon shop, which was in operation today, since it was Monday.

[We are waiting for your call. Come see us any time.]

Such were the words Yoon DaeHan spoke as soon as he received the call. It seemed like he was constantly on watch, in fear of Yu IlHan’s mind changing.

“Very well.”

Yu IlHan smiled and said.

“Let’s talk business.”

Such was the moment of the 2nd stage of humanity strengthening plan.

Author’s notes

  1. It’s not like he only received 20% of fire damage just because he got 80% fire resistance. Just think that it has considerably been reduced.
  2. Since it will be endless if I list all the weapons IlHan made, I only mentioned the armor and skipped the rest. The non-important weapon won’t even be mentioned, and the the equipment he will be using will come out later, so look forward to it!

Translator’s notes

Translator: Chamber

Proofreader: Koukouseidesu

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