Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 80: I, too, now – 5

(T/N: A change in naming: Holy Knight -> Paladin. (Kang HaJin’s job))

The location was, of course, the 14th floor of Vanguard. Unlike the 13th floor, only those with Yu IlHan’s permission could enter, and this place didn’t have any displays with showcased equipment, looking more like an office.

Yu IlHan would be in charge of trading the higher ranked equipment anyway, and his Cross Bag could hold as many equipments as he wanted, so there was no need for a showcase.

Now, Yu IlHan did not wear a mask. Vanguard was his company, and he also thought that there was no need to hide his face when he was showing himself as the owner of Vanguard.
That’s why he had taken it off, but.


Seeing the man and woman sitting on the sofa he had prepared on the 14th floor, opposite to him, Yu IlHan tilted his head.

“Only sir Yoon DaeHan needed to come though.”
“Well, shouldn’t I at least be together with one subordinate to show myself off a little?”

Yoon DaeHan nonchalantly laughed, but seeing the national representative ‘beauty’ first lieutenant Han YeoRang, Yu IlHan couldn’t help but sigh.

“It’s been a while, Mr. Yu IlHan. Although, I only got to know of your name now.”
“It’s been a while.”

First lieutenant Han YeoRang spoke in a slightly stiff tone, but as expected of one that was aiming for quick marriage and end of military service, she had some pretty makeup. Wishing for her to meet someone good quickly, Yu IlHan asked Yoon DaeHan.

“I told you my conditions so you should have a grasp on it, right? How much are they willing to pay?”
“If it’s at the level of those sold on the 13th floor, and the supply is high, then they have intentions on buying at the market price.”
“The market price is over 5 billion though. It’s not the market price, but the Vanguard standard price. The government also has their own predictions on why Vanguard was opened.”
“Yes. I also think it’s a good business. Cutting it short, it’s not that much different from taking them for free.”

There was a limit to selling the items of Vanguard. 2 per person. In the first place. it wasn’t a brand with a lot of stocks, so for arming Suppression, the army would profit even if they were supplied with Yu IlHan’s items at market price.

Yu IlHan called out a longsword out of nowhere. In truth, he had taken it out from the Cross Bag hung in one corner of the office, but the strong friends seeing that could only see it as magic.

“This is the average equipment of those supplied to Suppression. Take a look.”

So, they are inferior to the ones sold in Vanguard downstairs – muttered Yoon DaeHan in his heart and received the sword. Han YeoRang also seemed curious and extended her hand to touch it.

[Pressure Tiger Bone Bastard]
[Rank – Rare]
[Attack Power – 2,650]
[Options – 40% increase in attack when facing monsters below user’s level]
[Durability – 2,100/2,100]
[Mass produced weapons made by surpassing the limits of the material]

Yoon DaeHan wordlessly smiled. However, Han YeoRang didn’t have that much experience and shouted in surprise.

“Attack power 2,650? Moreover, I’ve never seen options like this! Just who is the smith?
“Industrial secret, miss.”

Yu IlHan placed his index finger on his lips and smiled. Han YeoRang blushed in embarrassment, but Yu IlHan firmly ignored that and continued.

“Of course, there will be variables in the attack power and the options according to the form of the weapon, but you can think that this is the average. It’s around the middle of standard weapons and higher ranked weapons.”
“Th, the price is?”
“That’s up to the government. However, I’d prefer additional services over money. There are a lot of benefits that one wants when conducting business, and I also wish to block some annoying interferences in the future as well.”

This was a splendid business man who blatantly requested bribery.

“I have a lot of money, and can earn as much as I want if i will it. I also don’t think that the currencies used until now will have much value in the future.”
“So cool.”

Yu IlHan ignored Han YeoRang again.

“First, I should get this straight. I don’t want the government to profit from the weapons I sell. I want the weapons to be solely distributed to Suppression. As such, I want a list of members of Suppression, and the equipments they needed to be equipped with. A weapon and an armor each. Simple, right?”
“Of course, we’ve prepared them. You also don’t have to worry about the problems you have spoken of. The higher ups in the Korean military aren’t only composed of thoughtless idiots.”
“That’s quite fortunate.”

Even while Yu IlHan and Yoon DaeHan were speaking business, Han YeoRang’s eyes were fixed on Yu IlHan. Were her eyes twisted? Or are her preferences very extreme? Neither.

It was simply that Yu IlHan’s level was nearing 80, and his very league was heightening by the day, which resulted in his body figure and face nearing a more perfect form without him realizing it.

Honestly, his starting point wasn’t so good, but even so, Yu IlHan was currently at the top of humanity. At least, he was way higher than his own self-evaluation.

‘A good-looking guy full of ability, perfect. He’s the perfect husband-material.’

Han YeoRang decided to seduce Yu IlHan. Although, she did get ditched once in the past, she was only happy that they made connections like this.
However, just as plans were being built in her mind, Yu IlHan lightly clapped and spoke.

“Let’s stop it here. The items will be prepared in 3 days, so let’s settle it with the contract then.”
“I understand. I thank you from the bottom of my heart again.”
“I only pitied you since you were being pushed around everywhere.”

Those words filled with honesty made Yoon DaeHan’s heart ache. Anyway, it wasn’t bad for Suppression to earn Yu IlHan’s pity right now.
Yoon DaeBang clicked his tongue after looking at Han YeoRang staring at Yu IlHan, before he suggested to Yu IlHan, thinking that he should help her out a little.

“Would you like to eat lunch together with us? I know of a good place nearby.”
“That’s really tempting, but I have other activities in my schedule.”
“Is it a woman?”

Han YeoRang’s eyes flashed. Thinking that this idiot should fight monsters all her life, Yoon DaeHan smacked her on the head when Yu IlHan nodded.

“You should already be aware that Vanguard and the Lightning God Clan has some connections. I have planned to meet the clan master of the Lightning God Clan, miss Kang MiRae.”

Han YeoRang’s face became one of dejection. She knew her own level well. If compared, they had as much of a difference comparing Excalibur and a wooden training sword.

[How cruel.]
‘Women are annoying.’

And honestly, she didn’t even enter his eyes. Repeating what was said before, Yu IlHan’s standard of beauty had become absurdly high after spending time with Lita for a thousand years.

Wishing that the despairing Han YeoRang would meet a good man in the future, again, Yu IlHan saw the two of them out. Not even 20 minutes after that, 3 people of both sexes arrived on the 14th floor.

“God dammit. They’re no different.”
“Hello, IlHan! You look so handsome.”
“I appreciate your praise but please use polite speech.”

Sitting there since he could not turn his customers away, Yu IlHan brewed some coffee for them since he had no secretary or the sort. Of course, since his cooking level was growing by the day due to consuming extreme poison, a simple coffee turned out to be extremely delicious as well.

While the others were rejoicing at the effects of their magic and battle skills, Yu IlHan was relaxing himself with his cooking skill!

Kang MiRae took a sip and was shocked at the unexpected goodwill and blinked her eyes several times, before finding calm and asking him.

“So the higher ranked equipment will be sold starting next week?”
“Yes. On a fair subscription basis.”

Replying, Yu IlHan thought for a little before continuing.

“Of course, I’m not planning to sell a tier of weapon outside of your level, since people will go above themselves and try to do the impossible if they acquire artifacts above their ability.”
“Oh yeah, that. MiRae is really doing the impossible nowadays, you… Ouch!”

Leaving aside Na YuNa, who was achieving the record of 1 hit per 3 minutes, Kang HaJin opened his mouth.

“Don’t tell me the crafter you’re in contract with has the ability to pull out artifacts of MiRae’s staff’s level like nothing?”
“If he has the time and material, yes. Although he can’t do it everyday, he probably does more than you, Mr. Kang HaJin, can think of.”

Yu IlHan continued with the words ‘as such’.

“So give me that holy power material or whatever you call it right now. Miss Na YuNa and Mr Kang HaJin should have an artifact of your own.”
“In your eyes, do I have the capability to wield legend ranked artifacts?”
“No, it’s not that, but you do seem to need one in order to follow those two monsters.”

Yu IlHan’s words were too honest. It was to the point that Kang HaJin received a lot of damage, despite having resolved to throw away his inferiority.
But even so, should he be thankful since he was honest…?
Kang HaJin felt weird. It was probably because he had seen the battle in Japan.

To retort, the difference in their levels were too plainly seen. Yu IlHan was more like a teacher who taught him from above him, rather than a competitor.
Now, he didn’t even feel that dejected anymore. Through an unrealistic experience, he had come to accept reality. Although, his sister didn’t seem so yet.

“Actually, we got theeeem.”

Na YuNa pulled out 3 small stones from her pocket.
When Yu IlHan tried to receive them, Na YuNa extend her fingers to play a prank, but having read her moves, Yu IlHan turned his hand in the air to receive just the stones.


[The Holy Stone of the Goddess of Beauty, Leytna]
[Rank – Legend]
[A special kind of stone that was kept in the temple of the Goddess of Beauty, Leytna, to harbor holy power. It is used in making artifacts specialized for priests/priestesses and paladins, and is one of the best.]

Yu IlHan looked at Na YuNa and asked where she had retrieved such a precious item with his eyes, and Na YuNa, who realized his intention, said proudly while puffing out her large chest.

“Fufu, I’m kinda being treated as the holy maiden.”
“How do I use this? Does it just need to be embedded on the weapon or the robe?”
“Wouldn’t the crafter know it well?”
“He doesn’t have much relation to temples.”

Na YuNa’s words slightly felt like a loaded question, but since he had expected these kind of questions from the start, Yu IlHan smoothly replied. Na YuNa’s eyes flashed in interest, and Yu IlHan blinked nonchalantly.
Kang HaJin spoke instead.

“You can grind it and apply it. It’s a finishing agent.”
“Is it only through that method? During blacksmithing? Or during mana crafting?”
“You just have to imbue the power within the holy stone into the equipment.”

Yu IlHan acknowledged.

“I’ll request right away. It won’t take long.”
“I’ll thank you with just those words alone. I think we’re about to get busy soon.”

Kang HaJin stood up with a bitter smile.
Kang MiRae also stood up. She had a frightening expression on as if she was hit by someone, and only expressed her inner intentions when they were about to leave.

“It’s about the Tokyo Orochi fight.”
“I learned a lot. I think it will take a little time before I ask you for partnership. However, I won’t give up.”

Yu IlHan thought that she really had a lot of conviction. He himself had no intentions on getting involved with Kang MiRae more than necessary, but if her growth sped up thanks to him, that was a matter worth rejoicing about so Yu IlHan nodded in a delightful expression.

“I’ll look forward to it.”
“Well, then. We’ll take our leave.”

Give me my worth of it, since I attacked with my magic – or so he thought she would say, but Kang MiRae did not ask for anything.
Was she thinking that she still had debt for the artifact trading? He really thought that she had a uselessly high pride and laughed.

However, even though Kang MiRae and Kang HaJin stood up, Na YuNa was still sitting there. Kang MiRae’s eyes twitched as she try to drag her away, but Na YuNa endured till the end and stayed.

“Nooo, I want to talk a little more!”
“Don’t disturb him.”
“I really have an important matter to say!”

Seeing that Na YuNa had no intentions of letting go of the sofa, Kang MiRae created some lightning on her palms. If this building wasn’t Yu IlHan’s possession, she would have shot already. Despite that, Na YuNa didn’t stand up.

“Nooo, I have something to say with Mr. IlHan.”
“Oppa, make this idiot faint.”
“Got it.”

Yu IlHan raised his hand.

“I will hear her out first and chase her out later so you two can leave first.”
“We cannot disturb you anymore.”
“It’s alright. I’m gonna throw out the entire sofa along with her from the roof after listening to her so just prepare to receive her at the bottom.”

Yu IlHan already knew to a certain extent, what Na YuNa wanted to say. With Yu IlHan’s permission, Kang HaJin, worriedly, and Kang MiRae, annoyedly, bid farewell.

When they left completely, Na YuNa stood up abruptly and shouted while pointing at Yu Ilhan.

“This and that are all made by you, right!”

Yu IlHan acknowledged immediately. Na YuNa opened and closed her mouth a few times. It seemed like she didn’t think that he would acknowledge it so easily.

“I don’t receive any damage even if I say it.”

Na YuNa tilted her head and sat back down while pouting.

“Tch, I wanted to make it more advantageous for me.”
“What were you even trying to ask?”
“Dropping the polite speech to each other.” (T/N: Not so obvious in English, but yes. MC speak to her in polite speech while she doesn’t)

An unimaginable trade condition. While Yu IlHan was laughing, Na YuNa only smacked on the innocent sofa.

“Why did you hide it then?”
“I think it’s probably the same reason as why miss Na YuNa is hiding her true self.”
“Hmmmm. Is that so.”

Na YuNa muttered in acknowledgement and stood up.

“It really is a waste to give you to MiRae.”
“I also have no intentions in giving myself to miss Kang MiRae.”

Na YuNa nodded in satisfaction and brushed her clothes. Since the negotiation was broken before it had even started, it was now time to run away.
However, she seemed disappointed to run away with nothing, and extend her hand abruptly towards Yu IlHan.

“Do you want to be friends? Oh, ones that can develop into something else later.”

Yu IlHan replied with a smile. The hesitation-less sharp answer made even the Na YuNa sweat.

“Do you have ED?” (Editor: A certain dysfunction)
“I’m normal.”
“Or you like men?”
“Then why?”
“Do I really need to spell it out for you?”

Yu IlHan walked towards the elevator and pressed the button. The elevator that connected the first and 14th floor came up very quickly.
The doors opened, and Na YuNa went in with a disbelieving face. Only at that time did Yu IlHan speak.

“I don’t really like miss Na YuNa so much.”

Yu IlHan’s honest expression, and not one that was an act to receive her attention, made her touched. She was even a little happy. (T/N: I swear, she’s an M)

“Then let’s really be friends!”
“No, I’m not saying that I don’t only like your appearance; I hate your personality even more.”

Even the social butterfly queen could not win against the loner-ness of the loner king, Yu IlHan.
Such was the first complete defeat of Na YuNa’s life.

Author’s notes

  1. Iron walled king, Yu IlHan.
  2. A Korean of conviction, Kang MiRae.
  3. This arc is also finishing, eh. With the next chapter, most of the things IlHan did with Vanguard will be over. And ‘that’ finally comes!

Translator’s notes

Translator: Chamber

Proofreader: Koukouseidesu

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