Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 84: You, I, Strangers – 3

(Note: I will STOP using {} for monster speak, they’re kinda meaningless, some dragons speak ‘language’, and not just monster speak. Author doesn’t use it anyway)

One month had passed since Yu IlHan’s dragon hunt began. His level was now 99.


A giant body coupled with a pair of unbecomingly small wings and a big vicious-looking mouth made it seem like it was a collage of dragon parts from different stories. (PR:Think chimera)
Most 3rd class dragonkin had an incomplete draconic form as they were considered imperfect dragons.

Yu IlHan was currently facing such an example of a strange-looking dragonkin at the moment. Well, it probably didn’t notice that he was standing right in front of its eyes, but anyway, it was like that.

[How many is it now?]
“This is the 23,795th. Still a lot to go.”

Replied Yu IlHan while leaping. From his hands, a blackish purple spear emitted an ominous light.
The reason he did not use the pile bunker while doing a surprise attack, was very simple – His spear might not be more effective than the pile bunker against monsters other of other species, but it was more effective with dragonkin.


Maybe it had felt something, as the disproportional head of the dragonkin tilted and sniffed. However, Yu IlHan was already in mid-air, flying down towards it.

He gripped the spear so that the spearhead would point downwards, and focused all the weight on his body onto the very tip of his spearhead!

It had been one month since he had entered Dareu. As he had fought numerous dragonkin until now, he could clearly locate the weakness his enemy had.

‘There is a mana channel that connects its heart and the nose. So it’s the type that attacks by channeling mana to both its mouth and nose.’

When Yu IlHan moved the mana boiling inside his body and guided into the spear he was holding, a blackish purple colored flame, the same color as the spear, that looked frightening, burned around the spearhead.

[Dark deathgod’s Dragon fighter Black bone giant spear]
[Rank – Legend]
[Attack Power – 5,200]
[Options –

  1. 30% increase in attack power and critical hit rate when attacking in surprise.
  2. 30% increase in deathgod-category skills.
  3. 100% increase in attack power and critical hit rate when fighting against dragonkin.
  4. Can activate ‘Purple Flame’, a higher attribute flame, using mana.]

[Durability – 6,000/6,000]
[A spear made by the best smith after carving away a weapon that was a cluster of a strong monster’s power. It has various and strong abilities.]

The spear that was made by processing the Heavenly Cloud Gathering Sword, Black Bone Giant Spear.
Not only did it inherit most of the options from the spike spear, the abilities from the Heavenly Cloud Gathering Sword was also preserved, and had become a savage weapon against dragonkin. There was no wasteful option amongst those 4 abilities!

However, the obese lizard didn’t know that a flame was burning right above it, and only sniffed around.
It looked a little cute, but Yu IlHan already knew that it was one of the culprits that led Dareu to ruin.


As such, he struck out his spear without a shred of hesitation. The disordered Purple Flame  on the spearhead shot out in the same direction as the spear, and the scene was marvellous.

[Critical Hit!]

The spear Yu IlHan thrust shot out without the slightest pause and crushed its nose, and pierced through all the way to the chin.

[You have earned 58,958,301 experience.]
[You have earned the record of Lv 176 Great Jaw]

It tried to resist with a horrifying scream, but as the Purple Flame spread to its heart rapidly through the wounds on the nose and the chin, it died instantly without being able to do anything.
Well, a 3rd class wouldn’t have the ability to endure after its heart was grilled. It was also because the properties of the Purple Flame was special.

Yu IlHan had once instakilled a 3rd class monster for his 2nd class advancement, but killing a level 176 dragonkin in a single strike wasn’t something so easy. Dragonkin not only had enormous attack power, but it also had semi-invulnerable defense, and a recovery speed that made trolls shudder in fear.

If he didn’t use a spear, couldn’t do a surprise attack, or if this place was not an Abandoned World, then he wouldn’t have been able to kill it in a single strike.
The acquaintance of Reta, who was once a deathgod, the experience of having fought against the Orochi with his life on the line, and the support from the angels all combined to allow him to rampage to his heart’s content in Dareu.

Maybe thanks to that, Dareu, which was a place that no one would approach due to fear, had become the perfect hunting zone for Yu IlHan.
Why not? Since everything that appeared here was an easy kill due to being a dragonkin, he could cover a lot of the difference in level using Angel’s Support.

[That was a beautiful straight line.]
[We’re half way there. Yu IlHan-nim, do your best.]
“Well, among those ‘half’, 1,233 are 4th class.”

It was a beautiful instakill, and thanks to that, Yu IlHan’s concealment didn’t even wear off.
He lightly landed on the ground and collected the dragonkin’s body. Although he was curious about the presence of a magic stone, he had to leave the dismantling for later. There was still another dragonkin in this place.


A portion of the dragonkin group that was sleeping realized a change occurred in the area and looked around to find out one of its colleagues had disappeared.


After the war between monsters and humanity ended with the dragonkin’s victory, they had lived a long time without any change, so it took only a moment before tension spread throughout them.

Something’s happening! The four or five dragonkin that was in the large cavern all stood up slowly with their large bodies and sniffed. However, if Yu IlHan’s concealment was at such a paltry level, he wouldn’t have become a loner in the first place.

Laughing at them, Yu IlHan moved his body again. Purple Flame was still burning on top of his spear, and as soon as he decided on the next target, Yu IlHan re-leaped downwards from mid-air to strike!

[You have earned 59,001,832 experience.]

It was the same pattern. The nose and the chin was attacked simultaneously again, and the Purple Flame that rushed into the heart through the wounds grilled the dragonkin’s heart.
The remaining dragonkin stared at the scene with wide eyes, it was impossible to find the one that actually attacked. In their point of view, it would be insanely frustrating.

Yu IlHan collected the body as soon as it died and landed. At that moment, the dragonkin all breathed out flames in all directions. Their plan was obviously to kill the intruder by attacking all sides since the attacker was within this cavern!

Their strategy was simple, but the best they could do. Wouldn’t it be the best method to make a concealed enemy unable to stand still?

However, Yu IlHan wasn’t included in this area. Not only was he wearing a leather armor and a bone armor that had absurd defense, the bone armor also had an option that increased his fire attribute resistance by 80%.

Although he did not know until Erta explained to him, attribute resistance was one of the values that did not show on the outside despite being formed from basic stat points and records.

Even amongst those, fire attribute resistance was decided according to the records related to fire, skills, achievements, defense, affinity, and the level of mana, and coincidentally, Yu IlHan had a considerably high fire attribute resistance from the beginning.

First, he was the owner of Eternal Flame, and was a master of blacksmithing that used fire. Just these two made him overwhelming in regards to record, skills, and affinity, but an extra was added after he now wielded the Purple Flame of the Orochi, and as his armor defense was exceptional, he wouldn’t even be scratched by a 2nd class flame.

However, as 80% increase in fire attribute resistance was added on top of this, he could now endure 3rd class flames! This meant that, he could endure in the sea of flames made by 3rd class dragonkin, without the need to activate transcendent regeneration.
Of course, 5 minutes was the limit.

This wasn’t the end, what was more decisive was the additional effect of that option – the ability to reflect a portion of the attack with a 20% probability.
Since all dragonkin in that place was breathing out flames, the option obviously activated soon, and they ended up pouring ashes onto their own face.

They too had a high fire attribute resistance, so they didn’t receive much damage, but it was definitely awkward!

[Kihaaa! Khaaaaaak!]

However, what made their blood pressure even higher, was that the reflect option on the armor was in the end, just a reflection, not a direct attack from Yu IlHan. As such, it did not affect his concealment in any way. They still didn’t know where Yu IlHan was!

If this place was a wide plain, then they would have tried disarming Yu IlHan’s concealment by attacking the direction of the reflection, but this cavern was just enough for them to lie down, and was currently in a sea of flames.

‘Washing’ their own faces with fire every time they spat out flames, the dragonkin rampaged around the cavern while screaming, and Yu IlHan killed them one by one smoothly. His concealment and surprise attack not affected in the slightest.

[You’ve become a fine deathgod.]
[I don’t know if I should call that a deathgod, or a walking disaster.]

Erta sighed. It wasn’t that she wanted Yu IlHan to display emotions like a normal person, but how does he not act like a human!
Like how his base abilities that he piled up over a thousand years was high, the range of uses for his strengths was becoming blindingly wider every time he acquired a new set of wings, such as the abilities of the deathgod, his weapons, and Angel’s Support.

[You have earned 54,121,433 experience.]

Even though flames that grilled his skin was everywhere around him, he firmly believed in the limitations of his defense and moved around solely in order to kill his enemies. This, in fact, was absolutely impossible for a normal human.

That was because of being ‘human’. Fire was a sign of the most fundamental strength and fear for humans. No matter how high their ability or resistance were, most people shrink back in front of fire and as such, wouldn’t be able to act calmly.

It might not be the case for other worlders who were born with an extraordinary high innate ability, but at least for the people of Earth, there were many who still couldn’t overcome the differences between the past and the present. The ones who were not heavily in contact with magic were even more so.

However, Yu IlHan wasn’t. As if playing a game to kill the enemies as quickly as possible, he was moving very smoothly! On one hand, Erta was glad that he was growing up into a splendid fighter, while on the other hand, she was worried about his abnormal behaviour.

‘The thousand years he spent solely with Lita. There’s no way he was able to preserve his humanity over all those years. How great would it be if I had been the one with him at that time.’ (T/N: I am personally skeptical, considering how she treated him in the beginning…)

Yu IlHan had overcome the suffering of time, with the sole will to survive, while waiting for the humans to come back after the Great Cataclysm. This wasn’t something endurable while laughing. It was good that he hadn’t turned into a lunatic.

No matter how he looked like he was laughing on the other side, and how he cracked many jokes, Erta knew very well that his heart was distorted.
In what way do I have to approach in order to caress that heart? – wondered Erta, but the answer couldn’t be found.

However, at that moment, Yu IlHan shouted loudly as if he had learnt what she was thinking.

“It’s here!”
[Wh, what is!?]

Erta had a prick on her conscience and replied while freaking out and looked at the situation. The sea of flames that covered the cavern had disappeared. This meant that all the dragonkin fighting against Yu IlHan had died.

And Yu IlHan’s shout of ‘It’s here!’ was because he had seen the text that appeared on his retina after the fight.

[You have earned 58,985,019 experience.]
[You cannot become level 100 if you do not acquire your 3rd class. All records acquired before the class acquirement will be added after the class is generated.]
[With the achievements and the records you have earned until now, a path you can take is now seen. Please select a class. A befitting trial will be given to you.]
[1 Reaper.]
[2 God’s Hammer.]
[3 Blazing Reaper.]

The fruits of a month of intense labour and suffering.
And the moment of the beginning of a new hell.

Author’s notes

  1. Black bone giant spear is here. What was that? It’s too bland? I think so too. Hahaha
  2. 3rd quest is finally here! Just what class would Il Han cho…… Oh, it’s nothing, I’m sorry, you knew already? Okay.

Translator’s notes
In regards to item names, I will put the first letter of the options/item in capital. So, the ‘Dark deathgod’s Dragon fighter Black bone giant spear’, is 2 options and 1 item name

‘Dark deathgod’s’          ‘Dragon fighter’           ‘Black bone giant spear’

Also, if you haven’t noticed yet, I alternate between using ‘surprise attack’ and ‘ambush’. They are translated from the same word in Korean. They mean the same thing, at least in this novel.

Also, dragonkin are considered ‘true dragons’ from 4th class upwards.

Translator: Chamber

Proofreader: Koukouseidesu


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