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  1. Gomgoru (Le Couey actually, but I like the definition of gomgoru! see _The Demon Seed_ by James H. Schmitz)

    You helped translate “Kunisaki Izumo no Jijou” last year with “The Cross Dressing Channel.” They appear to have self – destructed. Kunisaki has not been picked up by anyone else. I was wondering if you would be willing to pick it up and finish the volumes that haven’t been completed yet. I know I would appreciate it very much if you could, I don’t know about anyone else though. I like the manga a lot.

    I would even try to help with getting it “translated,” well, I could try to do clean up or other type of jobs…

    Gomgoru…if you feel brave.

    1. Profile photo of kobatochandaisukikobatochandaisuki Post author

      I’m sorry but I didn’t help at all with translating “Kunisaki Izumo no Jijou” but only with editing and some management stuff.
      Yeah, the founder of Crossdressing Channel went pinning on Fjord so I can’t help more, I don’t have contact with their translators anymore as well. And there’s the problem with the raw and such.
      So, I’m sorry to say this but I/we can’t continue it.
      You can ask or see with some big scanlating teams like EGScans or such.

  2. HighSchooler

    Hello I just wanted to ask you if it would be possible for you to translate Yeonae Hyeokmyeong/연애혁명 please.
    I read the webtoons first three chapters in english and was looking forward for the next ones, but there weren’t new ones in english. Sorry if my english is bad.
    I’ll be waiting for you reply.
    Thank you and bye bye ^.^

  3. James

    Not really a question, just a small thank you for translating lookism. Really bloody love that manga, gives me a big smile on my face every time i read it. I’m glad someone else picked it up again :D.

  4. doll

    Hi! i’m the admin of french team called “mangafake.” We are very interested to translate into french your fabulous an refreshing project “Lookism”. We love manhwa (u-u) and you can see we translate a lot of manhwa. It’s possible to have you agreement? Sure we keep your credits, we will link you on our website. All the team hope that we can translate it:)
    Thanks you very much,
    best regards,

  5. Sophia

    I have a complaint for the manhwa, lookism? I admire the beautiful colors and plot line but it has its flaws. It’s great through the beginning and the middle with all the

  6. Sophia

    It’s great through the beginning and the middle with the characters and the development for it but it displays a lot of things that is dangerous/triggering for some readers. For example into the story’s recent chapter was very explicit. It promoted Domestic violence which is very very triggering.

    I get that the girl was a bitch and some but with all her gangster boyfriend beating her up was very disgusting and for me I have never been through that situation but I know when people read this it would be very triggering for them. Also, I also seen another flaw that was offensive for me, as a Black person. In the chapters 25-26 I have found offensive
    I really read through it and thought Slave Auctions ? Really?😑
    This manhwa is interesting it really is but all the triggers, offensive shit has been too much for a manhwa that doesn’t have any warnings and such, I suggest can you please put in warnings or something that could notify the reader that the following has some offensive crap that could cause a trigger in your future scanalations? If not I would like to know the artist’s publisher email or company.
    Please and thank you

  7. Jang Apple

    Can you guys translate this song?
    I really want to make a Engsub version of this vid (but I don’t know Korean, poor me). This song is really beautiful and everyone should know it.

  8. Mều Cận Thị

    Hi. I’m lookism’s fan and i really love you for having translated this webtoon to english. Today I want to request you some thing! Can you translate it to english. It is OST in chapter 22. I’m waiting for an answer from you. If you disagree, it is okay
    Sorry for my bad english

  9. Timcampy_thegolem

    I wanted to start a original story, I already have the idea and the way I want to lead the story but I wanted to know if you could give me some advice for writing (how to keep a good story line and not to mess the plot and everything) and how to keep the story interesting.

  10. The Reaper

    I was wondering if it’d be possible to pick up Emperor of Solo Play from the Novels and Chill translator FudgeNouget. It’s an awesome novel imo and he openly stated on his last release about 2 months ago that he wouldn’t have any more time for scans.

    I would really appreciate if you could


  11. efflam

    Hi, i don’t know if the problem comes from my side but i don’t receive any mail notifications for the release of new chapters since 2 days ago, before that everything was working great…

      1. efflam

        Yes, but it said that by doing so i was subbed out. I tried to unsubscribed in the manager from my wordpress account before subscribing again, i’ll see if it works…

        1. efflam

          Just to mention that i got the email notifications for both the post “ads redirect” and “lookism” today but not for “conquest” nor any others since my last comment…

  12. Anon

    What happened to this site that the font is so ugly and hard to read? Did I mess up something or was it changed for whatever reason from the normal font?

  13. oblivionshadow

    i have a question, whats the meaning of original work, it means that is not under munpia or is it something else like you writing it….


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