February Announcement ver 1.0

Hello hello,

KobatoChan.com has gone through a lot, crisis, incidents and surprises (good or bad) along.
But we’re not done yet: we do our best to improve ourselves and listen to our supporters, giving us precious feedbacks on what we could change or fix. We will not stop getting better! What doesn’t kill us, will make us stronger!

Anyway. As you may have seen, we have a lot, bigly lot of ad banners. But unfortunately, “I” decided this (yes, “I”, because I’m the supreme ruler) for the following reasons:

  1. Improve our server and other services
  2. Pay more our translators, guaranteeing them a safer and higher income
  3. Have more slaves translators
  4. A future, unknown and secret project in parallel to kobatochan.com
  5. Me have more money

We’ll make it so that the ads won’t slow down too much the access (we’ll invest in improving the speed as soon as we get money so don’t worry). Just give us more money.

EDIT: at least, those ads are safe (no-redirect, no pop-ups or pop-unders). In case anything happens, notify the admins through discord or the request form

– KobatoChanDaiSuki, the Great Slave Master

17 Replies to “February Announcement ver 1.0”

  1. Alawvahr

    Well everything fine and so, but i only have empty Adbanners, even if i deactivate everything, That’s kinda weird and shouldn’t give you any money, so can i activate everything again, cause big white spaces are annoying

      1. Alawvahr

        Well i would have activated the adblocker, side loads fast enough to let it out, but if it doesn’t help cause they are empty i would have activated again.

  2. aegis062

    if i had to pick on something it’s the lack of translation for several of your novels which I love to read

    1- Coder lee <—-it kills me to only see this 1-2 a month
    2- I am a monarch <—– they had it going just right till recently
    3- God of cooking <—- it really need to be updated 3-4 chapter a week or it will lose reader it's a novel that need to be updated or it loses momentum.
    4- Omni genius has great potential I can't stop reading it they have had several updates, but i see some dragging starting to show it would kill readers if this one slows since it builds up fast.

    1. Koukouseidesu

      We will definitely be continuing it, I’m taking over as the PR but I’ve been slightly busy lately and have yet to catch up on the series, once I do, we will start publishing it again 🙂 sometime next week is highly possible. (tentative date)

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