FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 100: Where in the world is this? (Spin-off 1)

My name is Kang Han Soo.

I was an ordinary boy, 17 years old this year.

To pass the hellish university entrance exam, I was spending my time well while going to high school and cram school simultaneously everyday.

But I wasn’t a recognized study genius in my school and neither was I exceptionally good at sports.

Just an ordinary high-schooler you could find anywhere in Korea.


But I was satisfied with my current life.

One thing I felt lacking in was my face… but let’s stop here.

I trudged back home as soon as the class finished.

Today I walked separately with my friends whom I used to always walk home from school with except for days when it was my shift to do class cleaning.


Well, the reason was…


“Tsk! What’s wrong with flush toilet development in the fantasy world?”


Do they think noble Saintesses and Great Wizards don’t need sphincter muscles?


It’s good to have great dreams and hopes like saving a fantasy world in crisis, or to make a harem of beautiful women.

But it wouldn’t be late to slowly think about those things after we’re equipped with basic food, clothing and shelter.


I, who every holiday never went for overseas trips and instead went to the countryside regularly, knew all too well.

The importance of flush toilets.


This was only a simple example.


Mosquitos and flies —that kept coming out of nowhere endlessly no matter how many times you caught them, disturbed your sleep all day. The kitchen was teeming with cockroaches. Your nose and taste buds became paralyzed at the smell of humans’ and livestock’s filth.

It amazed me that people of old times lived in this kind of poor environment, and I respect them.


“I can’t believe they want to live in that fantasy world…”


I recalled what happened in school today.

At lunch time, I wasted my time with my friends on a subject with no nutritional value, “What if I dimensional-shift to the fantasy world?”


My friends were bold.

Hero, conqueror, inventor, harem, archmage, manumission… (PR: manumission is freeing people from slavery)


They talked about their dreams and hope like a waterfall quite in detail. If only they invested at least 10% of that enthusiasm in college entrance exams or employment information, they wouldn’t have had to worry about being uncertain about what they wanted to be in the future.


To be honest, it was nice up to this point but…


My friends sneered at my ‘flush toilet development’.


“I hope my friends get kidnapped to the fantasy world and go through some hardship!”


I hoped they regretted it painfully while experiencing it themselves.

Even though such an unscientific plot like dimensional shift —which is just as hard to understand as time travel is, wouldn’t happen, we’re free to imagine, right?


I grinned and sighed.

It was because I had a lot to do as soon as I arrived home. My desk was full of workbooks I had to do in preparation for approaching final exams.

Among them especially,


“Why the hell do we learn science?”


What was the point of knowing the name and the use of hormones in my body? It wasn’t like I could control it the way I wanted if I knew it all anyway.


Complicated chemical formulas were also not that interesting except that time when my teacher talked about the production method of hand-made bombs. Even that would get you taken into the police station if you practice it in the present day.


Physics and geoscience were… let’s stop here.


I cut through diagonally the old playground that nobody came to in order to quickly go home where my troubling cram school homework was waiting for me.

Even residents didn’t really use this route. It was because there was some confusing rumor that from time to time bullies wandered around this playground which was out of the CCTV’S reach.


Seeing how there were a lot of cigarette butts on the ground, it seemed like it wasn’t just a false rum…uh?


“… what is this light?”


White light was covering my body.

I hurriedly looked around, but there was nobody I could ask for advice and help about this strange phenomenon happening to me. I felt chills similar to survival instinct and hurriedly ran to get out of that playground with nobody around, throwing my bag away. But there was no sign of this light getting off of my body.


In the end-




It ended up swallowing my sight too.




My mind was blank as if I just woke up from sleep. But it didn’t last long. Because just in time my sight —which turned white engulfed by the mysterious light, came back slowly, my thoughts also gradually became clearer.


“… where in the world is this?”


I was in an old, run-down playground a moment ago. But now it felt like I had come to a middle-age European style museum.


Then what the hell were these people around me?


I could tell they were ‘Knights’ at first sight. High class military occupational specialty that moved around the battlefield riding horses. Wearing silver cans that looked suffocating, they were surrounding me in a big circle as if they were besieging me.


I couldn’t understand this strange confrontation.


“Welcome, Mr Hero!”


Then, a cheerful voice of a young woman was heard behind my back.


I lost my breath after unconsciously turning around.






I couldn’t find another way to express my first impression of her. The girl smiled brightly at me. What I felt was similar to the first time I saw the aspiring idol in my school.


But there was a clear difference between them.


The aspiring idol was really dressed up and looked sophisticated from her hairstyle, light make-up, hair-dye, perfume, up to even the small accessories.


On the other hand, the girl in front of me was wearing an old-fashioned dress, her face bare with no make-up, but her natural beauty and body covered it all.


Her dress, just like the knights’, wasn’t a common outfit that modern people would wear. It reminded me of middle-age adventures and travellers.

Was that hair that looked as if honey had been spread on it natural?


She looked at me with her blue eyes.


“Um, Mr Hero?”

“… hero?”

“Yes! You’re a hero!”


Was this girl calling me a hero now?


“I don’t quite understand the situation…”


I looked around one more time. Because there would’ve been some cameras installed somewhere if this was a movie filming set.


After examining the ceiling decorated with an antique chandelier, I froze as I finally looked at the floor I was standing on.


A huge circle with strange patterns drawn on it densely. It really looked similar to the ‘magic circle’ that I saw every now and then in the computer game I enjoyed.


The cute girl came even closer and said,

“Mr Hero, it’s time to come back to your senses. It’s confusing to be summoned without notice, right? This place is Fantasia. It’s a different dimension with the world you were born and raised in. It must be too much to wish you to understand. I’ll explain in detail from now on.”

“Wait! Summoned?”

“Yes! You’ve been summoned through the dimensional shift magic circle drawn on the floor.”


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