FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 102: First Spirit

▶ Absurd: it doesn’t make sense that you didn’t know that for 20 years of your Fantasia experience…… you even met and became companions with the 3rd Elf King.


But Miss Trainee Teacher, I really didn’t know, so what?


“The authority and power of 3rd Elf King Elfheim, who got spirits as a powerful team in his hands, were absolute. Then, the human kingdom made a suggestion to him for a cease-fire and a marriage alliance as an apology. He accepted it happily. I can’t say there wasn’t any ulterior motive. That princess had amazing breasts. And his wife and the elves who got upset here started a coup d’état.

“So it became like this?”



The first spirit was switched from being the elf’s friend to be a captive.


Since then, just like the violent Elf Princess Sylvia, the elves started to give ‘commands’ called requests to the spirits. The elves severely exploited the spirits to do what the spirits would hate like murder and destruction.


And as this kept going on for long years, the spirits who were born in future generations took it as ‘a matter of course’ to follow the elves’ commands and all.


But it could be flipped over anytime.


The First Spirit.


If it got released, the spirits would get their freedom. And the elven species who had angered the five Spirit Kings would become extinct.


“So that’s why that elf was on guard.”


The collapsed Elf B was still sleeping.


“Yes. The mastermind that caused the coup d’état, the 3rd Elf King’s wife, had been on the lookout for me for a really long time. She doesn’t know what happens outside. She’s someone who only takes comfort from vaguely waiting for the descendants to come here once in the hundreds years. But I didn’t know she would’ve died in vain like that……”

“What do you want to do?”

“I’ll kill all the elves.”


The first spirit explained in a composed tone of voice.


“I can’t get compensation for the years of my children getting exploited. It would also be too much for a free spirit to dominate the other species and be bound by revenge. Then I’ll just move according to the course of nature. The fate of turning around their extermination into survival given to the elves by us spirits, will have to be reserved to calm my anger.”


“They’re already on the verge of extinction.”


The Elf Kingdom Elfheim had been destroyed.


Since the South Continent that was called the elves’ hometown had disappeared because of the 5 Disasters’ violence, realistically there were only elves who lived in the North Continent and Central Continent left.


And there was only one kingdom right here.


Since Elfheim which used to indirectly protect the elves scattered all over the continent had collapsed, the slave hunters would move diligently.


There was no need for the first spirit to step in.


“But Mr Hero. Before that when are you going to untangle these chains?”


“I never said I would though.”










“Righteous Mr Hero! If you untangle these horrible chains I would assist you to handle Demon King Pedonar. I was also a Hero colleague in the past. I helped the first hero as a representative of spirits.”


“… is that so?”




I summoned the Holy Sword Nucleon.


“Mr Hero…?”


“Spirit Auntie. I’m sorry. I raise some elves and mermaids in my house’s garden in the North Continent for display, Nanny loves it. She’s already depressed because I’m not there, she would be really sad if even her pets that comforted her died.”


“W, wait! I don’t understand though…!”


“I’ll tell your friend about how you’re doing.”


That you have died beautifully.




“It’s weird. How do they lay eggs if it isn’t a cloaca?”


We got out of the sewer after finishing our business.

Above ground, the elves who got instructed by Elf A, were repairing the destroyed buildings with the help of spirits.


The things that got appointed as colleagues couldn’t be seen anywhere.


“Uh…… Mr Hero?”


Lanuvel, who was following me behind, called me carefully.




“You’re really a Hero, right?”


“Then what am I if I’m not a Hero? How could I just release a spirit that wants to decimate the elves which have now become an endangered species? Lanuvel. Say the solution you think is right.”






“Yes! Persuading the First Spirit that not all elves are bad in this world, and to wait and see while going with us on the adventure! Dissipating its grudge gradually after recruiting it as a colleague like that!”


Lanuvel’s plan was plausible. It might work.


Actually there was a successful case in the 1st round.


The mental illness Elf Princess Sylvia, who detested humans so much, used to have which made her throw a fit every time she saw her human slaves, was eased as she went on an adventure.


Just a little bit.


I came to a conclusion then.


“A long time ago there was an aggressive elf who acted violently to kill humans every time she saw them. There were a lot of plans and schedules which that bitch ruined because she threw a fit. She wasn’t a colleague but a lump of nuisance. Just the thought of that still makes me angry now.”


“Mr Hero, you’re really 3 years old, right?”




“When did you see such an elf?”


Lanuvel uselessly asked a sharp question.


“…3 years is a long period of time. Lanuvel. Give me that butt that acts cute. I’ll engrave the theory of relativity on your hip. Time doesn’t feel like it’s flying when you’re hurt.”


Time didn’t go by fairly.


When ordinary babies took off a baby step, I built an empire after conquering the North Continent.


Fabrication SSS → Fabrication MAX


Love E → Love C


Hope D → Hope B


The skill work was going on really smoothly.


▶ Amazed: I’m also surprised. I thought that it was over by the time Student Kang Han Soo summoned the Holy Sword Nucleon with the terrifying performance.


Miss Trainee Teacher. Listen.


I’m Mr Hero with 20 years of experience!

A first spirit is also no big deal if it gets wrapped around this Mr Hero’s fingers. Hehe.



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