FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 103: Be My Slave

Chapter 103


[8th Round] ???: Be My Slave


It was a dilemma.


If I made a contract with the first spirit and owned it, I would get two new transcendental skills.


Then you might think I could just absorb the First Spirit with Blackbox’s power like I did with Golem, but there were a lot of spirits around me watching. All of the spirits would be enraged if the First Spirit vanished just like that. That didn’t sound good either.




▷ Type: Skill

▷ Name: Fabrication

▷ Grade: MAX(0%)

▶Z: Wins against God’s plea.

▷SSS: Transforms into family.

▷SS: Transforms into a lover.

▷S: Transforms into a friend.

▷A: Transforms into a witness.

▷B: Wins against family’s plea.

▷C: Wins against a lover’s plea.

▷D: Wins against a friend’s plea.

▷E: Wins against a witness’ plea.

▷F: Lies become plausible.


I used ‘Fabrication’, raising Fabrication’s skill proficiency was on the difficulty level of ‘Hellfire’. It was easy until A-grade. So I used to look down on it, but it was really not easy starting from there. It was because the trick to raise the skill proficiency quickly was to use the high grade effects often.


But to be a friend?


It was really hard to find a friend befitting my level as a cultural and socially advanced citizen of Earth on the Fantasia Continent. Same with the grade-effects above it; Family and Lover.


But still, I didn’t give up.


The reason I didn’t touch the other good skills and saved ‘Fabrication’ —not sacrificing it— was because of the SSS-grade effect.


Transforms into family.


As soon as I saw the A-grade and S-grade effects, the S-grade and SSS-grade effects were also naturally predictable.


And I predicted it right.


It meant that I could even be a royal of a country if I was determined to do it. I could legally gulp down a country with an approach such as becoming a lovechild that a king or emperor hid.


But from the beginning my goal wasn’t that.


“It would be very unfamiliar…”


I had been in another area for more than 10 years. I was imbued with the aura of the Fantasia continent to the point that an alumnus recognized me first at the Elf Festival.


I wanted to believe it wouldn’t happen; but I just wanted to avoid the situation where my parents couldn’t recognize me, who had changed so much.


Because it would hurt my soft heart.


▶ Serious: Kang Han Soo Student, I didn’t know you were such a delicate person. It would be nice if you could also use that delicacy to be considerate towards women. There’s also a saying that a kind word is like a spring day~


Miss Trainee Teacher.

I’m already being considerate enough.


▷ Species: First Spirit

▷ Level: 1

▷ Job: Queen (Attractive → Dominate↑)

▷ Skill: Immortal Z Fortitude Z Attractive Z Love E

▷ Status: Exhausted, Lust, Corrupted


The First Spirit sprawled on my head. She didn’t even have any power left to wag the wings on her back. None of nobility nor elegance could be seen from her. She exposed herself defenselessly because she recognized me as a ‘lover’. (Note: the author only starts to refer to the First Spirit as a she from here forth)


An Impossible relationship, rationally.


But the skill ‘Fabrication’ made it happen!


“Auugh… you’re such a coward, Mr Hero. I can’t believe you turned me into a body that can’t help but love you…” The First Spirit whispered in a coy tone.


“You can leave if you hate it.”

“Bad boy. You don’t want to take responsibility after doing that to a spirit’s sensitive body? I have pride too. I’m going to make you blindly love only me!”


We didn’t make a contract. Our relationship wasn’t bound by stats. But the First Spirit was following me. This way I could use a subordinate without a trainer or summoner, and I wouldn’t have to worry about the number of transcendental skills.


As a bonus,


Spirit F → Spirit E → Spirit D → Spirit C


Love C→ Love B


I didn’t do much except use my finger and holy sword a few times, but these two skills were developing at a crazy pace. As if proving it, the spirits were spinning around me like flies, irritating me since a while ago.


Please go away, you all are distracting me.


But the spirits were giggling and ignored my words. It seemed like they took it as a joke. I didn’t know there would be this kind of side-effect.


“Look at that! Oh my God! The spirits…”

“A human that is receiving so much love from spirits…”

“He’s not even an elf, but getting spirits’ love…?”


The elves who were in the middle of working on the city reconstruction looked at me in shock. Even those who didn’t care about their surroundings were no exception.


It was because the spirits, who were like construction equipment, were all surrounding me. They couldn’t silently focus on their work, so they ended up naturally looking for the cause.


This kind of change was natural.


The First Spirit who was like the mother of all spirits loved me. Hence, all the spirits loved me too.


The principle was similar with the 3rd Elf King.


Only it changed from friend to lover.


It was then.


“I can’t forgive him! I’ll delete all devils and humans from this world!”

“Sylvia! Calm down! It’s me! Sieg!”

“Ha! Sieg! Useless piece of filth! As expected, it wasn’t right to trust the disgusting humans. You have toyed with my body with that tiny thing for 8 years after deceiving me, saying that you’d protect me, but you always ended up losing when I needed you. My mom and dad died because of you, Sieg! Kill yourself if you have any shred of conscience left!”



A couple fights broke out. Scuffles broke out between Sieg and Sylvia.


I didn’t know what the heck they were doing in the broad daylight, naked. Did they lose the sense of reality after getting swallowed by their anger?


Both of them were idiots in my eyes as an onlooker.


The devils’ invasion wasn’t like a sudden surprise attack. Through an oracle they had warned that the Demon King Pedonar had risen from the dead.


And Hero Sieg had 9 years.


But he wasted his time while raising the proficiency of his useless lower grade skills, including Stamina SSS, in the showdown with the Demon King.


Sylvia, who was seducing this worthless hero and tried to rise in status, was no different. As Prince Nasus who failed in the coup d’état died, Sylvia became the only successor to the throne. She wasn’t just another Princess anymore. But Sylvia had been living childishly like she didn’t care about things like the country’s security. As a proof, she slept with a human. Was she thinking of making the half-blood human, who was born that way, the next king? That was one thing, but the bloodline of the Elf royal house family, ‘Arc Elf’ was cut off. This was something that she wouldn’t have done if she was in her right mind.


“Fire spirits. Burn Sieg!”

“W, wait! Sylvia! Don’t be like this! Euaaak~?!”


The spirits started to go crazy.


Sieg rolled down the ground and hurriedly avoided his wife’s anger. People said that a couple fight was like cutting water with a sword, but I really thought like I was dying. I couldn’t believe they were having internal discord before they even knocked the Demon King down……


It reminded me of my 1st round.


“…Elfheim’s descendants have really become incompetent. It wouldn’t have become like this if only that friend’s first daughter became the next Elf King. The one that became the king was the 2nd son, who only inherited the bad things of all people, so… too bad.” The First Spirit clicked her tongue after looking at Sylvia.


And she said, “Come back, kids. You’ll get infected if you’re near those stupid elves.”


Her words ended the situation.


The spirits, who were going crazy with the desire to burn Sieg down, left Sylvia. There must have been the old affection coming from being together for quite a long time, but the spirits were all gone in a flash without saying goodbye.


It was also reflected well on the stats.

Sylvia, who was like this,


▷ Species: Arc Elf

▷ Level: 515

▷ Job: Elementalist (Blessed→ Spirit↑)

▷ Skill: Spirit SS Blessed S Attractiveness S Archery A Classy A…

▷ Status: Shame, Anger, Remorse


Became like that!


▷ Species: Arc Elf

▷ Level: 515

▷ Job: Archer (Archery→ Penetration↑)

▷ Skill: Attractiveness S Archery A Classy A Social Life A Agility B…

▷ Status: Panic, Confused


‘Blessed’ which was given by the spirits was also gone as the spirits left her, and her job naturally changed since her main two skills were gone. From an Elementalist, the higher class version of a Sorcerer, to just a common Archer. It should’ve changed into Princess, but archery that she learned as a hobby when the country was destroyed was chosen as her main specialty. It was a change that could plainly tell us how much the elves had been receiving great benefits from the spirits.


“Spirit friends! Come back~!”


The spirits didn’t come back to Sylvia no matter how she desperately called them.


One of the top five most powerful ones in Elf Kingdom Elfheim fell to the level of a common soldier in an instant.


The First Spirit said, “I want to take all my kids with us but since my beloved Mr Hero wouldn’t want it, I’ll limit it to only royals. But the elves wouldn’t be able to mobilize us in their personal fights in the future. Mr Hero. Are you satisfied with this?”


“But your expression doesn’t say so though.”

“… there’s something like that.”


It was because I actually saw it in front of my eyes. The sight of a transcendental-being taking her power back.


As soon as the First Spirit got all the spirits back, Elf Princess Sylvia became ‘an elf who has nothing’.


It wasn’t just somebody else’s story.


Because if Fantasia’s God took my stats back, I’d be ‘a hero who has nothing’, like Sylvia.


I’d be glad if it ended here.


“Give me my spirits back!”


I mean if only she could just give up neatly.


“Be careful with how you speak, Elfheim’s child. I’m only taking back my kids that I lent you. So if you want to borrow them again, fix your arrogant attitude first.” The First Spirit said to Sylvia in a relaxed drooping posture. What the heck was she doing on top of my head.


“… please give the spirits back to me. Legendary Miss Spirit.”

“Are you just going to say that while standing upright?”




Sylvia bent her knees easily.


She was a chic elf who needed to be kicked in the shins two or three times before she bent her knees, but she became servile with the spirits as the collateral.


“I beg you. Please give the spirits back to me.”

“I’ll try to consider it if you become my slave.”


“Do you have any complaints?”

“I’ll be your slave if you give me the spirits back.”

“Elfheim’s stupid child. I’ll decide slowly by seeing how you do. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. What are you going to do?”

“… I’ll do it.”


Elf Princess Sylvia didn’t have any choice. Because if she lost the spirits, the only ones left would be the noble bloods. Sylvia, who had strong pride, couldn’t live a life without spirits. She  would become like a living corpse.


It was similar to drugs that she couldn’t quit. Sylvia was caught in a trap she couldn’t get out of. Not only Sylvia, most of the elves were like that.


“Shall I check if you mean it? Stop looking so serious and smile brightly. And dance. Shake your butt and hip. Keep dancing until I tell you to stop. Oh my! What do you care so much about? You’ve been naked all this time! Quickly start, stupid slave. I’ve already given you an order.”


Sieg and Sylvia’s couple fight ended ambiguously like that.


“Huhuhu! Mr Hero. Isn’t it fun?”

“Not at all.” After telling off the First Spirit, I stared at Sylvia, who was dancing naked while forming a forced smile mixed with tears.


I would’ve laughed out loud at her mockingly if it was in the past…


The woman who horribly hated slaves, volunteered to be a slave. She obeyed while enduring all the disgrace and humiliation to get back the spirits that she relied on so much.


It was definitely not just someone else’s story.


It was the future of heroes that were bound up with Fantasia’s stats. I wasn’t an exception.


▶ Worried: Kang Han Soo Student. Isn’t that a very pessimistic interpretation?


Miss Trainee Teacher. It’s totally not.


I’ve already confirmed the possibility through Blackbox.


If the God of Fantasia wants to, he can take away the stats anytime he wants to. And he would impose obedience on us with those stats as an excuse.


Spirit C → Spirit SS

Blessed F→ Blessed S


My skill proficiency raised up sharply as Sylvia’s spirits were crowding me. It was like unintentionally hitting a jackpot, but the supposition that I could end up like Sylvia someday creeped me out.


Though, it didn’t make me want to stop.


I ground in two skills coolly.


Spirit SS → Spirit SS


Then, I discovered a fun phenomenon.


It was that as soon as I sacrificed skill ‘Spirit SS’, which signified spirit sociability, the SS-grade skill Spirit regenerated back. It was because my spirit sociability got fixed by the First Spirit. It was a supporting evidence that all the benefits elves had been getting so far were applied to me.




Prodigy Z(99%) → Prodigy Z(100%)


Prodigy Z → Prodigy ZZ


I was ready.


▷ Type: Skill

▷ Name: Prodigy

▷ Grade: ZZ

▶ZZZ: ???

▶ZZ: Reconstructs from the root.

▶Z: Breaking limit gets a little easier.

▷SSS: Dexterity increases a lot.

▷SS: Success rate increases a lot.

▷S: Skill proficiency increases a lot.

▷A: EXP increases a lot.

▷B: Dexterity increases a little.

▷C: Success rate increases a little.

▷D: Skill proficiency increases a little.

▷E: EXP increases a little.

▷F: Becomes remarkable since childhood


And I was given an option.


▶ Prodigy ZZ: You, who have been special since you were born, are now able to get out of the cage called species. But even God can’t predict what would be the result. Do you still want to reconstruct from the root? (Yes/No)




PR/N : There is an illustration page for some of the characters, be sure to take a look !


Translator : Gruesomeblue

Editor : Shruggy

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