FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 108: Like the First Time

Chapter 108


[9th Round] Like the First Time


Level 1860


At this point I was powerful even without having any skills.


Of course the Elf King, who only had a high level and nothing in the way of defences, died very easily. But a big contributing factor there was his naturally weak elf species.


Elves would die easily if they get stabbed while in their defenseless state, when they aren’t protecting themselves with various abilities like magic or inner qi.


But I was different.


Natural human.


I looked just like an ordinary human being from the outside, but I was about 3 times heavier than humans with similar builds as mine.


It was because the density of the molecular structure which made up my body was very high and it had a special makeup.


My internal organs and skin were tough, my bones had a little elasticity and were hard like metal.


Regeneration and immunity to many things, on top of that.


“The hero who was summoned to save the human race, plotting treason?!”


“Hero? Is this really a Hero?!”


“Miss Lanuvel! What did you summon!”


The royal palace knights who were quietly listening while surrounding me and Lanuvel exclaimed while stealthily pulling out the swords that were strapped to their waists.


It was very ridiculous.


▶ Peek: Kang Han Soo Student. I’m looking forward to working with you again this time. After being in charge of Student Sieg for 5 years, I realized what an excellent hero you are! But it doesn’t mean that you’d kill these ignorant knights, right? I think it’s going too far to ask for the country instead of a set of clothes.


Miss Trainee Teacher didn’t know anything.


There was even a leader on Earth popular for his fantastic diplomacy skills, where he exchanged a corn for a diamond.


Mahatma Gandhi…


If you didn’t exchange it, nuclear missiles were going to fly into your country instead of corns.

(Note: reference to the Sid Meier’s Civilization games)


He was more famous than any celebrities if you tried to look him up on the internet.


▶ Shocked: What a horrible leader… I think it’s fascinating how Earth has been fine so far. Student Kang Han Soo, it doesn’t mean that you’re going to follow his example, right?


Of course.


Because the grade for Personality is important in the final marks.


So I activated Blackbox.


▶ Species: Natural Human


▷ Level: 1860


▷ Job: Demon King (Hero→ Level↓)


▷ Skill: Prodigy ZZ Divinity Z Demonic Energy Z

Spirits MAX Blessing MAX Fabrication MAX

Love SS Massacre S Eternal Life S Eternal Youth S

Immortality A ■■ A Friendship A Interpretation A Luck A

Farming B Fishing B Collection B Mining B Breeding B

Hope C Domination C Storage C

Infinity D Festival D

Intimidate E Spirit E Sprint E

Cold F Command F Internal Affairs F


▷ Status: Holy Sword, Magic Sword, Saintess


My skills grew freely during the 5 years I slept.


The most remarkable change was the five B-grade production system skills.


Farming B Fishing B Collection B Mining B Breeding B


I didn’t do anything, it seemed like my proficiency improved because the 5 elements spirits were following me.


It was my first time getting production system skills so I wanted to look at them more in detail, but too bad I didn’t have much time.


The time given to me was less than 10 seconds.


I had to make the most of the skills I had before it ended.


“Get on your knees.”


That sentence implied several meanings.


Demonic Energy Z promoted me to a ‘Noble of royal blood’, and Divinity Z created a halo around me that seemed to say I was ‘Sacred’.


Fabrication MAX covered me one more time as ‘the absolute superior’, and Blessing MAX finished it like a performance by lighting up my halo and gave blessings to ignorant people while enhancing them.


Earthlings might resist.


But the number of Fantasia natives who could withstand this overwhelming pressure from my transcendental skills and levels were countable on one hand.






Clank, thud!


The royal palace knights released the long swords from their hands without hesitation and sank to their knees with their heads down.


Tears of joy were falling from their eyes after they witnessed the ‘Sacred Demon King’, who ruled over light and darkness.


It was incomparable to such things as the usual devotion.


6 seconds, 7 seconds, 8 seconds-


I ended Blackbox before 10 seconds passed.


And nothing happened.


The system misinterpreted it as the summoned hero getting a temporary heart attack and didn’t activate the ‘Fantasia reset’.


All according to plan.


I didn’t know this feature in the 8th round so I had to retake the test like this, but it was different that I knew about it now.


I just had to avoid it cleverly.


▶ Amazed: What a surprising trick!


Miss Trainee Teacher, you think so too, right?


But I couldn’t repeatedly activate and deactivate Blackbox all day. There were several reasons.


▶ Question: What is it?


First of all, it was annoying and troublesome.


It would’ve been nice if there was an automatic repeating system like macro for games, but it was impossible since Blackbox needed a fair amount of concentration.


With the same reason, the mental strength it consumed to turn Blackbox on and off was quite a lot. I couldn’t live while counting upto 9 all the time.


If I forgot and counted to 10, wouldn’t the world vanish?


That would be taking the joke too far.


Second, the sense of deprivation and dejection was too much.


I couldn’t get used to the lethargy that overcame me everytime my transcendental skills got sealed with Blackbox, at all.


Imagine repeatedly giving and taking.


Don’t obedient pets also get angry and bite their owner’s hands if the owner plays with their food?


I hated to live while getting stress every 9 seconds.


Third, it didn’t help my growth.


As you could know from the species that I changed into, ‘Natural human’, my final goal was to perfectly be independent from Fantasia’s stats.


I couldn’t deny the usability and convenience of skills, but I refused to be the child-kidnapping Fantasia God’s plaything.


To do that, I had to build the habit of not being dependent on Fantasia’s stats.


Didn’t I live well on Earth even without skills and levels?


▶ Species: Natural Human


▷ Level: 1860


▷ Job: Hero(EXP 500%)


▷ Skill: InterpretationA ■■A


▷ Status: Magic Sword, Saintess


But still, I took measures so I could summon my lightsaber and Hippolia anytime just in case of an emergency.


The reason I ruled out the Holy Sword Nucleon?


Its performance was excessively outstanding to the point it wasn’t helpful for my training, but it was also because I found a new possibility for the lightsaber.


Lightsabers have no blade.


Instead, it creates a blade of light, as one would have guessed, by injecting the system’s power as a resource.


Just like this,


Level 1860 → Level 1859




I injected EXP into the lightsaber I summoned.


It was only 1 level, but the amount of EXP needed to go from 1859 to 1860 was massive.


It was an amount that couldn’t be casually ignored.


I abruptly swung the luminescent lightsaber.



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  1. GreyLeywin

    I bring good news for all of you wishing to read this work further!
    I found a spanish site that has translated this novel in an apparent mixed fashion (MTL+tweaks) until the chapter #256 as of now and from what i’ve read, it’s pretty readable.

    Next chapter is:
    It’s pretty much the same with google translate (I speak spanish so i can attest to it lol) except for some pretty obvious to identify grammar mistakes as refering to Lanuvel as a “him”:


    Also, if it wasn’t obvious:
    If i had to rate the translations:
    Kobato-chan before= (A++)
    Kobato-chan last chapters= (A)
    Spanish site TL to english= (~B to B-) easy to identify and mentally correct grammar mistakes
    Machine TL = (C to E) headache inducing garbage

    As for me, i’ll keep reading it TL’d to english as it’s pretty damn weird reading it in spanish this far into the story lmao
    Now, if someone proofread this site i’m sharing it’d amazingly readable but who tf would do that.

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