FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 109: The Kind and Considerate Mr Hero

Chapter 109


[9th Round] The Kind and Cosiderate Mr Hero


In the 2nd round, I headed to the market area of the Dumpling Kingdom’s capital with my bag of money as soon as I got out of the palace’s throne room. I met bartender Tony in an old bar there and got a ticket to the black market.


But this time I didn’t need to do that at all.


Because I already knew the location where the black market was going to open.


“Mr. Hero. This is a forest though?”


Lanuvel who was naturally following me like a skilled stalker, tilted her head and asked.


“Lanuvel, why are you following me?”


“Because Lanuvel is Mr Hero’s colleague!”


I knew that answer because I had heard it for the past 25 years until I got sick of it. But I had another reason why I still asked in a little bored manner.


“You might get murdered by me again though?”


In this 9th round, I purposefully killed Lanuvel for the first time. Of course Saintess H later revived her.


But Lanuvel wasn’t the first ‘colleague’ to die by my hands.


I killed my colleagues in an ambush at the end of the 1st round.


In the 2nd round I also killed Elf Princess Sylvia, who was coming at me, and Sword King Alex also died because it was a ‘training akin to an actual battle’.


In the 3rd round, I also broke Mermaid Princess Aqua’s neck to quickly collect some of that sweet sweet EXP…


…I killed a lot of people, come to think of it. Oh well.


Anyways, it was the first time for Lanuvel.


Though she deserved to die 100 times when she kidnapped me, she was murdered for no reason from her point of view. And yet she was still following me nonchalantly like this.


Lanuvel answered.


“Lanuvel understands why Mr Hero attacked Lanuvel.”


“… what?”


“It’s normal to be on guard when the environment around you suddenly changes. Lanuvel thinks Lanuvel was hasty. According to the old texts and guidelines from the temples, heroes who just got summoned are weak. But Mr Hero is really strong. May I say it’s like releasing a dragon in a henhouse? And of course your hands could move before you think because you’re shy if an attractive woman like me peeks at your naked body up close!”


Lanuvel who was seriously explaining logically started to act high and mighty.


“Are you stupid? I don’t kill people just because I’m shy… umm…”


I was trying to refute but mumbled the end of my words.


Gumhee in the 1st round was like that, even though she couldn’t use her sword in the 8th round because I was a cute baby under 3 years old.


“So Mr Hero. Why did you come to the forest?”


“To take a walk.”


I didn’t stop Lanuvel from following me, but I didn’t feel the need or obligation to explain things to her.


The fact that I had returned to the ‘past’ was surely a secret.


I had no thought of getting benefits by monopolizing information of the future.


I didn’t want to be asked the question “Why did you return?”, which would come naturally if my return became known.


Returning wasn’t something to be proud of.


Because only losers who failed and dropouts would return. Just like retaking a quiz after getting low grades in it.


Returning was a humiliation to be ashamed of.


It was totally not something to be happy about while saying, “Hehe! Let’s live well after cleaning my stupid past!” like a main character in some fantasy novel.


So I had to keep it strictly a secret.


“I know a better place to take a walk. There’s also a new colleague I’d like to introduce to you.”


A new colleague, she should be talking about the Sword King Alex.


“No thanks.”


There was an interesting fact here.


The orientation that Grandmaster Alex hosted was supposed to be 5 days later, but it naturally got postponed as my capability became known through word of mouth.


For 30 days.


It was because the balance of power was broken.


Just like what Lanuvel said, I was an S-grade Hero with a really strong power so I couldn’t be under control with uncivilized brute force.


It would be okay if we had become acquainted.


There was also a way, which was helping a weak hero grow and making them owe the kingdom.


But that plan failed before they even tried to start it, and from the Dumpling Kingdom’s perspective it was like the lion (the Demon King) was scared and dragged the tiger (hero) into this.


The kingdom also needed time to plan their own fallback.


“Whoa! Mr Hero! Look! They’re spirits!”


Then, Lanuvel repeatedly let out exclamations while looking around me.


Was it because of the forest, which was outside the dirty city?


Spirit F → Spirit E → Spirit D


The spirits, who smelled my ‘natural human’ smell even though I didn’t activate Blackbox, started to gather around.


My skill proficiency also started to drastically rise.


But still, this was too fast.


“Aah, are they stationed around here?”


The fact that the spirits were huddled around like this was a supporting evidence that elementalists and sorcerers were forming a group around here


I grinned.


Because there would have been only one reason numerous elementalists and sorcerers assembled in this forest at this period of time.


The violent elves!


Sylvia and her followers must have gathered to raid the black market, which was hidden underneath the forest at the west side of the capital.


With the poor spirits who got enslaved.


But the elves’ evil plan became difficult to execute with my appearance. Because the spirits who should be digging tunnels to the black market clung to me.


Spirits D → Spirits C → Spirits B


The elves would fall into chaos the higher my skill grade went up.


Just like Sylvia in the 8th round was.


“Who are you?!”


“I can’t believe you stole our spirits!”


“A human attacked first?!”


“What did you do!”


The elves, who tracked down the spirits that got lured by my smell, threatened me while pulling their bow strings on top of trees in every direction.


It was such a violent-elves-like attitude.


But I didn’t give in to these fantasy-creature barbarians’ armed protest. Because justice always wins even without using violence.


Spirits B → Spirits A → Spirits S


The spirits’ migration accelerated more as the elves approached. My skill grade, which was going up rapidly, was the result.


“Spirits~! Come back~!”


“You can’t follow a dirty human~!”


“Why aren’t they listening?!”


The elf sorcerers and elementalists were already deep in panic. The ones who were threatening me were the archers and swordsmen, who were the only ones still thinking properly.


But they were also confused, since they also possessed a little bit of proficiency in the Spirits skill.


“How could this happen…?!”


Elf Princess Sylvia was no exception. I think she would have been the most shocked since she lost the most number of spirits.


She was completely breaking down.


She had an expression like a female student’s, who ate ramyeon that was high in natrium and carbohydrate before sleeping, then got serious after gaining 1kg of weight even after pooping the next morning. (PR: ramyeon is korean ramen)


▶ Goosebumps: The example is too scary!


It seemed as if Miss Trainee Teacher also had experienced the horror of ramyeon~


▶ Firm: No. I haven’t.


Miss Trainee Teacher. A strong denial is a strong affirmation.


“Elves. I’ll only introduce myself once so please clean your pointy ears and listen well. I’m innocent Noble A. This woman who acts cute while hitting on me is obscene Saintess A. We live in the capital and came to this forest to take a walk aimlessly. Now it’s our turn to ask. Why did violent elves come to this land of humans? You guys are acting very suspicious.”


This is the vocabulary of Mr Hero with a grand career spanning 25 years!

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