FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 109: The Kind and Considerate Mr Hero

I already knew that the elves’ goal was to rescue the elf who was imprisoned under this ground, but then the conversation wouldn’t continue.


So I acted as if I didn’t know.


But I didn’t lie even a bit.


It was a fact that Lanuvel was obscene, and even the Heavens knew that I was an innocent Mr Hero of noble bearing and grand stature.


It was also correct that we took a walk in the vicinity of the black market.


How is it? Miss Trainee Teacher.


▶ Difficult: isn’t it a problem that you’re being too honest?


… it’s a problem because I’m honest?


Sylvia, whose face turned dark after losing spirits that used to follow her like her tools, shouted while pointing at me.


“That human noble who’s going to the black market must have used some evil trick! Let’s beat down that human and get our spirits back!”


“Yes! Princess!”


“Human! Give me my spirits back!”


The elves who got incited by Sylvia tried to attack me.


Then, Lanuvel stepped forward with her two arms open in a position which seemed to say ‘Please! There has been a misunderstanding!’


“No! It’s a misunderstanding! We’re not bad people of dark company! Sorry that we hid our identities. I’m archeologist Lanuvel. And this person is Mr Hero who has been summoned from another dimension. The spirits only followed because they like Mr Hero. We didn’t do any weird trick at all!”


“Stupid. Why did you say that?”


The fact that I was a ‘hero’ was a secret.


The Demon King must have heard since it was let known through an oracle, but the exact location where the hero was summoned and personal information were not revealed at all.


The reason I hid my identity as the hero?


It was because of the threat posed by Demon King Pedonar.


There was a possibility of the hero being murdered even before growing.


I knew through experience that the gentlemanly Demon King didn’t use dirty methods like murder, but the Fantasia natives who didn’t have previous dealings with the Demon King didn’t know.


Even then Lanuvel exposed it as she pleased.


Not only Lanuvel.


All hero colleagues were always like this.


They caused a crisis without considering my opinions and situations.


If the Demon King Pedonar wasn’t of a gentlemanly character, a Level 999 devil assassin would have visited the Dumpling Kingdom within a few days.


I was strong enough now so it would be fine, but a common Level 1 hero who was busy getting beaten by Alex couldn’t block that. Because there was also a limit to the power of love and friendship.


That was the reason my 1st round was like hell.


▶ Question: Why?


Miss Trainee Teacher. Think about it.


Now I know that the Demon King is a gentleman, but in the 1st round I knew nothing.


Then, my location was known to the devils.


For an average everyday Earthling, would it be similar to imagine this like your resident registration number, credit card, passwords and so on were all leaked?


In the 1st round I was shaking in horror of assassination every night.


I used to check if there was any poison in my food before my Tolerance skill went up to A-grade.


It was also the same when I got near people.


I checked their stats carefully if they had any murder skill that could penetrate my Defense System skill, and I would stay away if there was any possibility.


I think bartender Tony was the only exception?


If he, who recognized my anxious mental condition immediately, didn’t help me, I would’ve already been swallowed up by fear and gone crazy.


“That human is a hero…?”


“Why is a hero… our spirits…”


“Don’t believe her! There’s not even any evidence that he’s a hero!”


The elves got noisy hearing what Lanuvel said.


Elf Princess Sylvia said as a representative,


“If you’re really a hero and didn’t use any evil trick, give us our friends back.”


That logic wasn’t even funny.


Were these elves thinking that hero was the Giving Tree? She was talking as if I needed to give what I had because I was a hero.


Spirits S→ Spirits SS


The spirits clung on me more like whining kids.


Nonetheless, Spirits was counted as a combat skill. My Spirits skill level would drop if I give them back.


In other words, it was as if these elves were interrupting the hero from getting stronger.


The category I hated the most.


“Listen carefully. The spirits are following me because they like me. If you guys are really the spirits’ friends then either coax them or ask them and take them yourselves.”


“As expected! It must be a trick! Attack!”


At this point I realized.


That a peaceful conversation wasn’t needed for violent elves.




Just because it was a black market that was hidden under the ground, it didn’t mean that there was no entrance that was connected to the ground at all.


Dimensional shift magic wasn’t free, so no matter how important security was, moving products with expensive dimensional shift magic circle was unsuitable for profitability.


“Huk! How did you get in here?!”


“Who are you! Reveal your identity!”


Of course it was also strictly guarded.


Some deep place in the forest.


Level 200 ranged elite mercenaries were guarding the front of the cave going down to the black market that was hosted by the dark company.


I answered with a gentle tone of voice.


“Excuse me. I want to sell elves.”


In the past I would’ve killed all the violent elves to keep the fact that I was the Hero from being known outside.


But me in the 9th round, who moved while having graduation in mind, was generous.


▷ Species : Elf


▷ Level : 1


▷ Job : Archer (Archery= Penetration↑)


▷ Skill : Archery D Bull’s-eye D Collection E Rest E Swordsmanship F···


▷ Status: Restrained, Despair


I only took their EXP instead of their lives.


It was a little too bad that I couldn’t give them the honor to be together in this Hero’s heart forever, I didn’t have big complaints since I got the EXP.


Natural humans were really great.


They were optimized to show mercy for Fantasia’s barbarians.






The elves who were violent became well-behaved.


It was an effect of the elves, who were born weak, being ridiculously weakened as they fell to 1-level. They were like straw scarecrows.


There was no problem pulling the elves, after tying them up like dried corvinas with vines I roughly found in the forest, all the way until the black market entrance.


Except one person.


“Mr Hero. Lanuvel is still against this even now.”


Lanuvel annoyingly babbled beside me.


She had become more well-behaved after I threatened to take off her clothes and sell her with the elves as a buy one get one free offer if she kept talking.


“Welcome, Sir! Did you say you’re selling elves?”


A black market’s official who received a report from the mercenaries came out of the cave.


He looked shocked after seeing the dozens of arrested elves’ luxurious combat uniforms and good health condition.


“Excuse me, but may I take a look first?”


“As much as you’d like to.”


The black market official had a magic tool that helped him guess others’ level.


Magic glasses.


They worked on the principle of seeing the ‘EXP density’ in their body.


If we used that glass with an old-fashioned design, the power in the body would be marked as green like an infrared telescope.


The higher the level was, the thicker the green would be.


The black market official who finished checking while looking around the elves said,


“Excuse me, Sir, But I don’t think I can buy the elves at a good price since their levels are too low. But if you still want to sell them… Huk?!”


He was looking back at me with a reluctant tone and gasped.




The magic glasses cracked dramatically.


“Hmm. It seems like the value also goes down if the elves’ levels are too low. Is it because the viability dropped? I don’t like it…”


Did I scrape the EXP too much?


“N, no! Sir! The elves’ levels might be a bit low, but the female elves’ faces are good-looking and the men’s builds are good for elves! I’ll buy them all at the best price! So please calm down your anger! You’re a great being!”


“… is that so?”


I released my displeased expression and smiled brightly.


Blackmail E → Blackmail B


Coerce D → Coerce C


Transaction F → Transaction D


The proficiency of weird skills that didn’t suit me at all went up, but it was alright.



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Editor : Shruggy

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