FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 111: Are You Still a Hero Even After Doing That!

Chapter 111


[9th Round] Are You Still a Hero Even After Doing That!


I remembered seeing the race ‘Chaos Elf’ before.


At the Hero Festival, fortunately I received universe energy and went down to the basement, where I met Father and Daughter K.


Their race was the same as the Elven thief in front of me.


▷ Type: Race


▷ Name: Chaos Elf


▷ Grade: Ancient


▶ Ancient 1: Can master all attributes.


▷ Ancient 2: Infinite vitality.


▷ Characteristic 1: Chaos effect increases.


▷ Characteristic 2: Destructive effect increases.


▷ Characteristic 3: Oblivion effect increases.


▷ Race 1: Excellent vitality.


▷ Race 2: Implies adjusted potential.


Their race characteristics were superior to the ordinary elves and royal bloods.


The biggest difference was that they could master all attributes.


I checked how much money I had.




The sound of gold coins was heavy as I shook the money bag.


It was thanks to the good profit I earned from buying two slaves, who were moving slowly like sick chickens, at a really low price and selling the violent elves.


*Ding dong!*


*Ding dong!*


*Ding dong!*


The bidding competition was really fierce.


The guests didn’t know the value of that Elf thief at all. But they decided it was worth it to empty their wallet with just the fact that she was a ‘rare Elf’ with an attractive human-like body as a reason.


It wasn’t that I couldn’t understand.


Just like sometimes a really beautiful woman is born among humans and shakes the whole country, a full-bosomed Elf is occasionally born like a mutant!


She was worthy to be drooled over by the nobles who had a strong desire to collect interesting and unique things.


I sat back on my seat.


And I rang the golden bell on the table.


*Ding dong!*


“Sir Hero. Didn’t you say we’re going? Lanuvel heard it clearly with these ears.”


“Lanuvel. You’re being heartless to the poor Elf slave, it’s unlike you.”


“She’s a bad thief.”


So it would be okay if she was sold off as a slave because she was a bad thief?


I stared at Lanuvel’s eyes with my eyes barely open.


Because I didn’t know such words would come out of Lanuvel’s mouth.


Lanuvel asked us to help the elves, when the Elf Princess Sylvia’s gang attacked the black market and slaughtered the humans.


Was an Elf who killed humans righteous?


It was logically contradictory.


“W, why?”


“I thought you would persist with your story that all elves are nice.”


The Lanuvel I knew would have defended the Elf while saying “there must have been some story behind her becoming a thief!”


Or else, she would’ve said something shameless like ‘hero’s companion-like’ logic that they could steal them all they wanted because the black market’s things were illegal anyways.


She was like that too in the forest.


Sylvia and her followers attacked me first.


That time, what was my response like?


I kindly introduced mysElf to the fierce elves, who were pointing their arrows at me, and tried hard to solve it in a friendly way..


What else.


I was even being generous by not killing the elves who attacked me. But Lanuvel was still full of dissatisfaction.


On the contrary, did that Elf thief harm me?


I didn’t know why she discriminated against her.


By any chance…!


“Sir Hero! Lanuvel isn’t an idiot! I know that the Elf did something bad! Stealing is considered as a serious crime in any country except the Eastern Continent’s Mercenary Kingdom and Western Continent’s Dark Empire. The thieves caught would have their wrists cut or marked as slaves depending on the severity of their crime.”


“… should I do something like that?”


For now, buying that ‘Chaos Elf’ was the immediate priority.


*Ding dong!*


The overheated auction didn’t seem like it was going to end easily.


This was why the people called nobles were a problem.


They would rush in no matter what if they discovered a rare limited-time collectible.


The reason people could paint poor artists’ graves gold as the artworks got acknowledged after the artists died from starving was also similar.


What the nobles, who were desperately bidding, thought was obvious.


The driving force that made them open their wallets wasn’t a vulgar desire to rub that Elf’s rare boobs.


It was to have something to boast about at parties.


Just like how people unsparingly pay for expensive academy fees to boast “my child got into this college,” at meetings of parents or relatives.


Ah! It was a secret to my mom that I said this.


Her tennis racket wouldn’t forgive me for saying that.


▶ Suggestion: I understand the reason you feel interested in that Chaos Elf, but hasn’t the winning bid gone up too high? This way you might have barely enough traveling funds. How about using that cheating skill and solve this in 9 seconds?


Miss Trainee Teacher’s opinion also made sense.


It seemed as if the 5 years Miss Trainee Teacher spent together with Hero Sieg didn’t only bring her mental exhaustion and stress.


Different from the uptight Moral Teacher who valued rules of strange standards, she could be quite flexible.


▶ Depressed : Though I still failed…


Miss Trainee Teacher! Cheer up!


Come find me later when you’re really having a hard time?


I’ll be your companion to listen to your lame whining, which could make me stressed even just by listening quietly, all night long while buying you drinks and snacks.


This S-grade secret friend will help you!

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