FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 111: Are You Still a Hero Even After Doing That!


▶ Thankful: Thank you even if it’s just soulless empty words.


Miss Trainee Teacher’s sense has improved!


I said that because I knew for sure she couldn’t come find me because of the closed rules of the secretive faculty members.


Meaning I could also promise to buy her the Universe, as it was just words.


By the way…


*Ding Dong!*


*Ding Dong-!*


I still couldn’t win the bid for this Elf thief.


Of course, I would be able to buy her in the end.


Since unlike me, who could waste my money because I earned it easily, the nobles had a limit to the amount they could spend for entertainment fees.


“Oh dear!”


“Too bad.…”




The nobles gave up one by one like I expected.


But it was great.


That Elf thief was worth more than three times of the money I spent to win the bid for Sylvia in the 1st playthrough.


It was an amount of money that could be used to buy the centrally placed and most precious land in the Dumpling Kingdom’s capital.


A plastic surgery doctor would’ve been rich in a short time if they came to Fantasia.


*Ding Dong!*


“Sir with the golden mask, you’re sweeping all the rare and precious flowers! Is there somebody else to challenge him? If there’s none, I’ll count. Three! Two! One…! Congratulations! Sir with the golden mask! This beautiful cat thief is now in your possession! Her teeth are sharp so be careful not to get bitten at night!”




“You’re a big spender.”


“You beat me.”


*Claps claps claps!*


I paid the amount I bid for the Elf thief while getting congratulated by the other guests.


My money bag which was bulging like a salmon full of eggs shrank to the size of a young  anchovy.


The Elf thief was dragged away as she was resisting.


The auction house staff made a suggestion.


“Sir with the golden mask. I’ll escort you to the residential area of the city for free. You might go there safely by the teleportation magic circle, but there could be unexpected situations. Although of course it wouldn’t be a problem for such a powerful person like you, Sir.”


“I appreciate it but no thanks and just show me to a good carriage.”


This Elf thief also stood out too much, just like Lanuvel’s gaudy butts, which were wiggling as if she was seducing the vigorous men.


The auction house staff nodded with an expression that looked as if he read my mind.


“Alright. I’ll get a carriage waiting at the entrance. Then, sir, follow me and stand here please. I’ll lead you to the capital’s main street.”




I entered the Black market through a hidden entrance in the forest at the west side of Dumpling Kingdom capital, but the junks and I used the teleportation magic circle like the other guests did when we got out.


The spirits, who were persistently following me, also didn’t follow me to the city. But if I looked closely that wasn’t exactly the case.


Because the spirits reduced their body size to the size of a human finger, and they were stuck on my skin like leeches while squirming around.


Uh? Wait! No matter how much you liked me, not there!


I was a very sensitive man.


“Please use it again next time, Sir with the golden mask.”


“Aah, sure.”


I got out of the house where the teleportation magic circle was hidden while being treated with the utmost devotion by the black market’s executive.


At the entrance, the carriage that I had requested was waiting.


“Sir, where should I take you?”


“The back door of the palace.”


We didn’t attract attention since we were in a carriage that was blocked so that the inside of the carriage couldn’t be seen from the outside.


Thanks to that, we could go back to the palace without any disturbance.


The royal guards who protected the palace were flustered at the increased number of people and tried to make an inquiry into the junks’ identity but the grave robber, who was all smiley at the fact that she got new companions, volunteered to solve the problem.


“Lanuvel guarantees!”


The junks and I gathered in a luxurious room.


A bedroom that was only given to VIPs who were comparable to other kingdom’s royals. It was my favorite place in the 3rd playthrough, where I made the queen, who was a devil follower, submissive to me.


The best advantage was that it was soundproof.


No matter how loud the moans and screams were, it wouldn’t leak out.


And it was really spacious inside.


Me, Lanuvel, the laborer, the Elf archer, and the Elf thief.


There was still a lot of space even though five of us had entered the room. But not all of us had to be here.


I instructed Lanuvel.


“Lanuvel. You take the laborer and feed him.”


“Pardon me? Sir Hero, weren’t you going to plan an adventure of overwhelming dreams and hopes from now on?”


“Right, let me hit you overwhelmingly.”


“I’ll be right back! Sir Hero!”


Lanuvel and the laborer walked out quickly.


Three of us were left.


An S-grade Hero and two unattractive drugged elves.


The two elves, whose hands and legs were still not free, were looking at me nervously.


They didn’t think of running away.


Since it was impossible to escape with your hands and legs tied from a palace full of level 200+ royal knights and level 50+ royal guards guarding it.


But their expressions were the opposite of each other.


The Elf archer who was trained in the black market and submitted to the auction house had a look of surrender to accept the reality in front her eyes, but the Elf thief, who wasn’t even marked as slave, was glaring at me aggressively.


It was just ridiculous to me.


“Hippolia, heal them.”


“Yes, Master.”


The Saintess with 3 pairs of wings made the two elves recover from various conditions they caught as soon as she got summoned.




Holy light embraced the two elves warmly.


The Elf thief couldn’t free hers Elf from the restraint even after the anesthesia wore off because her level was low, but it wasn’t the case for the Elf archer who was level 851.




She broke the handcuffs with the power she used to pull a bowstring.


But the Elf archer didn’t do anything about the things on her ankles. She also didn’t show any sign of trying to run away.


“You’re not running away?”


“Because I know the moment I show any sign of trying to run away I’ll get killed unilaterally by you. Also, I’m not a shameless Elf who goes without repaying you for releasing the devil curse  from me.”


Not all elves in the world were violent like Sylvia.


I shifted my gaze.


“What’s your relationship with Boss K?”


“Boss K…?”


The untied Elf thief asked me while frowning.


“Ah! That wasn’t enough explanation. What’s your relationship with the 3rd generation Elf King Elfheim, who loves boobs?”


“That unfortunate king is my ancestor.”


“Look, miss thief. I can tell you’re a royal blood just by looking at those ears that are longer than average. What I want to know is your race, you’re a Chaos Elf, right?”


“H, how did you…?”


“Because I’m a Hero.”


I didn’t explain further.


“Hero? Then did you pull a trick?”


“What do you mean by a trick?”


I was summoned today. I was summoned 25 years ago, but it hasn’t even been a day in the 9th playthrough.


No matter how I was an S-grade Hero, there was no time for me to pull a trick.


▶ Denial: There was also a time where you killed the Demon Lord on your first day.


Miss Trainee Teacher. You shouldn’t say that to the mighty and benevolent Sir Hero who brought peace to the world as soon as he was summoned!


“Aren’t you the reason the stupid princess, who got fooled by the information I gave her, didn’t raid the auction house?”


“You used Sylvia’s raid as a distraction to steal something, didn’t you?”


“I asked first.”


“I’m the master.”


“I’m not a slave! I’m Elfheim’s real successor, I don’t have traitor’s dirty and incompetent blood!”


“That’s what you think.”


The conversation wasn’t progressing.


But it was okay.


Anybody would be obedient if they get all their clothes taken off until they’re naked and left hanging. I didn’t use barbaric methods like some sort of old geezer from ancient times.


This wasn’t a simple threat.


“Let’s have a conversation slowly tomorrow.”


“Release me! Or you’ll regret it!”


The Elf thief stepped back as if refusing my hands, but it was hard for her to even move a step with her legs which were tied together.




I took off her black clothes quickly.


And pale skin came to sight.




*Tuk, tuk.*


A protective equipment that looked like a bra dropped along with her clothes.


“Barbarian! Are you still a hero after doing this! Heukheuk!”


The Elf thief covered her chest pathetically with her tied hands and criticized me while having tears in her eyes.


But I also had something to say.


“That’s what I’m going to say! Are you still a royal who are known to be prideful! I can’t believe you use bra pads!”


The S-grade Hero was scammed.






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